Big Brother Recap August 30, 2004

BB Wakes the houseguests at 9:15 am.

Diane wins for the first to complain when she is talking to Karen she complains that Adria is trying to work Drew and Karen is afraid it will get ugly after the Veto meeting when Adria is trying to “dig up” votes. Diane then told Karen that she had to have Drew accompany her to the BR last night because she was afraid of Marvin!

A bit later they call out CB for having a letter from home and they want BB to do something about it. They then go onto putting CB, April and Chason down. Saying that they are not poor and Karen was saying all I know is April is some fat chick with a rich daddy, who stayed home with her son and CB works at Wal-Mart. Diane then responded that America sees them as the 3 bit%$es and pick CB for the phone call. Karen then said that BB can fix the American Choice to give it to whoever they want to by adding a zero to the end of the votes. (Sore losers)

Nik and Karen then go on to justify why they have been ignoring Adria, saying she brought it on herself and that her VETO speech was stupid and that she is out there beheading puppies and being mean to people (when??) The conversation then switched to Karen telling Nik that while she was in bed last night she heard Diane say to Drew that they had to get Marvin out next week and how Diane had promised Marvin that she would keep him safe next week and how they (Diane and Drew) were going to brainwash CB to think like them and put up Marvin. Karen said the conversation just freaked her out!

At 11:55 we get fish till 12:05 and when the feeds return we get that Karen did not use the Veto and we have Karen and Adria talking. Karen talking about how their fate is in others hand and that the others will learn that soon. Adria then replied that she is proud of who she is and how she is handling things. She said the others must feel guilty because they cannot even look her in the eye nor acknowledge her existence. Adria then compliments Karen on how she handled herself during the Veto ceremony. A bit later they talk some more and Adria comments that she didn’t want them to look at her as Jase and how Jase’s alliance didn’t back him. She reminded Karen that she had voted to keep her in the house. They discuss how CB is Adria’s friend and how cool he is being on the block this week.

Over lunch Drew and Marvin talk about who they want out next. Drew said CB. Marvin said that they want to backdoor his ass outta there next week. Marvin complained how his “old” lady bought 6 pairs of shoes and they are not poor at all., and how all he talks about is his phone call. Marvin then comments that his sap stories don’t get to him no more. Karen joins them and they start again to say Holly was a twin and Marvin is really convinced that Adria and Nat were part of triplets not twins and that the twist is not up yet.

The house naps for a few hours after lunch. Nik gets up first and starts to work out. Karen follows her into the workout room and starts telling Nik that she doesn’t think that Diane thinks she did a good job at the Veto ceremony because she wasn’t mean. Nik listens like she is uninterested and just replies that she will put up Marvin next week. Karen tells Nik that she wants to make sure that her (Nak’s) name is clear when she (Adria) leaves. (Watching out for jury votes)Karen then said she needed to do some baking to relieve her stress. She leaves to make some cookies.

Later during a lockdown, Diane gives Marvin another haircut. After Diane, Drew, Karen and CB are sitting around playing cards. CB seems to be teaching Drew how to play gin. Drew then starts to teach them how to play Euchre. Diane comments that CB will not be able to understand this game, CB sticks up for him and puts her in her place saying that he understands. Diane tries to back peddle out of it by saying it is a complicated game. Adria approaches the table asks them what they are playing, Drew replied Euchre and the conversation ended, not asking her to join in next game, just ignoring her again.

After the lockdown is over BB sends the houseguests out back where they find a new game. It s like a Russian Roulette shocker type game, Very loud sirens play and you have to squeeze a trigger once a light turns green or risk getting shocked. Diane keeps getting shocked, and the houseguests have fun taking turns playing the game. (Could this game have something to do with the next HOH??) The name of the game is lighting Reaction an can be bought at (which houseguests picture would you like to see on the cover of that game!)

Drew and CB have a chat a little later. They agree that Marvin has been a jerk all week and needs to be the next one to go. Then they want to break up the Nik/Diane duel. They think they have to start talking to Nik and Karen about how strong of a player Diane is and hope they see it and put her up.

While Drew was cooking burgers on the grill Marvin came out and started dissing him. Marvin said to Drew first oh the pretty boy can cook. Drew replied not as well as you. Then Marvin said he wants to cook for soap stars while he will just cook for x strippers! Drew clenched his teeth. When he left Drew turned to CB and asked if he ad heard it. Then h went inside and told Diane that Marvin wanted her and. Diane said see what I mean.

At about 10pm, Adria approached Diane and Drew and asked how long they have been dating, she then asked them if it was from the beginning and if they had plans after the show to continue seeing each other. She then asks why they act like they don’t like each other during the day and then sleep together at night. (Was she planting a seed in others minds??)

As soon as Adria leaves the kitchen, Diane spews a torrent of obscenities.
Diane said I don't appreciate somebody all up in my fuc*ing business!! Did you see her in here talking sh*t about me??? You think I want to come in here and fuc*ing clean up??? Was she in here talking sh*t about me? It's funny, the other day you two hated each other, and now she's all up in here, asking you about what irritated you about me. And you!! You could have jumped in and helped out more!!(Talking to Drew) CB and Marvin are there taking it all in.

BB calls them to the storage room for their daily alcohol fix. On the way in Diane kept repeating I am trying to be calm, I am trying to be calm, then said who wants to see a chick fight tonight? Marvin tells her that she only said those things to push her buttons and that it worked. He tells her to drink all the wine tonight. Marvin then said she can say whatever she wants her ass is outta her on Thursday and that he thinks she might be a mole or something! Nik replies she doesn’t say anything to me because she will whip something at her head.

After playing cards and Adria sitting alone out back, they all including Adria sit around the fire pit. The alcohol has taken its toll on Diane! They start talking family and Diane starts to cry about her Dad. This breaks up and they head back to the table to play cards. CB asks that if they added another deck of cards could Adria play, they said NO she would need a partner. Adria watches for a few minutes then heads inside to bed. Of course, Diane and Marvin make their comments about her. Diane rehashes the “fight” and then heads to the bathroom where Adria is , nothing happens in the bathroom. Outside while Diane is gone, CB whispers to Drew that Adria was just trying to make a point that Diane plays him.

At about 11:45 they start to play the shock game again. They put it on different body parts to feel the effects. They start to dare each other to shock different body parts. Nik agrees to shock her nipple if drew agrees to shock his testicles. Nik goes first and CB hides his eyes then Drew goes.

They continue playing Euchre and have a bet, losers take showers and the opposite sex has to dry them off. Girls lose, but make quesadillas instead of getting naked. Karen and Diane talk about back dooring Marvin next week. Diane makes the comment that she hopes Adria is listening to this conversation. CB and Drew chat a bit and Drew tells him that he has to go smooth over things with Diane, that he really does like her just when she gets nasty she is ugly. CB said he did not like the comments Marvin made about his sisters body.

Drew heads into the bedroom and apologizes to Diane about not standing up for her in front of Adria. Diane comments back that it did not matter that Adria and Marvin will be out of here soon. She then tells Drew that last week he said he would puke for her (like Jase did for Holly) and this week (tonight) he said he would not eat an olive for her, and that she has to distant herself from him because she does not want to get hurt. Drew replies that he will not hurt her.

All sleeping by 3:30 am