The houseguests are awakened early, at 7:35AM, by Big Brother announcing that the food competition will be in 90 minutes. People begin to move about their morning business. However, Big Brother then comes on with some serious attitude at 7:43AM again telling Drew and Scott to get up. Jase hogs the mirror brushing the enamel off his teeth and fixing his hair.

The food competition begins at 9:30AM with Marvin handing out different colored bandannas to all the houseguests. They have to wear them anywhere on their body. Of course, Scott plays cowboy and drapes it around his neck with Jase following his “bro” but not without making sure he looks great by hogging the mirror and adjusting his hair again.

The food competition consists of the 5 houseguests each getting 5 rubber like chickens. They have to catapult them into baskets that have the matching colors to their bandannas. All the baskets are labeled; and some have "BAD EGG" on them. If a chicken gets flung into one of those baskets they lose all the food that they accumulated up to that point. They had 5 minutes to complete this contest. All had fun and the food was accumulating; then Will hits the BAD EGG basket leaving the houseguests only 1 minute 15 seconds to get the food for the week. Will caused them to lose: PIZZA, BEER, MEAT, FRUITS and VEGETABLES. By the time was out, they got: SEAFOOD, BACON, SAUSAGE, MILK, BUTTER, BRATWURST, SUN-DRIED TOMATOES, and TUNA.

At 10:29AM Marvin is alone in the HOH reading his new instructions on how to use the Secret Magic Screen. His comment is, “Sweet!”

At 10:33AM Karen tells the group that she was just reprimanded by BB for receiving a writing utensil from the “Don” when he left.

Well it would not be BB if someone did not cry today. Today it is Will’s turn. He is crying about letting people down and losing the food in the food competition.

On the PLASMA Screen it said "NOMINATIONS TODAY." Houseguests are now whispering and speculating.

At 12:07PM there is a big Pow Wow in the HOH room with 3 of the Horsemen (-Cowboy) and Marvin. Marvin is leading towards Lori and Holly. They want Holly to stay. Marvin feels he has to take care of business. He is nominating Lori because of the money she took and because she and Holly reported him and tried to get him thrown off the show by complaining about sexual harassment. They start counting votes and figure out that they need one more vote to get Lori out. They decide to get Adria to vote for them.
Jase leaves and sends Adria to HOH. Marvin tells her straight out that Lori will be going and that they need her vote on that. She asks why. Marvin restates his reasons, money and sexual harassment. Adria gives them her word that she will vote their way stating she plays straight-up and that she is honest. Marvin then asks her who her “homey” is, Adria replies, "you" (meaning Marvin.) He said, "Who else?" She replied, "Cowboy."

Cowboy takes it upon himself to talk to Nic telling her she is safe as long as she votes their way. However he won’t tell her who “they” are.

Lori and Will are speculating who will be put up. Lori states she will not kiss ass and that they need to bring "them" down because they are too dominating!

Big revelation here at 1:09PM – Scott tells Marvin that he is not as rich as mentioned before. (WOW! I bet that really shocked the houseguests!)

At 1:35PM Karen tells Holly that she overheard Jase and Scott talking, and that she was safe.

Karen starts her pleas at 2:22PM. She starts with Marvin, stating that she can get Lori to vote her way in the future. That she has some control over it. He again said it is not personal just taking care of business.

Nominations took place from 4:26PM to 5:28PM – When feeds return we find out that Marvin, true to his word, nominates Holly and Lori.

Cowboy comforts Holly telling her not to worry she has 7 votes to stay in the house.

Karen continues to plea – she talks to Will - they are planning on ousting Holly and keeping Lori.

Scott, of course, rants and raves that Marvin should not have put up Holly. He states to Drew and Cowboy that he should have put up Diane and that Holly pissed-off too many people lately. (Oh, poor Holly)

Operation Security Blanket is formed at 5:51PM – Will, Karen, Adria, Nic, and Diane form an alliance to vote Holly out. However they are to make the Horsemen believe they are voting out Lori and not go for the Veto, etc.

Karen then approaches Cowboy and tells him how people have been deceitful and how many people are being played by them, etc. She stresses how Cowboy should make his own decisions.

Marvin and Laurie talk at 5:56PM. He again stresses that it is nothing personal, just business. Lori is calm and does not seem upset. Marvin said he cares about her (Lori) and respects her. He commented on how Holly has played Jase and made Jase cry. (Ohhh, poor Jase!) He also said that he believes "Hot Chicks" win because dudes don’t have balls to vote out Hot Chicks….
After she leaves he said out loud “You know you ain't going nowhere, and my ass is next. Great decision! – Mpppppph!

Will tells drew that he will do whatever the group wants, but then adds that Holly's allegiance drifts with the power in the house. Drew replies, "Really?"

6:30PM – Diane and Scott exchange some fierce words. He is calling her out on her alliance and making her feel like crap. He called her "trailer trash," and said that bitches where he comes from don’t talk to him like that. (they should) Diane is really upset. She is calling him out on his alliance and saying how he puts people down, etc. (Go Diane)

Diane storms outside and starts telling it all to Drew, She was really freaking out, going on and on about Scott, and how he called her out on an alliance and that nobody believes her that she has no alliance, etc. She then said that he is just like an ex-boyfriend and she can’t take his crap anymore. That he might be cool in Pittsburg but definatly not here, She looks directly at Jase (who by now is just watching her wigg-out) and tells him go ahead and tell him what I said, I don’t care!!!!

Holly, at this point, really tries to comfort her. Diane is saying that she no longer wants to be in the house; that she felt that way 2 days ago and that everyone will feel that way at some point in the house. Holly was trying to be understanding here.

Jase goes in the house and finds Scott in the bathroom running a tub. Scott wants Jase to join him but Jase declines and heads out back to play golf with some of the girls. 9PM - (Oh, poor Scott must feel so rejected - no toes to suck tonight.)

At 9:12PM Diane and Adria talk. They again say that they have to make the guys feel secure about that they are doing what the guys want, so they won’t try so hard for the veto. All they are waiting for is to hear, “HOLLY, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.”

Scott emerges from the diary room and tells his 3 Horsebuds that he got a note from Arnold Shapeiro telling him to stop swearing because they have to edit it all out.

11:44PM Drew flashed the camera a few times the #2 sign (is this a sign that he switched with his twin????)

At about 11:40PM Lori starts telling Will that she wants to leave and to cancel "Operation Security Blanket." Will tries talking to her but she seems very determined. She makes this known throughout the house that she wants to leave. (Now is this a ploy? Who knows? It looked real to me.)

At 1:20AM Will, Nic, Adria, and Karen are talking and Will is saying how in the diary room they told him to have Lori keep fighting, and don’t go down without a fight. Nic said she will talk to Lori tomorrow and That Operation Security blanket is still on.

At almost 2AM Laurie tells Scott, Holly, Cowboy, and Jase that she is OK with leaving not knowing that the others are still trying to save her.

Will walks into the living room at this time and tells Holly that she was rude in telling Lori that she is getting voted out because of the $10,000 dollars. He tells her she needs to be more considerate of people’s feelings. Of course Holly replies that she did not mean it that way…. She just wanted it to be honest.

2:26AM Karen tells Lori that they are fighting to keep her and for her to stay low and have an easy attitude. Lori agrees to this. (Was it just not even a half hour ago she was still telling people that she wanted to leave?). Will then tells Lori that Big Brother said that he should stick up for her and not go down without a fight.

Jase consults his “bro” because he wanted to sleep with Holly gain. Scott said, "NO WAY!"

All lights went out at 2:29AM!