Sunday, July 18th

The HGs sleep late Sunday morning until BB wakes them up at 10:15AM. “Good morning, Houseguests. It’s time to get up for the day!” Mariachi music follows. While everyone is waking up, Will takes his time looking at the Memory Wall. The rest of the house is talking about the ant infestation in the Kitchen.

Talk moves to underwear. As they are making breakfast protein shakes, Holly comments that she still has a whole bag of G-strings that she hasn’t worn. Meanwhile, Jase and Marvin talk about the Veto and who Marvin should put up if the Veto is used. Jase points out that Adria, Nakomis, and Lori are an alliance. Moments later, Jase tells Scott “I can’t wait to get rid of Marvin, dude.”

Lots of strategy talk ensues. From Jase and Scott talking about “Gay Mafia, Lori, Karen, Diane, Nak,” to Marvin thinking everyone is out to get him, to talk about how Lori has “more game than March Madness’. Then Jase and Marvin start talking about the people that watch on the internet. They then talk about Todd, Lori’s fiancé, whom apparently was not known to the producers of the show. They laugh about how Lori’s request for her ring was refused.

On a side note, BB informs the houseguests that you would have to swim 440 laps in the pool to swim a mile.

At noon, Jase heads inside and makes protein shakes with Scott and Cowboy, who comments that it tastes like medicine. Scott says that he feels like he is on the Truman show. Outside, Diane and Holly are talking about moving to LA. Diane hates wasting her life; hates school; hates her job... Then the talk moves to taxes, and FISH quickly appear.

More random rambling around the house. Lori is feeling ill. Jase thinks America thinks all of the guys are gay (because they put up the two hottest chicks on the block... Ed. note: his words, not mine!), It is Scott’s BDay tomorrow, but BB won’t throw him a party. Marvin shave’s Adria’s legs. Marvin says BB is the cheapest-a$$ show. We have to host our own show, and then Julie Chen flies out once a week.” After all of this, hopper gives us a nice recap of what is happening in the Fish Tank.

At two o’clock, Marvin reveals that he made it to the final 3 on the Weakest Link. Talk then turns to Diane, and how Jase thinks she is nasty.

Cowboy is hanging out with the girls, and he starts talking about his sex life. Adria makes sure that he takes care of his woman. His reply: “I always take care of her.” Then Lori has a wardrobe malfunction when her swimsuit top slipped showing some boobage. Everyone jokes that the internet viewers will be watching it in slow motion (Ed. note: ...heading off to the Pics page to see if anyone caught it...) Scott parks right in front of her in case it happens again. Then BB says “Remember Houseguests, if you win the half million dollar prize, you will never have to eat peanut butter again!” Lori states that she thought it was going to be about her boob. Marvin tells Bob (the cameraman) to hook him up with a shot of that. Jase says “Yep, Lori is pulling out all the stops to get votes now!”

Off of this, talk separates again, everything from missing underwear to how much Cowboy’s fiancé weighs (the guys bet on it). Scott and Holly are talking when Holly states that she is scared of the dark HOH room. Then talk moves to dating and Holly says “Everything on you is triple the size of me.” Then Scott starts to (as valentine put it) lay multiple lines of BS on Holly. He is giving her “facts” about Florida, and most are false. Holly later tries to tell him over and over that she likes him, but he won’t listen.

Word makes it out that "The Don" snuck a pen into the house in case someone famous came in. He left it for Lori (or Karen?) and she got in trouble. They talk about how lousy the inspection was.

The lockdown is over at 5:45PM, and when they go inside, they find some stepping stone kits. Some talk about how ghetto they are, others team up for theirs. Within 15 minutes, most of the Houseguests have forgotten all about them and have gone outside. Outside, Jase is telling Will, Lori, Cowboy, Scott, and Holly about a screen test he had. Adria and Nak are exercising. Back to more screen tests.

Cowboy makes up a TV show called “Cowboy and Friends.” He talks about it over and over. When one person gets tired of hearing about it, he moves to someone else. Marvin even jokes that he is going to put Cowboy up. Later, (just before ten o’clock), while everyone is watching, the girls give Nakomis a mohawk. Meanwhile, Jase is working on his stepping stone kit, and is making a tombstone. Hypnotoad comments: “He has been saying he wrote "Jase loves Holly,” but I cannot confirm this. Until I see it on TV I will assume it says "Jase loves Jase".

Every one splits up again. It is 11:30PM and the talk in the house has as many varieties as the number of hair styles Nakomis has had. Cowboy is still talking about his sitcom. Marvin is making sexist slurs (as always). Lori says that she wants to leave. Lots of strategy talk. Will wants Jase and Holly gone. Karen finds one positive thing about Holly: She doesn’t snore. By one in the morning, things are still random. Nothing of major importance to point out. Some people go to sleep, while Jase is working on his tombstone. By 2:30AM, everyone is sound asleep.