July 21

It’s Wednesday—voting day in the BB House. However, there isn’t much voting talk. (BB has apparently told the HG’s not to discuss their votes, and the feeds switch away whenever voting talk starts.) The day is pretty uneventful, until late evening, when the HGs decide to amuse themselves by telling ghost stories. (Many thanks to Rabbit, KimM, and Chelsea321 for their detailed updates of the ghost stories.)


When we left our HG’s last night, Holly and Scott were sleeping on the floor together. After getting in a huff, Jase had gone to sleep alone in a single bed in the Wood Room. As we log into the feeds this morning, nothing has changed – Jase had to spend the whole night alone. (Ed. note: Boo hoo.)

The change in sleeping arrangements left Drew and Diane in one of the double beds in the Cloud Room. In the early morning, Drew moves closer and closer to Diane, but, unfortunately, they never get closer than spooning.

About 9AM, BB wakes up the HG’s with the announcement that eviction voting will begin in an hour.

The usual getting ready rituals go on. These are made momentarily interesting when Cowboy asks Jase where he slept last night; then laughs when Jase admits that he “flew solo.” (Hehehe) On the list of things you never wanted to know about Scott – this morning, Scott took a mirror in with him to the toilet. Jase’s appetizing retort, “He watches it come out. Puts the mirror down there and guides it out like an aircraft.”

Not much goes on for the next hour or so, just the alliance talk we’ve heard many times before (and will hear many more times today).

However, the morning got more interesting when Cowboy finally started to get angry at the constant put-downs from “the boys.” Cowboy made a remark that his fiancé’s father “oversees” 25 oil fields (pumps?) (suggesting that April’s father is something like a supervisor or night watchman). Jase and Marvin jump on this and start saying that CB is rich. CB loses it, saying that he is not rich and that he works 6-7 days a week to support his family. He yells that he is p*ssed off (at J&M) because he doesn't have any money and that he and April get no money from her parents. The other HG’s try to calm CB down, and tell him to let the remarks roll off his back.

Even though Jase is making as much fun of CB as Marvin is, CB is most mad at Marvin and keeps saying he wants Marvin out next week. CB to Jase: “You can make fun of me, but Marvin can’t.” (Ed note: Huh?) CB heads inside and continues his ranting, this time to Drew and Scott. CB: “Marvin thinks I’m a Rockofellow.”

While CB is inside, Jase and Marvin are outside, continuing to make fun of CB. (with some remarks about Scott thrown in)
A sample:
Jase: He (CB) is in there telling everybody we are a$$holes.
Jase: I got to let it go because I’d get riled up.
Marvin: He wouldn’t have ever made it where I grew up.
Jase: He wouldn’t make it in the service.
Jase: Your closest friends are the ones that bust you the most.
Jase: He'll never win another golf game again.......
Marvin: A sad story is like a watch and an *****, everyone has one.......
Marvin: I dun apologized. What more do you want?
Marvin> Savage (Scott) is an NFL player; we bust his balls on it.
Jase> Savage ain’t no NFL player.
Marvin> I know he didn’t even make prep squad.

One other miscellaneous remark by Marvin is that the last day of sequestering is September 25. (Ed. note: As far as I know, we have no official confirmation from CBS at this point about the exact day BB will end.)

Another random Marvin remark.
Marvin asks Will if he and Nakomis have been getting it on. Marvin thinks that Namomis is missing a “Y” chromosome. (Ed. note: Huh? She’d better be missing a Y chromosome, since she’s female.) Marvin: To tell the truth, I think she (Nakomis) is missing a lot of chromosomes.

Meanwhile (inside the House?) Adria and Diane have been talking. Diane is concerned that she might be voted out next week because the 4H are afraid of her making an impact on Drew. Diane also said that she hopes that if the 4H win HOH that they kick out Marvin because he is giving her the “heebie-jeebies”. Adria says that Marvin has kissed her twice. She says “I’m not a racist or anything, but when you cross a line, I’ll tell you." Adria says Marvin is like a stray dog – when you feed them they come back for more. But she (Adria) doesn’t think Marvin is harassing.

As mentioned at the top, there is very little conversation about voting, and the feeds switch to FISH when voting comes up. But, here are two stray Scott voting remarks. The first is during a conversation between CB and Lori about CB wanting Marvin out. Scott watches this conversation and says (to Jase?): “If CB wants to get Marvin out, he’d better not talk to the person who’s going tomorrow.” Then later, Scott says he said, “Keep on masturbating,” for his good-bye to Karen.


The “boys” are in the kitchen while CB is in the DR. Jase and Marv re-affirm voting Lori out, and say that the news is out about the Karen/Will alliance. Marvin says that Diane is working “pretty boy” (Drew). Jase says “I hope not, he’s cool.”
Jase: Since Lori is out now, Will and Karen probably moved to that group.
Jase: There’s us good guys and bad guys. The good guys need to win HOH.
M: You can’t trust pretty women. I took Lisa out week 2. You wanted me to shake it up. I shook it up.
Jase: Lisa?
Marvin: "She was supposed to be another Lisa." (Ed. note: apparently Lisa from BB3)
Jase: Cowboy is the Rupert.

Meanwhile Lori and Karen are talking, and Lori admits that even though she said she wanted to go, she doesn’t. Karen says, “No matter how bad I want to go, my competitive streak wants me to fight to a bloody stump.” Lori reassures Karen she didn’t campaign for votes.

Game talk continues on all fronts. One funny bit is a kitchen conversation between Lori and Marvin, with Holly looking on:
Lori: I hate this game
Marvin: You made 10 grand and got yourself out of debt.
Lori: I LOVE THIS GAME <Everyone laughs>

Miscellaneous game talk continues.
Scott/CB/Drew wonder if they should shift next week’s target from Adria to Marvin (Ed. note: The 4H target for next week seems to shift from minute to minute.)

Also, Jase changes what he says about Holly from minute to minute. A sample conversation between Jase and Lori.
Jase says that he doesn’t understand why Holly cuddles with him one day and “the next day, well you know.” Jase insists that he didn’t take Holly off (the nomination) because of their relationship. He says that he plays Holly; like he is mean to her one day and nice to her the next, as a way to deal with Holly’s “high school” behavior.

Soon after this conversation, Jase sits reading the Bible and starts turning it into a rap song. (Ed. note: Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any verbatim quotes of his rap.) Then, Jase throws the Bible down on the bed and calls it “therapy.”

The feeds switch to Holly, and it’s the usual Holly stuff.
Here is one tidbit from a conversation between Karen and Holly about Jase being mean to Holly after she cuddled with Scott last night. Holly says she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to get in bed with Jase while all the girls were in the room, because it "wouldn’t have been proper." (Ed note: And it was “proper” to share a bed with Scott? Huh?)

Then, Holly and Jase have yet another conversation in the hammock. Same old back and forth, but it does include a little more information about “Johnny Creepy.”
Jase said that maybe Holly feels weird about herself and Jase because of her relationship with Johnny Creepy.
Holly: “...Hey Johnny Creepy and I broke up in November and we were together for, like, 2 years; and we were best friends, and he is the only one who, like, knows my cats; and he lives, like, 2 blocks away...”

Late in the conversation Jase finally asks Holly if she wants them to date outside of the house.
Holly says that it is up to Jase because he doesn’t live in CA. It also depends on if he visits her and meshes in her life because she lives like a cartoon character, and stuff; and if he doesn’t think she is ridiculous, and stuff, because she wouldn’t want that.

The “highlight” of the afternoon comes at about 1:30PM when Jase comes out into the BY and tells everyone to come look at CB’s huge turd in the toilet. Karen: “Cowboy has launched the biggest log I have ever seen. Ever.” (Ed. note: Hmm, not “stink pickle.”) Scott calls it the biggest sh*t of the year. (Ed. note: No, that’s you, Scott.<g>)

Will and Diane appear to have declined to witness this momentous event, and are in the hammock fantasizing about how excited they will be when Jase is evicted and about how hot Drew is. They love to watch Drew wash clothes. Diane says that Drew kissed her neck last night. Then, Will and Diane talk about how old-looking Jase is.

Diane: Yes, those fine lines.
Will: “Oh, you’re so nice --Rocks and Craters, call it like it is, honey.” (Ed note: One of the best lines of the day!)

If the earlier turd talk was 3-year old stuff, now the boys go out to the pool, and move on to 7th grade. Jase gets into the pool and gets his undies wet and asks Will if his d*ck is bigger than Scott’s.
Will: Obviously you (Jase) are bigger.
Jase yells to Scott: I am bigger than you, Will said so.
Scott: Bullsh!t, you (Jase) are trying to get hard.
Jase: Face it, Tiny, I am bigger.
Scott: I'll bust this 'Man-of-Python' out and show you all.
Jase: I am bigger and uncut and built.
Scott: Who was in Playgirl? Enough said.
Scott is not happy about this talk, but Jase keeps insisting he’s bigger.
Scott: Will, would you be obliged to hold them in your hand and measure tonight?
Will: Let's stop right there before things get carried away.
Scott is freaking out.

Then the feeds move to miscellaneous strategy talk in the kitchen between Karen, Lori, and Will.

And so the afternoon continues. After another hour or so, Scott decides to prove his manhood by pulling another Jack*ass stunt. On Marvin’s suggestion, Scott attempts to pole vault using the pole for the swimming net. The voice of Big Brother apparently said "Scott, this is your conscience. Please remember what you're doing." Scott tries to imitate the BB voice, but the feeds switch to FISH whenever he does so.

One minor event that followed a little later in the kitchen. CB told Scott twice to shut up when Scott yelled at him and dared CB to take the last protein mix. (Ed note: Go CB!)

The afternoon ends with a long conversation on the hammock between Will and Lori – Mostly dissing Holly, with some dissing on Karen. Same old stuff, not worth repeating. One interesting tidbit from Lori was that Holly said they shared some of her fan-mail with her in the DR. Apparently Holly has gotten several comments saying she is nice to look at, but that they (the fans) can’t stand it when she opens her mouth.


Around 6:30PM, Holly starts asking Adria questions.

Holly: What’s wrong with your eyes. sometimes they are small sometimes they are big.
Adria: I dunno I think its the make up.
Jase or Holly: Allergies maybe.
Holly asks Adria what CDs Adria asked for, and Adria answers that Holly asked that already. Jase asks Holly why she’s asking all these questions that she’s asked before.
Holly: I forget sometimes.

In the kitchen, miscellaneous Will/Karen strategy talk. Nakomis joins them.
Apparently earlier Jase overhead K/W/N/A talking and called them out on it. Karen jokes that they were talking about constipation.
Will: We're forming the constipation alliance.
N: (loud so Jase can hear, presumably, in wood room from kitchen): My alliance talks ***** about me behind my back. My alliance with the Bamboo
W: We should form an alliance with The Bamboo and the Swiffer.

W: It's so fun in here!
N: It's as fun as a heart attack!

N: Can you dance? You'll have to teach me to dance.
W dances the Electric Slide.

The evening stretches on – everyone talks about how bored they are. (Ed. note: I couldn’t find anything in the updates about the HG’s having dinner.) Jase tells a story about going thru an Arby’s drive thru and getting so frustrated with the order girl that he threw his drink against the wall. Lori naps for awhile and Marvin says this is his last chance to take advantage of her. He talks about putting a roofie (date rape drug) in a strawberry shake for Lori before the producers see it.

The HG’s move on to a game of 20 questions at about 8PM.

About 9PM, the boys are in the kitchen making tuna sandwiches and repeating their usual strategy talk. Then, Scott and Jase go off to take a bath together, complete with lavender in the bath. Jase takes off his shorts and flashes his a$$ and Scott yells, “Your balls are HUGE!” Jase claims to have "almost" been chosen to play Brad Pitt's body double and Scott asks him if he saw Brad Pitt when he auditioned. Jase says that he did and Scott wants to know if Brad was as hot in person. Jase says that yes, he was. Scott thinks that all Hollywood guys are just ugly guys made up with plastic surgery and stuff. Jase says that Brad Pitt had the "it factor" and that it's like he and Scott have the "it" but its just not developed yet.

The HG’s wander around for awhile...Hot tub...Kitchen...

Drew pulls Lori aside, and takes her to the hammock because he wants to touch base before she leaves. They talk about how much they have in common and how they admire each other. They want to keep in touch after the House and agree to exchange information at the wrap party. Drew says that the game “corrupts you” and wishes he had met Lori outside the House. More of the same stuff for awhile.

Late Night

After the conversation, Drew and Lori join the other HG’s in the HOH room, where Marvin has invited them to tell them ghost stories. (It’s a little after 11PM BB time at this point.) The following two stories are verbatim from Rabbit’s update posting. (Thanks Rabbit!)

“Marvin is saying his first story is about Toby; his second story is about attempted rape, and the last one is a ghost story.

--1st story:

He went to Boston University. Lived in a high rise and a girl he liked was coming to visit. We had to pick her up. Only gone for a few minutes. They watched TV for an hour or two. Something didn't feel right...like a 6th sense. His GF started kissing with him. Something didn't feel right, but we took our clothes off. His roommate is sleeping. He's on the floor and she's about to perform stuff. He turns the light on cause something didn't feel right, and BOOM, a guy jumps out of the closet and boonies out the door. They were too scared to chase him. Ends up, it was the guy who worked at the front desk. He's a klepto(?) and he's seen Marvin leave to PU the GF and he'd snuck in the apartment but was still there when they got back, so he'd been hiding all that time. Marvin called the cops. Guy got arrested lost his job etc... Marvin said it was such a shock to see this guy jump out and Marv had his big ol d&ck hanging out.

They all laugh over this one. Marv goes on to story #2

--2nd story

Marvin and a buddy were leaving the library and heading to Subway to get something to eat. Cops stopped them and asked them where they'd been etc. Ends up, some girl had just been attacked over there and ya'll were just coming from that area. They said they were students and they started laughing. The cop said it's not funny. The cop just took their information and Marv and his buddy went on to Subway. They were talking to the guy at Subway saying that the cops just stopped them cause of the color of their skin and just to be a pain and the red neck cop just wanted to hassle us and we didn't do nothing to no girl. So then shortly later, the cop calls Marvin and says that the guy from Subway called the cops after they left and said that Marvin and his buddy were BRAGGING to him about what they just did to this girl and the cop wants them to come down to the station. Marv's buddy got on the phone and said that they weren't coming down and if he wanted them, he'd have to come drag them in...

Long FISH!!!!!

(Ed note: We don’t get to hear the rest of the story.)

The feeds come back on after 10-15 minutes at the very end of a story by Drew. Then Nakomis goes on to tell a story. Once again, thanks to Rabbit for the following summary:

“Nak was out on the back porch and she heard a noise in the magnolia bushes...she saw a cat come out of the bushes and it was pure white. She went to go pet it, and it walked out to the middle of the lawn. Just as she went to go pet it, it vanished.

J: What kind of acid were you on?
Nak: This was when I was a kid, pre-acid days.

Marvin talks about his buddy he had who took his own life. He was in my fantasy football league and was always calling him to talk about trades. After he died, his GF's daughter said she kept seeing him (the friend) in the room. She was like 5 at the time. Marvin kept feeling weird too. He was in his car, and a buzzer went off, like when your car is in the red line when shifting gears. The buzzer was going off like in a pattern. He told his ex wife about it and she didn't believe him. Marvin said something is going on and he wants to get rid of the car. Marvin downloaded a copy of Macromedia Flash. He needed a crack code and he couldn't find it. Marvin told his wife "if Joe is still alive, he'll help me find this crack code"... So he went to this site that he'd been through tons of times and, boom, instantly found the crack he needed.

The next day, there was an answering machine in the room, and it starts playing by itself...and it was his friend's voice, an old message of his. It was a message about the fantasy football trading. The machine was in the corner and it was still plugged in...but it was so weird to be talking about him that day and suddenly the answering machine goes off with an old message of his friend.

Will: Joe if you're here with us tonight, move the camera.

Marvin said that he called the friend's GF and made amends with her because they had a falling out.
after his friend killed himself. He ended up selling the car too cause the buzzer kept going off. This totally freaked him out.

Adria tells a story now. She lived in a house where you used skeleton keys to lock the doors. She used to lock the doors every night, but each morning, the door would be unlocked. She called him Freddy, but he was a friendly ghost! How could the door be open otherwise if she had the only key?

(Editor’s Note: I wasn’t logged into the feeds, so I don’t know if there are stories missing or if all the stories are in the exact order they were told. Mostly I used a post from KimM for the summary below, but Chelsea 321 also did a great summary, too.)

Scott says he’s going to tell a story about the tooth fairy. Basically he’s telling the HGs about the movie “Darkness Falls” and claiming it happened to him. Adria asked, “Oh that movie?” when he first brought it up, and he keeps giving her knowing glances as he tells it, but doesn’t tell anyone else.

(Ed. note: These next stories are updates from KimM. Thanks Kim!!)

Will bangs on the HOH door and scares the girls.

M tells one about a friend seeing his dead parents and them giving him a message that came true.

Now D telling a story about a glowing grave. It glows from a distance, but if you walk up to it, it stops glowing.

CB asks a couple questions and then M talks about phosphates glowing.

K tells a story about her grandmother. Her grandmother had a vision of her brother and he said I'll be back for you in 10 years. And 10 years later she died.

L says she has a story but doesn't want to tell it because the people involved wouldn't want her to talk about it. M says he's got one of those stories too.

Scott now telling one about sleepwalking - knowing the score of a football game while sleep walking, setting up board games in his sleep. His parents filmed his room to find out why the games were always out every morning. S would get up, get out the games and play them. He'd move them and wait until the people he was playing (like, in his dream, I guess) would go. His parents took him to get a MRI. He says that the sleepwalking eventually stopped.

Now talking about night terrors, sleep paralysis. M says he has these - always with witches or hags. S says he had them and they were always after dreams of being trapped under rocks.

Di saying how a lot of people mistake it for alien abductions. She says she used to wake up and see flashing lights and not be able to move.

Feeds go to FISH at about midnight.

When the feeds come back, the HG’s are getting ready for bed. Holly and Diane are sleeping on the floor. Scott gives Holly a piece of his clothing that smells like his cologne in case she gets scared. Scott jumps on top of Drew and briefly humps him. Drew laughs and pushes him off. Scott asks Diane if she wants to sleep with Scott and Drew and she says, “No.” Holly whines that Scott’s shirt has too much cologne and it is giving her a headache, so he gets another shirt. Scott then says, “Feel free to get wet.”

On that note, we leave the HG’s for the night......