July 14

July 14 is Bastille Day for all the Francophiles among us. Among the BB5 houseguests, all the storming was done by Holly & Jase late in the evening; a memorable day for HG’s and feed watchers alike. It was also voting day for the HG’s, but they must have been told by BB not to discuss their votes, because it was a non-event for feed watchers.

Note: This recap is very long,. Believe it or not, I’ve left out a lot. But, I’ve tried to give a flavor of the various conversations.


The day started quietly enough, but there were portents of things to come, when the early rising feed watchers woke up to find Holly and Jase still sleeping together in the HOH bed, but on opposite sides, with their backs to each other....It took two wake-up calls to get everyone out of bed, about 9:30AM BB time.

Morning in the BB House is very uneventful. Lots of mindless conversation going on about the other HG’s, but nothing that hasn’t been said before.

Holly and Jase fought last night before going to bed, which is why they weren’t cuddling as they slept last night. A good part of Holly’s morning conversation revolves around her problems with Jase, but Holly says she thinks it’s better that she and Jase are apart. The other HG’s drift in and out of conversations with Holly. Throughout the morning, Mike takes the part of the Greek chorus and chimes in at intervals with words of wisdom (we can hear him, but not see him). Mike feels that Holly did the right thing (with Jase), that she doesn’t want to be seen getting “felt up” on national TV. Holly also talks a lot about her fight with Diane yesterday.

Because this day (and this summary) is long, I’m going to leave out most of the details of the morning chitchat, and just highlight my favorite HG quotes of the morning.

1. Holly: "I hate talking about it (she and Jase) so much, but there's nothing else to talk about."

2. Holly: "Jase is probably mad (at me) because I wouldn't let him shave my legs yesterday."

3. Mike (to Holly): "Bet you're sorry you put so much in those heart shaped sandwiches (for Jase), huh?"
Holly: "Maybe I'll make him (Jase) a broken-heart shaped sandwich, all mushed up with mustard and stuff... I'm ready to make him the 'death lunch.'"

4. Will: "When it’s time to sleep, I like to be on my side of the bed. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and Nakomis was there right in my face with 'dragon breath.'"
Lori and Holly: "Eeeeeewwwwww! The Cancer sticks will do that!"

5. Scott and Jase on the hammock, talking about how bored they are.
Jase: "Dude, is my middle toe bigger than my big toe?"
Scott: "Length yes, girth no."
And on that appetizing note, it’s noon in the BB House.


The early part of Holly's and Jase's afternoon is taken up with an (endless) conversation making up for their fight last night. Most of the day, the feeds focus only on Holly and Jase, so we’re left to guess what the other HG’s are doing. I’ll summarize the “highlights” of Holly and Jas.’s conversation so you get the gist. Just think of the following points repeated over and over and over...

Jase: "You’re working me."
Holly: "One minute you are so sweet and the next minute you are a turn off."

Holly confronts Jase about dating older women who have cars and money. Jase said he hung out with an older woman because she was nice, but moved on... Jase: "I’m so mad that things get turned around in the house. That’s not me, and things keep getting twisted."

Jase says his feelings for Holly are real. He likes sleeping with her. Holly jokes about the relationship and says they are dirty to each other... Holly tells Jase she is genuine, but doesn’t want to appear like porn in the House. Holly says she was thinking about doing it (last night), but Jase was asleep. (Ed. note: Sure Holly)... Holly asks, “Do you think we're coupley? Will they vote us off if they think we're a couple?”

At one point in the conversation Holly shifts to talking (again!!) about the fight Diane and Holly had yesterday. Holly quotes Diane, “I didn’t like you at first. You were like a Barbie. But, I like you now.” Holly rags on Diane for acting like she loves Holly now. Holly doesn’t feel it’s genuine.
Jase says, as Holly tells the story, that Diane is trumping her. Jase says, “She (Diane) is a snake in the fricken grass.” Holly keeps talking about the talk with Diane last night… Diane is in denial and she doesn’t realize the guys aren’t’ into her. Holly says that is sad. One of them talks about that the love triangle between Scott/Diane/Drew is fake. More dishing on Diane... Jase goes off about trust. He tells Holly he trusts her... Holly goes off on Marvin. Holly is scared about her well-being and the other girls in the house, and is afraid that Marvin is going to go off on one of them.

After about an hour or so of this, Holly goes into the kitchen. Lori confronts Holly about the things Holly has been saying about her. Outside, Lori calls out Jase, and tells him she wants to be left out of the backstabbing. It made her mad that Jase thought she (Lori) was talking sh*t about him. She yelled at Holly too and now Holly is mad at her... Lori says that she is not really mad, just wanted it to be made clear to Jase that she didn't say whatever it is that was said. Jase leaves the BY and goes into the kitchen (I think).

Lori goes back into the kitchen and confronts Holly/Jase again. Lori is really upset that Jase called her out in front of the other HG’s saying that “...you told him that I told you that he was like playing you. Like seriously I just wanna stay outta your guys thing. Leave me outta of it from now on but please tell him that I never said that.” ...Lori says that Jase made her look “like a little gossip.” Jase saying he was just asking her a question, telling Lori, "You’re making a big deal out of nothing."

Holly goes to Scott for consolation. “She (Lori) just came in here, like SCREAMING at me! I'm not used to that Italian chick thing.” Scott assures Holly that Lori was “off the wall.”

Eventually Lori and Jase make nice. Lori apologizes, and Jase says it’s no big deal.

It’s about 2PM BB time at this point.

Jase goes out to the pool and says to Drew that he thinks there’s a mole in the House... Drew: "A what?" Jase: "An informant, you know like they talk about on the internet."

<Feeds switch to convo between Cowboy and Scott in the HOH room, talking the usual Four Horseman BS about how invincible they are.>
Scott’s plan for eviction is (in this order): Lori, Diane, Adria, Karen, Marvin, Holly, with the Four Horseman left. Among other Scott tidbits “There is no way for the guys to lose.” Scott also said that his “pawn” players are Marvin, Holly, and Nakomis.

Memorable Scott quote: “I am in the DR saying we are so strong and silent we are like friggin Samurai's.”

Meanwhile, Jase and Holly are at it again. Holly calls Jase a stupid idiot because he was trying to make Holly and Lori fight... Holly: “She is one of my only girlfriends in here.”... Holly made Jase a frowning face sandwich and threw water at him... Holly criticizes Jase because Scott was comforting Holly while Jase was comforting Lori... Jase mimics Holly’s comments about Scott. This conversation goes on for more than an hour with more of the same.

Jase gets away from Holly long enough to have a conversation with Scott and Marvin in the HOH room. Marvin says (as he has said many times) that Lori doesn’t belong in the House because she was recruited to be on the show and she has already won $10k... Marvin is afraid that Lori is "protected" from on high because she was pursued for BB5 instead of applying like many of them. Jase and Marvin leave.

Jase gets called to the DR, and Scott uses the chance to chat/flirt with Holly outside. Scott tells Holly that if he lies next to her, maybe she will get a tan like his. Then they will be America’s Choice. (Ed. note: Oh pleeasse)

Soon after, Scott tells Marvin that Holly is trying to play Scott, and that he (Scott) saw thru her (Holly’s) panties and it was nice...shaved. Marvin smiles at this, and says he is surprised that Jase is falling for Holly’s playing him.

Holly said earlier that she likes Mohawk haircuts and Jase is now in the bathroom trying to style his hair into a Mohawk.

Lots of back and forth chit chat among the HG’s about Jase/Scott/Holly, as well as other miscellaneous conversation. My favorite tidbit was that Marvin said he was once a Michael Jackson impersonator with hair down to his shoulders. (Ed. note: It must have been a LONG time ago.)

Another interesting tidbit: Scott told Holly that she looks “different.” Holly replied that she is actually her sister. Scott doesn’t believe it, says that Holly is effin with him. Holly starts to say "what if they like switched me out.." and then 'Mr. Attention Span' started noticing/talking about something else.

Now Holly and Jase are together in the HOH having their usually sappy conversation. Holly wants Jase to turn the lights off, but Jase things he isn’t allowed to. She convinces him to try turning off the lights. We get FISH and when we come back, the lights are on. Holly calls Jase “pumpkin pie” and Jase asks Holly to rub his abs with lotion. Jase is putting peroxide in Holly’s belly button because it is infected. (Ed note: I think you’ve gotten the gist of this particular conversation, except I can’t resist one prime Holly quote):

Holly: "Do you think I talk out of my nose?"

In lieu of the Holly/Jase show, the other feeds are offering miscellaneous chit chat in the kitchen, which includes a comment from Scott that one of his tattoos is of himself as an angel.

The scene shifts out to the backyard where Nikomus has colored one of Scott’s tattoos with eye shadow. Needless to say, Scott loves it. Meanwhile, Jase is busy taking off the nail polish from Holly's toenails. (Ed. note: I can’t believe I’m just summarizing all this stuff with a straight face. If this was a regular sitcom, no one would believe that anyone talks and acts like this crew.)


It’s dinnertime. The HG’s are eating fairly early tonight – about 6PM BB time. A/N has cooked halibut. About the only thing memorable about the dinner is that midway through, Cowboy got up and started barking like a dog. Not sure why, something to do with Drew taking a nap and having Tourette’s.

Miscellaneous after-dinner chit chat by various HG’s.

The boys go out to the backyard and pretend to have a fake PGA tournament, complete with some good narration by Scott and Marvin, but the boys also engage in their usual trash talk, most of it directed at Drew (who takes it in good humor as always).

Inside, the girls are bonding, with Holly center stage. She mentions her “birth person” (a female) but says she can’t talk about it any more than that because of the release. However, she clarifies that the “birth person” is the person who gave birth to her. Holly also talks bras with Nakomis. The girls say that Nakomis should go to Victoria’s Secret. Nakomis said she can’t imagine spending $35 for a bra, and she should probably just join a nudist colony. Holly: "You (Nakomis) look like you would go to a nudist colony."

After this, the girls go to play with the boys in the backyard. Scott accidentally hits Nakomis with a Frisbee. Jase and Holly are sparring, with Jase daring Holly to hit him.

Then Jase and Scott go into the house to rub their hands with shaving lotion, and then outside to rub it on the other HG’s. Jase gets some in Holly’s eye and some gets in Lori’s hair.....Scott: "Why are you (Holly and Lori) so upset? Don’t you use shaving cream on your vagina?"... Holly/Lori: "No! It burns!"

Scott is in the LR with Drew. He asks the camera, “Which of the two of us has bigger nuts?” The camera points to Drew (hehehehe) Drew: "Yah! It pointed at me"... Scott: "That was because you moved." (Ed. note: Uh, I don’t think so...<g>)

Scott and Jase go in the bathroom and decide to take a bath together. As Jase runs the water, Scott asks Cowboy if he is wants to give them a handjob. Jase does a Dr. Phil imitation of himself and Holly, which I will copy verbatim here. Jase: "We need Dr. Phil, he's gonna be our celebrity guest."
Jase as Dr. Phil: "You know what Holly, you know what I think your problem is? And Jase I'll tell you what buddy, you need to get your cart behind the horse instead of in front of it, buddy, cause I'll tell you what right now; you two are not on the same page. You all need to be on the same stove, you need to get every pot and pan on the same stove cause your cooking with gas, and she's cooking with propane and I'll tell you right now that ain't gonna work Mister."

In preparation for the bath, we almost have a naked Jase moment before the cameras swerve away. Jase realizes what he’s doing and puts his shorts back on.

While the Jase/Scott bath is going on, Will/Nak/Karen/Lori/Mike are talking strategy, but then start discussing Drew’s (apparently) uncircumcised penis. Will says that circumcised guys have only 30% as much sensation as uncircumcised guys. Scott has wandered in at some point and is very interested in talking about Drew’s penis and says he’d like to see it some time.

Jase and Holly are out on the hammock in the BY and their endless conversation begins once again... (Ed note: For content, see earlier conversations)

Inside the House the talk turns to who has masturbated in the House. Marv and Karen have. Drew had a wet dream. Cowboy hasn’t masturbated yet. Will asks Drew if any girls he has dated have known how to give head. Drew said that one has. (Ed note: Only one? Poor Drew.) Nakomis (ever the surprise) asks Drew if he has ever had a “biter” and goes on to give Drew tips that Will didn’t even know about. (Go Nakomis!) The HG’s offer to answer any other questions Drew might have. Lots more sex talk and the feeds finally cut away.

Late Night

Ed Note: It’s about 11PM BB time, and conversation is going hot and heavy on several fronts. Most of the recap from now on is based primarily on summaries from Rabbit. (I’m SO grateful to her.) But, I have shortened the conversations for easier reading – hard to believe, I know, since this summary is long so far, and is about to get longer!!!

In the LR, several HG’s are wondering about twins and whether Holly is a mole who is just playing Jase. They contemplated Drew might be subbing out, but they said his brother is taller than him and so they figured they'd be able to know if Drew was suddenly taller, so they don't think he's switching.

Lori thinks there is something going down. They were told there was a twist, then the first challenge is a DNA strand, then we find out that Cowboy and Nikomus are related... Lori: "At the hotel before the show, Holly got better treatment. She got nicer rooms and better stuff. She even got a photo shoot on her own before our group one."

Jase comes out of the DR

J: "I'm done with the Holly thing."
H: "I'm done with the Jase thing."
Mike: "Are you for real?"
J: "Yeah she just came out of the DR and said that she's decided she's mad at me and she doesn't wanna talk to me."
H: "I didn't say that."
J: "I'm done getting played. Holly how can everything be cool with us and then you come out of the DR and decide that everything isn't good."
H: "Well the twin thing is ridiculous. You think I’m the mole."
J: "Then why did you slip with 2 different people about a twin and now you're denying it."
H: "What are you talking about?? We didn't finish talking and you just freaked out."
J: "We've talked all day!!"
H: "But not about that!!!"

A similar conversation is going on outside between Karen and Nakomis talking about twins and speculating that Holly may be a mole. They wonder if Jase and Holly may be related, and other conspiracy ideas. (Ed. note: Are we SURE they don’t have access to Joker’s in the House? <g>) Nak: "I don't see how this twin thing will have to work into this. Diane's twin has different hair...Drew's twin has a birthmark." Karen: "But don't you find it odd that twins are so unique that they aren't using them?"

The conversation about Holly in LR continues in a similar vein and goes on until after midnight. The consensus is that the HG are pissed at Holly and think she has lied to all of them. They want her out!

Outside, Jase and Holly are repeating their conversation for the umpteenth time. Sample:

H: "I think you should accept my apology."
J: "I'll accept it but I won't forget it."
H: "I think you should just forget this even happened. OK, or not ok?"
J: "I just wanna go inside."
H: "But you didn't tell me if you were ok or not OK."

On the way inside, Jase says "Let's just tell the other HG’s that we're in on it together; that we're all actors." ....Holly agrees and they go inside.

H: "You guys are so lame."
J: "We were just making this whole thing up just to get you guys back."
Scott: "You guys are just joking."
J: "Hold on, crazy people. You guys are going crazy. I'm Mr. Fun Guy. I'm just getting you guys back for the thing in the HT. You guys can hate me or not but..."
Scott: "I don't trust you now. I don't trust either of you now."
Lori: "I think it's weird."
J: "Hey, we need a TV. Everyone wants drama, we gave it to you."
Lori: "I so don't wanna be involved."
Scott: "Dude, what is going on?"
J: "Everyone is going crazy. We're just trying to make it funny."
Scott: "No, you guys were outside making up and you just decided to go in there and pretend like it's a mistake."

Outside, Karen, Nakomis and Lori are talking.
K: "They are f'ing blatantly insulting our intelligence. They are so tight. If they don't wake up, Jase & Holly or Jase/Holly/Scott are going to run this thing."
Nak: "Yeah, but we didn't fall for it."
K: They're all duped... I caught Jase in a really big lie, and I was too afraid to tell anyone. In the beginning, Jase led me to believe that he and I were going to the end. It was in the HOH and I was just laying there listening. But through the grapevine, I heard he gave this same proposal to others. I've been sitting on this egg all this time. I haven't told no one so you can't say anything..."
N: "Something Cowboy said to me kinda hurt me... He was talking about alliances and said my name was in it. He said that I should watch who I’m talking to cause I don't know who my leak is...like there is a leak in our alliance. I'm afraid to tell him things cause he's a follower."

Feed switches to Scott and Jase talking.
J: "All that stuff we said in there was just for her (Holly’s) benefit."
S: "I knew that, dude."
J: "She's totally gaming. The only reason I did that is to take the heat off of her."
S: "I don't think you should have put yourself on the block like that for her... everyone wants her up and now you too!... Dude don't ever put yourself out there like that on national TV. She's a liar and a mole and you shouldn’t do that for her."

Drew & Cowboy join them.

Drew: "Why did you put yourself at so much of a risk for that bitch?"
J: "I can't believe she told Diane that, about how I was going to put her up..."
S: "Yeah, I told Lori that wasn't true."
S: "I'm not trying to be an ass*ole, but that girl (Holly) hits on me all the time."
Cowboy: "Yeah, she does it with us 2 as well..."
C: "Is she (Holly) going to be sleeping in the HOH?"
J: "NO..."

Cowboy and Jase go inside and talk to Marvin.
J: "Marvin hear me out...Holly asked me to help her save face with the group. I said I’d go in and help her out. She knew she was found out. I said I would go in and tell them whatever..."
M: "I told you from the start that something was going on. I'm glad you ain't crazy."
W: "What's your read as to what's going on?"
J: "I don't know.... I dunno if she's an airhead blonde or what? What do you think Marvin?"
M: "I don't think she's a mole, but I think she's working it..."
J: "I don't know what her deal is. I kinda got sucked in."
M: "Well, that's normal; don't fault yourself for that..."
J: "I hope I didn't lose any trust with you guys after this."
M: "I tell you she's playing the game. Just keep your eyes open."
Di: "I feel like I’m getting played by a f'ing piano right now..."

M: "You know what I’m sayin'. You know what I’m sayin'. I’ve been there the m**f***cker..."
Scott: "I'm pissed at her..that dumb b*tch is trying to get between me and you."

Lots more conversation in a similar vein. The HG’s are getting more and more pissed at Holly (at least they say they are when they are talking to Jase.) A similar conversation is going on between the HG’s outside.

About 12:30PM - The HG’s outside start questioning Holly, and she gets upset and goes to the HOH room. She is upset and says she needs to go to the DR. She gets in the HOH bed and looks like she is sucking her thumb...Scott comes into the HOH to comfort Holly. (Marv, Will, and Cowboy are eavesdropping outside HOH.)

H: "I'm not okay. I'm not okay." (very whiny/crying voice)
S: "Stop lying."
H: "I'm not. He's telling me to do stuff. Do you want me to tell you everything?"
S: "Yeah!"
H: Talks about being questioned about J in the DR, then coming out to the mole accusations and the fight. (rehashing what happened, basically)

Holly tells S that it was Jase's idea to do the fake cover story.
Scott tells her that J says it was her idea.
Holly keeps crying and says “I wanna leave, I wanna go home.”
Scott keeps complimenting Holly, and saying he doesn’t trust Jase.

Scott: "I will tell them all the truth...It’s not your fault, you are playing the game."
Holly: "They are all going to hate me now and think I set it up."
Scott: "No, I will tell them; they will listen to me."

12:45PM - Meanwhile, in the BY, Jase is working the crowd, saying that Holly asked Jase to do the cover-up lie with her, etc. Trying to get the sympathy of Lori and Drew. This is a long convo, but has lots of repeats of earlier convos. No real new information.....Jase says again that Holly will not be sleeping in HOH tonight.

Back in the HOH room, Drew comes in, and Scott and Holly repeat the conversation to him.

Scott comes out HOH to tell the other HG (Marv, Will, Diane, ?) about Holly....Scott tells them not to kick Holly when she's down and that Holly was crying "her ass off." He tells them that Jase has pressured her and that she's scared.

Marv doesn't understand how Holly can be scared of someone and sleep in the room with them.
Scott: "She could be full of sh*t. He could be full of sh*t. You never know."
Marv: "Ding. Ding. Ding."

Scott leaves. The feed moves to Holly who is sitting alone in the living room looking very sad. She watches the Four Horseman outside talking.

Typical 4H conversation.....
Scott: "She's a little girl, and she feels alone...She could be full of sh!t..."
Scott goes on to deny that Holly is getting to him after being asked by Jase.
Scott wants Holly out, but feels sorry for her...then talks about her driving a wedge between Scott and Jase.
Jase: "She's gotta go next week."
Scott: *blows out a breath* "She's gotta go tonight...out of your bedroom... Be strong Jase, be strong...I know you want some of that p*ssy, but you can't."

Jase goes to talk to Holly.
Holly: "You’re playing with my emotions...You think that I’m doing it to you when you’re the one doing it to me..."
(Ed. note: yada, yada, yada. You get the gist. Same old stuff over and over and over.)

It’s about 2:00AM. Drew asks Holly and Jase to move outside, so the rest of the HG’s can sleep. (Ed note: Go Drew!) Jase and Holly go outside and keep talking.

Jase gets called to the DR about 2:10AM. About 2:25AM Jase comes out of the DR, gives Holly a hug, then goes back to the HOH room where he sleeps in the middle of the bed.

Cowboy goes outside and Holly tells him her side of the story... CB says that the whole house is sending us guys to clean this up. He tells her that it may have been Jase who started it, but that she was in it too... CB says that the relationship is very “high school” and Holly says they were bored... CB doesn’t have much sympathy for this. (Ed. note: I think the poor guy is tired and just wants to go to bed.) The CB/Holly conversation lasts until about 3:22AM BB time, and doesn’t cover any new ground.

Cowboy heads to bed. Holly goes to the HOH room to get a blanket. She takes a few sofa cushions and goes to the cement room to sleep.

All the hamsters are finally asleep..........(Ed. note: Whew!)