The HG get their wake up call bright and early at 9:00AM, and right away they are informed that the Veto ceremony will be happening in two hours. Discussion starts as to who Marvin should put up when Jase saves Holly. While talking to Lori about this, Marvin shows her the viewcam. He is very nice to her, telling her that she is a good player. After Lori leaves Scott goes to talk to Marvin. Scott suggests putting up Karen because Jase can't stand her. Marvin and Scott go to the backyard to join Jase. Then Marvin starts trash talking, saying that if she hadn't talked about Todd she would be staying (speaking of Lori). Lori breaks up the party by asking Marvin if she could slam a beer (it's not even 11:00AM). They go to HoH to get her a beer and discuss the nominations some more. Marvin explains to her that he heard that if she won HOH he was going up. He tells her that she is the strongest player, as far as the girls go, because she is the prettiest; and that if she hadn't talked about Todd she'd be the strongest in the house.

Marvin knows his days are numbered and doesn't trust the four boys as far as he could throw them. However, they are the only ones he has. Nakomis and Karen talk about the POV competition, Nakomis is thinking that Jase cheated because he had a knot in his rope he wasn't supposed to have. Scott and Holly are sitting outside talking about the show and how people lie. Scott askes her if she's ever watched the show and she says, "No." Jase and Holly practice his veto speech. Holly sheds some fake tears and annoys half the house with them. 10 minute lockdown outside then it's time for Veto Ceremony.


The ceremony is over and Karen is outside talking to Cowboy, telling him he has to do what he has to do. Jase joins them and tells Karen the only reason she got put up in place of Holly is because she would have voted to keep Lori. Holly comes out and tries to reason why Jase saved her; telling everyone that they only have a "cuddling" thing and not an alliance.


Scott tries to talk to various people but they all get up and leave when he comes around. Karen starts kissing-up to Jase and Marvin, saying that she just wants to be included in the house descisions. Will, Holly, Lori, Nakomis, and Diane talk about when Lori leaves. Lori says a photo in a one magazine will make it worth it. Will tells her to get emotional. Holly askes her to call Johnny Creepy. Will and Diane come up with a plan. they are talking about putting up Drew and Jase. They seem to think Marvin will be on their side for the vote.
Marvin notices a sign Scott left on the bathroom mirror and points out the grammer error, "Your Ugly". They are very bored today, Scott in particular. Scott throws a chair and just barely misses a camera. Back yard lockdown is called and Scott goes to Diary Room. Everyone speculates what will happen.
They are in Lockdown for 40 minutes. When they are allowed back in Scott is there and tells everyone that he has 23 house violations. We are then shown the FISH. (I guess BB doesn't want us to know this and question why Scott is still in the house.)


Dinner time! Adria is tonight's cook. Everyone seemed to enjoy her Sausage casserole except Holly, who Adria made a vegetarian soup for. After dinner chatter is Holly and Jase talking about next HOH. Will and Lori talk about Marvin being the smartest player in the game and how Holly is the dumbest. They change to reality TV talk. Will says he almost made it on Survivor twice.


Time to celebrate Scott's birthday. His wish is to have sex. Someone jokes that Drew has a sparkle in his eyes. The talk turns to sex. Marvin and Scotts firsts were in college. Holly and Jase won't talk about theirs. Holly tells a show stopper of a story. She had a dog that got sick. When she picked it up from the vet he showed her that the dog had eaten a tampon and it had maggots all over it. She said the dog dug it out of the trash. Marvin says she left it out on the counter.
HG go inside, some stay outside, it's a slow quiet night. Scott and Cowboy talk about how they're stronger than the 3 Stooges (bb4) but that they're good. Holly and Jase spend the evening reading the Bible in a hammock. Lori spends her night campaigning to be sent home. Drew and Diane cuddle in bed. Scott spent the evening alone mostly. He did talk to Cowboy and confessed he's lied about money in the house and other things. Scott sleeps alone in Jases bed.