The houseguests were awakening early at 8:30 am.

The HG all speculates why they were woken up so early.

Finally at about 11 am Marvin gets called to the DR and returns by saying they have a surprise to gather in the living room

The surprise is the AC of receiving a phone call from home. All get excited. Everyone wants to see it again, and lots of laughing. Marvin turns to Drew and asks him if he would call his lady or his brother, Drew replies his brother, Diane gets a bit upset over it and starts to pout.

After the group breaks up Nik and Diane talk and Diane is mad over the Marvin comment and said she will put up Marvin because of it that she is sick of these comments by him. Nik is upset about CB saying he thinks he is the only one with family back home and she will be upset if he gets it (the phone call) Diane is so upset that she made the comment that she canít wait to send Marvin an invitation to her and Drewís wedding! (another fairy tale story)

A few minutes later Diane corners Drew in the cloud room. She goes off on him about how Adria added her 2 cents in when Marvin made the girly comment about the phone call. She then tells Drew that Marvin tries to kiss her everyday. Drew responds that he heard that he DID kiss her. She responds back that she tries to avoid him, and Drew said it did not seem it. Diane then told him that she is doing what she has to do to keep them 2 in the game. She then said that she might have kissed Marvin awhile ago, but she didnít remember. Drew said she should have told him right away. She said she didnít know what to do. Then she puts it back on Drew and said he was just going to call Vanessa when he gets out anyways because he was talking to her before he came in the house. Drew then tells her that she does not believe things he tells her and that he didnítí appreciate hearing it from someone else. He then told her that she was probably going to run and tell Marvin about this conversation! Diane then comments that she sees the disgust in his face.

Diane hunts down CB to see if he was the one who told Drew about the kiss. She beats around the bush and CB does not understand what she is saying. She finally gives up and leaves him alone.

After a brief lockdown the houseguests go back inside and see the phone set up in the living room. All check it out like it is some mysterious thing

Karen again tells Adria she is afraid to use the VETO that she thinks that Marvin made a deal with Will to get rid of her. Adria is upset and comments that she hates that and is glad Will is gone.

The HG gets another lockdown and CB wins the AC. The phone rang and Drew answered it.

After the phone call they are in the BY and CB is telling them all about it. Chason got the teacher he wanted and is playing soccer, April got the job and bought 6 pairs of shoes. CB is like flying high because he got to talk to them others seems OK but are a bit taken back too. Nik goes to nap in the WR and CB asks her if she is OK, she said ya that she was happy he got it because he didnít get pictures or a letter from home yet. (which we know she did not want him to win it)

Diane was napping and CB notices her jump up and asks if she is OK. She replied that she just had the worse nightmare she ever had in the house. She was freaked because Marvin was in it and when she woke up she heard Marvinís voice.

A bit later Karen and Nik have a sob fest over CB. Complain about how CB will talk about this non stop 24/7 and that how good things seem to be for April and Chasen and how it is not his real family and he did not deserve it. They say the internet people really donít know how annoying he is and how stupid he is, and that they are sick of the sob story blah blah on and on. Said people who cry poverty really are not poor and that he has a truck and a cell phone (prepaid one)

Diane joins the sob fest and starts telling them how Marvin is trying to kiss her, and they suggest they tell the DR. She said no look what happened to them. She then tells them about her dream with Marvin in it. Said she felt violated from him. She then said that he always mentions Vanessa around her and that upsets her. Nik told her that was game and to take that with a grain of salt.

Diane again talks to CB and tells him that Karen wonít use the VETO, but for him not to tell Karen she told him because she wants to tell him herself (why didnít she let her then)
He then tells him that they are calling Adria the plague and are trying to avoid the plague today.

Diane covers her back with Nik by telling her CB is real worried that Karen will use the VETO. Nik comments that CB never said anything to her about it, Diane said oh yes he keeps asking me if Karen is going to use it (not)

Cowboy keeps talking about his phone call to anyone that will listen.

Nik and Diane continue chatting in the kitchen while cooking. Nik tells her the best thing she likes to do is hang out in coffee shops and listen to the stories the old folks tell.

Nik and Karen have a discussion about religion and paganism. They debate it abck and forth (finally a conversation not dissing someone or game talk) they talk about life etc. they talk about death and how they want to be laid out etc. Pretty deep conversation.

Adria and Drew have a chat. Adria finally lets out some steam about how she is being treated. She tells him about fake Diane is with Marvin and stuff and how they all want her out and she is not a quitter. Drew said Diane is stubborn (thatís being nice) and really does not know what she wants. Adria asks him who he wants to be at the end of the game with he said Adria or CB. Adria keeps hinting at the secret she is hiding by saying she is battle ling her morality and comments that if Diane wanted Will to say so bad why didnít her come to her and ask her to use the VETO on him? They discuss Diane being cocky and that he shouldnít trust her too much. Drew agrees.

Meanwhile Diane is freaking out that Drew is talking to her. She is calling her the plague and wants CB to go offer Drew a beer. Finally Diane goes into room claiming she waited as long as she could she just needed these shoes. After she leaves Adria tells Drew that she wants to talk to him before she leaves that she wants to tell him something. Drew leaves and joins the group outside where they are discussing the bible and how dirty it said your period is etc. Karen confirms that the pregnancy test was negative.

Drew and CB talk in the weight room. Drew tells CB that Adria is upset over the twin thing. CB asks if it changes the voting, Drew replies no. Then CB tells him that the house want Marvin gone next week. Drew agrees tells him that he has been acting weird, and that he is acting pissed now because he didnít get AC.

Diane and Nik talk about the final two. They agree they need to stand next to someone that wonít get any votes from anyone. Both agree that second place would not be that bad either, that it would pay off some bills etc. They talk about next weeks HOH and Nik comments that if it is endurance that she will stay in as long as Drew is in because she does not know what he will do.

General conversation throughout the next hour from most, bashing Adria, making fun of CB when he is not present, how much money people owe on cars etc. Marvin is convinced the twins are triplets and that they will bring another one in soon. They urge him to go to the DR and ask,. Karen feels she has been hammered aggressively by the twins for weeks and really abused! Marvin then compliments Nik by saying she is a straight up chick, then said that CB is acting and not so dumb. Nik tells him that it is not an act, that she knows plenty of people like him. They talk about how Drew is taking one for the team and hanging out with Adria Marvin comments that he isnít talking to her, she replied me either.

Karen talking to Adria starts crying saying she shared intimacies with one then find out she didnít know who it was how she felt betrayed by twin twist. Adria starts crying really trying to get her to use VETO on her, Karen is not budging she said she will not do that to Marvinís nominations (why she just said he would be gone next week) Karen said there are other cut throat people in the house and she just canít do that to herself. Adria tells Karen that she has tried talking to Nik but she treats her like a puff of smoke. Karen comments that she feels alone too.

Finally everyone settles down to sleep!