Day 8 - the start of the second week and a rather eventful day in da howse. Jase is the first hamster up about 9:30 BB Time, rousing from his comfy HOH abode to brush his teeth. He goes back to bed where Holly is just waking up.

Soon many hamsters are up and milling about their morning activities. Marvin announces he feels like sh!t. The Don announces he figured out the mats in the Cell Block actually inflate - not much, but a little. Nokomis says she's going to colour her hair today - she brought blonde colouring to the house. She'll trim it a bit before she does it.

Assorted morning chatter. Lori relates that apparently Nokomis had lots of medical tests one year that even with insurance cost her $15K - testing for Lupus (which her mom has) and some sort of rare upper respitory infection that her dad has. No Lupus, but she did have the infection. Presumably it was cleared up.

By 11:00, Nokomis, Adria, and Diana are in the BY. Nok says some flunky probably got fired because they weren't given dish soap, and have been using hand soap which they are now out of. Lori and Holly soon come outside - comments on it being hot, talk about dreams they've had in the house. Lori says she can't remember what her boyfriend looks like - Holly says that's a sign she really loves him. She's apparently read about a study on this. Holly talks of going to the Playboy mansion for Halloween and other occasions - wearing lingerie for those visits. Holly and Jase think Nokomis should do short and spiky blonde hair. Nok was hoping someone in the house would be able to cut hair, but no one can so probably won't do that. Holly talks of wanting to be a spokesmodel after the show. Lori says they can't say "We're Holly and Lori from Big Brother" for a year. FISH.

By noon, Jase and Scott are chatting in the hammock. Say getting rid of the Don is a no-brainer, but who then? Diana is considered, but also Adria. Or even Karen - both agree her and A are quite competitive.

The morning fades to the afternoon with the hamsters engaged in some idle small talk by the pool. Sheryl Crow is mentioned - they hope they get a concert this year. Will says he doesn't do one night stands - he's picky. Always getting set up...and the girls (Lori, Holly, Diana) want to try to set him up after the show. Will says he's made out with girls before "just for fun" (Fuggy's note: Hey! I've done that too...go figure!) Marvin chats with Lori about her boyfriend...she says they'll probably get married after it's over. Marvin says she'll have all kinds of hot guys hitting on her after it's over. I didn't personally see this convo, but Valentine reports she's laughing and "it's a friendly conversation." I mention this because it's germane to what happens later.

By 2:00 PM we have Lori, Karen, and Will talking strategy in the BY. They really want Adria out - Karen doesn't like her aggressiveness, and she thought she would like her before she got to know her. Lori calls her a brute. They are liking Drew as a fourth in their bloc because of his genuine nature. Karen can't trust Jase because of the whole Holly association. Will seems to also want Scott up - says he'll rip him up in the nomination ceremony if he is HOH. They also talk about how he doesn't wash - just dips his legs in the pool. They are grossed out, obviously.'s around this time during the talk about Adria that they start to talk about how she spends a LOT of time in the DR. I think Scott or Marvin comments at some point that Josh from BB3 used to do the same thing, and look how much of a schemer he was.

By 2:24 Nokomis is outside with the colouring in her hair, needing it to set for an hour. She's going for light blonde - lighter than Karen. Maybe she'll get speaking lessons from Holly now! Jase isn't keen on that.

Around 3:00 PM Jase tells Holly that Diane hates her. As you might imagine, this throws Holly into a tizzy...she starts sort of whining/crying. Lori and Karen are there to comfort her - telling her not to let it bother her, being all soothing. Then her and Jase go the hammock where he listens to her go on about it. How she figures the blondes always get kicked out early on every BB, and she intends to change that for blondekind.

Around 3:45 Adria and Diane are in the wood room whispering. Di actually thinks Lori is on their side. Adria is sick of going to the DR so much, and all she gets is sh!t in the house for it. Diane leaves, and Nokomis comes in, giving us feed people a first look at her hair now that the colouring is out - it's looking blondy-greeny. She likes it. Adria is talking strategy with Nok - how they need the boys out, how they hate Diane. Then Adria brings up a kinda odd point - "Oh! What if Scott took The Don off and put Diane up?" Obviously, Nok looks a little befuddled by that comment. Adria is folding and arranging her clothes under her bed through this convo. During this convo, Scott and Jase play golf in the BY.

At this point, there were more than a few people here at Jokers speculating that Adria had been switched for her twin, Natalie. Differences in looks, in speaking, bringing this veto thing up...just a hunch, nothing sure.

Around 5:30 Diane wants a nap and asks Drew to join her. They get in bed in the Cloud Room and sleep close...not really spooning per se, but there's light flirting. She asks about Adria, and what the guys are saying about her. Drew is evasive, says nothing. Diane then makes no bones about where she stands by saying "I'm not going along with that (putting A up) in any way, shape or form...I'd use the veto to take her out and put myself in. I'm just letting you know."

Out in the house, people wander around making food, chatting, chatting, chatting. Karen talks about dogs. Holly talks about some woman with gigantic boobs. Will says Queer Eye is played out but thinks Carson is funny. A dinner of baked salmon in foil, salad, and baked potato is being prepared by Scott and...someone else, can't remember. Nothing too heavy.

By 7:00 PM dinner is served! The hamsters dig in, and enjoy it immensely, so much so there is nothing but the sound of clinking cutlery. (Fuggy's note: Why not? Fresh boneless salmon steaks? I'd be all over that!) Someone comments that they didn't say grace before the meal. Marvin says he wanted to, but didn't want to step on anyone's toes - there may be a couple atheists here. They laugh...but no one fesses up about religion. They like the tartar sauce - Adria (Fuggy's note: Or so she's saying!) made it. By 7:20 or so, dinner breaks up.

A curious thing happened at around 7:30. Will was apparently in the DR and was told not to play with his mic when he was in there. Funny thing is - that exchange somehow ended up getting broadcast over the speakers in the HOH room, and in the bathroom! Adria was rather freaked about this. Will went back to the DR and came out and told Lori and Karen that BB was aware of what happened. He got called in again, came out, and Lori and Karen asked what was said. In a huff, he said he can't talk about it.

The evening continued on...people hanging out, chatting, no real strategizing. Adria, Diane and Nokomis chat about assorted topics outside, and then A and N get out the chess board, attempting to show Diane the basics of it. Inside, Cowboy was told tersely by BB to reattach his microphone - it sounds like he took it off to do some singing in the cloud room, with Jase in audience. Karen, Holly, Lori, and Jase sit in the chairs in front of the fishtank, and joke away about Cowboy's cuteness, and encourage him to sing more. Make up songs. Cowboy says he did write a gospel song at one point, but can't remember it. He's shy, but does put together a couple lines for Holly. She coos and giggles. They are all laughing. Fun times.

Outside, Drew and Scott muse about Jase with Holly. Jase doesn't like her, yet they flirt? Both agree they don't really like her "She's a tease" says Scott.

A little after 10:00 PM Lori and Jase are out alone on the hammock. Strategy talk ensues...Lori tells Jase Adria has Diane around her finger. That those two will probably want Holly out next. They mention Cowboy...and how no one is talking about him in the game.

Then, after a peaceful and uneventful evening, suddenly some bizarro stuff starts happening. Holly comes outside to the HT just before 10:30 where a large group of Lori, Karen, Nokomis, Will, and Adria are either soaking or just dipping their feet in. Holly is upset with Marvin - about him being inappropriate with her, talking about her PMSing, saying misogynistic things, and so forth. Will calls him outside, though Holly doesn't want a confrontation. Marvin comes out to the HT area, and asks Holly straight up what's the problem. She tell him "I just said you were harassing me." Marvin doesn't agree "If I wanted to harass you, I'd squeeze yo' head."

Eerie silence. Sudden tension. Marvin goes over to the hammock where Jase is telling Scott and Drew about what Lori said just a little earlier - that Adria has Diane around her finger. The guys are starting to clue into the fact that Adria is a gamer, she's been in the DR a lot today, that the girls are trying to get together. This seems to be a big wakeup, especially to Scott. Realizing the game is on.

Simultaneous to this, Holly is worried Marvin will not harass her more. Talks of him rubbing against her in the kitchen. Holly and Lori then get up to go inside, with purpose...they in fact go into the DR to talk about Marvin getting kicked out. And...whadaya know? A solid chunk of FISH time.

Then the feeds come back just before 11:00 PM. In the HOH, this exchange happens with Holly and Jase - here is how poster RN007 recorded it...

H: I don't understand how BB let's Marvin get away with all this stuff. Like one day in the Cloud room he put his hands down my pants and pulled up my g-string (Fuggy's note: Other posters heard her say g-string), and he cusses all the time. One day he put his hand down my shirt. I just don't understand why he's not gone. Why do they let him get away with this?
J: I totally agree with you.

BACK to the FISH. The board went crazy last night around this many people watching late!

The feeds come back after 10 mins or so to the HOH, where Scott, Cowboy, and Drew are talking to Marvin about what just went down. He doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong, that he just sees Lori as like a sister, and that he could turn harassment right back on Holly (Fuggy's note: Don't ask me how!) Marvin thinks they are playing dirty. The conversation breaks up after a few minutes, and Marvin and Drew leave. Someone mentions "reprimand, my ass"...which certainly seemed to me as referring to BB reprimanding Marvin on his behaviour.

Cowboy and Scott remain behind in the HOH. Cowboy mentions that they should put up Holly or Lori, just to pretty much guarantee Marvin will vote with them. Drew comes in. Scott pulls up the HOH viewing screen, and looks around for the girls talking. I THINK he spotted Adria, Diane and Nokomis talking, but it was virtually impossible to see a screen on the screen, so to speak. Scott says Karen is going down (Fuggy's note: In as meatheady a Scott way as possible)

Scott then suddenly gets the idea to pull Adria into the HOH and talk to her, try to get her onside to go against Karen, Lori and Will (who the guys are starting to figure out as far as being a grouping). Jase is there for the first part of the convo, but soon leaves. Scott asks about her being in cahoots with the women to get the men out. She denies it (Fuggy's note: Not very convincingly, to my mind) and the guys tell her they don't want her up - it's Diane that's more annoying, or Lori. They love her...they want her around, but Scott says they think Adria is playing too hard. She defends being in the DR so much - that if they keep asking her stuff, she's just doing what they ask. Scott keeps saying he's not there for the money.

It's during this on one in the HOH...that she slips up and calls herself Natalie. Natalie is Adria's twin. And she does it several times in the 15 or 20 minute exchange! Again, the boards lit up...I think it's safe to say that was Natalie in that room, and NOT Adria. She tries to cover it up, by saying she was "channeling her inner Natalie" like an alter ego or something. Also that her name when she played softball was Natalie. Major covering up.

After the convo (which ends around midnight) Scott calls Cowboy into the HOH. This one...well, you just gotta read the transcript...

S: First, look me in the face and tell me I'm a genius. (Fuggy's note: If I EVER utter this sentence in the tone in which he did...someone please KICK ME!)
S: She said she's not going to put any of us up. I just convinced her that she's a pawn.
Cowboy: Did she admit she's in an alliance.
S: No, but I convinced her she's being used as a pawn (by Diane I think)
S: I convinced her that Diane's a threat and Lori's a threat. At the door I told her we can't go out there and act friendly cause they're gonna jump on that.
S: I just said she's not going on the block, point blank, so we have to make a decision.
S: The way I see it she's not a threat, not now. F***ing Diane and Nokomis, they're pressuring her, but I got her scared.
S: Cowboy I'm a chess f***ing king, the game is chess, I'm going to get you going, I'm going to try everything I can to make you guys wealthy cause I've already been wealthy, I'm not lying.
Cowboy: I appreciate that man.

I could have summarized that, but to truly grasp the sheer depths of Scott's self-importance a transcript was the best way to go.

Note: RN007 has some really good transcripts of these HOH talks in Updates if you want more detail.

By now, it's well after midnight, and things are winding down. There's some religious talk in the kitchen, where Holly informs Karen, Lori, and Will that women have periods because Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden. Everyone is pretty flummoxed at that statement. "Adria" comes in and explains about her "inner Natalie" channeling, making reference to it being like Fried Green Tomatoes. By just after one everyone is bedded down, though Karen and Lori are talking on the cots in the hall leading out to the LR. Lori says she was a braces-wearing nerd in her teenage years, and was picked on constantly. They turn to Holly's statement about Eve's apple. Karen asks "Can she be THAT friggin stupid?!?!!?"

The only other person awake at this point is "Adria," who is reading the bible in the kitchen. She blows her nose a few times...I'm not sure, but she might have been somewhat emotional. By 1:30 she goes to bed. So everyone is out, right?

WRONG! Holly is in the HOH prattling away to Jase about nothing of consequence. It's coma-inducing, so I went to bed. However, thanks to a brave Joker's poster, this tidbit was caught after 2:00 AM (quoting Knowledge Seeker...)
Holly says that when her pet bird died, she carved the bird's name into her arm. Then, she rubbed her own blood all over the bird before burying it. Then Holly starts to tell Jase about her 2nd self-mutilation act. She begins by saying that when she was much younger there was this 19 year old guy who was her "boss" at the time that wanted to date her...

And then FISH. Sleeping...with the fishes. As were the houseguests. As was I last night. Quite a day.