BB 5 Recap - August 5th

The Big Day

The Houseguests start to wake up, with BB urging, at about 11AM. Other than Adria, nobody knows what is store in for them today.

It didnít take Jase long to figure out that if Scott gets voted out today he needs to really cover his butt because of the words he exchanged with Marvin the night before. He approaches Marvin and he tells him that he believes that he is safe and that once he (Marvin) wins HOH he will be the first one in the room to explain to him what he did and why he did it (vote to evict Marvin). Marvin plays it cool and tells him it is all about business and understands. (If there was a light bulb over Marvinís head, it would be lit up saying you be firs in cuz you want to tell me what to do bro)

We visited the FISH cam quite often today, the first major aquarium watching went from 1:22PM to 2:55PM. When we come back to the house we get Jase primping for the live show. (nothing new) Nic, Diane, Will, and Karen were in HOH practicing for the HOH competition, asking each other questions.

We go back to FISH for another 43 minutes then we briefly return to Nak and Adria comparing bra sizes. (very stimulating conversation here) Marvin adds his 2 cents saying his Bootylious has the bigger set.

We then get the lovely SHARK CAM from 4:30PM till after the live show.

Highlights of the live show.

Scott gets booted out and is totally shocked! He actually acted human while talking with Julie, and did say he knew about the twins. (Yea right, Scott) He got a surprise good-bye message from Jase saying that he put himself in the spot he was in because of voting out Holly. Scott pretended he was confused about the message but he knew what Jase was saying.

Then the revealing of the Nat and Adria.
Julie starts by asking Diane how many houseguests are in the house. Diane responds 13, and Julie said, "No, Diane you are wrong. There has been 14 house guests." The Houseguests looked puzzled. Julie then explained about the twins switching in and out 10 times since day 1! Cowboy immediately said it was Holly, and Jase got all excited thinking it was Scott. Julie then tells them to meet their new Houseguest who will be living and playing the game with them. Natalie walked in and everyone freaked. Jase looked like someone died. Everyone talked all at once. There were lots of hugs and excitement.

We head out back for the HOH competition.
It was all about observations. The Houseguests had to answer true and false questions. All the Houseguests got the first question right. (How many blue stools in the kitchen around the island?) The next question asked how many plates hang on the lime green wall in the dining room. The 3 remaining Horsemen (plus Marvin) were eliminated! All HG got the next question right, which was what shape is the pear shaped (not apple shaped) nick-nak on the table opposite the picture wall. The next question eliminated Natalie, which was what is the color of the flowers on the dresser in the wood room. The last question was about number of noses on the statue in the living room. Nakomis was the only one with the right answer (8) and won HOH!

We then tune back in to the Houseguests sitting on the couch and Julie asks Natalie a question, about how it feels to be in the house. She replied that she wanted everyone to know and understand the situation they were in and that she played for herself, etc.

Once the feeds return, the Houseguests are all grilling them on who said this or did this, etc. The GP alliance loves it. Jase, Cowboy, and Marvin head to the bathroom to complain how unfair this is, and Jase said he is giving up the game. Jase then is convincing them that Holly was a twin and that he was played. (it is always about him) Karen enters the bathroom and is crying. Jase tells her that they will talk later, and he was upset over this twist. Karen says that she has to come clean because she has said so much stuff (yes). Jase kept saying that he was no longer playing the game; that the integrity was gone. Marvin agrees with Jase. Jase said he was going home; he wonít go to sequester, and he was leaving. (What a baby!) He said, "Look, they take one of ours away then put one in on their team. This game is over."

The boys head out back to discuss how unfair it was and how they looked stupid to everyone on TV and that the game was over. CB says he was playing for his fiancť, and son and how unfair it was.

Nak is loving this. (Her 6 Finger Plan can work now.) She told the twins that they could have her HOH room to catch up with things. They decline but hug her, very excited she won HOH.

Natalie and Adria head to the Wood Room to change their clothes. Adria starts telling Nat how much of a jerk Jase has been, and what he said to her about voting to keep Scott.

Cowboy and Karen were in the bathroom and CB was crying. Karen tried to tell him that he was OK, but he was clearly upset and crying.

Jase continues to talk about Holly and how she must have a twin. (Jase you're now making a jerk of yourself.) He keeps going on and on.

Diane and Marvin have aconversation in the backyard.
Marvin volunteers to be used as the pawn for Nak's 6 Finger Plan. He said that he would win VETO and not use it. He could convince them that he wants to go home. Diane said that Jase should blame her for sending Scott packing and if he has a problem she will set him straight. She told Marvin that it was Nak's plan. Marvin wants to be the pawn. (Should Nak trust him?) Marvin makes another great comment, "Jase ,youíre a turkey and itís damn Thanksgiving."

Karen and Jase are talking about how she voted Scott out. He is trying to put her on a guilt trip. Karen is crying, explaining about how he attacked her. Jase calls her out on giving the thumbs-up sign. She said she was mad. Karen is sobbing, saying she felt disgusting, and how she hurt Scott, etc. (Get over it Karen) Jase is telling her that the game is over. He is going home. Jase tries to tell Karen that she goes with the majority and how she will not win the game, etc. He tells her that she betrayed Scott and him, and that she ruined his game. He has no hard feelings. He then said that she is playing the game better than him. Jase now points out how the competitions are set up. Jase says he was destined to lose. Karen tries to explain that he didnít know the things in the house because he was in Hollywood land with Holly, and how he was not in the game and bonding with others. Jase then starts to really get down on his game and how bad it was.

Everyone is still filled with excitement asking Nat and Adria questions like who did this, and which one of you sleeps like this, etc. The level of excitement is high and there is actually lots of laughter happening. The 3-H + Marvin participate off and on in the conversation and hold small sidebars with each other and others.

Drew did try to tell CB that the alliance is over; that Jase will go this week . CB said, "But we are still together right?"

Nak got her HOH room.
CB finally got to see pictures of his father. CB cried at the pictures and every one really felt bad for him.

Marvin, Karen, Drew, and Diane are chatting in the back yard while Jase sits alone in the hammock. Diane tells everyone that she was threatened. Marvin rehashes some of the Jase lies. CB just sits quietly listening.

Nat and Adria did find a little time to catch up on what has been happening the past few days. (Weird that they both have a cold and theses flue symptoms).
Adria tells Nat the plan to get Jase out. She talks about how and when she was on the block that she promised not to put any of them on the block. She also tried to keep others from putting them on the block. She said that Scott could never negotiate alone, and that Jase was in her face twisting her words around. She emphasizes that Jase got Scott's ass kicked out, not Scott.

Marvin and Jase talk briefly about his lies. Jase said he did play Brad Pittís double (Yea right) and that the Holly thing he thought was real. He has just been playing a game for 28 days.

CB is trying to work the twin thing into his sitcom. He wants to have them play his girlfriend. (put it to bed CB)

Drew comes clean with Diane while talking in the Hammock. He tells her everything that the 4-H have done since the beginning of the game. Diane is spilling Nakís 6 Finger Plan to Drew. They talk of the HOH competition that Diane won. He asked, "Do you think it was a coincidence that I just happened to be in the DR when he was called out?" Then we get cut to FISH (So did Drew call-out Jase in the competition about his heel lifting up and being off the edge?????)

Jase makes a comment to CB, Marvin, and Will that Drew has his hand up Dianeís butt, and that they need to be separated. Drew never had his head in the game, etc. Then they talk again about Hollyís twin. Jase makes some rude comments about Diane, as to be expected.

Once the alcohol arrives the spirits get high. They toast multiple personalities and being on the TV show. Jase admits he is not really a Firemen but an Actor living in CA. He said he was on "Will and Grace" and has been a "Brad Pitt Double." He said that he is coming clean with everyone. (looking for a new alliance, I suppose) He said that he and Holly had mutual friends, but he didnít tell Holly that because she would call him out on it. He says that Marvin was the only one that figured it out on day 1.

Later in the evening Nak and CB do have a brother/sister moment. CB tells her he that he feels like he won HOH because he gets to see pictures of his Dad. Nakomis points out some of the similar features that CB has like his Dad. Then she tells CB to keep the picture; that she already knows what he looks like. (That girl is genuine, and has class!) She tells him that she wants to put up Marvin and Diane, with Diane as the pawn, just to scare her. CB asks about VETO and she said that all doors are open there. She tells him not to tell anyone. (Is this a CB test?) Jase joins them in the HOH and lays on the BS about how cool it is that CB found his sister. They talk about the twin thing and CB seems to think that he could have pulled it off with his brother. (since they look so much alike) Jase harps again on how Holly was a twin.

Everyone gets ready and heads to bed around 2:30AM.
CB and Jase have a talk the kitchen. Jase blames Scott for bringing down the 4-Hs. He said he was too high energy. Jase seems to think that people will see him differently in the House now. Jase talks about how he was always the team player and Scott wasnít. He talks about how Scott betrayed him with the Holly thing.
CB finally talks and tells Jase that he didnít like the fact that they made fun of April, and even if she did have a big ring it didnít matter, that he would be paying for it for the rest of his life. He didnít like the lies Scott and Jase told either.
They then talk about acting school and CB really wants to pursue this. Jase tells him about how things work in the industry. Jase tells CB that he has a roommate who is a high school teacher and softball coach that is a female and like a sister to him. CB asks about a relationship he had and he said it was with a neighbor. He is coming clean here. CB then asks about how much he would get paid for a walk-up part. Jase tells him like $200.00 to $250.00 per day. CB thinks it will take him like 2 years to get established as an actor. They head to bed with a little coaching from BB who turned off the lights.

Tomorrow should be interesting.
Will Jase come clean some more? Is it all an act? Will CB finally accept that his alliance is gone and try to hook up with someone else? Is Marvin being straight with the GP alliance and really not going to use VETO, or chose Jase to play the VETO competition with him? Will Nat and Adriaís revealing backfire on them? Will Karen stop harping on the fact that she was threatened by Jase? Will Jase stop harping on the fact that Holly was a twin? Who knows? All we really do know is that it is Friday and there will be a Food Competition, and that the nomination ceremony will take place sometime tomorrow early evening. The rest will all revolve around those two events!