MORNING - 9:00am

The houseguests recieved their daily wake-up call this morning around 9:00am, to some music as usual. The houseguests begin to wake up, most of them continue to lye in bed. At 9:25am, Big Brother announces "Good Morning Houseguests!" The HG's continue to get up and get ready for the day, as we see Marvin listening to some music in the HOH. About two minutes later, BB announces "Good Morning HG's...The Veto Competition will begin in 90 Minutes." Adria and Diane are both in the bathroom and don't exchange any words to one another. At 9:45, BB yells "Drew, Michael, I said it's time to get up for the day!" Cowboy gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom and Marvin questions, "I heard you had a rough night?" and Cowboy agrees.

In the Kitchen, we see Adria, Karen, and Diane. No words are exchanged between Adria and Diane still. Karen thanks Adria for making coffee. Diane speculates that the Veto Competition has something to do with ice, perhaps ice hockey. At 10:00, the HG's choose players for the Veto Competition, while BB lets us try and find Nemo... (fish!)

At 10:30, the feeds return with all HG's sitting at the table except for Adria. Diane brings out clothes for the Veto Competition. The outfits are multicolored jumpsuits, with each houseguests name on the back, like those worn by prisoners picking up garbage along the highway. Karen is wearing yellow, Nokomis light grey, Drew is in orange, Marvin in black (or khaki?), Cowboy red, Diane is in blue, and Adria wears dark grey. Fifteen minutes later, we get a breif glimpse of the backyard, where we see a penguin and icicles. The girls try to make their outfits cute with belts and by rolling up the sleeves, while cowboy sings a song about picking up trash. Big Brother, bring on the fish! The Veto Competition has begun!

Veto Competition - 11:00am
Diane is the hostess of the competition, while Marvin (HOH) choses Drew, Adria (Nom #1) choses Karen, and Cowboy (Nom #2) chooses Nakomis to participate in the competition. The competition involved blocks of ice, and tools such as bottles of vodka, matches, and a grater. Karen was the winner of the Golden Power of Veto. Diane commented that BB changed the rules between the first time she went into the Diary Room, and the second. Originally, players were allowed to change blocks of ice after a certain amount of time. Then, they had to stay with the same block. Diane speculates this new rule is what kept Adria from winning the POV.

AFTERNOON - 12:00pm

Feeds are back up around 12:00pm. Adria tells Cowboy "Good job," and Cowboy tells her "you too, it was close." Karen tells Diane "I want to keep my veto!" Diane notifies Cowboy privately that Karen won't be using the veto, and adds that when there's a target, Karen knows not to use it. Marvin states that Karen finally brought something to the table. Cowboy told Marvin he thinks that Karen should use the veto to take Cowboy off the block, and put Drew up, just to give him a taste of what it's like, even though he's without a doubt safe. They approached Karen with the idea, and she thought it was mean. Karen was singing, and twice BB told her to stop. She screamed "Alriiiiiiiiight!!," in reply. BB then calls Karen to the diary room.

Adria leaves the exercise room and stops to look at the pictures on the memory wall, and laughs as she walks away. Karen leaves the diary room and asks Adria, who is still alone in the Kitchen, if Adria's upset that she picked Karen to play in the competition and Karen won it. Adria tries to get information out of Karen by telling her that it's probably time that she starts making her own decisions. Adria tells Karen that if she's using the POV, Adria would be more than happy to take it off of her hands. Adria and Karen continue to talk, and Adria mentions that today is her wedding anniversary. Karen says she has nothing against the two nominees, nor the two people that could go up as replacement nominees, so she doesn't think she'll use the veto.

Around 2:45, BB calls Nakomis to the Diary Room. Adria and Karen continue their discussion filled with point-blank questions from Adria, and roundabout meaningless answers from Karen. Adria is milking for a vote or a veto, promising Karen immunity next week if Adria's still around and warning her about who's in the jury. BB calls Drew to the Diary Room. Karen and Adria continue to discuss the game, and Adria mentions that she is approaching the Veto holder, and asking for it to be put to use, bringing up that Will did not do that. Karen mentions in Will's defense that he thought he had the numbers to stay anyway, and didn't think it would come down to a tie. Adria compares herself to Roddy of BB3 again, as far as having an intelligent intellectual conversation.

Cowboy mentions that everywhere he goes, girls talk to him. Diane replies "Riiiighht!" (Note the sarcasm on Diane's comment =-) lol) Cowboy continues discussing women to Nakomis, Drew, and Diane and somehow gets on the topic of the first time him and April shared an orgasm together, sharing very graphic and descriptive details.Cowboy and Diane discussing America's Choice this week, and how they don't want the call to be from their parents if they won. Cowboy's mind seems to be in one place, as he again talks about sex.

Nakomis is waking up in the cloud room and Adria is checking out the scene in the kitchen. Nakomis joins Karen in the backyard, and Adria must have had some kind of impact on Karen because Karen is discussing using the veto to put Drew up, when they cut the conversation short because Adria returns.

Karen discussed the POV with Marvin. They agree they were both stupified by the twist, and felt betrayed in a way. Marvin says the reason Adria is up is due to his promise to Will, and also because he thinks if Adria wins, Natalie wins too, even though Natalie is already evicted. They comment that they both love Adria, and that Natalie ruined the game for her. If Natilie hadn't come into the picture, Adria's game would still be going strong. They laugh because Will is getting his wish, but feel bad that his vacation in the sequester house will be ruined by Adria and Natalie.

EVENING - 5:00pm

Drew and Diane are wrestling in the living room, Karen and Nakomis are working on their abs in the cloud room, and Marvin is telling Cowboy that if Karen were to use the veto, he would nominate Nakomis, but still pull for Cowboy to stay. Cowboy joins Karen and Nakomis, and Cowboy tell Karen he'll respect whatever decision she makes. The trio begin to rehash the POV Competition.

Drew is working out in the exercise room, and Cowboy joins him. Cowboy holds up four fingers on one hand (Cowboy, Drew, Diane, & Marvin,) and two on the other (Karen & Nakomis.) He tells drew "After this week, this is what the numbers will be. I'll win Head of Household [lowers one finger on the Karen and Nakomis hand] and then you win HOH, you've got you're final four!" (Yes, Cowboy did the math all by himself!)

Around 5:50pm there's a mass workout session going on in the new gym (formerly the concrete room,) Karen is primping, and Adria is in the backyard on the hammock by herself. Diane has been on the treadmill for 38 minutes, commenting that she's almost finished 2 miles. Cowboy and Drew are taking turns on the Bowflex, admiring the many different exercised they can do on it. Cowboy and Drew migrate to the living room discussing their future acting careers. While Diane's exercing, Marvin comments that he'd like to see her after the show, for a drink perhaps. She comments that she'd like to, she wants to travel around and see everyone.

Around 7:30, Cowboy and Marvin decide to blow up condoms and play volleyball with them. The boys build a wall, and put the volleyball net above it. The first game of the newest BB Sport has begun..."Trojan Ball." Marvin and Drew take one side, while Cowboy is on the other, and Adria joins him. The participating HG's make up actual rules for the new sport, including fouls, out of bounds, and points. Game #1 MVP goes to Drew for his comment, "I got a condom in the face!"

The HG's scatter to eat and such, and apparently all of this condom talk has gotten to the houseguests. For those of you Marvin fans, Marvin commented he needs extra large sized condoms. And for those of you Cowboy fans, you'll be pleased to hear that Cowboy informed Marvin that his "equipment" is 2 or 3 inches long, and that he needs an extra small condom.

Karen, Drew, and Marvil are beginning Game #2 Trojan Ball, and most HG's decide to join in. We have Diane, Adria, and Cowboy on one side, with Marvin, Drew, and Karen on the other. Nakomis is in the shower. Various jokes referring to condoms, birth control, spermicide, and others are made all night. BB calls Drew to the Diary room, so the houseguests take a break.

LATE NIGHT - 10:00pm

Marvin, Diane, and Nakomis decide to talk some hardcore smack (shoutout to Karen!) about Adria, and how badly they want her gone. Her being upset about not being with Natalie annoys them. This trash talking session continues for a good 20 minutes. They then move on to Cowboy, speculating that he didn't really attend college, and that his wife, April, probably weighs around 220 pounds. Diane goes to find the alcohol, and the dissing ends.

Marvin and Nakomis discuss the letters they're received from home. Houseguests are all speculating the America's Choice results will arive tomorrow, or they will have a Luxury Competition. They'll be heading to bed early because BB will give the HG's their wakeup call around 7:00 tomorrow. Karen tells Drew she's definately not using the Veto, they discuss Adria, and why they want her out, and then why they're annoyed with Marvin. By 11:30 most HG's are beginning to get in bed.

Of course, we see Drew and Diane whispering, Marvin is working out in the Concrete Room, Cowboy and Adria are in the Wood Room. Drew goes to the bathroom and Marvin tells him he couldn't sleep, and blames it on the lack of beer. Drew heads back to bed and Marvin is asleep in HOH soon.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful updates!!