As is usual for Wednesdays, we had only two feeds for a good part of the day, so sometimes we only saw parts of conversations. The HG’s are casting their votes live on Thursday, but they were called into the DR during the day to tape good-byes and make comments.

The twins did some last-minute campaigning, but Cowboy spent a good part of the day honing his acting skills. The highlight of the day (for me, at least) was a mock funeral for Scott Jr., the dead dragonfly, staged by Marvin, Drew, and Cowboy in the evening.


BB wakes up the HG’s a little after 9:00 am...Chit chat in the kitchen...Marvin complains that the bowflex still hasn’t arrived...A little before 10:00 am BB calls Adria, Natalie, Michael for a second wake-up call.

At about 10:30 the cameras switch us to Karen and Nakomis sitting outside talking about the twins...K says that the twins switch off...One twin asks all friendly, bakes cookies, and plays kissie kissie with Di and Drew, then the next day the other twin does it, with A going around with the crocodile tears....K: Do we keep the one with the brains or the one that doesn’t win anything?...K talks about the BB rule that says you can’t share your money and ways the twins could get around it...Di comes outside.

Di joins in the talk about the twins...She says that Nat "attacked" her last night....Di also admits to being jealous when she walked into the room and saw Adria with her arm around Drew, looking at family pics with him....Then A started to rub Drew’s back and Di got mad... Nak: Does that mean that I can’t give Drew a back rub?... Di: It’s fine if you or K give him a massage, but people that I don’t like touching “my man” gets me p*ssed...Di says that BB has started calling the HG into the DR for good-byes...She hates doing good-byes for people she doesn’t like....Nak asks Di how she is feeling today “No depressed day?”..Di: No, I feel pretty good....Nak wishes tomorrow would just come.

The cameras switch to the kitchen where CB is talking with the twins....He talks about April’s upcoming birthday and says that he and April’s wedding is scheduled for December 10, his parent’s anniversary...CB goes outside....Adria asks Nat, “So, did you get a ‘We’ll see’ last night.”....Nat: No, I got a “You know where I stand”....(Ed. note: Not clear from my information who they were talking about.)

Outside, Diane, Marvin and CB are trying to set up the volleyball net, but they want to set it up on land, not in the pool...They stack some tables on top of a lounger for the net to rest on...Diane hits a ball served by CB, and lofts the ball over the BB wall....M calls for someone to send the ball back, and the ball is thrown back over the wall a few minutes later....BB puts the HG’s on a BY lockdown and CB promises no more Olympic serves...Di says it wouldn’t have happened if it was a regular volleyball...The HG’s plan a volleyball tournament.


It seems that Marv’s Y&R appearance has sparked some acting fever in the HG’s, especially CB...First M and CB act out a scene from “A Few Good Men” (with K helping CB with his lines), then move to “Pulp Fiction.”....Marv has a fake clapper and says, “Cowboy, take 80.”....Marv talks to K about impressed he was with the actors on Y&R. The actors had to learn a lot of lines, but could also improvise because they knew their characters so well.

CB is having so much fun pretending he’s an actor that he goes into the kitchen, and gets Drew to act out scenes with him...The scenes CB makes up almost always involve fighting over a woman, losing a woman, or, in one classic, CB and Drew as surfers talking about how they are going to get laid...Nat joins them for awhile and they pretend that they are fighting over her...CB keeps making up new scenes. (Ed. note: CB’s acting ability is just about what you’d expect. Drew surprised me. DeNiro doesn’t have to worry about losing work to Drew, but Drew was unusually animated and better than I expected. Of course, it also could have been the contrast with CB. <g>)....CB wants to make up more scenes to do with Drew later....A comes out of the DR room crying.... Both Nat and CB comfort her....CB agrees with A that it’s been a tough week, and has been one of the worst weeks so far for being homesick.

Most of the HG’s are outside playing volleyball....A/Nat are inside, with Adria helping Natalie pack, upset that they are stereotyped by the other HG’s....Apparently, M had said earlier that the twins couldn’t play on the same team for the volleyball tournament because they would have an advantage...The twins say this isn’t fair--they haven’t played volleyball since high school...They continue to talk in a similar vein.

Outside, the HG’s are getting punchy and dare Diane to try to fit into the dryer....Di says she will do it as long as they promise not to shut the dryer door on her...The HG’s laugh and cheer her on....Di finally fits herself into the dryer, and, surprise, surprise, Drew closes the door....Immediate FISH!....When the feeds return, the HG’s are in the kitchen....Di: Sorry BB, I couldn’t contain myself...The HG’s kid Diane about BB being mad at her...Talk turns to Girl Scouts and selling cookies.

During this conversation, A/Nat are still in the Wood Room packing up Nat’s stuff....Nat is upset and feels the other HG’s are avoiding her (which they are)...Adria suggests to Nat that she be softer in her responses to the other HG’s, to not sound so defensive....It’s now about 2:15 pm.

The feeds switch to CB and M talking in the storage room....M tells CB that people may be lying to him about who they are voting out on Thursday....He tells CB that the girls might vote CB out for Will’s sake....At some point in this conversation Karen comes into the SR for a moment, while M has left temporarily....CB asks K if she is sure he is safe. K assures him “Absolutely.”...She tells CB that if she knew something she would tell him and would never lie to him...CB hugs her and says he knows that K would never lie to him.

Marvin is planning menus for tonight and Thursday...The HG’s want to have a big dinner after the Thursday show in case they are on food restrictions beginning Friday....Di reminds Marvin that they have to be in bed by midnight....M: We’ve done so many live shows, we know what to do....M imitates Julie Chen, “Hello Houseguests! The power is up for grabs tonight.”... M: She (Julie) don't want to be asking me stuff. She don't know what I'm going to say to her.

Marvin tells Drew and Diane about his recent conversation with CB in the SR....M: I just told the CB his *ss is gone...Both Drew and Diane think the conversation is really funny...Dr to Diane: Are you going to go along with this?...Di: Seeing someone squirm is just fun.. Drew wonders what’s going through CB’s head right now...M: He's packing his $hit right now....CB is called to the DR...Di tells CB to tape his good-byes to himself...Marv: We’re just playin’ Cowboy. Just playin’.

After a lot of feed switching, we find ourselves in the BY, with Karen crying her eyes out to Adria/Nat...In brief, K tells the twins she is “flying blind.”... K says that she and her husband would hang out with the twins outside of the house and feels so bad that she avoids them (the twins) in the house, but she’s a so afraid....K says she owes the twins a straight answer and she can't give them one... K tells A/Nat that she wants to go hide somewhere, but she can't hide because that’s no way to be...K says that she is f*cked up and she's such a f'ing loser because they (the twins) haven't pressured her and she really respects that, but she is confused....K says she doesn't know what to do, what is good for her, and what is good for the group....K says she has not made up her mind on the vote and is dreading tomorrow's vote....She misses so much seeing someone familiar, and talks about her sister, who she doesn’t really know. (Ed. note: This summary is far more coherent than the actual meltdown.)

The twins remain very cool throughout the conversation...One twin (A?) says to Karen “ I hope you make the decision that would be the best decision if someone got HOH next week. They may come back to you next week, so you have to remember is the only thing you have in this house is a vote.”.... Nat says the best thing to do is to look at her (Nat) as a player in this game, not about her and A....Nat gets called to the DR, and Adria continues to talk with Karen.

The feeds switch to the Cloud Room where Di is giving Dr a backrub...Then it becomes pillow talk...Among other comments, Diane says she hopes that she and Drew can fly home together after BB is over...Drew agrees that that would be fun. “We could grab some dinner at Olive Garden.”....Drew gets called into the DR and Karen comes into the CR to talk to Diane...Di says it looked like Karen was busy outside....Karen says, “It’s cool.” ....Both Di and Karen complain about the twins’ campaigning.

A little while later, there is a loud doorbell sound, then BB says, “Karen, please go to the DR.”...BB then plays some loud music...Di to Karen: Maybe it’s the DR from hell!...Drew and Diane settle down to a cuddly nap on one bed in the CR....Karen and Marv nap on the other CR bed (but aren’t cuddling or even sleeping close).

While the HG’s nap, CB has a long conversation with Adria and Natalie about his acting career. He says he’d also like to write, and will keep the twins in mind...CB: I don’t know what will happen, but I could never be as good an actor as Mel Gibson.... The twins bring up Quentin Tarantino as an example of someone who writes, produces, directs, etc...CB replies, “Who is she?”...CB goes on, “I don’t have to do a role as Cowboy. I could do preppy.”...The twins talk about how some actors have had to modify or “mellow out” their accents to get roles.. CB practices a few times, with less than stellar results...He says, “Maybe my sitcom will have to be set in Oklahoma.”...CB improvises a few scenes with the twins, including one about Trojans and using birth control “because there are too many babies crying in stores.”....It’s now about 5:00 pm.


The House is pretty quiet for awhile, with Nak playing cards, Dr/Di napping in the Cloud Room, CB talking to Adria/Nat in the Wood Room, and Marv cooking dinner.....At little before 6:00, Marvin and Karen share some strategy time...They talk about how Nat is going but M has been making CB believe that he is going tomorrow...They make fun of CB and the way he talks....K wants to know who M will put up if he wins HOH...M says CB and someone else—the someone else won’t matter because it will be CB who goes...Both K/M think that A will be different when Nat goes...They compliment A—they know she is smart....K/M then have fun goofing on BB terminology like “memory wall” instead of “picture wall.”

The HG’s are on inside lockdown...K is in the kitchen making something with Bisquick...CB is still napping in the Wood Room....The twins are also in the WR reading the bible...One of the twins says that because both M and K are in the kitchen, she is afraid to go in there...A tells Nat that K once said she was jealous of the twins, and that explains K’s actions today (not saying whether or not she is voting out Nat)...Nak has joined M and K in the kitchen, and talks about drugs she’s done...She says she’s done hard drugs, but nothing intravenous...K has made biscuits with Bisquick, and then gets out the sauté brush to brush them with butter...K wonders out loud if anyone in the House has put the sauté brush up their rectum, and then nonchalantly goes on to use it...(Ed. note: No way could I make up this kind of stuff. <g>)...Nat talks about being home schooled...K received some flour for cookies from the DR, with recipes on the back ...The HG’s wonder what is going on outside because they hear drilling sounds.

The lockdown ends about 7:45 pm, and the HG’s go outside to find miniature golf...CB: Where does the balls go?...The golfing game is a practice for the HOH competition on Thursday....There are three putting fields on a platform side by side, and each of the putting fields is slightly different....The HG’s practice putting on the course....Apparently the HOH competition will be based on “accuracy.” ....Adria/Nat are still finishing their laundry, and don’t start practicing until some of the other HG’s have left to do other things...Drew/CB play volleyball a little later, with the net still placed on stools, benches, and cushions to make it high enough. (The net was really meant for pool volleyball)..CB is serving as if he’s in the Olympics.

Marv comes back into the BY after being in the DR...He said the DR asked him when the funeral will be for Savage Jr. (the dragonfly the HG’s caught yesterday that died)... Marvin told the DR, “The funeral could be tonight or tomorrow night. It depends on when his relatives can fly in.”(The HG’s all crack up.)...M: From the line of questioning, I'm beginning to think they (the DR) view Savage Jr's death as a homicide....M questions each of the HG’s about their whereabouts at the time of Savage Jr’s death...
M: Savage Jr. went to glory at 8:30 local time Got a CSI team investigating right now.
A: CB slept with him, that's all I know. I was in the shower.
M: Ex-stripper (Di) can you tell us your whereabouts on or about 8:30?
Di: I was having dinner
Nat: I was working out
K: Oh yea, I was in there, too, having dinner
M: That only leaves...
Di: Where was Drew at 8:30?
M: I'm thinking K has something to do with it. Is it true or is it not true that you had a problem with Savage Jr. bein' in the house?
K: I was terrified of Savage Jr
Marv: I want the truth
K: You can't handle the truth!
K: I was jealous of him. I wanted the string around my a$$ but I was too fat to fly
Marv: ARREST HER! The murderer has been found....
K: (laughing and yelling) "I loved him!"

M, Dr, CB make a coffin for Savage Jr. and huddle pretending to be upset...The guys stage a mock funeral for Savage Jr., who lies in state on a side table.. M: It's hard when you get one that goes out like that. So fast, just one day in the House. Some folks aren't just cut out for the BB house...M gets flowers to put on the coffin...Lots of funny comments said seriously.

During the funeral, one of the twins walks by and says, “That’s just silly.”...Di/Nak/K are playing movie trivia outside....K gets called to the DR...A and Nak figure out that the dragonfly died because it was too cold in the House and he was placed on a damp cloth...The girls continue asking each other trivia questions about 80’s MTV videos.

The funeral has ended, and the guys are outside playing golf...CB says something about not playing because he won’t be there for HOH tomorrow... M: Trust me, I'm a f'n veteran, you gonna be here. I know I felt the same and thought I was leaving fo’ sure, and I didn't...A spider comes near the girls, who start squealing...The girls call over CB (calling him Spiderman) who takes the spider and tosses it into the web of a larger spider....The two spiders fight and the girls continue to squeal...Inside, the cameras treat us to an audio of Adria peeing.

A/Nat engage in some BR strategy and eviction talk...They plan to take over CB’s bed if he is kicked out...Nat: I have no negative feelings, I’m just praying about it....Nat: I know where M stands and where you (A) stand, but I can’t figure out Dr/Di/K and how they’re going to vote...Twin: K is good at getting along with everyone and stroking their egos. M is getting too cocky...K comes into the BR and game talk stops.

K takes a shower with Nat standing by the shower talking to her....K says she doesn't like to walk around the house with her head between her tail because she likes hanging out with everyone.....She says she feels bad because she hasn't made a decision, so she can't tell them anything...Nat is crying now and tells K again that she and A live separate lives and view each other as players...Nat tells K that she needs K’s help more than anything....K has started crying, too, and repeats "I know, I know" over and over again...K: No matter what happens I really respect you...Nat says she is sick of being stereotyped because she is so strong....K:I look at these people sitting around the table and think there will only be two of us left. I can just go to sequester, I will just go there and be happy....Nat: Don't give up. (K and Nat hug)...Nat: I really want to help you go further...It’s now 11 pm and BB tells the HG’s it’s lights out in one hour.

A little later, we find Di/Nak talking in the HOH room...Di says she is depending on Drew for HOH tomorrow....Di tells Nak that CB came in and said she (Di) might learn something if she joins K and the twins in the BR...Di: I guess he (CB) must just be being retarded and talking cowbonics...Misc. talk about where everyone is from....Di says she would love for K to get HOH tomorrow...Dr and CB then come in, bringing food.....CB shows them a letter April gave him to open his first night in California for inspiration...It says that April will miss CB but is proud of him...BB tells the HG’s that lights out is in 30 minutes...The talk turns to popularity ratings on the CBS Web site...CB said his goal was to get a 50% popularity rating. (Note: The HG’s appear not to realize that the rating is done on a 1-10 system, and think that the percentage is of the total people who log in to rate.)....Karen has joined them at some point....They look at the spycam and see A & M outside practicing their putting...CB says that A is “working” M... (Actually, A and M are not talking game--M is giving fake sportscaster commentary on their putting.)

Still in HOH with Nak/CB/Dr/Di/K....Di tells CB "Trust us."...Di: That's what I like about you (CB). You haven't come up to me and pressured me to do ****...CB: I've seen what everybody else has been I can say I've been in your shoes....Drew is quiet.... CB says he will have relationships outside the House with everyone, even the Don...Diane tells CB that they are all coming to his wedding....K: "You will have the most demented bachelor party."...Nak suggests a mixed bachelor-bachelorette party. Cowboy says "They do that now?"....Diane would rather see female strippers than male strippers. K agrees. CB agrees for April.

They watch Drew on the spycam, going to get cookies, following him to see him do something funny.... In the kitchen, Drew meets up with Adria, and Drew gives a little wave to the cam...Marv has joined them in HOH at some point and points out Drew’s balding spot and the fact that he takes Propecia...The girls trade period regularity stories...CB: How about you Marvin, you regular?...Di thinks the twins slept in the same bed...CB says they didn’t, but they are good eye candy...Nat intercepts Drew on his way back and takes him outside...The girls gasp, “Which twin is that?”...M: The evil twin....BB tells the HG’s that lights out is in five minutes.


Outside, the twins are in the hammock while Drew practices his putting....Nat tells A about her conversation with K, using a mocking tearful tone for Karen's voice...Drew yells out something about his golfing and the twins break for a bit and congratulate him....Drew leaves...Nat: I was trying to be sappy with her (Karen). She's so insecure...Nat tells A she guaranteed K's safety if she wins HOH...Nat: I'm tired of the wimps and the wussies.... Adria thinks that the house has made a commitment to get rid of her (A) next week. She says this is proven by her virtual shunning...Natalie tells A not to kiss anybody's a** and spend time only with those that she enjoys...Nat:[It will be a miracle] if I can get any votes tomorrow night."...Talk strategy for next HOH...The twins say good-byes to each other, each assuring the other one that they would never have turned on them.

The feeds switch to K and Nakomis talking about K’s conversation with Natalie...K: Nat said "I have your back."....Nak: Yeah right. Like they had Will's back. I would never trust A in this game...K: They are so self-righteous! That's the story I heard. Everyone here is so forgiving....Nak: I'm not going to be...K: Marvin thinks A will be different when her twin is gone...Nak: She's going to pretend to be...K: Marvin is definitely going to vote Nat out...Nak: If one of the twins end up winning next week, I am so fu**'d...K: We are all fu**'d...N: I am fu**'d first...Some further strategy talk about HOH next week....Nak: Drew said to me that he was voting out Natalie...K: Drew won’t lie as it doesn't go with his "scared" style of playing...N: If he (Drew) goes back on his word I am going to let him know the game is on between me and him. If I keep getting lied to, pillowcases are going to end up over people's heads...K says the DR is her time to vent...Nak: I know they don't air me talking bad about Michael because they always ask me "How do you feel about Michael."...K: I need to find a way to interact with Adria and not freak anybody out. I want to take targets off some of our least yours [Naka’s]...[I cannot make] promises, though...Nak tells K that Di told Nak that she (Di) doesn’t care about Drew, doesn’t care about K...Nak: Di thinks she’s going farther with me than with you (K) and I’m going to let her keep thinking that... Karen agrees saying she saw it in DI’s eyes when Di told Karen that you are only playing for yourself in this game...Their fantasy final four still appear to be K, Nak, Di, and Drew...It’s about 1 am.

Back in the Cloud Room during this conversation, Di is having a difficult time breathing....There is some talk between Dr/Di before going to sleep, but both are asleep by around 1:30 am.