Thursday July 22 Recap


Most of the HGs are awake and milling about. Marvin is recounting a dream he had last night where "Cowboy was drunk "as sheeeeeit." He fell off a four-story building. Someone pulled out a rope and saved him. His ex wife showed up sucking on a raw chicken.

It's cleaning day in the BB house as the majority of the HGs start to straighten up. Jase does a half-hearted attempt at making the beds before joining the rest of the "boys" in the cloud room where they are primping and trying on clothes. Again, the 4-Horsemen successfully avoid doing the housework.

At 11:30AM Marvin starts moving his stuff out of the wood room in preparation for the new HoH!

There is just general chit-chat going on this afternoon as the HGs anxiously await the live show and eviction. A few highlights:

Will tells Karen that the weirdest thing about him is that when he's stressed the skin on the backs of his thighs becomes hyper-sensitive. He talks about how the skin hurts to be touched. He says he went to a doctor, and they couldn't really find out what caused it but they thought it was nerve related. He says that the back of just one of his legs is like that right now, but it often happens to both legs. It comes and goes without much warning.

Scott wants to be a pro boxer. Scott and Jase are lying around on bed talking about how cool they are.
Scott: "It would be so cool if some trainer would just come up to me and say 'I want to train you'" (Ed. note, He often says that about movie producers too.)
Cowboy strolls in and says, "You could win all right", making Scott beam. Then Cowboy adds, "Just bite his ear," and he strolls back out again.
Scott: "I'm faster than most of those boxers."
Jase: "I don't know dude, they're pretty fast."
So Scott changes the topic to how Drew can't fight and how he taught Drew some moves.

Marvin shaved off his golden locks. He had bleached his hair blonde earlier.

Adria is teaching Will to whistle!

Scott and Jase are beginning to show rifts in their alliance, all in the name of Holly. They are giving each other sh!t about Holly playing each other.
Jase tells Scott, "Hey, I will tell you some stuff if you want, but you will tell Holly."
Scott says he has some stuff that Holly has said about Jase.
Jase makes a big revelation that he wants to go on the block against Holly cuz she will pick, like, Scott to compete for her, and Jase could pick Drew or Marvin.
Scott thinks Jase is going to reveal some big secret to him so he keeps asking what Holly said.
Jase does tell Scott that Holly told him that Scott told her that Jase would never date her outside the house.
Scott denies ever saying this. (Which BTW, he did tell Holly this).
Marvin pipes up saying that Holly told Drew that Jase is pressuring her to get close. Jase and Scott seem to be agreeing that Holly is playing them. Scott tells Jase that he (Scott) tells holly that nothing would ever happen between them (Scott and Holly) and Holly says thats why she like Scott.
Jase keeps arguing his point by continually saying "put me and Holly on the block together". By the end of it, Jase looked like he was fighting back tears.


Tonight's HOH competition looks to be "HG Trivia" as most HGs are grilling each other as to how many kids they have, their middle names, favourite colours, etc.

Half hour later, it's 'trash the girls talk' with Marvin & Jase.
Marvin says that Todd's life is going to be hell after marrying Lori. Jase said Lori told him that when Todd proposed she just stared at him until she finally saw the ring; then she said, "Yes." Marvin is really tearing her up saying you can't do enough for chicks like her. He is saying that Karen's voice kills him and that he can't even understand Nak; saying it sounds like she is under water.

The feeds are down for 2 hours as they practice for the live show.

When feeds come back, we find all HGs primping and getting ready for the live show. Holly is wearing a very skimpy skirt and bikini top, with a sheer swimsuit cover over top. Jase comments, "Holly's either a stripper or a porn star". Marvin mentions that the outfit would look at home at that Bunny Ranch. There seems to be a pink theme tonight as several HGs are wearing pink.


Lori is evicted. Drew wins HOH

Evening time in the BB house.

Cowboy & Scott join Drew in the HoH Room. Scott says, "Is there anything wrong with you Drew? You're Hot, sexy, and religious". Scott is trying to put pants on and the camera is following him. It is making him irritated. Drew said earlier that he was reading the Bible because he was giving thanks first, before anything else.

Will, Holly, Marvin, Nakomis, & Karen are outside talking about what the food competition might be like tomorrow. They're thinking it will be teams with one half eating and the other half on PBJ. Holly said she would trade places with Marvin if he's on the losing team so she doesn't have to deal with a pissed-off Marvin. Talk turns to fetish balls as both Holly and Nakomis recount their experiences at them.

Once the HOH room is ready for Drew, everyone enters to find Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheez-its and a picture of his house, etc.

Strategy talks continues all night! (Poor Drew)
Karen and Will speculate that he will put up Holly and Karen.
Scott tells Drew what to do; he “can’t sleep with Diane and put her up. We have to put up 2 of them.”
Cowboy pushing for Marvin to go up.
Then the 4-Horsemen decide they want Adria and Diane on the block, with Diane as the pawn.

Later, as Drew was talking to Diane in the HOH, he did state
“This decision is going to be mine; if it hurts me, it hurts me. If it will be good for me, it will be good for me, but the decision will be mine.” (Good Boy Drew!!!)

The revolving HOH door is in full motion, still!
Cowboy comes in and Drew tells him that Holly is a problem for Jase and Scott. Cowboy comes back saying that Adria is the leader of the other alliance.
Jase comes in and Drew tells him that Holly is a problem; that she creates drama and distracts Jase and Scott from the alliance. Jase tries to declare that is not true. Drew was very understanding. (but I really do not think he bought it) Of course Jase tells Scott this, and Drew asks them to keep it in the room and not tell Holly that she might be nominated. He tells them he is going to talk to everyone in the house. The other 3-Horsemen are really against this, and they try to talk him out of it. They try to push Diane on Drew saying she is the Holly of the other group. Drew replies, "I can somewhat control Diane."
Scott is still trying to convince him to put up Adria. At one point drew grabs his head like this is too much to process. They all agree Karen is a mess and would never win a competition. She is emotionally drained. They discuss putting Nak up against Adria, but Cowboy sticks up for his little sister. Finally Karen knocks on the door and the Horsemen leave.

Right before bed there is another HOH 'Pow-Wow' of the Horsemen. They pretty much convinced Drew to put-up and get-out Adria, though Drew is kinda wishy-washy on it. Jase makes some negative comments about Scott, (he is a loose cannon, etc) but stops once Scott appears on the scene.

Diane interrupts the meeting because she just found her pink bandanna cut into 2 pieces in the bathroom. She confronts Scott who at first denies it. After she leaves, he said to the boys ”That's why I hate that f***ing slut! I'll buy her a new one when we get out of here!”
Adria then interrupts the meeting and the boys leave. (Feeling guilty boys?!!!) Adria said she was saying good night.

Once the boys left Adria said to Drew that Psalms 24/25 is good on courage. He's a player with moral character, and he is playing how she would play by being tough and talking one-to-one with everyone. (You go, girl!) She is telling him to listen to everyone to not let others persuade him into doing things he doesn’t want to do. He tells her that it will be his decision in the end.

At 4:30AM Scott and Diane are talking in bed.
He is telling her that he had an awful childhood and that he held in his anger for 15 years, and that it was all his mother's fault, etc. Diane listened then said that her childhood was not so great either, and that Scott turned out pretty good for all he went through. (Is she talking to the same Scott that we watch everyday on the feeds?) She did say that he needs to respect women more. He said outside the house he is a complete gentleman. (Yea, right)

Finally, at 5:20AM Drew and Cowboy have yet another talk outside on the patio.
Cowboy said that it had to be his (Drew's) decision and that he would respect it. Drew told him some Psalms to read for courage, and that he was going to do that. They say goodnight. Drew then reads his Bible and goes to sleep at 5:30AM.