Some of the Houseguests up just before 8:00AM.
Karen is already talking away. She said that she thinks another twist Big Brother may pull is bringing back someone from a previous show that was popular that America loved.

W, A, & Di in the kitchen speculate that BB is going to make them eat gross things for the food competition.

Jase and CB are still in bed.
Jase says, "I feel like I got hit by a truck, the BB5 truck!" Jase is up and dressed, (complete with no shirt and a bow-tie) making a sign out of card board, tape. He uses hairspray to write a sign that says, “Starting Alliance – Join Today.” He goes up to each HG and says, “Di you and me to the end, you’ll come in first,” then “CB you and me to the end,” etc. He keeps this up for a long time, yelling, “Save yourself people! Join me! Form a line behind me!” He said that is his new theme and he is gonna sit in the hammock all day with his new sign.

Marvin said, “We finally get to see a new person, and it’s the same person.” (LOL)

The food competition is getting ready to start.
"Fast Times and Custard Pie"

The Houseguests will take turns eating through pies with all sorts of gook in them. One of them was like mustard and jalapenos, etc. No hands allowed. Each pie contains 1 of 3 types of cards:

FOOD Card, EAT Card (only 5 of these) and STEAL Card

Once the 5 EAT Cards have been found, the game is over. Those holding the EAT Cards will eat whatever food is won. (food is found on cards in pies) If you have more than one EAT Card you may choose to give it to another Houseguest who didn't find one. All others will be on PB&J for the week. If you find the STEAL Card, and you are not in possession of an EAT Card, you may steal an EAT Card from another Houseguest.

Karen & Marvin are first to get EAT Cards, then Natalie. Then Will won the STEAL card, and CB won an EAT card. Next Nat won the last EAT card. Nat was asked if she was going to give up her 2nd EAT card or keep it. She gave it to Di. Will was asked to use his STEAL card to take away someone's EAT card and he took Di's newly acquired EAT card. So Nat, Will, Marv, Karen, Cowboy, and Jennifer will EAT this week. Di says she is depressed about her PB&J diet for the week.

Nominations are today!
Di is telling Marvin that he they are going up, and then anyone else that wins POV will pull one of them off and put up Jase.


Will says Marv is OK with being nominated and will pick one of them to play VETO. Di says that Marv told her he would pick Drew to play VETO. Will says that Marv said he would pick him. Di says, "OK," and asks Will if he would use it to save her before Marv. He says, "Yes," but if she is uncomfortable being put up he would go up in her place. Di then left HOH to ask Marv if he is going to use Will for POV. They are a little worried that BB might change the VETO rules.

They are still speculating that Holly had a twin. Some days she had a gap in her teeth and other days she did not. (I thought so too) Some days her skin looked bad.

BB announced to the HGs that the person evicted this week will not be in sequester.

Di is telling Nakomis that before she does her nominations she has to look at the photos on the wall and look at the keys like she really cares about who she will put up. Nak laughs and says that she picks her nose and leaves boogers on Jase’s picture. She is hoping that BB will show this. (ewwww)

Nak was called to the DR somewhere after 5PM; then FISH for quite some time.

Kind of a slow and boring afternoon, so let's move on.


In accordance with the “6 Finger Plan,” Di and Marv were put up on the block. Afterward, J is in HOH with Nak, happy that he isn’t going this week. Jase is seeking re-assurance that Will will tell him the "word on the street" this week. He says that he will vote with the crowd, but he wants to be kept informed. Will assures him that he will let him know. Now Will goes in the House and says to Karen and Nak that he will need to be medicated to get through the next 2 days.

Nak says she is planning on saying to Jase when they use the VETO and put him up, “So how does it feel to be lied to?” after letting him think he is safe for the next 2 days. This is her revenge from when Jase told her that Marvin was going up in her place when she used the veto and they put up Adria instead.

Jase hasn’t been talking to Marv today. He has been kissing everyone’s booty and thanking them for keeping him off the block. Marv told Nak, K, & W that if they win VETO, he wants to be left on the block; to go head to head with Jase. He says the only vote Jase will have is CB’s.

Dart boards have been set up outside. HGs have been playing a little.

K is telling W that she is not happy at all that Nak said she will not put up CB. She is saying that the twins will split; one twin will be with one group and the other twin will be with another group. That way one of them will win the money and split it with the other. She says that if A/N can catch up in 15 minutes every 4 days when they switch, that is a tight unit.

Hot Tub Conversation 10:30PM
Marv saying they want my black a** out! Jase says, "Well, I could still be put up." Marv says, “No, not this week, they want to keep you in.” Marv says no way he can get the numbers; they want him out this week. He said it's cool.

CB says he thinks Di knew she was being nominated. Nak told Di in her nomination speech that she said she bosses people to much. Jase says he thinks Nak is tired of Di bossing her around. Marv says, "Yea, you know how chicks is." (LOL)

Marv says that they got all their bases covered so there is no way out for him. Jase said they could take Di out and put him up. Marv says, "No, they need you in the house; no way man," etc. Jase is convinced that Di knew what was going down. (He is catching on here)

They keep saying Nicodemus instead of Nakomis (LOL)

Jase says, "Here's the deal; I get it now; I will be a replacement nomination if the VETO is won. If Di wins I go up." Marv is still saying, “I am the main focus this week.”

Jase is the only one in bed around 11:00PM. CB goes in and Jase says that he knows the gig is up; that Marv will probably pick Will for VETO comp. He says that their plan is brilliant! CB saying he is sorry.

HGs are outside making fun of Jase. They are saying how dumb their 'Dumb and Dumber' routine was. Marv talks about Lisa from BB3, saying that she wasn't real. Will says that you shouldn't use BB as a platform for your acting career if you are already an actor. Marv says Jase is doing this for acting, period, and that everything he does is for acting.

Jases’s Age?
Nak said J commented about CK-1 cologne and said it reminded him of junior high in 198-- and then he changed it and said 1992 or something. Marvin adds up the years for the military service and acting and believes he must be at least 35.

Jase went into the HOH and asked Nakomis if the plan was to use the GPV and put him up. She said that she really won’t know what happens until the time comes. Nak went out to tell the HGs this, and Karen says, “I swear I will walk out of here if they change the rules to the POV.”

Jase later confronted Drew in bathroom, asking about VETO. Dr lies and says that Di wants him to use it on her, but he isn’t going to. Dr called himself a bad liar.

HG’s all asleep around 2:00AM