Around 8:50AM the Houseguests start to rise. Big Brother awakens them with "Attention Houseguests, VETO competition will begin in 2 hours.” They begin their morning routine with Jase, of course, primping.

Adria and Will say that they feel sick. Another announcement, “ Attention Houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Please switch out the batteries in your microphones." Then “Jase please go to the Diary Room.”

Now, all are getting ready for the VETO competition. Nakomis talks about what she’ll say at VETO ceremony. Then one of the Twins comments that the other never told her they tie-dyed shirts, and that she almost slipped-up and told Nakomis she should have brought in a shirt like that. (Nakomis’ boyfriend’s name was on it.)

We learn that Will did a drag contest dressed as Brittney Spears for the American Cancer Society and he won. The Twins say they dressed their husbands as women once for Halloween. Then Jase bashes Big Brother 3 saying it sucked.

10:30AM we are sent to FISH as VETO competition begins.

Afternoon (12:00)

FISH continue until 2:00PM when we learn that Drew has won POWER OF VETO. We learn that Nakomis chose Karen to play. The competition was like a carnival.

Marvin jokes that each Reality Show should have at least one Alzheimer’s patient. They joke that the Cowboy has Alzheimer’s and Marvin and Jase say that he will have to be reminded each day what alliance he is a part of, and that the HOH will have to be next to him all day to remind him. Now they are saying that one contestant should be in jail, but is allowed out to play. They continue to joke around.

Jase goes to bed in the Wood Room. Nakomis, Karen, and Will all wonder about the next twist. Nakomis guesses that they’re all from the same sperm bank because she and Marvin look so much alike. Will talks of not wanting to vote-out Scott, and that the Diary Room played with his mind. He called the Diary Room “Karen.”

Jase is now awake. Drew and Jase talk, and Drew tells him that he doesn’t plan on using POV. Marvin and Cowboy join them. Jase thinks they should pretend like they’re broken-up for awhile. Jase says that he doesn’t trust Will or Karen. Drew misses Scott.

Big Brother “Lockdown is over.”

Drew and Diane talk. He asks her if she would be mad if he didn’t use POV. She says not at all. She states that’s why Marvin was put up. She would be safe if he didn’t use it. It’s up to him; he can do whatever he wants, and she trusts him. They are talking really loud. Drew winked at Diane because Jase is close by. The plan to take Jase out is still on.

Everyone is napping except for the twins who are cleaning. The Twins talk of getting Karen, Will, and Marvin out soon. They need to break up the big alliance. They are trying to stay cool with Marvin and Cowboy in case one of them gets HOH. Their alliance with Diane is still very alive and kicking. They plan to bond with Karen. Nakomis scares them because she is smart, but they like her too. They hate Jase. They are going to try to be fun to have around. Then Karen awakes and the twins show her what they have cleaned.

Evening - 6:00PM

Jase slipped earlier about being in High School in 198_ and then he hurriedly said 1992. Again, he makes a mistake by saying that the perfect score for ACT is a 32, which it was in the 80s, but now the score is 36. Jase is definetly not 28.

Jase talks about being on Arrested Development and how he is homesick. He continues to talk about a pilot which just got passed over. He wants to be on a soap opera. (According to News and Rumors, one of the Houseguests will win a guest role on 'Young and the Restless.') He says that he wanted to get into movies but... and then we get FISH. (7:35PM)
20 minutes later FISH stops and Cowboy asks Jase what role he would be good at. Jase says nothing. Cowboy later begs Drew not to use VETO. He even pulled the 'Religion Card.'

Now, at almost 9:00PM, Diane and Natalie are in the Hot Tub discussing how they’re going to be seen as an alliance along with Drew because they're Twins. (They are in an alliance) They talk about being in the final four. People are going to try to pick them off. Then the rest of the Girl Power comes out and the subject shifts.

BB “Drew please go to the Diary Room.”

10:30PM and the Twins are trying to convince Will that they shouldn’t be placed together; they are playing as individuals now. Before this, the Twins were talking to each other about Nakomis being the strongest player. She has won a few competitions and she doesn’t let her emotions get involved.

11:20PM - They talk about before entering the house and the psych evaluation.
Karen said she lied on hers, and Nakomis said she needs 'Anger Management.' Karen often refers to herself and Nakomis as “Art People.” Will says that he just realized he spent a whole week during sequester out by the pool with Diane’s twin Lindsey. Nakomis says that her 16 year old sister is pregnant, and she is worried about her. She is due in November. Nakomis talks of being institutionalized. She said she used to punch walls and broke her knuckles at least once. She’s been close to murder. (Ed: If I was one of the HG I’d be a little nervous about being around her after what she has said.) She started to hurt herself by burning cigarettes on her arms. She’d been on drugs.

11:30PM - They continue to play a poker game. Drew, Diane, Marvin, and Cowboy are playing. Cowboy talks about his liking ground beef being like how Amy liked cheese. He loves cheeseburgers. More chit-chat. Diane is PMSing. Marvin jokes about it, and has Diane practically crying from laughing so hard.

Jase is washing dishes, and he’s not even on the block, Marvin states. Karen’s trying to convince Will that the twins are strong. Diane is intense in the poker game, and everything else because of PMS. Karen and Diane are both late. BB asked her if there's something they should know. She jokingly replies, "Yes, I'm pregnant. And it's Will's!" Will says that his family would be psyched.

Adria is suffering from acid reflux.

Now it's 1:41AM - Drew says, “I think we need to stop sleeping with each other,” to Diane. She says, Whatever, you can sleep on the floor." They are now talking about how all the Twins are a threat. Diane talks about getting rid of Jase, then Marvin, then Cowboy, then it’s "the twins" against Karen, Will, and Nakomis.

Adria is now in Wood Room being comforted by Jase. Then Will and Karen are shown. Karen says, "They think we're talking strategy. Smile and 'LV.'" They both look up at the camera and make an L and a V with their fingers. (For Lori Valenti) Adria is having bad stomach pains, and has had diarrhea. After a little FISH she is missing. She went into the Diary Room.

Drew brushed his teeth and then yelled, “Holy Sh*t!” There was a bug crawling up his shirt onto his neck. Adria curled up in bed waiting for medicine which will take a half hour to arrive. Diane and Drew are spooning in a twin bed following Jase’s advice.

3:31AM - All Houseguests are finally settled for the night.

(Thanks to all the feed posters for all your hard work!)