BB wakes the houseguests at 10AM. They seem pretty rested and go about their morning routine eating breakfast and getting dressed etc. At 10:45AM Lori and Karen are talking about Holly and how Holly is the "Royalty" of the house. Karen really wants to bludgeon her, and she has had dreams about doing it. Lori then tells Karen that she has been packing her clothes and that she has had ants in her bag, and how nasty it is.

Marvin is in the backyard with Jase telling him all about Scotts antics the night before when he tried to move the mattress and Scott yelling F*%$ to BB.

Another swift move by Jase, of "Hoof and Mouth" disease. Jase, Will, Adria and Lori are talking in the backyard. The subject comes up about bill collectors. Jase then goes on to explain that he left a message for a certain bill collector on his answering machine saying, "Hello this is Jase and I am away on a gay cruise right now, etc." Will just rolled his eyed toward Adria and Lori. Good one Jase.

At about noon time Scott, Cowboy, and Lori are chatting. Cowboy was saying he is one of the 3 most famous people to come out of his High School (I tend to agree with that) and that if he does not make it as an actor he wants to be a doctor. The subject then gets going about college sports. Of course Scott opens his mouth here by saying again he would never date a black women. (Geez, keep it closed Scott!)

That "Hoof and Mouth" disease is very contagious because later Scott comments on how badly Holly is reading. He said she has like a 3rd grade reading level. (This is from the same man who spelled "you're ugly" wrong on the bathroom mirror yesterday!)

At 2PM the boys play a new game. It is new to them, but really it is just duckball; except instead of using rubber ducks they are using yogurt covers. There is a bucket and they try to get the covers in the bucket for so many points. Getting it outside is also so many points and they add it up.

As the boys are entertaining themselves playing this game, Adria is in the kitchen teaching Holly (Bless you girl) how to make vegetarian soup. Holly pours Jase a bowl. He does not want it and replies that he has to play Frisbee with the guys. Holly pouts saying she just wanted to eat with him.

At 3:30PM BB gives the houseguests T-Shirts and tie-dye. Most are excited; except Scott who claims there is not one there to fit him. They all start working on their T-Shirts. The brilliant Jase and Cowboy both write Horseman on their shirts. (Nothing like calling attention to the alliance which Marvin did comment on later) Holly’s shirt had a pink heart made out of polka dots. Marvin had everyone sign his (Adria signed it “bootylicious”) Will put "Franny, Brandi, Camereon" on his for his friends back home. Scott put "Savage 69" on his but later messed it up so he tie-dyed it dark so no one could tell. Drew put a star with everyone’s names in it. Karen did a great sunset over some water with BB5 on it, and Nic dyed hers to match her hair--yellow and green (Is this an obsession, her hair?).
The lovey-dovey talks continues between Jase and Holly. Jase tells Holly that he told the Diary Room the saddest day in the house for him was when Holly cried. Holly then told Jase to watch out for Adria; that she is too quiet and gives her weird looks. Jase then told Holly that Diane is upset because he (Jase) and Holly make a much cuter couple then Drew and Diane. (Ya sure Jase)

Scott and Diane get chummy on the hammock. She lay in the crook of his arm. They talked about having no hard feelings once they get out, and about what they would do with the money if they won. (Of course, Scott wants a pink Hummer.)

They get a lockdown inside at almost 5PM.
Cowboy, Scott, Drew, and later Jase discuss who to put up next week. They want to put up Adria and Diane with Adria going. (NO NO NO) They say that they are not worried about Nak at all. Jase comes in. They explain again and he agrees about nominations. He then tells them that the diary room just gave him some information that this wild and cool thing is going to happen to the house. (Scott thinks that BB is going to let them out to sign autographs!) Jase said that he can’t tell them what it is but that it is cool and better then Sheryl Crow. (who appeared on BB3 to give HG a private concert in the backyard) Scott replies, "I guess we are living the twist right now."

At 6:15PM Nakomis again has Laurie cut her hair some more.

Diane and Marvin are getting pretty cozy (there were speculations, and later some pics of Marvin kissing her earlier in HoH) but at 6:15PM she is sitting on his lap as he rubs her back and rocks her. (Stick with Drew, Diane, please.)

Scotts opens his mouth again and tells Holly that Jase is "pussy-whipped." Holly’s ever so clever reply is you mean “Kitty-Cat Whipped”

Lori and Nak are talking about Cowboy for a bit. Nak said that they have nothing in common, that they will keep in touch but never be close.

Marvin, the chef, made dinner which was stuffed salmon with crabmeat and fried crabmeat appetizers. Adria helped him out and Holly reheated her soup.

At 7:45PM Holly was talking to Jase and remarking on Diane’s bad mood. Holly then said, "Maybe she (Diane) is Lindsey." (maybe Holly)

Later Diane and Drew were in the hammock. They were discussing Holly. Diane said she does not trust her while Drew thinks she is a porn star. Diane then tells Drew that every time she sees Jase all she sees is a big target on his back. Drew "Hmmmms" at this.

Scott, meanwhile, opens his mouth again. This time he tells all that he flunked all the psycho tests BB gave them before they entered the house. He said everyone was asking him if he was going to 'freak-out' in the house. (Why do I believe this?)

Karen does confront Holly and asks her if she is being voted out. Holly told her to not even bother packing her bag; she is OK. Lori tells Holly that she is too blinded by the relationship with Jase to see that he is a threat to her. (planting the seed, good girl, Laurie)

As the night winds down Diane and Drew are talking and he admits that he was recruited through a Twins talent agency.

Adria and Karen question Diane’s trustworthiness because she is always talking to the boys; and she made the comment that 'you better watch your back,' earlier in the week.

They all had fun and laughs in the wood room because Scott (the center of attention again) exposes himself and plays with the camera. Nice to hear the laughter for once.

Scott then leaves to sleep on the floor in the cloud room with Holly. Once Jase sees Holly not in bed he goes looking for her. He tells Scott that his bed is empty several times which Scott turns down. Jase watches Scott and Holly get cozy. Holly is giggling and Scott is being loud on how great this is. Jase goes back to his bed mad! He ends up waking Lori to see what what said to Holly by the Will group to make her not want to cuddle with him, and to sleep with Scott. Lori kept telling Jase she likes you. Jase then knocks Lori's glass off the nightstand, breaking it, so BB turns on all the lights waking everyone up.

They all finally settled in at 3:30AM. (They should look great for voting tomorrow!)