Well it’s sort of morning, HG’s didn’t start to get up until 11:00! Di saying she is embarrassed by how drunk she was last night. She had too much wine and does not remember much, but the room was spinning when she lay down. Di was talking to Marv saying that she doesn’t even remember taking her contacts out and Marv says “yea, you was f’d up last night, Drew was going to have a party; 2nd place in the Y&R contest but 1st with the hot chicks.” The Di says “well he may be my boyfriend, but you are still my favorite.” Di apologized to BB for being so drunk last night.

Around 12:15 BB announced a 2 hour lockdown outside. They are going to be transforming the concrete room. Most HG’s very quiet outside all you can really hear for sometime is the water running. Then Marv and Di put their heads together and whisper, very low, it was difficult to make out but I think talking about putting up CB, Drew or A. They did mention how A looks like she wants to go. Di says if it’s A and CB and one of them gets the veto, she would be willing to go up as a pawn. Then the unbelievable happens!!! They PINKY SWEARED under the table!

Around 2:00 HG’s were told lockdown was over and they headed into the cloud room. The equipment is nicely placed in the room. HG's are very excited; Nak says awesome possum and cool beans in one

Di and Marv had their heads together again in the bathroom, they were almost impossible to hear. Di saying "do what you gotta do." Now they are in the SR, Marv says he's gonna put up CB and A, Marv saying he will pick Dr to play veto. Again Di saying she will gladly go up in the place of a nom getting vetoed, she has no fear. She promises Marv she won't put him up next week. Marv says if she (A) wins the veto...then Di says "she knows her a$$ will be gone next week." Marv saying K is an *$$ kisser and it is still possible that he may put her up in place of the vetoed nomination.

Di and Dr in the store room - Di says I told Marv to put up CB and A so he wouldn't put you up (to Dr). K comes in and asks Di if she know what is going on. Di tells her the "favors" she is doing to save K & Dr, so they better protect her. (Dr left) K says I hate to see you suffer, Di says "I will go up after veto, I'm not scared." K says "man you are tough." K and Di went out then Dr and Di went back into the store room, Dr asked Di if Marv is putting CB up for sure. Di says yes. Di says we have to keep Marv in this game at least one more week. Di says they can't afford for CB to win the veto and take A off the block. She says if either of them gets saved I will go up because I know you and Nak and K have my back.

CB and A in the concrete room and CB says “I’m not trying to scare you or anything but if Di has anything to do with it, you and I will probably go up.” A says “oh, well you just never know.”


Di and Marv in HOH. Marv says “really and truly, you about my closest friend in the game.” Di says “I'd love to be standing next to you at the end. I think we have a good shot.”

Dr, Di, Nak & K in the kitchen and Dr made a comment that I didn't hear and Di says "these girls know what's up" K says “we're her bi*ches.” Then K says "I am Di's b*ch, and we are both Naks b*ch, Nak is the hard one, Di is the feisty one and I cry all the time." Dr says something about sleeping on his side of the bed last night and Di says "your side? that wasn't MY hand on my boob when I woke up in the middle of the night!" then she says "maybe it was Scott." Di says "I'm innocent, don't let Dr fool you." Nak says she thinks that BB got the hint that the HG's don't like physical challenges, so that’s why they are opening Christmas presents for challenges. Di says to Dr do you want me to cut your hair now (she is preparing some food) or do you want to wait until later?" He said later and she said "good I don't want to fk it up before the ceremony." Dr says "I don't want you to ever fk it up ceremony or not." they were laughing. Plasma screen says “nominations today”.

HG’s lockdown outside at around 4:30. Di and Nak small talk, Nak in the hammock and Di on a lounge. A is sitting at the table alone eating. K is laying by herself on lounge, Dr and CB playing some lawn game and Marv in doing his nomination prep inside. Nak says for nominations you are in DR for about 10-15 minutes, then you go to the memory wall and get the keys, then you go to HOH with the keys and have to kind of look like the decision takes a lot of thought, and if you make a decision too fast they will ask you to take more time. Then you go back to the DR for about 10 mins. then HG's are called in for the ceremony.

Nak, Di & K speculating if BB will fly family in for the end of the show, and if they don't Di doesn't think her sister will fly herself out and Nak says her family can't afford it, Di says her sister couldn't either unless she is already saving money. She thinks Donald would come, Nak says "he wouldn't miss a chance to be on TV." Nak says it would be cool if they could fly 3 people out. She doesn't think her mom would come anyway, if she was on TV.

A now talking to CB and says "at this point I am at the point in the game where I know what I know, and I cannot wait to do what I want with it."

At 5:15 Marv called everyone for the ceremony. Marv went back to HOH to listen to music for a minute while the HG’s go to the bathroom, primp, change clothes etc. A & Di crossed paths in the bathroom and you could cut the tension with a knife.

NOMINATIONS are A and CB. Marv tells CB in HOH that he will do everything he can to make sure CB stays. Marv tells him that “if A wins veto and takes herself off, K will go up, and it will be a tie breaker, so I make the decision who goes. K better hope A don't win Veto.” Di says to CB “we just like scaring you CB”, and then Di says to Dr “have you ever been up?” He says “no”, she says “I’m gonna put you’re a$$ on the block next week so you know how it feels.”


A and CB talking in the wood room, A says she realizes if she doesn't get voted out this week, she'll be put up again next week, the whole house wants her out. She says she is proud of how she handled HOH. CB says he wants to be friends with her and Nat after they get out of the house. Earlier in the hammock A told CB she doesn’t care about anyone in the house but him. A asking CB "who do you think you are aligned with that could help you in this game?" He said no one. She said you should be, you should be fighting. CB says "I don't know where Dr stands". A says "you guys don't talk anymore?" he says "not much".

A telling CB that it sucks she doesn't have one person that she can pick for veto. She says CB does but not her. She will be stuck with whoever else isn't picked. A says that neither Di or Nak has hugged her once, Cb says “I’m sorry”, A says “well I’m not”, she says they are probably dealing with a lot of guilt in this game. CB telling her she can’t give up yet, she says “oh I haven’t, I’m the strongest player here.”

Later CB told drew not to say anything but says "I swore I seen Di and Marv kiss last night".

K talking to Nak says next week that Cb and Marv should be on the block. Nak says “Marv can’t go up next week.” K says “why?” Nak: “because Di made a deal”, K: “speaking for everyone?” K says she didn't make any promise to Marv, and says it’s this kind of stuff that makes Di dangerous. Nak says she doesn't want to backdoor Marv, he has played with ethics. They are saying they should have gotten rid of Marv; he will skate on through to the end.


CB tells K & A that this year is the best cast so far. He is saying that he wants to see what he looks like on TV. He says that he was a huge fan of BB 1-4 and he wants to see what everyone's favorite things are on the website. He wants to know what kind of questions people wanted to ask him that he didn't get to answer, he wants to ask the fans who their favorite is.

CB talking to A says that April didn’t really like the whole idea of BB, but that she supported CB wanting to do it. He says she sacrificed 3 months of being alone with Chason in order for him to do this. A says that she worries about how her husband is doing, because he's alone and working every day and she can't be with him. CB says he hopes that whoever leaves this week gets their letters in sequester. CB says that he hopes that April is coaching the soccer team this year. If she didn't do it, he’ll understand.

K and A outside by the hot tub, A asked her if she would use the veto if she won it and K says to A "honestly I would be afraid to use it." A says "I feel like everyone feels that way and I don't understand it, I'm not like Jase or Scott."

10:30 The Booze Is Here

Drew runs inside to SR, K says "use it or lose it, it's time to booze it!" Di says "I don't want to drink tonight."

A asks Dr about veto, she asked him if he would play it and use it. A says everyone else is too scared. Dr finally says he is also scared and asked her who she thought Marv would put up, if by chance he used it. A says “They wouldn't put you up if you won it”. Dr says “You wouldn't want CB out would you?” A: CB would still have our votes, and then CB came out, so they changed the subject.

A and K in the Bathroom, if A chooses K and she wins, A asks her to please think about using it. K still saying she is a little scared to do that. A says she (A) has played a fair game. K says "I wish there was just one Adria." A says "there is!" K says "well you were an entity for the first five weeks of the show." K is telling A how hard it was to wonder how well they got to know the twins individually once the twist was revealed. A said she was concerned about that too. K is saying that she spends 24 hours a day and spends 7 days a week with the same person and has no friends. Then all of a sudden she finds someone and they molecularly divide into 2 people. A telling K that there are things she knows that she really wants to say and blow things up, but she can't. Her faith won't allow her to do that. K is BAWLING, "why couldn't you tell me, once you got to know me?" (about the whole twin twist.) A explained the obvious reasons to her as to why she couldn’t tell her.

Marv was telling Dr that BB will make sure that the POV is in A’s favor. Dr said if he wins it, he will not use it.

HG’s in bed. Di and Dr whispering, Dr says he thinks the two of them are playing the game really well. Dr says Marv pushes his buttons in front of Di on purpose. Di says Marv knows how to p*ss her off by talking about Dr’s ex-girlfriend. Dr says he plays along. Dr said Marv told him not to get tied down; there will be tons of women around. Dr suggests to Di that she start acting like she is mad that Dr won’t be seeing her after the show is over.