It’s Wednesday—voting day in the House. There is lots of ranting and game talk by both sides with some adult content, including discussions of April’s breasts, Diane’s orgasms, and a lesson in oral sex from Will and Nakomis.


For the Houseguests, the morning started out with a bang (literally). A little before 8:00AM, the HGs start hearing drilling (construction) sounds outside. The drilling sound continued on and off, waking up most of the HGs. Despite some grumbling, the HG’s stay in bed and try to continue to sleep.

The official wake-up call comes at about 9:10AM, with the announcement, “Good morning houseguests. This is a reminder that today you must cast your eviction votes in the Diary Room.”

Drew and Diane chit-chat for a few minutes after the wake-up call. (This is better than yesterday morning, when they didn’t say a word to each other when they got up.) Among other important bits of information, we find out that Diane has “big toes,” and has stubbed her toes on things all her life.

Will and Nakomis start talking strategy right away in the BY, including Adria’s strange behavior the night before. However, Adria comes out, saying she has a bad earache and ringing in her ears, and plans to see the BB doctor today. Adria also says that, depending on how much pressure she is under today, she might not talk to anyone. Nakomis kiddingly says to Adria that she needs to snap out of her “crazy” because she is scaring everyone. Everyone laughs. After awhile, Adria goes back into the house to lie down.

Meanwhile, the boys and Diane are in the kitchen eating cereal and chatting. They complain about the noise that woke them up this morning. Scott says that he yelled, “Stop it,” but says that the workers were probably Mexican so didn’t understand him. (Unfortunately, the others, including Diane, join in laughing about the Mexican workers.)

A little later, Karen and Nakomis talk about Adria. Nakomis says she is giving Adria the benefit of the doubt for now because she is sick. But, Karen can’t let the subject go. She keeps harping on how they can’t trust Adria.

Drew and Diane have slipped into the HOH room for a short nap. Diane says she is “clueless” about what will happen with the vote.

Jase, Scott, and CB are outside dissing the women, and getting madder by the minute.
CB: "I was asking Scott if we should take Marvin out next week."
J: "No, the women."
S: "Hit the b*tches, man."
S: "To be honest with you man, I'm gone this week."
J: "Me and Drew have that feeling too, man."
S: "No one can give me a yes or no"

Jase decides to call Karen out, and he and Cowboy go inside. CB is supposed to lure Karen to the bathroom so Jase can talk to her, but their plans are foiled because Karen is talking to Nakomis and Marvin in the LR. CB tries to join the LR conversation while Jase waits in the bathroom. Finally, Jase gets impatient and stalks back outside where Scott is rehearsing his good-bye speech. Scott says that if he goes, he is going to say, “Get those motherf*ckers out,” but will thank God first.

Karen finally comes outside and Jase says, “Pull up a seat next to me.”
J: "Have you decided how you’ll vote?"
K: "I've decided."
J: What have you decided?
K: "I've decided I want to kill myself."
J: "I'm serious. That's not what I asked you. I want to know how you're going to vote."
K: "I'm really, really unhappy with sh*t that went on yesterday."
Jase tells her that is not an answer to his question. He wants to know how she's going to vote.
BB: "Jase, please come to the DR."
Jase gets up and tells Karen that he is voting to keep Scott, and that if Karen screws them, and doesn't do likewise and Scott goes, that he (Jase) will be back "With a Vengeance" and Karen will be up on the block next week, guaranteed.

On that pleasant note, it’s now noon.

AFTERNOON - Venom, venom everywhere!

After Jase goes into the DR, Will comes over to talk to Karen. Karen is really upset about Jase’s threats. Will also gets an earful about Adria. Karen said that Adria’s floating game almost made her want to vote for Scott. Will says he voted with the group to give Adria the benefit of the doubt. Nakomis joins them in BY. Karen keeps ranting about Adria, and also tells Nakomis about Jase’s threats. Karen tells Will to go tell Marvin what Jase just did. And, surprise, surprise, Will does exactly that!

Will and Marvin discuss how Jase is making deals right and left and telling everyone he is with them until the end. Marvin doesn’t trust Jase and neither does Will. Later in the conversation, Diane joins them. Will tells her about Jase’s “death threat” to Karen.

Speaking of Jase, we now find him out of the DR,and outside ranting with Scott and CB. Nakomis comes outside and gets caught by the guys. They tell Nak that they have been with her from the start; that they are the only honest ones in the House and have never lied. Scott single-handedly saved Adria and now she is screwing them. They have always been on Karen’s side and now she is screwing them. Scott said he has found the Bible and will go out with an “honest heart.”

Scott also tells Nak that someone in her group had told him that A is their ringleader, and that the others in the GP group wanted Scott to stay. Nakomis, in her usual laid back style, just takes in all the boy’s talk, with a “hmmm” here and there to show she’s listening.

A little later, the boys are in the kitchen talking about how they are going to shake up the House next week doing crazy things. They are responsible for BB’s good ratings. One funny note, during this conversation, Karen comes into the kitchen. CB says to Jase that Karen was telling him how much she likes his c*ck. Karen says “Oh yeah, I just love that 70's bush, the disco bush.” CB then goes on to say how April made him shave it but it got to be a pain so he just let it go.

Meanwhile, Nakomis and Will are having a heart-to-heart in the HOH.
Nakomis says she doesn’t know about Adria and Karen (that is, whether they are betraying their alliance) Will says he knows for sure that Karen is betraying them, but he isn’t sure about Adria. Among other things, Will says that when Karen came out of DR she winked at the boys and they all came and gave her hugs. Nak repeats Scott’s earlier comment to her that “someone in her group” said that A is the ringleader of the GP alliance. Will says if the boys claim it was him, "It’s on." Will thinks that Adria's being sick is an act, and Nak agrees, saying that Adria is “hamming it up.”

It’s now about 1:45PM and Adria is finally back from the DR. It looks like she was there for more than an hour. The house goes on inside lockdown sometime after 2:00PM, and the conversation at the kitchen table turns to breasts. Several HGs comment that Holly had small breasts and used a lot of padding in her bathing suit. Jase defends her by saying that he liked Holly’s small breasts. They also get CB to admit that April has large breasts. CB says that he “had to get used to it.”

Diane has joined Will and Nakomis in the HOH.
Apparently one of the camera people likes Nak’s feet and keeps zooming in on them. Nak jerks her feet under the covers and says, "Quit looking at my feet! Creepy camera!" The camera pans back to her face, but goes back to her feet a couple minutes later. The conversation mostly continues with the same themes as earlier convos, including the fact that D/W/N aren’t sure whether or not Adria voted to evict Scott. They’ve got the Spy Cam on and make rude remarks about Scott and CB going to the storage room together; that CB should give Scott head in the “privacy” of the Storage Room. Will and Nak also tell Diane that they’ll give her advice on BJs later tonight. It’s now about 3:00PM.

In the kitchen, CB, Drew and Scott are talking strategy for next week’s HOH.
They talk about using Karen as a pawn against Diane, and will tell Karen that she is safe so she will do what they want with the VETO. If Diane wins the VETO, they will replace her with Adria. Cowboy talks like he has already won HOH — “I will decide a tie vote.” CB also says that he thinks that Will is straight; that that is the twist. Scott says, “No. Will is gay.”

Both Marvin and Scott start packing. Scott brings out military dog tags and keys from his suitcase from his friend Javier. (More on this later.)

Laying outside by the pool, CB sings a song about how you never know what will happen in the BB House. Then he yells, “I am a Four Horseman.” Drew tells CB to “Shush.” Karen and Nakomis are also in the BY talking, and Karen thinks she hears a sound like a game buzzer being tested.

Jase, Scott, CB, and Drew continue to talk about plans for next week.
Jase endlessly practices his speech for the nomination meeting. (assuming already that he is HOH) He plans to tell everyone that the 4-Horsemen are in charge, and not to be alarmed; make no sudden movements. The 4-H will be conducting interviews for a new member. Jase says several times that it is his “most brilliant plan yet.” He threatens CB that he has to go 120% in the next HOH. In the midst of all the fantasizing, Scott reminds Jase, “I have to get through this vote first.” All this must have worn Jase out, because he takes a short nap.

A little later, when Jase wakes up, Scott is talking about his dog tags. Marvin asks Jase if he has heard about the dog tags and Jase answers, “Only for about the last hour.” Javier is apparently a friend of Scott’s who is as close as a brother. Scott says that he has the dog tags because he has to support the war any way he can. Marvin says he wouldn’t want another dude’s dog tags. Jase replies smugly that he has four sets of his own dog tags that he wore in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but didn’t bring them. Marv asks Jase (kiddingly), “Can I have a set?”

While Scott is getting grief about his dog tags, Karen has come up to sit on Cowboy’s bed to give him some motherly advice. (long conversation)
Karen tells CB she hasn’t been sleeping because she is upset about the way people have been acting. CB apologizes for what Karen has been through this week, but says that next week people are going to get wild. CB says that he has helped Karen out and that he is being as real as Karen. Karen tells CB she wants him in the House next week. CB promises Karen that he will tell her if he thinks she doesn’t have a chance. CB tells Karen that Marvin talks bad about her all the time, and that he doesn’t like the way Marvin talks bad about CB’s family. Karen asks CB how much faith he has that Marvin is going. CB replies, “100%, cuz Scott is more of a brother to them.” CB is sure. Karen reminds CB that there is never 100%. She assures CB that she will be straight-up with him whatever happens, that he deserves to be around.

At the same time this conversation is going on, Marvin, Jase, and Will are in the kitchen(?) making fun of CB and how much he cries.
M: "You taught him how to cry on demand, didn't you?"
J: "I taught him; I taught him."
Will describes how he brought up Chasen's (April’s son’s) name almost by accident and that made CB cry for ten minutes.
M: "Who the f*ck is he, Susan Lucci?"
Marvin says he gave CB a hard time and said, “The vote’s over CB, your boy is staying. I know you have to vote for me cuz those Oklahoma people will string you up if you vote for a black man over a white man.”
Will says that one time after CB cried, CB tried to connect with Will by saying, “I know some gays and I bet you are missing your gays.”

It’s now about 4:45PM and there’s not much going on in the House besides some of the HGs eating in the kitchen and then cleaning up.
Will and Drew are outside just sitting around and napping. We do have a brief moment of excitement about 5:30PM when Diane sees a spider and freaks out. This leads to a well-informed discussion of spiders in which several of the HGs agree that spider webs are made out of spider “spit.” BB announces an inside lockdown.

Diane/Will/Adria/Nak go to the HOH.
Adria starts talking, saying lots of things that don’t make much sense. (to me, at least) Adria mentions Scott's T-shirt that says "Trust me" on it. She says “That's why I like him so much.” Will and Nakomis don't respond. Nakomis has been mute throughout most of this chit-chat, but she is finally goaded into a “Huh?” when Adria says that both Scott and Marvin are staying tomorrow and that there will be no eviction. (Ed note: Huh? A joke? No clue.) Adria says that she had such a good day yesterday, then she says that tomorrow will probably be a good day, too. This provokes another “Huh?” from Nakomis, but Adria says she is just talking to herself. Adria says that she made a decision today and it's done. She just has to live with it. She figures she's screwed either way, or who knows, maybe luck can come on her side a little bit. (No indication of whether or not Adria voted out Scott) Adria then says, “Who knows, maybe next week no one will even want to vote Jase out anymore. This provokes two words from Nakomis “Fat chance.” Adria continues to prattle on mindlessly. The others join in a conversation wondering about whether their families are gathering together to watch the shows. Karen says, “Hopefully they're not watching the internet, cuz that's boring. I hope they're doing something better than wasting their time watching that.”

Elsewhere in the House, Drew is talking about “the one that got away” - a perfect girl he met right after he ended his 2-year relationship, beautiful, intelligent, but he just wasn't ready. He sees her with her boyfriend now and thinks that it could've been him. Yes, Diane was there during this conversation.

Adria has finally left HOH (and gets called to the DR) Karen takes over the conversation, dissing on A once again, saying that they all hanged themselves and that A voted for Scott to stay. Karen says that if Scott stays, they’re going to think it was Karen who saved him. She wants to go in there (the DR) “apesh*t” and change her vote. FISH
Will says he told Marvin about Jase threatening Karen, and now Marvin is now pissed at the “white boys.” Will said that Marvin now has better targets than them if he wins HOH.

They try to figure out who Jase would put up if he wins HOH. Will says “Adria” and that everyone would support that decision. They speculate with Nakomis about Adria’s one-hour DR session, wondering if Adria sold them out. Nak says that if she is betrayed she will not be a happy camper, but Adria still would not be her target. Karen and Will agree. They still need to get Jase out. Karen tells them about how CB follows her around like a puppy dog, and that she let CB believe, in a non-committal way, that he would be protected if Scott leaves. Will says that they're going to tell the guys that the GP alliance originally all wanted Marvin gone, but that it was Adria who made them choose to evict Scott instead. Karen is thinking that the HOH is going to be something to do with shooting targets.

Adria comes into the HOH crying.
Karen acts very sympathetic, saying that Adria probably got sick because of the dishes not being clean, etc. Group hug -W,N,K, and A hoping that A will get medicine to make her feel better. Adria asks if she should leave so the group can continue talking. They all act surprised and say, “No. Stay. Nothing is up.” Diane then joins the group and they chit-chat for awhile. Will asks Adria if she has seen to doctor yet. Adria says, “No,” but she is supposed to see him later. Adria starts to cry and says she has hurt feelings and doesn’t like feeling bad. Nak consoles her and kids that maybe tomorrow’s HOH competition will be who has the highest fever. They ask Adria if she needs to talk about home and she says that home is the least of her worries. They console her that they have all ranted about different things today — Will about eggs, Karen about diet soda.
W: "The winds change so easily in here and each person is going to be hating each of us. I'm a target today. Don't let any one get to you. You know who you are and what you stand for."
A: "You're giving me one of them Cowboy talks."
W: "No, this isn't what I told him."
Talk continues...
W: (To Adria) "I feel like you are trying to tell us something. Can you tell us what it is? Do you think we sold you out?"
A: "No, no, they (4-H) just came at me hard."

It’s now about 7:00PM.


In the Wood Room, CB is on one bed, Dr/Di on another, and Jase is across the room. They are chatting when the conversation turns to orgasms. Diane says she has never had an orgasm during sex.
Dr: "You never had a orgasm during sex?"
Di: "No. Come on, we had this conversation before."
Dr: "Well I wasn't in the room."
CB: "Yeah, I knew."
Di: "C'mon, everyone in this house knows I haven't have one."

In the HOH room, Adria and Karen leave, and Nak/Will have a heart to heart. They are catching on that something is going on, but don’t know what.
Will: "What did you get from that?" (Adria)
Nak: "She is really upset for some reason, other than she is just sick or emotional."
Will: "There is something else."
Nak: "I think we are floating without paddles."

Karen has gone out to the BY and talks to Scott and Cowboy about how there are a lot of “bonkers” people on the other side.

In the bedroom, Will is making A/Di/Dr/Jase laugh with stories of stunts he's pulled when he was drunk.
Once Will was out with friends and saw the actor Adrian Brody with his girlfriend. Will staggered over to Brody's table, pretended he knew him, threw his arms around him, and licked him from chin to forehead. Brody was nice about it as he was not certain that he had not met.
Will - Another time, Will called his friend, Grant, on the way home from a night out leaving a message on Grant’s machine saying, "Get the f--k up, Bitch!" The next morning his mother phoned him, saying his "Granny" was very upset over a message he'd left her the night before. Will looked at his phone and realized he called Granny instead of Grant!

The HGs get together about 9PM to eat the dinner that Marvin has cooked for them — Breaded fish, clams with pasta, and baked beans. They discuss the movie “Passion of Christ” and Scott is surprised that it has subtitles. Jase tells everyone that they should see the movie “Troy.” (Hmm, wonder why? <g>)

After dinner, Drew and Diane go to the HOH for some cuddling and conversation.
Diane tells Drew about the day Jase made her the offer; that Jase somehow thinks that their rivalry/alliance would make for good TV and America will love it. She also tells him that Jase has also made this offer to Will and Karen. Drew says that Jase won't be around much longer. Diane says, "No, and that was supposed to be my goal." Drew kiddingly laughs at Diane’s job as HOH, and tells her he did his job as HOH well, (getting Holly out) but she (Diane) is a lousy HOH. She laughs too and then expresses regret that she didn't clearly think through how Will would place his coins/chips in the Veto. Diane suggests to Drew that they work together, because they don’t talk game and they each know what’s going on, on the other side. Drew seems willing to think it over. Diane says she’ll never put Drew up.
Drew: “Never?”
Diane: “Never!”
Drew: "That's interesting because I could see you and me in the end." (laughter )
Drew tells Diane that he almost came over and gave her a kiss today when she was in the hammock but then Diane got scared by a spider. (Kissing sounds under the blanket.)

Meantime, Will and Karen are in the BY, and surprise, surprise, they are dissing Adria. They rehearse what they will say to Jase to cover their butts if Scott goes and Adria didn’t vote Scott out. If Adria wins HOH they will be her best friend. Karen then says that she wants Jase gone and hates him, and even if Adria stays she is easier to control. Karen also says that she has been throwing HOH, but if she wins, she wants to go along with Nak’s plan to put up their own people so that they can win VETO and control it. Karen continues to stir things up with Adria-talk, but Will says that they would never sell Adria down the river to Jase by telling him plans. Karen says that all she had to do was wink at the boys after her vote to make them believe her. Will is still upset because he thinks that if A was going to vote with the boys she could have told them. Karen says that she wouldn’t be surprised if Adria says that she didn’t change her vote. She says that it must have been Nak who changed her vote. Nak joins them. She has been talking to Adria in the hammock, and she thinks Adria voted Scott out. (although this isn’t completely clear)

It’s now about 10:00PM and we find Drew and Diane still cuddling in the HOH.
Diane says that she has a secret that she may tell Drew in a week or a few weeks and that he should be scared. Drew then says that Diane is the one who should be scared. Diane turns on the Spy Cam looking for people, while Drew goes to the HOH door to look outside the room. Diane is disappointed because there is no one on the screens and time is about to run out.

Karen is having a conversation with Adria, talking yet again about Jase threatening her and how much she wants the boys out. (Note: See earlier conversations for details.)
One interesting point is about the outcome of Jase p*ssing on the towels. According to Karen, BB made Jase wash the towels, although he washed them in cold water in a bucket. Then BB threw the towels away. Another funny comment is when Karen says that Jase thinks he has the best intimidation factor in the House, Nakomis (who has joined them at some point) replies by saying, “He does. His pit stains scare the living hell out of me!”

Karen’s ranting monologue continues, and she starts crying, saying she can’t handle Jase much longer. A sample:
Karen: "If one of us doesn't win HOH, I can't f*ing do it. It's the most disgusting hell pit I've been in my life. I don't care if I have to say someone died to get out of here, I will do it."

Will returns to the BY and tells the girls about a mini-fight that just happened between Jase and Marvin in the HOH room.

Will: "Diane, Drew, Marvin, and I are in HOH room. Jase comes in and starts talking about some ring Jase bought his girlfriend. Marvin says 'Oh, she must have some p*ssy'"
Jase: "Man you are nasty. What is wrong with you?"
Marvin gets p*ssed and says “Hey man, I was joking,” but Jase goes after him. Marvin says to Jase that he can’t stand “both of his faces.”

Will and Nak go in to talk with Di about the J and M fight.
W also tells Di that he’s sure A voted out Scott. Di says that "Lady luck is on our side."
N: "Lady luck is sitting on our faces! More! More! More!"
All are very happy and talk about how much they hate Jase. Adria comes into th HOH. She looks better after getting medicine. (Earlier in the evening BB gave her Tamiflu.) More game chat.

Meanwhile, Jase is in the BY ranting about Marvin to the 4-H.
He talks about how crude Marvin is. Scott says he hopes the girls voted the right way because he (Scott) isn’t crude like Marvin. (Huh?) Jase also claims that he never threatened Karen, just called her out.

Back in the HOH, Will and Nakomis are giving Diane a lesson in oral sex using a cucumber. (A is there, too.)
Apparently Diane had told them earlier that she didn’t really know how to do it. The conversation is apparently pretty graphic, and Nakomis is surprisingly knowledgeable. Among other tidbits, Nak has a pre-oral sex questionnaire that she gives partners. After this, Diane says she might want a “midnight snack.”

Outside, the 4-H are galloping around in circles whooping and hollering, using the golf flags as “horses.” The last ride of the Four Horsemen? (Ed: Good one, KimM!)

About midnight, BB puts them on an inside lockdown and tells them to lower the shades.

AFTER MIDNIGHT... We’re gonna pitch a tent!

The HG’s start to get ready for bed. Nak and Jase are talking (in the Cloud Room?) about being able to tell who's in the other (Wood) room at night when the lights are out by the silhouette in the window. Scott starts mooning them from the other room. Adria gets up and turns on the light in the room, allowing everyone to see the full Monty. But, Scott doesn’t realize the lights are on and keeps wriggling his rear. Jase comments about seeing Scott’s “balls flapping.”

Meanwhile, Drew tells Scott and Jase that he is going to try to “get some” tonight. He asks the boys to help him set up a tent in the HOH room to try to hide from the cameras. They start to move cushions around, and BB comes on and tells them they can’t do that. Then they begin moving tables and FISH! When the cams come back Jase and Drew are talking about doing something with the mattress. At this point Diane walks in, wondering what they are doing. At first Drew says, “Nothing, nothing,” then admits that they were trying to make a tent and BB busted them.

Drew and Diane get in bed and start reading the Bible together. Jase dashes to the bathroom, then rushes back, quickly opens the HOH room door, and throws four condoms on the bed.
Di: "Someone's getting lucky tonight!"
Dr: "4 times even!"
Di jokes that she can hold the covers up with her legs. After all, she held a button with her arms for nine hours. They wonder if Julie will ask about tent making. They talk, laugh, flirt, kiss, seriously kiss, grope under the covers, talk some more. Repeat until about 1:30AM.

CB asks Jase if Drew and Diane would let him join them. Then he asks Jase if Jase would have let CB join he and Holly. Jase replies, “I don’t know, Cowboy.”

The other HGs go to sleep, but CB is restless and even gets up to look at his pic for awhile. He finally goes to bed sometime after 1:00AM.

Get some sleep HG’s, because tomorrow it’s awwwnnn!