HG’s were woken up about 10:00. HG’s talking and K mentions that we “the internet people” didn’t know about the EPT test she was given by the DR as she had to smuggle it out hidden in a rolled up sweatshirt. Nak, Marv, Di and K talking about kids and how none of them want to have any. They then talk a little but about people who kill their children. A & Dr in the kitchen talking about pets, puberty and general childhood stuff.

The talk turns to drugs and Nak said she has tried drugs including crack, but wouldn’t touch ecstasy because it’s too dangerous. K says she has never drank or smoked and Marv is surprised she has never smoked reefer. Marv moves on to talking about dying and diseases, and what some families do when they plan funerals for someone who is dying a long death.

11:30 K, Nak & Di start bashing A. K says she can’t talk to A without it becoming game talk, she says to them “you have no idea the sh*t that spews out of her”, Nak says that she can’t wait to see the tapes. Di says that K is too nice, that Di doesn’t even want to be in the same room with A. Karen is telling them that if she told the girls all that A has said to her they would want to murder her. K says A follows her everywhere. Nak complaining that A hasn’t said one word to her since Nat left. Di says that A started it last night (asking her and Dr about their relationship) and she hopes they all saw it. BB announces lockdown around 11:40.

A comes over to where the girls are (outside) and sits with them and joins their conversation about food. K was doing most of the talking, but Di did respond to the conversation and to something that A said about a restaurant. That was about it though, A is now sitting separate from the girls, once again a loner.


HG’s are on lockdown outside and things are pretty quiet. K talking to girls (not A) about life in Florida, A doing laundry and the boys took to playing that shock game they got. Lockdown is over at around 1:00 and they all decide to go back inside where it is cooler.

A Letter to HouseCalls: It seems as though Marv was inside in DR during lockdown. When they all go back in he announces to the HG’s that they to write a letter of no more than 100 characters to be read on HouseCalls. All of the HG’s were present to hear this, except for A (who was outside working out) and Marv finally bothered telling her about 20 minutes later. Di says to write “I want to thank my fans for America’s Choice.” They all thought that would be funny.

K’s letter starts Dear fans aka Internet Stalkers, Marvin and Michael would 1st like to thank you for America Choice We all would like to thank you for all the internet support. Living in the house has made us clinically insane. Here are some things that we miss: Nak wants a keg, CB wants sex (Marv says “with someone else”) Nak adds guns and hard liquor. Others brainstorm: dynamite, strippers (Marv), bars, movie, telephone, sports, pencils, reading material, communications devices, travel and cars, shopping at Walmart, BBQ ribs, real grass, washing machine, trees, animals, family, video games and freedom to walk around naked. After FISH, it appears that BB told them they had too many words, so they revised it to read something like this: Dear stalkers: Thanks for your support, better you there than here. See you on the outside, from the surviving seven.

HG’s on lockdown (in the living room) at 3:30. A came in from outside and said she did 110 laps in the pool (1/4 mile). Marv was called to the DR, A went to take a bath and the rest playing cards around the table inside. About 20 mins. go by and Marv comes out of the DR, and CB yells “what’s the good news?” Marv says no news, nothing. Marv goes into HOH and put his headphones on.

Once the inside lockdown was over at 4:30 they put them on lockdown outside. They went outside to see a new game set up; there is a backboard with a hole for the ball to go through, you bounce it into the hole. CB was excited saying it’s his favorite game at the carnival; he referred to the game as “corn hole”. HG’s started to play around with it and everyone but CB was able to get the ball in the hole. CB is baffled, Marv says “I thought you was the corn hole champion?” CB said “it is my favorite game! I don’t get it!”


A had a very long conversation with…herself. She started to talk aloud to herself about Di & Dr turning on her, and something about Nat. She is talking about how she's been ignored and how everyone gave up on her. She does say that she is speaking to the internet viewers. She says that former alliance members will not be getting her vote.

A still talking to herself (or us) says “This is the part of the show where the nominee starts talking to herself, and everyone says, she's gone crazy, then she comments that she could talk to a mirror and she'd be back where she started, since she “morphed” into two people. She says some HGs were hurt by the twist (K told her this). While A was in the backyard talking to herself, she noticed that the green hammock is gone. A then wonders aloud if production ever thought to check and make sure it wasn’t Nat who stayed in the house..she laughed after saying it.

K and Nak in the kitchen, saying A is practicing her speeches outside. K says it’s a bad idea to back door Marv, K says it can blow up in her face hardcore. Di comes in and K says to Di that they need to practice the ball game outside. K expresses some fear that BB is up to something, she thinks it’s possible that they are going to use this ball game set up outside for possibly another veto competition. BB took her veto, or she said they “borrowed it.” And she thinks they are doing some sort of twist that will involve it. Nak says “A wouldn't be trying hard unless she thought she had a chance.” K thinks that A probably gets a bigger stipend than they do.


A and CB outside playing with the ball game and CB says to A he was sorry about her week and that he probably shouldn't be the one apologizing. A said that sitting around watching people play card games is not her thing.

Dr was trying to tell Di that they need to be a little less “you and me”. Di says it doesn’t matter that much, there aren’t that many people left. Why do you always revert to “us” when I want to talk about something else?” She goes on to say they would look even more suspicious if they didn’t talk all day but whispered at night. Di was telling Dr about Nak and K's theory about the extra veto. Di saying “do you think A would be practicing so hard if it was just a luxury competition?” Di finally said “if you don’t want to talk tome during the day, then just tell me”, then storms out of the room and Dr is lookin’ not too pleased.

HG’s end up in the hot tub talking about movies, TV, and other stuff. Then most all the HG’s disperse. Di comes in from HT and sees A working with Dr in the gym room, she gets huffy about it, then she heads back outside to talking with CB. CB asks Di if they're still ok for this week. Di says she thinks so but everyone's getting paranoid about a new twist coming up. Di says everyone thinks the twins are triplets and another one is coming in if A leaves. Di said to CB “if they are triplets and a new one comes in I will voluntarily leave.” She is wondering aloud what Nak and K talk about; she says she isn't being told much. CB asked Di if she and Marv have an agreement to keep him safe next week. Di says that she had an agreement that he was going to keep her safe (this week), but he told the same thing to Nak, so she doesn’t trust him.

Later Dr comes out to the hot tub area while Di was just explaining that she didn’t want Marv to put Dr on the block, so she suggested A. Di now tells Dr that Marv wanted to put him up. CB says Marv plays the game so well, he tells everyone they are on his team, then Dr says yea then he says the opposite when you are not around. Dr says to Di that he hopes when he is up on the block people will still talk to him. He thinks it’s immature not to be talking to A.

Dr told CB about Di catching K and Nak with their heads together. CB tells Dr he thinks it’s possible that Nak and K are plotting to keep A. Dr is speculating that the game outside has something to do with a double elimination, Marv agreed and said the show was not going to run an extra week.

CB and Nak outside and CB tells Nak that if he gets HOH she is safe, and Nak says "me too, I just had to put you up that one time", he said he understands, he was safe and it was the game.

K in the kitchen with Nak, talking about Dr and Di and says “she gets loud when she drinks. Some of the stuff she does makes me nervous. I think he really likes her, and that puts us in a precarious position with those two.” K says Marv's "demeanor has changed. He's on the outside and he knows it." K not sure about trusting CB . K doesn't think Dr would ever lie, he just wouldn't say anything. She says “I think it's premature right now but I'm just trying to be aware, things can still happen.” Nak just kind of uh-huh and yea.
Later in the cloud room, K says something about the possibility that A & N were planted there by CBS. Nak said she would go apeshit, and ask them, "If you wanted them to win, why did you get us to play this game?" K says maybe they were put there to push our buttons.


A and Dr outside talking about how the HG's don’t talk to her, and Dr agrees that the HG's are acting like high school. Dr also talks about how Di has been critical of everything he says. A says that she doesn’t know what Dr is thinking but there are so many weeks and people that are left that she is not the biggest threat. Dr is talking about how Di has been kissing Marv and kissing up to Marv, A was like “on the lips?!” Dr explains how he went to Di and tried to give her a chance to tell him and she didn’t really come clean with him. Dr says that as soon as the nominees were put up suddenly Di hates Marv, Dr thinks its such crap. A says that’s why she wanted K to use the veto on either her or CB to see where Marv stands.

A and CB outside, A telling CB its time to step it up and also tells him that he has always been a good player in the game, CB says thank you. A says that people want to vote for her but they are scared to. CB talks about Marv and A says he doesn’t have to worry about Marv since he can’t be HOH, he can only play for the veto. CB says he knows that it will be him next week, and A says that depends on who gets HOH. A says she doesn’t want him to be walking into the jury house next week. CB says that if he can make final 4 he would be happy. CB does talk about how when the pressure is there he chokes, A tells him to find a way to clear his mind, and not get anxious. They head inside.

Most everyone is getting ready for bed. Almost everyone is sleeping by 1:00.