July 11, day 9

The houseguests were awakened at 10AM by Big Brother with the announcement that the VETO ceremony will be held in 90 minutes.

The houseguests arise and start their day. Will immediately starts complaining that they only have decaf coffee, and Lori starts to make pancakes for herself and for Will.

Big Brother makes another announcement at 11:50AM. Lockdown inside, and Lori says "Those whores! Why do they wake us up if it's lockdown?" Will responds with, "They need good internet feeds. God I feel like a rat in a cage."

Yes folks Holly finally took a shower.

Marvin and Cowboy have a discussion. Marvin said they can't get me for sexual harassment. (Telling Mike about Holly and Lori accusing him of harassment)
I'm still waiting to be called into the principal’s office for upsetting an anorexic white woman. The main thing is she's just not used to being around N-word. The white wh**** are trying to hold me down. This might be my only TV time.

Adria goes on a complete Marcellas cleaning frenzy…she is disinfecting the bathroom and cleaning real well. (Glad someone cares)

Holly makes lunch for Jase; it is a tuna sandwich. She garnishes the plate by writing Jase’s name in mustard. (Gag me is this true love?????) She comments some more. She didn’t know if he liked ranch dressing (with tuna?) so instead she noticed he liked grapes so she decided to cut up cherry tomatoes and put them in the sandwich. (They taste so much alike, huh?) She thinks the texture in the tomatoes and grapes are the same. (I suppose if tomatoes only had a pit in the center maybe she would be right!)

Scott talks to Mike and said he wishes he had used the VETO (so it was not used) on Nak and put up one of the others that are starting an alliance around here. He said Nak is just floating, (Mike agreed) and the others are starting an alliance to get him out. Scott then tells Mike that his kids will be glad to see him, (already pushing him out the door) and Mike said, "Oh yeah, they were crying when I left." Scott said “His” boys were crying too (oh ya, in glee Scott) Mike responded well my boys are a bit different then yours Scott!

They then start once again talking about their 15 minutes of fame (please spare me this again Scott). Scott said there will be much more than 15 minutes; that Allison ffom last year (who has gotten chunky) with her Boyfriend Donny are on Amazing Race. Mike said it must be a local show. (he never heard of AR- Someone please send him a link to this board he needs a life!)

Scott and Holly were in the kitchen. Scott told her that he does some weird stuff but he will always protect her. Holly said that she hates Marvin’s groping and someone needs to protect her from that. Of course Scott then proceeds to tell Holly that he is the best looking person in Pittsburg. (OMG someone please get a pin and pop that big head of his!)

6:30PM Adria starts her outdoor work out session – Scott and Jase talk about Adria’s work out and then say they will never participate in it. Scott then goes outside to lift weights (the man thing to do) and tells Cowboy to get out of the class now while he still has his manhood! (These 2 hate the attention being on anyone but them! I swear)

A lot of talk today about masturbation, needing it, how to do it, who does it etc. (Don’t these people realize that people are listening and seeing all this?)

Karen makes chicken stir fry for supper, Cowboy said grace and they all dig in. Jase, of course, leads the conversation asking everyone how their day was and if they masturbated or formed any alliance today.

8:30PM - BB announces that there are beverages in the storage room, beer and wine. Everyone is excited but, of course, they complain that there is not enough, and on and on.

8:54 Scott and Cowboy take a tubbie! How cute!

Jase and Holly join them in the bathroom and Jase asks Scott to suck his toe (yuk), he does (yuk again) and Holly asks how does it feel, Jase replies – Sexy!

Cowboy exits the tub. Holly gets in for a bit with Scott. Jase sits on the edge of tub with his feet in. Scott gets out. Jase gets in with Holly. (How many people now have been in this same water? (Are baths for cleaning ones body anymore) Jase starts shaving Holly's legs.
Scott then starts sucking on Holly’s toes. (Yuk again)

11:05PM Scott finally takes a 2 minute shower. (Note please, he never took off his doo rag)

Meanwhile in the backyard Mike, Lori and Diane are talking. Mike is telling them that Scott and Jase are the alliance that needs to be broken up and that the Holly and Jase thing could turn into a big mess.

12:00 midnight - Nak and Mike have a long talk, Mike tells her to do what everyone else is doing and to fit in. A nice brother/sister talk.

Normal flirting is taking place with Holly and Jase in the HOH.

3:15AM all lights are out, finally.