BB Recap August 9th

The Houseguests get their wake-up call at 9:00AM with a reminder that the VETO ceremony will take place in 2 hours!

BB has to make a repeat stern call at 9:45AM while CB and Marvin complain about getting up for them 'internet folks!'

At about 11:30AM Drew and Nakomis meet in the HOH room to discuss the VETO plan. Drew does not want it to seem like he was in on Nak’s plan. Nak is OK with that and tells Drew that she will say that this is a way that He (Jase) can prove himself genuine by being on the block this week.

Drew warns Diane that she is safe, but he has to say what he needs to at the VETO ceremony, and for her not be scared. He leaves and she heads to find Adria and Natalie to tell them taht she is scared. (Did he just tell her not to be and that she is safe?) She is saying that maybe BB will pull a twist with the VETO and she will end up remaining on the block.

The VETO ceremony started at about 12:38PM.
An hour later the feeds are returned to us. We see Diane washing her face and clearly upset. Diane is complaining that she needed someone around more often, (Drew?) and where was he when she needed him. Apparently, Jase exploded at Diane after the VETO ceremony and no one came to her defense. She should feel hurt now. He said things like Drew wouldn’t give her 5 seconds outside of the house, etc. Diane wants everyone to ignore him so that only he has CB up his As$.

The camera shows Drew in the Cloud Room with Jase and CB. Jase is telling Drew that he felt betrayed by him, and then Jase is telling CB to vote him out. (CB said no way) Then Jase tried to explain to Drew that the reason he just pulled that shi% with Diane was because he wanted everyone to hate him. Drew tells him what he did was hurtful and basically shows that he is a bad sport. Jase comes back saying that if he didn’t use the VETO Diane still would have been safe. He said taht they had a pact till the end and he broke it. Then Jase starts saying that he wants to leave now. He doesn’t want to go to sequester; that if he gets out now he can at least get on a talk show. (Yea, OK Jase)

Drew leaves and finds Diane and tries to cheer her up. She keeps saying why did he attack me? Drew said, "Did you expect anything else?" He kisses her, and they leave the Cloud Room.

Diane goes into the kitchen and re-hashes the story. Basically, they support her, but then speculate what Jase will do. (like piss on their toothbrushes, etc) Everyone knows what he is capable of, and they are afraid.

Jase talks to CB and tells him that if he gets HOH he better put Drew and Di up and get Di out. That it is the strongest relationship in the house. CB replies, "Maybe we were too cocky?" (Duh, CB is that just dawning on ya) Jase tells CB that Diane was safe; Drew screwed them, and that they never should have voted Holly out. He then tells CB that the twins are a big threat. They are sisters and they are plotting together. (CB and Nak are brother and sister too) CB says I will have lost 2 brothers in 2 weeks. Jase comments that Savage went because he took Holly out. It was his own fault, and they needed the numbers. Scott got himself evicted. (Not that by saving himself that week with VETO didn’t mark Scott to go). He then tells CB that Drew is a rich 'Frat Boy' and that he (Jase) had to serve 4 years in the military to get his education. Jase gets up to leave and says he was going to find Nak to tell her that he has no hard feelings.

Meanwhile, outside there is huge discussion about what the PB&J people can eat.
Karen made some croutons with some type of dipping sauce for them. BB tells them, no condiments; just PB&J, bread, spices, and drinks. This evolves into a huge discussion where they break out the rule book and find conflicting things in it. We get FISH for a few seconds and BB must have come back on and said condiments were fine, because when the feeds return they are saying, "Told ya so," and "Good."

Jase decides to go into the Diary Room to ask if he eats will he lose his stipend. He knows he is going so now all he wants to do is to get his cash and to leave. They tell him that they will get back to him. (Just like the check is in the mail, I guess) He wants to eat so he can work-out and be buff for when he makes his rounds on the talk show circuit. (LOL, yea Jase)

A good Marvinism.
While discussing the weather, "It's a hot one, folks. It's so hot out there today I saw a rabbit chasing a dog and both of them were walking." (He is a funny guy!)

Will and Karen sneak into HOH to discuss next week.
Karen is scared of Nak because she is a 'floater' (like Karen isn’t one) and she refuses to put CB up on the block. Will wants to put up Marvin and Drew and to pull a 6 Finger Plan by winning VETO, removing Drew, and putting up one of the Twins. Karen is fine with that because she said she was jealous because they get to see each other and have something from home.
They then decide to get CB to win HOH and put up the Twins so that he does their dirty work, figuring even with VETO, one twin will go. He thinks it is unfair that they are here, that they get a double shot at winning everything.(that is why one is on PB&J and the other not, right?) They think that Marvin will put up Drew and Di because of their relationship. Then, 'bye bye Diane' and they are fine with that. Karen’s paranoia sets in an she starts saying that the Twins look at her weird; that Diane looks at her weird; and that Drew looks at her weird. (I would say she is weird, numbers there, 4 to 1)

Jase gets Nak in HOH (Karen and Will leave)
He tells her that he has no hard feelings and that he is pushing for her to win. He then tries to get her to pull-in CB, saying it is her brother and he is very loyal. Nak listens, shakes her head, thanks him, and leaves the room.

Jase starts talking to Marvin and says he is going to start some shi% with Drew’s head. He is going to say stuff like Bro’s before Ho’s and stuff just to mess him up. Drew comes by and Jase immediately shuts up. He then said to him that he didn’t know if he was going to go crazy this week or be cool. He wants to make great TV. Marvin replies you know if it is not in the story line, then it won’t make TV anyway!

Jase is still making his rounds. He corners Karen in the kitchen and starts telling her to vote him out. Karen said she will think about it later. He said remember last week I demanded a vote and I was such a jerk, so just vote me out.

Marvin then starts telling Diane that he caught Jase in another lie. Jase said that he will be flying home soon and Marvin said, "I thought you lived down the street, dude!"

Diane then gets paranoid and tells Drew that everyone is giving her funny looks. Drew tells her to chill; that next week everything will be different.

At about 6PM, the Houseguests are told that they will get pizza, beer, and 2 hours of music tonight for making the half way point. They get all excited and start primping for the party. The PB&J-ers are excited about the pizza. (The people on the boards are upset because that is 2 more hours of FISH!)

As everyone is primping, Jase lies down on his bed in the Cloud Room. He puts a sock on his pillow and sunglasses on his sock and said to it, “It is me and you till the end buddy.” (Somehow, this just sounded so much better when Tom Hanks did it in castaway)

The Twins enter the room and Jase tells them that if they save him he is going after Drew and Diane. Then he tells them that Karen and Will are floaters.

At 6:30PM the inside lockdown begins to get ready for the party. Diane thinks they are getting a party because they are such a good cast.

The party begins at 6:40PM and we once again get the lovely FISH Cams. The feeds come back up at 8:40PM, exactly 2 hours later. We see pizza boxes stacked, and soda and beer bottles lying around.

CB and Drew are in the bathroom, and CB asks Drew where he stands in the game. Drew answered that he didn’t know. He was scared. To which CB replied, "I am scared of you," and that he does not know what Drew will do next. CB then replied that he does not care if they lose the game as long as they go down as brotherhood. He then asked him if the other alliance asked him to use VETO. Drew replied, "No." CB said that he is hurt that Drew didn’t tell him. He then tells him that he betrayed him and that they are spitting images of each other. (Yea right, CB keep dreaming) He asks Drew if he made a deal with them. Drew replies, "No." CB then said that he will not be voting out Jase and if he goes down like that, who cares, because he goes down with honor. CB leaves and Diane comes into the bathroom and asks Drew if he is OK. He replies, "Yea."

Jase and Karen talk a little bit later. Jase again tells Karen to vote him out. He tells her that he wants to cash-in on his popularity. and will be forgotten about if he goes to the sequestered house. He tells her all the bad things he did was acting, and that they really don’t know the true him.

Jase then corners Drew and tells him that Diane’s friends are just going to vote him off. With him and Scott gone that he will have no votes to stay.

Jase’s next stop is with CB where he asks him, as a brother, to vote him out so that he can cash-in on his popularity. (Boy, won’t he be surprised!) He tells him he never said anything bad about him. (We have tapes, Jase.) He said that he wants to host a show and will be forgotten about in the sequestered house; again, to please vote him out.

Meanwhile the Twins and Diane are chatting and setting up their Twin Alliance.
They want Marvin and CB gone first, then Will and Karen. Diane said Karen is really playing them. The Twins agree and they decide to stick together. One of the Twins asks about how Drew feels. Diane said that he thinks he is going in a few weeks, but she keeps telling him to stick with her he will be OK. Will interrupts so they start talking about Jase and dancing to end this conversation.

Jase, CB, and Drew have a discussion.
Jase says that the integrity of the game was gone because of the Twin thing. He talks about how the 4-Horsemen had a chance, but Scott ruined it by voting out Holly. Jase then said that America knows they were screwed. CB said that he thought they got too cocky and too big for their britches. Drew agreed with that. Jase thinks Will is playing the perfect game. CB replies that if he got HOH next week he will put up Will and Karen for that reason. (Earlier he said he would put up the Twins to someone else, and also he told someone that he would put up Marvin.) Drew and Jase try to tell CB that it really is set up so that the girls will pick off the guys one by one. CB said, "Well now, all we can do is hope that whoever we want to win does not get voted out." Jase tells him that he does not want Diane to win. Jase then tells CB he wishes he deserves the money. CB replies, "Yea, I know." He tells CB that he reached his goal in the house, that he didn’t have to go to the sequestered house, and he stirred up some shi%. He tells him he is going to do some shi% tomorrow for TV. CB smirks at this. He then tells CB that his tape for the show was a fake Fireman role. He told ET in the interview that he was an actor with a 'Green Guild Card.' CB then tells Drew that he thinks he is safe. Drew told him that they are voting out Marvin. Jase seems to believe him. Jase then starts saying he is going to take CB to the end with him, and he knows he will never win against CB, but expects a damn nice Christmas present. CB is really trying to get Jase not to give up. They again talk about how CB lost his job and insurance coverage to come in the house. CB said he didn’t know what he was going to do once he got out of the house, but he hopes he gets a TV, commercial, or movie deal. Jase offers to help all he can. Jase asks CB what he thinks America thinks of him. CB replies that he is 'crazy.' Jase said he hopes they view him as funny and crazy. CB said he is viewed as a man with honor. Jase tells CB that America loves him.

They then join the others in getting ready to retire for the evening. Jase tries to talk to Natalie about her pets. Diane and Drew are whispering. Diane is telling him to talk to the Twins tomorrow, to reassure their alliance. She also tells Drew that CB is up his butt, and it is hard to even talk to him at all.

Finally at about 3:10AM everyone is asleep for the night.

(So lets see what Jase does tomorrow. Will he continue calling out the alliances to everyone? Will he act crazy and make good TV? Will he try to save himself? Who knows, but I bet the Houseguests are not looking forward to trying to second guess him!)