July 12

In the meantime, Holly and Jase are in the HoH room. She is curled up on his chest. He invites her to Illinois after the show. She quips, “Me? With the cows?” He likens her to Paris Hilton. They discuss what he likes about Illinois. (the stars, the space) She accuses him of being distant today. He demurs and explains.

Early - 2AM
Cowboy & Nakomis in Hot Tub
(Karen and Scott in there already)

Karen says Marvin makes her laugh, but she has bad days with him. She’ll wait and see what other’s think. Scott indicates that the girls aren’t happy with Marvin at all, and if he, himself, gets HoH he’ll take him out for them. Karen says he’s getting "touchy-feely and over the top."

Nak comes out to smoke a cig, and Karen leaves because her hair will stink from the smoke.

Nak asks what was going on yesterday. Cowboy talks about the alliance. She says she isn’t in one. He heard something about her; tells her if it’s true she should go to HoH and say she messed up. Nak says she’s been laying low and look where it got her. She’s free range as far as alliances go.
Michael talks to Jennifer/aka Nakomis, giving her advice. He basically tells her to do as others are doing; join groups. Don’t tell him about any alliances. She’ll be safe this week (she’s on the block.) What Marvin does with the women will hurt him. Relationships determine your stay in the house. Don’t just stick with your alliance, make friends everywhere.

He says the only bad thing he heard about her was the first day; that she was different. Then 'The Don'/Mike became truly different and Jen/Nak fit in. He says it’s good they got their twist out of the way already.

Then he gets more personal. He says they may share the same father, and he has feelings about that, but he has to play the game. He actually thanks Jen/Nak because it wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t on the show, he hasn’t even seen a picture of his father. He asks Jen if she brought any for HoH, and she has! He asks her to try hard to win HoH so he can see the photos. If she gets evicted, put a picture in his HoH basket, and he’ll do the same if he goes. He thanks her again for being on the show and says that things happen for a reason.

Holly’s twin
Scott, talking to Diane and Drew, says "Holly tonight, I think, has a twin sister. She slipped tonight and said ‘my twin’. I asked about it and she said yeah, but she’s younger. And she freaked out. She tried to cover by saying the twin didn’t sign a release."

Diane said what if we all have twins and BB could just pop them in and out and nobody would know.

Holly and Jase are still cuddling in the Hoh during all this. He says he doesn’t want to kiss her, and they tell each other how cute the are. He wants to tell her things in private. Then he tells her that his mom is hot and that most girls he likes are blondes. His little brother is in training, and his little sister dresses like Holly, in leather.

They talk about their likes in the house. Jase likes Will and Lori but works out with Scott. Holly says just stay true to yourself in here. Then they trash Marvin for a while, Holly wants him nommed the next week. They cuddle closer. Off to sleep.

Diane, in the BY, cleans up. The HG’s are all up by noon and make breakfast. Mike talks about how the internet doesn’t see production set up of challenges. This oes to a convo about how 98% of the internet watchers are geeks. Marvin admits he masturbated.

Marvin and Lori discuss rappers. Cowboy talks to Adria about someone w/cancer. Her best friend shaved her head in support. Adria tells him she likes to work with St. Jude, and inner city kids who are going back into your neighborhood (sic). Scott asks Jase if Holly has a twin. Jase says she doesn’t. Scott tells him of the previous conversation noted above. Scott and Jase say that everyone is on board with who is going. (Mike)

Scott says the next HoH is his, and that the 4 horsemen will make it to the end. Drew tells Jase he had a wet dream last night.

Jase tells Holly he’s into her, and doesn’t want Scott to be. Holly said she was teaching art for kids and got fired for her piercings, and the way she dressed.

General tanning and I spy in the pool.

Mike and Marvin Strategies
Marvin says Mike should stay to screw up everyone’s plans.
Mike says they should keep him because he’s on the opposite side of the alliance, but he doesn’t want to be there, so he said nothing. He will quit if he’s not voted out, he says.
Marvin says that’s a twist. We keep him another week and he wins HoH. Mike says the people there get on a man’s bad side, combined with the annoying people and boredom, and the constant airplanes. They try to figure how many episodes they have left with 'The Don.'

Lori, Drew, Cowboy, Scott, Jase, and Holly in the LR discussing clubs.
Cowboy went to a ‘tittie’ bar. He does a bump and grind and Holly freaks; says she’s never seen him do that.

They begin comparing the HGs to fish. Marvin says if Lori or Holly win HoH my ass is gone. Mike tried to fix him with Lori last night, he tells him. He said Marvin would NOT put her up if he won HoH (Hahahah! Surprise!) Marvin says, "So that’s why she’s sucking up to me. I’d like to put Holly up. ‘She’s messing with frog-faced bitch’" Then they start messing with golf balls. (really Whiffle balls.)

Back in the LR, they discuss celeb spotting. Holly has seen many. They get going on Cowboy’s love life and his use of candles. We discover that Jase doesn’t believe in sending flowers, which pisses Holly off.

Later, Cowboy tells Drew that it will hurt to vote out Marvin. However, what they told Marvin in the HOH went in one ear and out the other. Cowboy complains about Marvin’s loud snoring, and we find out Drew talks in his sleep.

Holly's Story - Afternoon
Holly says she was arrested in Mexico for 24 hours. She was laughing and rolling around the beach with a guy at night. They thought she was being raped. When she said no, they asked if it was her boyfriend. She said no again… so they arrested her for being a prostitute. (Ed: I’m on the floor rolling here. LOL!)

Scott says Mexico is so cheap they don’t have jails, they just handcuff you to benches.

Marvin slips and discusses the plasma screen with Jase, Mike and Nak. He winds up saying that Jase gets many channels and watches porn at night.

Holly says she just got out of a relationship and still cares about the dude, and that she doesn’t want Jase putting a stamp on her by telling Scott to lay off her. She said she’ll either get royally annoyed with Jase or wind up falling for him, though she’s beginning to see good in Scott as well. Karen says as time goes on you’ll see what other people really are. Holly admits she’s torn.

Early Evening 6PM
Cowboy and Adria talking in the wood room about them all being in a cast. Cowboy hopes a producer walks up to him and wants him. He wants to do some acting. He did a musical in his senior year. Adria suggests he try stunt work.

Ouside, Karen says she won’t get in the pool because she’s afraid of urinary tract infections. Meanwhile, Scott warns Jase not to get serious with Holly in the house, they could end up fighting. Jase compares himself and Holly to Lisa and Eric and says it’s fine. Scott warns him that he can’t ever get away from her in the house. He says he’s never had, himself, an emotional relationship with anyone including his parents.

Aside: Jase told Scott about Drew’s wet dream after Drew told him to keep it quiet, now Scott tells everyone.

They’re back to discussing celebs and shows. Scott says, to get on Jackass he would staple his nuts to his leg. (Ed: ROFLMAO the things you learn!)

Evening 8PM
Nak is doing the cooking tonight. Holly is in HOH talking about Karen. She says that Karen said she was the hottest girl in the house. Jase, while Holly is massaging him, agrees: Karen =is= the hottest. Holly gets pissed. She made lunch and put hearts on Jase’s food, Scott mocked her and she was bothered. She goes on to say everyone in the house is great except Adria and Diane. In the real world, Lori and Karen would be the mean ones but in here, it’s different.

Meanwhile there’s food discussion and cooking in the kitchen.

Marvin gives Diane a small massage. She doesn’t object.

The girls are putting on makeup and getting dressed. They discuss the food cooking in the other room.

Will on the treadmill discusses the Diary Room. He’s been told not to use the F-word. Will is talking to Diane and tells her that he’s not doing the show for exposure or career. He’s in it for the money, and going right back to nursing. D says Scott is there for hot tub and women, and she thinks it bugs him that she’s bonding with Drew. She flip flops between them, she says.

Will asks her you don’t like Drew? He has too much baggage at home, she replies; but then says she’d rather take him home than the money.

Will says who wouldn’t? I’ve been away from boys so long I can’t look at him. I just want to say you’re soooo cute. When he gets home, he says, his phone will be ringing off the hook with people wanting to know what Drew looks like naked. Diane says they can always hope, and they should hang out in the BR next to the shower door, then she asks him to investigate the ‘extra baggage.’

Will says he’s been trying, and it seems to him it was heavy before he came in, but now Drew is second guessing himself. Diane said the four of them (two sets of twins) should move to LA and live together. She would settle for his brother. (Ed: during this entire thing, Cowboy has been obsessing about potato wedges and the time they take to cook. The live feeder who fed a bunch of this took a hit of wine every time he mentioned potatoes. ROFLMAO!)

Adria tells Cowboy his jeans are sexy. She’s all about ‘save the horses’... “and ride a cowboy?” he asks in all innocence.

Meanwhile, Jase has removed his doo rag for dinner and says this one is for the girls at home. Holly perks up and says they don’t want to see you with me 24/7. Jase says that they’ll say “I can’t compete with that sh1t.” Now they’re discussing TV shows. Finally dinner is served.

Cowboy, one more time, discusses potatoes, and somewhere, a JU live feeder is getting steadily more loaded. (ROFLMAO!)

After dinner, they’re outside playing with the balls and planning their baths: Jase/Holly and Scott/Diane.

Holly, Jase in hammock: Lori, Karen, Nakomis talk strategy.
Lori says she’s put up Jase and Holly. Karen thinks Nak is on their side. She, herself, is going between Scott and Drew... and she knows everything gets back to drew. Lori says then there’s Adria, who’s insane. Karen says that Diane is confident because of Adria, so she shoots her mouth off. Drew wants to hook up with Diane, he’s lonely. They agree that Holly will never go against Jase/Scott.

Nak joins the two. Nak says the DR is trying to get her to say things she doesn’t want to say. When asked about her brother, she says she doesn’t know and is just playing nice. Karen warns that it’s going to get ugly.

Lori says she’d go for HoH. Karen says she doesn’t want to piss anyone off this early. They discuss what they’ll wear for 80’s night.

Diane says she’s taking a bath with Scott that night. They wonder who Scott would put up, maybe Will, as they don’t communicate. Then Diane says that Scott said he was talking to Holly and found out about her twin, but she can’t talk about her family. Lori finds that weird. Adria says there are always 13 houseguests.

Will arrives and is talking about Holly/Jase. The consensus is they’re doing the couple thing for the cameras. Will says Holly is paranoid, and Nak says if she ever comes at you, say ‘Stop! I’m an animal.’ (LOL!)
They decide ‘Big Willy'/(BB) is trying to get them to not trust each other.

Lori and Nak in the hammock, talking about Michael.
Nak doesn’t want to piss anyone off. If asked about Cowboy, and he has to go, he goes. She doesn’t think he’s a threat, but doesn’t think Jase, Scott, or Marvin are either. Lori disagrees. She thinks Marvin would vote her out. Again, Nak says the Diary Room makes her say things she doesn’t want to say. She always knew the DRs were fake, she says.

Scott/Diane in Bathtub.
Scott wants to know what’s behind the windows. Diane says she hasn’t slept since she’s been in the house. She's not sure if it's because she’s sleeping with other people or if she's just not used to sleeping at night. She’ll try sleeping with them tonight, she says.

Karen in Diary Room (!)
Karen says she’s glad she got called in her blue shirt. BB responds that they love the shirt. Karen got it for $3 because it was damaged. BB tells her to take off her mic. She says she always forgets. FISH

Lori and Nak still in hammock.
They say Drew is a threat because everyone likes him. Nak admits if she’s still in the house in a month she’ll quit smoking, and can’t use the patch, it makes her sick. They move to the machines. Others join them. Talk turns to the good-bye videos they must make.

Later, Will and Lori are in the hammock and Jase appears, asking them if he should kiss Holly tonight. Just do it, he’s told.

Lori, Will, and Karen are talking later. Lori can’t take Holly. Will says that Jase has alliance with Scott, Drew, everyone. He wonders if Drew would put Jase up, then figures he’d put up Nak.
Lori says Adria is crazy. Karen doesn’t like her and is afraid of her. Will is still wondering what Drew would do, if he got HoH. They think Diane is more ‘workable’.

Jase appears and asks what Holly said about him. When told she said he looked like Brad Pitt, he says, "That’s nice, except she doesn’t like Brad Pitt." (LOLOL) He says what they have is strange, and do they think it’s weird? Lori says yes, but whatever, and they should just "get on with it." Jase wants to at least kiss or something.

Then another discussion on whether he should kiss Holly or not...
Jase says Holly heard Diane ask Scott if he wanted to make out. Lori knows that will get ratings. Will agrees. Lori says bigger ratings if Cowboy and Nak make out.

Then they admire Karen’s body. And tell Jase to go for the kiss. They all miss kissing, and Lori misses Todd (her boyfriend.)

Later, talk turns to getting out of the house. They’re aware that they will see shrinks, and are also aware that they go a little crazy.

Late Night… 12:30AM
Holly walks into the bathroom where Scott still is and goes off. She tells him he’s been in there 3 hours and is ‘claiming everything’. Holly calls Scott selfish. Then she switches to talk of her sunburn. Scott, confused, says what? She snaps at him: “I was talking to myself.” Jase walks in then and she compliments him. Scott is totally uncomfortable.

Holly and Jase discuss his clothing and the hot chocolate she made. They wind up in the bathtub. Meanwhile Nak and Drew play chess. Others watch. Jase does his enormous teeth washing routine, interspaced with a few judicious nose picks.