August 3rd


Well, it is 10:11AM here in BB land and the Houseguests were awakened by BB after a wild night of drinking and lots of nudity! BB reminded them to not forget their sunscreen.

Marvin remains in bed for now reading the Bible. Drew and Di emerged from the HOH, not saying much of anything to each other. Diane told Will (who is now telling Nakomis) that she thinks she and Drew are over.

Diane was outside with Will, Karen, & Nak saying that she didn’t really know what happened last night, but that during the poker game, Marvin asked Drew about his girlfriend back home. Drew responded as if they were still on. She said after she got past the part of her being mentioned, and once they were in bed, she thought to herself that she didn’t want to get played. She said to Drew, "If this isn’t going to progress, I don’t want to go around kissing and cuddling just to be cute." Come morning she said things were just weird between them. Drew got up and just walked out of the HOH this AM. She told them she brought it up with him to see if they were on the same page. Drew basically said he was ready to move on at home. Diane hasn’t even looked at Drew yet this morning.

Diane said she is ready to get Scott out! She wants to bust up the boys, seeing how close Scott is with them, including how close he is to Drew.

Will tells the girls that he caught CB, sitting on the floor with his head against the door, listening to a conversation between Marv & Karen. CB jumped up in surprise.

Will was talking about when CB broke down crying and said that said he can't wait until he's with April and her kid at Walmart again. He told Will “I know it’s hard for y’all, but I am the only one with a family.” Will tells the group in jest, "Just because you have an illegitimate child, doesn't mean we don't have loved ones waiting for us."

CB told Scott, Jase, & Drew that he heard Marvin and Karen talking last night. Marvin is trying to play the game and get votes. Scott is now more worried about his fate.


Scott cut Drews hair. (N,o I should say butchered his hair!)
Adria is now trying to fix it, but it keeps getting worse. Now Drew is trying to fix it himself. Scott went out to the BY and told A & Diane that CB heard Marv petitioning last night.

New alliance? Or same old BS?
Di and Jase were talking. Di says to Jase, “I talk the most sh** next to you,” Jase says “We could be on to something.” Jase says they should keep pretending to hate each other. He said, “I give you my guarantee that you're safe with me... I mean that. I'm the strongest guy in the house and I want to keep you. I think the reason we got the beer last night is because we gave them good TV.”

Will told Marv he has his back, and Marv says, “I owe you one.”

Scott said if he won America's Choice, he would take CB on a date! Everyone encouraged them to do it tonight anyway. They are dressing CB up like a woman in one of Karen's dresses. Scott will be his stud and take him out to dinner tonight. Marvin will be the cook. They think this will be serious camera time for them. Scott told CB not to hold his hand or he will punch him!

Hmmmmm… Karen’s picture has fallen off the wall, again.

A new twist, Marv said he thinks that Will is straight & Scott is gay, which is why he didn’t make the football team.

Will, J, & K in HOH talking about Arnold Shapiro being there with his wife when HGs entered the house; saying he was looking at them all like they were his children. They all say he is a very nice man who welcomes you with a lot of warmth.

It’s after 5:00PM.
Dr and Di are in the hammock and Dr says to Di, “today sucked.” (He mentioned earlier to Marvin how bored he was.) He says that today made him realize he liked her because of how bad he felt all day. Di apologizes to him for putting him on the spot last night.


A and W in the kitchen.
They are both so mad that Scott may be going and not Jase. They said that Jase did something wrong in the VETO competition and shouldn’t have won it. A is sick of the 4-Horsemen. She said that they have been part of her problem today (she has been in a real sour mood) and she can’t wait to unload in the DR. She said she isn’t taking their (4-H) crap anymore. No more hiding in the background! (Easy for her to say now with Nat coming in.)

Scott wonders aloud about his fate.
He tells Cowboy that he has a feeling he will have all but one vote to keep him in the house, but he is not sure of this. He says he will be bummed if M, who he says is a pervert, remains in the game. It will make him look bad. CB says they should campaign for him. Scott mentions that Jase isn’t dong much campaigning as it is on his part.

The HG’s have been back and forth all night on who to vote out, Marvin, then Scott. No, Marvin, he’s an a-hole, no Scott, we gotta break up the 4H. No, Marvin, he was making fun of me. (Adria)

Jase tells Karen that he thinks Scott needs to stay over Marvin. He says that Marvin's plan is to take out all the girls. Jase says he will take out Scott himself. Jase is going to go talk to Will next.

Scott confronted A in the BR to see if she knows whether or not he is going, saying they saved her last week, and that she owed him. He only wants to make it to sequester; that’s all he is asking. He says that she is the ring leader of her group, and that someone in her group (Will & Karen said she was the ring leader, Jase knows this) told him she wants him out. Diane came in on this little argument and asked what was going on.

Karen is in the hot tub with Nakomis and is looking somewhat solemn. I think she is a little worried that they are figuring out she is playing both sides.

Jase just asked A to join the 4-H. He tells her that he wants to bring her and Di in because they've earned it and they are hard-core. He tells her that her people are talking behind her back.

11:20PM - W, Di, & Nak in HOH.
Will talks about A and the fact that she wants Scott to stay. Will says he doesn’t trust her. Di says she would be digging her own grave. The vote would be 4-3 and it would be too obvious where the vote came from. Di thinks there is no way she would do that, and that A is just playing the boys.

It is 12:00 and A, Di, K, W, & Nak are in HOH.
They go around stating their votes; each saying Scott is gone. A will not tell them her vote. She says she trusts in her faith and that they will know her vote come Thurs. Nak said that with everything that the guys are doing to save Scott, it proves more than anything that he is the one that needs to go.

W storms out saying he is packing his bags and leaving. (I guess he is joking. I hope so just because he and Karen's cover are being blown out of the water!)

Adria says that Thursday's impending eviction is changing the entire house. (She would know.)

Oh boy! Now J, W, (He didn’t leave, LOL) A, Di, and K are in HOH.
J asks who is leaving; what’s the verdict? He says that Marvin is out. Again, he says, "So where are we at with the vote people?" A says no one should be pressured. A said she didn’t know last week about the vote. Jase said, “You knew; 4 people told you, you were safe.”

A says there has been 2 days to discuss this and here it is 11:00PM (actually it is after 12:00) and they are wanting to talk about it now, and she really doesn’t appreciate it.


Jase and A are in HOH talking about religion and how it should not be used in the game.
A says “I use religion in every aspect of my life.” Jase says that everyone in the house is there for money, the root of all evil. A says that she doesn't judge people based on their faith, or lack thereof. She's comfortable with who she is.

Diane is still trying to figure out where A stands now as she is the swing vote. Di, A, & Nak are outside now and A apologizes for causing so much dissention among the group. Di tells her she trusts her with her life, as well as she trusts Nak and Will; but she only trusts Karen with her arm. (LOL)

Karen is with Nak now, is and she really mad at A for pulling this sh** and for not letting them know now where she stands. They say that if they don't win HOH, they can tell the guys that A was the master-mind behind Scott's going.

(Oh my those turning tides)

Now Di and Dr are in HOH.
Di is mad at Drew for letting the guys call-out A, and put her in an uncomfortable light. (by saying she aligned with them last week and that they saved her a$$) Di says that if Scott goes out the door on Thursday, then Drew will know that it is because of what the boys did to Adria tonight. Diane said that she did what the guys said and put up Marvin, but that the guys’ f**ked up tonight and now she has no idea who is going.

Well nighty night HG’s, it’s almost 3:00AM!