Another late night at the BB house. All HG were finally settled and asleep by 3:30AM Monday morning.

Monday Morning

The first morning wake-up call came around 10:15AM. Seems like many of the HG were in the mood to sing this morning, and BB asked them to please stop singing. Will and Adria were both feeling under the weather.

There were no competitions or ceremonies in the house today, a fact that the Houseguests grumbled about, and which added to the overall boredom of the day. The morning and afternoon were filled with miscellaneous chit-chat. By late afternoon, VETO and eviction talk filled the house. Beginning in the evening and lasting late into the night, the BB house was filled with shenanigans and games.

The day’s miscellaneous chit-chat:
Nakomis, Will, and Marvin talked about what they believe was Jase’s most recent lie, that he is an actor. Marvin later headed over to chat up Jase, who again reminded Marvin that Scott wanted Holly, but Holly only liked him (Jase). Jase later told the group that the military made him grow up faster, and he can’t believe the responsibility he had at 19-20 years old.

Drew complained about another day of the PB&J diet, and then had a deep talk with Will about the future. Drew has come to the realization that he needs to be an individual and not a Twin, dependent on his family. Drew has not made many decisions in his life. Instead, he tends to do what his brother Ben is doing. He even goes along with what Ben wants for breakfast, instead of making an independent decision. Part of this realization has come from watching Adria and Natalie together.

Cowboy talked with Drew and Jase. He wondered why Nakomis put up Marvin and Diane if her intention was to break up Drew and Diane. He thinks she should have put up Drew and Diane for nomination. Jase agreed, “Yeah, it’s really obvious.” Drew just said, “Yeah, it’s weird”. [12:30PM]

The Houseguests still believe that Holly has a twin. Jase now thinks that he looks like Ryan Seacrest (wasn’t it Brad Pitt before?). Marvin listened to Jase go on about the TV shows he’s been on, including Will and Grace, and a pilot for Fox. [1:30PM]

Diane told Cowboy that it is difficult for her not to talk about the game with Drew. Cowboy was missing April and he reminded her that at least she has someone in the house. Cowboy stated that Diane’s relationship with Drew could hurt her in the game. He mentioned that Drew wants to try and pursue a relationship with Diane outside of the house. Minutes later, Drew joined them and Cowboy changed his mind, telling Drew and Diane that he doesn’t think their relationship will hurt them in the game. He thinks they are cuter than Rob and Amber from Survivor. [3:00PM]

Alliance talks began at 4PM.
Diane reminded Drew that there are more people on “her” side than on “his” side. Drew showed his nerves. He wondered what was next after Jase leaves, and thinks that the Nat/Adria twist changes everything. He reminded Diane that he was “gonna be hanging onto” her. Diane told Drew that if he doesn’t use POV she will be gone. Drew re-hashed how he never wanted to align himself with Jase, but that if he uses the POV to save Diane, he will be putting himself on the line. Diane told Drew that he would not be putting himself on the line because everyone, except Cowboy (and of course, Jase) wants Jase gone. Diane then shared her line-up with Drew: Jase, Marvin, then Cowboy. After they go, she’s unsure, but she wants to keep Drew around as long as possible and would not mind losing to him in the end. Diane told Drew she wants to be with him all the time in the house, but doesn’t want the other HG to think they are together all the time. Diane would gladly take 2nd place to Drew, if they both made it to the end. She said she would like to win, of course, but she wants to keep him around as long as possible.

Nakomis joined them for a discussion on what Nakomis will say at the POV ceremony. She wants to explain as maturely as possible that Jase has lied to a lot of people and hurt and intimidated a lot of people, and that he played the game too hard. Drew feels guilty about betraying his original alliance. Drew asked Nakomis if he should address Jase at that time. Nakomis encouraged him to speak. Karen came in the HOH room. She doesn’t want Jase to get to sequester, because she doesn't want to have to see him any more.

Marvin said that he thought when Julie said there were 14 HG, he figured one of the HGs were pregnant. Jase said he wouldn't be surprised if a baby was conceived in the BB5 house. [9:10PM]

Karen and Adria talked. Adria is still worried about the "Twin Allliance" and not being able to talk to Natalie without people thinking they are strategizing

Will, Karen, Nakomis, Diane, and Adria were in the Hot Tub discussing Jase’s send-off. Option 1: quietly following him to the door and after he exits, cheering wildly so he can hear them. Option 2 : screaming, “Now that’s good tv”. [10:10PM]

Marvin, Jase, and Cowboy took their turn in the Hot Tub. Marvin and Jase complained about the Twin switching and how unfair it is. Jase thinks viewers will agree, and that the Twins have a greater chance to win because they are both in the house. [10:30PM]

Karen is in HOH with girls again talking about how Jase threatened her. [11:35PM]
The girls got bored and played 'Truth or Dare.' They spend most of the time doing silly dares to the boys. Will joined in the fun and put on his pink thong and Holly’s pink hat. Jase, Cowboy, and Will ran naked through the house. Lots of “adult talk and behavior” until the house was finally quiet by 3:30AM.

Tomorrow: The POV ceremony.