July 13, Day 11

The day starts off at 7:40 AM with Holly rising early. She sips her morning brew in the yard, plays a bit of golf, and does a few crunches; amusing herself until someone else awakes.

Finally, at 10:10AM, BB plays "Fiesta" music throughout the house. The houseguests take this as a wake-up call and all start to awake.

"Positive Marvin" starts the day by telling Drew he talks in his sleep (does Ben too???) while Diane makes pancakes for everyone.

By 11AM all are up and going about their morning routines. Lori speculates that they will be voting today. Nic and Karen discuss how they are craving drawing so bad that eyebrow pencils just might have to be their way to express themselves.

Bb locks down the house. Inside at 11:27AM.

The "Holly and Jase Show" continues into day 11. Holly is stressing to Jase once again that she is soooooooooooo PG, and that she did not want to be viewed as Eric and Lisa--(BB3)--as borderline ”little raunchy”. Jase of course replies in his standard wisdom that CBS would cut stuff after the Janet Jackson incident on the super bowl.

Holly also refers to digging tadpoles with her “birth person” during this conversation. Many Jokers speculate that could be either her Mom or possibly a twin, but either way a weird reference in itself.

Scott is talking about himself (something new) to Marvin telling him that he was on a football practice squad. Maybe he took a few too many hits to the head and that is why it is so big now!

Lockdown was over at 12:20PM.

12:54 PM – "Holly and Jase Show" Part 2 – Now Holly is explaining that all the conversations in the house are so shallow and are surface conversations (except with you Jase!!!).

At the same time Adria is talking on how Jase, Drew, Diane and Holly all have agents and that is how they got on the show. Cowboy replies that he has been applying since BB#? and finally got on!

1:15PM – Marvin starts dinner and Mike hangs out watching him.

1:36PM Finally, some strategy talking between Will and Karen – Karen said that she can’t trust Scott and Jase but Jase and Holly need to be put up. She didn’t
Want head HOH because Diane and Adria would then know that her alliance with them is not tight. Will of course just listens as he often does.

Scott again talking to Lori about his wonderful being and how good he is. He claims he runs the 100 yard dash in 6.9 seconds when the world record is 9.4 seconds. Laurie of course, counters with how she broke her HS javelin throwing record, by accident. She was not even trying of course. (Did these 2 miss the plane to Greece and then just walk into this house? They really should be at the Olympics.)

Well the “Don” is still the “Don” at 2:22PM. He was talking to Scott and he firmly told him that it would take over a half million bucks to kiss your and Jase’s asses! Good for him.

Scott then started talking about Holly, and states that he thought she was a plant by CBS to get the love fling going. (Does Scott not hear her say she is sooooooooo PG???)

Scott also tells Mike he wished he saved him with the POV. (Yea, right Scott)

Meanwhile, Scott is doing some jack-a** routines like slamming himself into walls and putting together an obstacle course. Why anyone would purposely slam oneself into a wall is beyond me but Scott seems to think it is fun. BB did call him in the diary room 3 times to tell him to stop that because he could hurt himself. Really, he shakes the walls and disrupts the cameras when he does these foolish acts too.

4:12 PM – Scott, Laurie and Holly are in the backyard talking. Scott is going on-and-on once again how he wants to go home. He misses his alcohol and the best part of his summer. He claims he will walk if the house gets PB and J again for a week. Karen tries to tell him maybe he was put in here to learn something about himself, and Scott replies yea, I learned I have no patience. The boredom is setting in and the creative juices of these people are just not there as in past BB house guests.

At 4:50PM Scott heads to the shower saying he is so tall that the regular cameras can see his “junk”. Once out he primps his beautiful self in the mirror, flipping the bird to the mirror and laughing, saying over 100,000 people are watching me right now flipping them the bird--hahahahah. That definatly gave him brownie points in my book!

At 5:47PM he rejoins a conversation being had by Laurie, Drew, Cowboy, Karen, and Diane about how to get a SAG card. Of course Scott chimes up with how he was recruited in a bar, and he would never apply, and how much he hates reality TV shows! (more brownie points for Scott here. Yea Scott, your really chalking them up today.)
Jase joins the conversation telling everyone how he was an extra on Will and Grace; how he played a gay spelling Bee contestant (#5); and how he talked with Charlie Sheen; etc!

6:23PM The girls get a clue and start quizzing each other with recaps of things about people in the house, incase it is in a future competition.(Go Girls! HOH is often a mind competition remembering things in the house or about the houseguests.)

Finally at 7:41PM dinner is served. Marvin did work hard on this dinner. He made a lovely appetizer of pasta with thinly sliced marinated grilled beef and then chicken parmesan as the entrée. Everyone raved about it. Start to finish, 20 minutes for them all to eat, and then the cleaning up begins.

8:23PM The alcohol arrives. Of course, bringing complaints from some that there is not nearly enough for all.

Scott then starts talking to Michael saying that Diane won’t vote him out because she wants his hot body. (Another point Scott! Everyone wants your HOT body)
Michael tells him that he talked to Nic and told her to clean up her alliance with the girls. Scott replies that she would be the last girl standing if she did that.

Strategy again begins surfacing; the 4 horsemen (snorts and all) begin talking. They talk how next week Lori and Karen have to be nominated next, and about the need to eliminate the girls, stating Laurie is the ring leader of the girl’s alliance. Then they talk about the “gay cruise” all men!

At some point Jase tries to kiss Holly and Holly pulls away. This really upsets Jase and he tells Scott about it. Jase thinks Holly is playing him.

Surprise, surprise! Holly then confides in Scott about Jase being upset. Scott tells her his pride is gone and that she should not fight with him over it. He said he will step in if she starts fighting with him. Holly also goes on and on about how Diane said she is now a target because she is part of a couple and that she might be put up because of that. Scott blows that off and concentrates on his “Boy” Jase, and on trying to make him feel better, and how and what Holly should to do that.

Meanwhile, Diane and Adria talk in strategy. Diane is not afraid of knocking out Karen and Laurie, but they have to keep it low key right now.

Holly then finds Diane and they confirm that they like each other. Holly even went as far to say- from last week to this week we are 2 different people- (maybe they are)

11:55PM Holly then tells Scott what Diane told her. She feels tricked, she does not want to sleep with Jase but she gave her bed to Will since she was sleeping in HOH. Scott tries to tell her to go to bed, to forget it. Laurie interrupts this conversation looking for something for her hair. She then kisses Holly on the lips and said good night. Scott liked the little kiss! He then tells Holly that she shouldn’t go back and try to kiss Jase, that he will take it as a pitty kiss (come on) and that she should just go to sleep. He again said he would interfere if they had a fight!

12:09AM Scott leaves Holly so she can go to bed and he procedes to tell Adria what Holly told him that Diane said (Can anyone keep their mouths shut in this house?).
All Asleep at 1:11AM!