BB Recap August 26, 2004

BB let the houseguests sleep till 10:30 this morning. They all took their time getting out of bed.

At about 11 we get some action Adria was teaching Cowboy how to Two Step (shouldn’t a cowboy know that?)

Before too long CB and Drew returns back to bed. Diane soon flows and they chat, Diane didn’t sleep well at all and Drew gives her a graphic description of his dreams. This leads to some petting under the covers.

At 12:30 BB announces that HOH rehearsal will begin in 30 minutes. This gets the HG up and moving.

We see CB sitting on the nomination seat in the living room practicing his speech for tonight.

Nik, Drew and Diane look at the fish tank, they decide to try to name the fish, Diane didn’t like anyone’s ideas so I guess they are still nameless!

After practice finishes (1:17- 2:15) the HG enjoy lunch

Adria and Nat exchange golf tips, they feel shunned by the other HG’s and no one is talking to them. They talk about non committal Karen and her crying yesterday.

From 4 pm on the HG all primp for the live show. CB keeps repeating his speech. he practiced it in the wood room, the cloud room and in the shower.

15 minutes before the live show Drew pulls Adria over and tells her that he has to vote out Nat tonight and go with the house. He said he couldn’t get Diane to move and that he will be back wither next week.

We get fish for the live show. The live show audio and closed captions are available in the updates section.
A brief synopsis is: Julie asked Nik about putting up the twins for breaking a promise but then how she turned around and breaks her promise to CB and asks her the difference is. She said that she told CB before hand and assured his safety. Julie also asked her how she would feel if CB got voted out, Nik responded with how alone she would be in the house if that happened and probably would be out the following week. We see a brief display of the sequester house and Will who loves his peace and quiet, the ocean and being able to think alone. Next up was Marvin winning the AC we see him do is part and the houseguests reviewing it. He was very appreciative of it, and loved meeting all the people. When we get to voting all HG but Adria voted (4 to 1) to evict Natalie. She is evicted and joins Julie. With Julie she tells her that she hopes Adria gets a fair chance now to play the game. On to the HOH competition. The competition is a putt putt style up hill where 3 HG go at the same time, first person to make a putt gets to move forward to the final round. First up Drew, Diane and CB. CB’s sinks the first ball and moves on. Next up Marvin, Karen and Adria, Marvin sinks it. The finals are between CB and Marvin, Marvin sinks 4 to CB’s 1 and Marvin is the new HOH.

Once the feeds return we see the HG in various stages of changing their clothes and fixing dinner. We also hear that Diane heard that Nat was evicted in the DR before Drew even voted. (Oops Julie forgot to shut off her microphone)

Nik and Diane briefly speak and Diane said she was afraid of Marvin this week, she feels that he might put her up. Diane then said to Nik; let’s get Marvin to put ip CB and Adria this week then we can take him out next week!

At 6:43 the HG get their food delivery for the week (no food comp? maybe because no Saturday show)

At 7:39 Marvin and Nik have a brief chat out back and Marvin tells her she is safe this week because he likes the way she plays the game “all balls out”

Drew said to CB that Diane really annoys him at times because she thinks she is so golden…..they then speculate on who Marvin will put up and Drew comments that Nik, Karen and Diane have been an alliance from the start, CB tells him to tell Marvin that.

Marvin and Karen have a talk in the Cement room, Karen tells him that they are going to close this room and make it into a gym like room. Marvin tells her he still wants to sleep in there on a cot or something that he wants to rough it out in the house because that is what he expected.

On the way to check out Marvin’s room, Diane whispers to Drew that they have to stay away from each other because Marvin might put them up since they are a couple.

Marvin got a picture of his niece and nephew, The Prince CD and a letter from his brother in law in his HOH basket he seems very pleased.

Nik, Karen and Diane have a conversation in the BY about Adria. Diane is happy that Natalie is gone and thinks that Adria will never talk to anyone in the house again that she will hold a grudge. Nik replies that she does not feel bad at all that Adria is sad.

Later they hold a cremation ceremony for the dragonfly. They toss the poor guy into the fire pit while Nik hums TAPS. A long discussion takes place about cremation. Marvin is the expert here! Diane then said she wanted to go inside to use the BR but was afraid she would be attacked (by Adria) Marvin accompanied her in saying nothing to be afraid of the mean sister is gone. While inside Marvin jokingly tells Diane that he is going to put her up this week, she replies that it is OK that she is going to take it like a woman, then Marvin tried to kiss her and she pulled away and said she was not offended by that action. Marvin replied that he wanted those 2 to be the final 2 in the house. Diane said you tell me what you want to do, I have a lot of power, and Marvin told her to protect him.

Throughout the night Drew watches how Diane is all over Marvin. Marvin flirts back. At one point Diane notices CB watching and whispers to Marvin we will talk tomorrow.

Nik, Karen, Drew and Diane play around in the cloud room, they have a pillow fight and laugh a lot. Diane a bit tipsy gets mad at them for laughing at her and leaves to go to BR . This causes Adria to leave the wood room slamming the door and move to the floor of the cement room to sleep. Diane thinks she is going to be sick. Nik follows her to BR. They return and start to settle down to go to sleep.

Diane and Drew start their nightly ritual of heavy petting under the covers. At about 3:33 all HG are quiet and seem to be asleep for the night.