July 15,

Talk about a perfect day numerically for the first eviction. The day dawns with the hamsters sleeping in their usual poses...all except for a solitary Jase spending his last night in the HOH, and the banished and feeling ostracized Holly slumming it in the Cell Block with the other pariah of the house Mike. The previous night went very late, tensions were high, and Holly is completely restless, even getting up early to wander the house after only a scant few hours of sleep, if that, before going back to her slumber nest.

But eventually, by about 10:30 AM, the house is waking up. Marvin shaves his head. There's the usual morning small talk, batteries are changed, but no one is talking to Holly. They talk in the kitchen about how BB let them sleep late after the previous night until it's interrupted by that now familiar bobbly sound and aquatic life.

Late morning, after 11:00 AM, Cowboy is talking very confidently about HOH and wants it bad. Soon, he and Jase end up in the HOH talking about the aftermath of the previous night. Cowboy basically relays what he told Holly the previous night - she and Jase are good people, she shouldn't let this get her down, and so forth. Jase is once again swearing off her...saying she is taking this way too seriously, that he was just having fun, being goofy, and that it all blew up and got way too heavy. Cowboy says she's doing a lot of this because she's bored in the house, and he tells Jase how he told her EVERYONE is bored. Jase talks about how he joked once in their pillow talk that he was going to get a Holly-related tattoo...and she took him seriously. Both joke this is - what - after a week of knowing each other??? Jase feels he lost credibility with the Horsemen, but Cowboy feels he can win it back. Holly will have a tougher time.

Meanwhile, Holly relates to Scott how she had no choice but to sleep in the Cement Room the previous night. Scott says he would have found room for her, but she didn't want to wake him up. She talks about how Cowboy was really there for her last night.

As for the rest of the house, they are cleaning the place up...vacuuming and such...in preparation for the live show.

Holly continues to be emotional, and relates her grief to Lori in an extended conversation. She goes on about how she isn't trying to play the guys against each other, isn't trying to get in with Scott, that he's not interested anyway. Thinks Jase has been lying to her the whole time about liking her. Says the whole house hates her now, and she's a victim...but so is Jase in terms of the house suspecting them. She didn't want to be a couple in the house. Wonders why he would lie jokingly about his parents being dead. She says her talk with Cowboy the previous night really helped. Says she doesn't automatically hate all black guys like Marvin simply because she was raped by three black guys. Lori through the whole thing is sympathetic and says she agrees with Holly about her being set up, and that Holly didn't want to be a couple in the house. Holly wants to talk to The Don about whether stuff like this happened on previous BB's, and also talk to Tom, the show's psychiatrist.

That conversation breaks up but she is still crying. Marvin of all people comforts her. Lori suggests she goes to talk to BB about it, which she does, still very emotional. Lori after the Holly convo relates the story to Will, Karen, and Diane Holly's story...and they believe it. They all agree Jase needs to go next...put him and Scott up. They can use Holly as a vote saying they protected her this week. Though Lori tells people Holly is talking to BB about possibly quitting. Lori doesn't think she'll do it though.

The house buzzes with talk of Holly possibly quitting...and many like Will, Karen, Lori, Di, feel she was "used and abused" in the words of Karen by Jase. Talk flies this way and that about it...all of it in the moment, in the sense that I'm now writing this on Friday night and it's like ancient history.

During this afternoon, early on, Marvin has a conversation with Jase, pledging his loyalty to him. That it's a business thing, and that Jase is the mastermind behind everything.

Karen and Lori work on CB, to try to keep Holly in another week. They discuss the ‘act’ and CB says he believes Jase, and the truth will out, after they get out.

Karen doesn’t buy that they broke up, Holly and Jase, on HoH night. CB keeps repeating that Holly is no threat. CB, if he gets HoH, wants everyone to come talk to him. He’s seeking the truth. He says he told Holly she was an adult and could have stopped Jase anytime, the previous night.

Meanwhile, Holly is in the shower talking to Jase over the shower door, misery that she was. He said he liked hanging out with her but he’s done. She doesn’t appreciate that he did it in front of the entire group.

Afternoon: 3PM
Lori and CB still yapping. They’re wondering why Holly was bawling today. Because she thinks everyone hates her, CB says. He told her to leave it alone for today. Lori feels badly over the thing, it wasn’t meant to hurt anybody. They both agree this is an emotional game.

Holly and Jase are talking. Holly is upset everyone is calling her a mole and a twin. She’s hurt. Jase tries to make peace. She looks up to him. He put shaving cream on her and thought that was funny. She has a massive headache, and whines on. And on. And ON! Then she tells Jase he’ll be a better person after the show (my sides ache with laughter.)

Everyone is now primping for the live show.

Will and Lori tell Nakomis that Jase needs to go. Lori throws in that he really played Holly earlier. Holly is meanwhile whining to Adria about trust issues. Jase is a good guy: after all he’s a firefighter, she says.

Scott and Will are talking. Scott wonders if he sits next to the nomination chairs if he’ll get more screen time. The tool! Roflmao.

The HG’s are gathering in the LR for the show, about now.

Jase and Holly talk. Big shocker ahead! Jase wonders how his hair looks! How’s that for new and different? He wants to sit on the couch with her. She warns him, this could confuse her. (yes, I’m directly recapping this, I couldn’t invent this crap. LOL) Everyone else is in the LR, and on Jase primps. And on.!

Massive FISH as the show airs. Then FOTH and the feeders went wild. FOTH with FISH audio, they said. LOL

Part of the live show follows
Mike (the Don) gets the boot. Everyone hugs Nik. Julie asks Mike, being he was such a strategist, how he wound up first out. He had a series of misunderstandings with Jase, he replies. He saw the 4H as competition and went after them, they saw that, and he was out.

Julie asks why he didn’t try to rally votes in his favor. The days were longer and harder than they appear, and he missed his family. And he wasn’t mad at not even having one vote his way. He’s upset he didn’t leave with no money, but “you can’t spend it from the psych ward”. Ha!

The best thing about the house for him was Marvin, his humor. Then came the messages. Nothing major there. Jase does say that when Mike said he was the strongest player in the house, he was right, and therefore had to go.

Mike says the others aren’t playing as hard as he himself did, and probably didn’t listen to his warnings about the Jase/Scott alliance.

HoH competition airs next. Majority Rules: they’re asked questions about fellow houseguests, but they’re to answer what the majority of Houseguests would respond, not what they individually think. Marvin wins!

Back to house
The 4H are talking. Scott has talked to Marvin, he said he’s putting up Lori. CB says he would have put up Marvin, if it’d been him. They’re happy that Marvin is Hoh, as he’s male. Scott says they can’t control Marvin, but they can give him input. For a bit, they discuss the HoH competition. They’re worried about Veto, but Scott says he’s Lord Veto. They think if one girl gets vetoed, and Marvin puts up a third, then 3 girls will hate him. (methinks they all hate him. LOL) Somehow, the 4 Horsemen, delusional that they are, think America is in love with them.

They think the girls will be lost without Lori, if she goes. (Tell that to Diane in a few weeks, as she kicks Jase’s ass in a HOH comp. neener!)

CB, talking about the show, worries. You have to think on your feet, he says. Karen assures him he did well. Lori feels she didn’t do well.

Night 10PM
A group are talking in the bathroom. Will thinks Mike was upset the vote was unanimous, but he wanted to see his family. Karen wanted to win HoH to get her photos. Discussion moves to birth control pills. Fascinating!

Big news! Holly is again whining. Says she was made out to look a liar. She and Jase *newsflash* are talking about trust issues again. Jase calls her ‘my little safety net’ (gagola.)

Holly tells him how she thinks the whole twin thing came up. She told producers she had a friend who looks enough like her to be a twin. Then Marvin thinks she’s a mole, she tells Jase.

Hot tub conversation happens, about music and other topics. Diane and Adria are walking together. Diane thinks Marvin will put up Lori because of the money she won and the peanut butter she forced them to eat. Adria doesn’t buy this. They decide they want BB to install a giant hamster wheel for them to run on. (LOL I can see that.)

Karen and Nik talk in the kitchen about the new HoH. They’re happy he got it, the pressure is off. Karen is happy Scott didn’t get it as they’re all ‘contaminated.’ Got to love that girl’s way with words!

Diane and Adria are in the hammock. Diane says that everyone knows Drew is hot, but all her friends told her not to hook up on TV. (I’m writing this recap several weeks later, and laughing!) Adria asks which one Diane would pick. She says one is the devil, and one is an angel. And the devil is more exciting. But Scott is selfish. Adria says that Scott tries to show his soft side.

(I am not inventing this, let me say that now!) Diane says “Yeah.. I really liked Drew, but I didn't know he wasn't circumsized. I'm not saying that makes a difference, but..” then she goes on to say, no kidding, that he has ‘excess baggage’. Well, that’s ONE way to put it. LOL

Lori talks about how Scott proposed, and how BB won’t let her wear her engagement ring. Others think it’s better she looks single.

And… the house goes quiet. All sleep.