Recap of Saturday, July 17, 2004

The day starts off at approximately 11 O'Clock AM with Marvin and Cowboy the first HouseGuests out of bed.
Slowly, the other HGs follow as Big Brother announces that the Veto competition will start in two hours. Lori and Karen discuss Veto strategy. Lori thinks about picking Adria to stop the boys from taking Holly off the block. Karen counters that Adria hasn't been strong in competitions, and suggests picking either herself or Nakomis. Karen then talks to Nakomis about the various competitions and strongest competitors. They agree that no matter the competition, they will win.

In the dining room, Adria puts Nakomis' hair in cornrows, much to Marvin's amusement. Marvin then amuses Lori and other HGs in the bathroom when he positions himself in some Yoga stances (a Reverse Triangle, then The Crow). Over in the bedroom, BB angrily announces to Jase, again, that it's time to get up for the day! Karen is aggrivated that they were awakened two hours early for the competition, just to compete for ten minutes and then be on lockdown for the remainder of the day.

Holly says she's tired and wishes Scott could see how wild she is outside the house. Scott notes he's "chill" and stands in the same spot at a club all night. Holly asks what's the drunkest he's ever been. Scott tells a story about it, then says if he and Holly had met at a club, they would've "totally hooked up." He talks about about moving to LA for six months after the show, adding that he doesn't have any friends like Jase back home in Pittsburg. Holly can't believe he goes three times a week to the mall, but he says he loves to shop. He also says that he's stopped all the time for autographs because he was on the Ravens football team and in the Playgirl layout. Jase then tells very disgusting stories about using bodily functions to prank his roommate and vice-versa.

Small talk continues as they wait for the competition. Lori can't get "Mr. Loverman" out of her head, while thinking of the veto leads to a Willie Wonka song in Karen's mind. Adria tells Diane that the latter's butt hurting from the workout means it's ready for more. She also thinks that Diane's bubble but is cute. Jase thinks he and Drew have small butts while Scott's is huge. Karen thinks Will has the best butt. Jase says Will needs one as a gay man; to which Will remarks, "Trick of the trade, baby."

The veto competition is delayed, so Jase talks to Scott and Drew about making a back-up plan for Veto. He thinks that Holly is messing it up for herself by asking people to make it a unanimous vote against Lori. Marvin is doing more Yoga in the HoH while the others talk about waiting in the parking lot before entering the house. Although they couldn't talk to each other, they danced in the cars when "Baby Got Back" playe on the radio. Holly recalled hoping that "The Don" wouldn't be in the house, because he was next to her in the car farting. Finally at 2 O'Clock PM, Marvin tells everyone it's time for Veto Competition and the cameras go to FISH. (Hopper's updates of the FISH)

The HGs return just after 3 O'Clock PM with Scott infuriated that Marvin picked Drew for the Veto competition, vowing that Marvin will leave next week. Meanwhile, Jase, Cowboy, and Scott ask Adria if she now sees the alliances in the house. Adria leaves to get Cowboy sinus medication. Jase talks about breaking up the Will-Karen-Lori alliance, possibly by getting Holly off the block and putting Karen up. The men agree that Marvin really messed up on nominations this week. Jase goes to talk about putting up Karen; and Marvin agrees, adding that Karen hurt herself by defending Lori. They think that without the women, Will will be stuck. Apparently, Lori picked Karen to compete, while Holly picked Jase.

While Jase and Marvin talk, Karen and Scott get very angry about the food situation. Karen's upset that BB makes so much money off the show, yet can't keep food stocked during the restricted food weeks. (BB told them there would be unlimited tea and coffee during restricted food weeks, but BB hasn't been giving that.) Scott demands protein and vitamins and won't obey BB's request to stop cursing until BB fixes the situation. Marvin joins them and says he'll go with BB's rules as long as BB is consistant. Scott sits down to eat and ignores BB's requests for him to go to the Diary Room. After the urging of other HGs, he finally goes to the Diary Room. After a few minutes, Scott returns victorious. Scott tells them that they will get protein powder as part of their "generic diet," and then cameras go to FISH.

Will and Nakomis find out Jase and Marvin's plan from Diane. Will says that Marvin's a marked man if he releases Holly from the nomination block. Holly walks into the room, stopping the strategy talk. She leaves, then runs into Scott who tells her about the plan. Holly goes to Jase to congratulate him on winning Veto. Jase confirms the plans, then pulls Holly down onto the bed in the Wood Room. She gets up and leaves to get some water. Running into Scott again, she confesses that she thinks Lori (who was sleeping in the room) overheard their conversation. Scott tells her that the house is divided, they need Holly with them, and that Marvin messed up by putting Holly on the block. Holly stops the conversation to avoid any more troubles. Marvin gets Scott to the HoH room, where Scott begins working out to the music.

Jase has a Bible study moment with Holly, pointing out Luke 12:32. Holly says she wants to donate her winnings to charity, then suggest having one with Diane later. Scott walks in, suggesting that he should have a Bible study with Will. Then Holly points out Will is currently wearing better boxers because they have no hole for "extra camera time." Scott thinks that someone is changing the oxygen in the house, thus making them act weird. Jase agrees, and Holly completely changes topic by stating she might be a flamingo trainer. The group talk about how the DNA strand food competition must have related to Nakomis and Cowboy and how the other competitions might be related to a twist. All the while, Adria/Natalie just sits to the side, listening.

Around 5:20PM, Karen talks to Jase about not using the Veto because Lori is okay with going. Scott walks over to Jase, so Karen leaves. Scott and Jase talk about the Four Horsemen having the game in the bag with Holly on their side and Marvin following the plan. Meanwhile, Marvin and Lori have an in-depth talk on strategy. He tells Lori that he knows he can't win the game because of his tactics and because there are no other HGs that he could closely ally with. He would leave right away if his mom called with an emergency. He has noticed how others look up to Lori, and says that she could win the game. Lori doesn't care, she just wants her $10,000. He tells her Jase's plans to remove Holly, and thinks that Jase is "whipped," while Holly's dumb blonde is just an act. Marvin thinks that Scott was put into the house just so he could blow up. Lori leaves and Jase enters. Marvin tells him that he's narrowed down his list of nominees to seven people (note: that's all the currently non-nominated HGs except veto-holding Jase).

The HGs are moved inside right before 6 O'Clock PM because of a banner plane (although Holly claims it was just an advert for a gay bar). They head back out, with Scott telling Holly how he ate Kibbles and Bits as a child for a year. Holly asks if he's moved onto cat food. Holly then talks to Jase about his fashion during the veto competition. She tells him he was borderline Vanilla Ice. He thinks it was cool, she counters by saying that America might think he's a freak. While Adria sits nearby, they talk about the TV teasers for the next episode. Jase believes it'll be all about him and Holly.

Karen and Nakomis discuss the Veto. Nakomis says whoever tries too hard for Veto "shows their hand." Karen seems sure she'll be up, but Nakomis tells her that she, herself, may be up instead and that they both need to chill out.

Scott, Jase, and Holly discuss Scott's photo shoot for Playgirl. As Scott demonstrates the poses, Jase thinks it'll be funny to see Scott naked, while Holly was surprised that Scott was naked for the shoot. She asks if he had a fluffer. He replied that the magazine didn't want him to use one. He thinks having a gay photographer take 70 photos of him was the hardest thing ever. Scott wants to pose with Jase, but Jase wants to do sexy shots, not naked ones. The conversation moves back to live-show fashion, with Holly telling Jase and Scott that they looked like an electrocuted calico cat. Scott begins freaking out over his hair possibly looking bad on live TV. Jase is pleased, however, at Will's comment that he looks like Ryan Seacrest.

Elsewhere, Diana, Adria, and Lori rehash the Veto. Lori thinks the competition was unfair; although no-one cheated, and she knows Jase's plan because she overheard Jase and Holly's discussion. She hates Holly and is sick of Holly and Jase's "romance." Scott interrupts when he enters to ask their opinion about his hair on live TV. Diane says she liked Scott's look while Lori says she didn't like Jase's hair.

Minutes later, Holly tells Lori about BB asking her opinion of Jase having the Veto. Holly told BB she didn't want to talk about it. Lori tells her that she has her $10,000 and that Jase shouldn't use the Veto because it will only make Marvin mad because he'll have to pick another HG. Holly doesn't think that Jase is her boyfriend, although Jase said to trust him. She wants for Will to trust her and to hang out with Will post-show. She's also worried that her mouth will cost the the game.

After that conversation, Holly goes to Jase and says that if he takes her off the block, it will only make them bigger targets and that since Lori wants to leave her friends won't vote for her. She adds she doesn't want to know his decision because she doesn't want to seem like a "mastermind."

Karen and Lori discuss Lori's wish to leave the house. Karen doesn't want her to go, and tells her that they'll discuss it later. Lori gets in the shower. Then Cowboy and Scott enter the bathroom to ask her the same thing. Lori says she just wants to leave and spend her $10,000. Scott turns to Adria/Natalie, wondering what CBS listed as his profession. He thinks it's businessman or athlete. (The website states: "Sales Representative.") Then Karen asks Scott to talk later.

After a short FISH, the cameras return at 9:30PM to Karen and Lori talking (with Nakomis listening) about Lori's wishes to leave the house. Lori really wants to leave this week and doesn't want her friends to try to save her. She think it'll be too draining to stay in the house five more weeks.

Many of the HGs are outside. The men make crude remarks while playing putt-putt. Marvin makes fun of Cowboy's losing streak, which doesn't improve even after Cowboy removes his hat. Back inside, Karen and Nakomis talk more strategy. They think Drew's a follower. Jase is a (string of explicatives), and that Lori is making it difficult by wanting to leave. Karen doesn't know where Diane stands, while Nakomis doesn't want people who deserve to stay have to leave.

Just as their conversation ends, Holly tells Diane on the hammock that she doesn't want Jase to use the veto. Diane tells her she's safe and that Marvin will be pissed if he has to nominate again. Holly thinks that Jase wants to play "hero" and that if he wishes to do so, he should be nominated in her place. Diane leaves. Lori and Jase take her place on the hammock. Holly talks about the Veto, Lori tells her she's better off being safe. Lori adds that although she's not begging to go, she's okay with leaving. Holly claims BB suggested she talk to Jase about not using the Veto on her. Jase doesn't know who Marvin will nominate if he uses it, but tells Holly that she will be gone if he doesn't use the Veto. Holly counters that she has the votes needed to stay (all but Will and Karen). Jase manages to convince her that she needs to get off the nomination block. Holly fears that if Karen is nominated in her place but survives, then wins HoH, she'll put up Jase and Holly. Jase tries to have Scott convince Holly that Diane should be on the block, while Holly suggests that they try to convince Cowboy or Nakomis to go up as decoys. Scott and Jase shoot her plan down right away and tell her not to talk about it anymore. Then they agree that they'll need Marvin for one more week. They don't want to upset him and they believe now that Lori does want to leave as well. The FISH return as Jase and Scott start talking about BB trying to plant ideas in their head in the Diary Room.

The cameras quickly return to Adria/Natalie, Diane, and Jase in the kitchen at 10:33PM.
Jase has decided to use the Veto. Adria/Natalie and Diane say that they're still going to vote for the person who wants to go home. Jase begins asking Adria/Natalie how tight she is with the other girls in the house, particularly Nakomis. She responds that she is in the middle, cool with everyone but not tight enough to talk strategy with them. She adds that after four weeks things will change in the house, because people will begin wondering what others are talking about. Jase notes Adria's picture looks nothing like her. She comments that it doesn't even look like her.

Adria and Cowboy begin talking about thier thoughts on Lori. Adria thinks too many people are worried about future weeks and need to just go with the flow. She adds that Lori or Holly will make things worse if Jase uses Veto.

Meanwhile, Karen tells Jase that Drew doesn't want to commit but she's a potential swing vote and can also control Will's vote. Jase (who still gets Lori and Diane mixed up) doesn't think Holly is smart enough to save herself; but Karen disagrees, saying Holly might be smarter than them all. She also says that she would not have used the Veto if she won it.
Jase moves to the bathroom where he tries to explain to Holly that putting up a decoy would've only worked last week. Holly then asks Jase what Marvin wants. Jase tells her that obviously Marvin wanted her on the block. Jase says that he'll miss her if she's gone, but then he'll bounce back strong. Holly takes offense, and Jase takes it back. Jase continues saying that he'll miss her. Holly states she thought Jase would help her. Jase replies that he will. After intermittent FISH, Holly is happy with Jase again.

In the HoH room, Lori keeps telling Karen to vote her out. Karen keeps telling Lori to give it more time. Marvin enters the HoH and tells Lori that it killed him putting her on the block, but he doesn't care about Holly. Marvin begins telling Lori about Scott almost being molested by a Catholic priest when the FISH returns at 12:30AM. Fifteen minutes pass before the cameras find Scott telling Holly that she and Jase won't be together after the show. They both talk behind each other's backs (a surprise to her), and that they're both making really stupid moves right now.

Plans slow until 2:30AM when Cowboy and Drew choose each other to go to the final two. At the hammock, Scott and Jase think Marvin is a gamer and again want to boot him within the next two weeks. Holly worries that Marvin may put Scott up for nomination, but Scott isn't worried. He and Jase agree that Cowboy is solid in the alliance. Scott leaves, but Diane is also in the backyard when Jase tells Holly to spy inside the house while getting her sweatshirt. As Holly comes out, Diane spills the beans on the plan to keep Lori in the game. Diane, worried about playing both sides, tries to make a deal with Jase and Holly by promising a vote for Lori if they tell Marvin not to nominate her. The trio also talks about BB starting up rumors in the Diary Room again, and it's back to FISH. Later, Diane goes back in the house to wake up Nakomis and Will to tell them that she's got the plan in the bag. Holly sees her do this, then runs back out to tell Jase that Diane is lying. In the bedroom, Nakomis tells Diane to tell Jase that he'll have both their votes as long as the veto isn't used so they aren't nominated by Marvin. However, they still plan to keep Lori. Diane says she'll tell Jase in the morning.

The HGs finally begin winding down. Scott's horny and tells Drew to check it out, causing laughing from the gals. Both Drew and Scott say they want to make out with somebody. Diane and Holly scare Scott by pulling off his covers. Then everyone falls asleep at 4 O'Clock AM.