The houseguests are awakened at 10:35AM to the tunes of “Every Breath You Take,” by Sting. A repeat call had to be made in a much sterner voice by BB at 10:55AM. BB announces the food competition will be held in 1 hour.

Drew comes from storage room and tells everyone that they need to wear a bathing suit. He hands out goggles and swim shoes to them for the food competition.

The HG proceed to the backyard where a big pool is set up with red water and large letters floating inside. It looks like a large bowl of Alphabet Soup. The competition itself is that each houseguest must go in the pool and take out the letters to spell food items. Any food items spelled correctly they will win for the week. All the vowels are lying on the bottom of the pool. They have 10 minutes to complete the task.

First in the pool is Marvin. He spells BEER. (What else?)
Then CB goes. He spells BEEF, after a long time.
Scott hops in and spells STEAK. (Duh, isn’t that BEEF?)
Next in the pool is is Will, who spells EGGS.
Jase spells PIZZA.
Nakomis spells APPLES.
Diane got in the pool and spelled MILK.
Holly spells WINE. (I guess the word vegetables was too long for her.)
COLA was spelled by Karen.
Nak spells PORK.
Marvin spells CHICKEN.
CB gets in and spells LOBSTER.
Scott jumps in, and in the last 20 seconds, spells CHEESE (wrong of course, he used two S)

Twin Alert- Holly makes the comment to Adria that her boobs looked bigger yesterday.

Cowboy sees the plasma screen and announces that nominations are today.

At 2:27PM Scott, Drew and CB are in HOH discussing noms. Drew said that he is leaning towards Holly and maybe Marvin. CB said he will respect any decision that Drew makes. Scott said, "I won’t." Drew then said he wants to talk to everyone in the house. Scott said he does not want Drew to do that because the others will just fill him with Bullsh*&t . Scott wants him to put up Adria and Diane. Diane comes in and hints a couple times that she wants to lie down with Drew. Scott does not take the hint and remains lying on the bed. Diane leaves and the discussion comes back to norms. Drew throws out that he might put up Marvin. Scott keeps pushing the Diane issue. CB is just supporting Drew’s decision. Jase enters and he states he hates Marvin too, but he's pushing for Adria to go up.

Drew gets a chance to talk to Adria. He said that he wants to put her up because she is s strong player against Marvin. Adria immediately starts asking questions about what if Marvin gets VETO, etc. Drew starts to back-peddle. Adria starts mentioning Holly as the decoy and encourages Drew to pray on his decision. She explains that he must think out all possible outcomes; pray and go with his heart. She tells him if he does not want Holly vetoed then he will have to tell Jase that. She tells him he has to be a man and that he has to put up the strong players. Drew said that if he put up Marvin and Holly the house would go wild. She then tells him that she will never put him on the block.(Go Adria) She tells him it is a big decision, but he can play it safe or be a leader. She tells him to take his time, think it out with the votes, and make his decision. She wishes him luck then leaves. (Fingers crossed and hopes it works Adria)

He then talks to Will who babbles on and on about Holly and how Jase can’t be trusted, etc. Will talks about how Holly has Jase wrapped, etc.

Meanwhile... Adria tells Diane about how Drew wants to put her up against Marvin. Diane want him to put Holly up against Marvin. They talk about the VETO and how Drew has not thought about that. Adria states that she is going to get HOH next week if it kills her.

Drew, while alone in the HOH, tries to figure out the voting with his Gummy Lifesavers and Cheez-its. CB comes in and Drew explains what he is thinking. (Holly vs Marvin or Holly vs Will) CB then suggest they pray on it and starts to lead him in prayer. (Minister Cowboy) Jase starts pounding on the door. CB opens it and tells him they were praying. Jase comments that if he knew they were praying he would pray with them. (Yea right, Jase)

Lockdown outside begins at 4:04PM so Drew can make his choices. By 4:55PM the houseguests are really getting antsy. Some need to use the bathroom and all are hungry. They are speculating about a twist because it is taking him so long. Someone even suggests that maybe they are switching him out with is brother. Adria quickly changes the subject. Holly is complaining the loudest about having to go to the bathroom. Finally Nak and Diane hold towels around her and she pees into a cup. (Eeeeew!) Finally, at 5:50PM, 1 hour and 50 minutes later, they are brought inside for the ceremony.

When the feeds return we learn that it is Holly and Nakmois who are nominated. Jase seems to agree with it and is happy. Drew tells Nak she is safe. Jase promises Drew that he will not use the VETO. (He needs to win it first.)
Jase then talks to Holly and changes his tune. He didn’t know Drew was going to put her up. Holly is clearly upset and keeps going on and on to Jase. Jase tells her that he can’t use the VETO on her; that it would not look right on TV.
Holly then goes and grabs Drew in the HOH at 6:58PM. She tells him that she does not think it is fair; that she could understand if it were her and Jase; and that the drama is not her fault. He listens and explains that she has leadership qualities, etc. She then goes on how he is misjudging her. She talks about Marvin and how he sexually talks about people in the house. She tells him that Diane is more manipulative than she is, and goes on and on and on. Fianlly, Drew tells her his decision is made and he can’t change it - at 7:46PM - and he escapes away from her.

Meanwhile, on the hammock, Jase figures out that without Holly the 4-Hs don’t have the votes they need.
He and Scott are really upset with Drew. Jase then tells CB that Drew is playing this game for himself and not the team. He feels betrayed.
Jase and Holly talk and Jase gets mad again. Holly said that Drew finally realizes he made a mistake. (Yea right)
Scott tells CB that Drew should have learned from Marvin last week. He says that he is one of the oldest and he should be listened to. Then he tells CB they have to get Holly off the block. Jase joins in. They are trying to convince CB that Drew did not consult them and he did a very bad thing. Scott still says that he is the oldest and that he worked the numbers, (because he has a business degree) and that it should be his and Jase’s decision. Jase tells Holly that he is a Hero, a Fireman, an Army Man, and that he will save her twice on national TV.

At 8:53PM the 4-Horsemen meet in the HOH.
Jase tell Drew that without Holly they are out numbered. Drew said if he made a mistake then he is sorry. CB said we are not breaking up the 4-Horsemen. Jase then talks about the Diary Room talking to him about his morals. The talk about how he wants to be portrayed as the good guy fireman, but lies, and and then proclaims that this game is all about money.
They are still pushing getting the VETO and putting Adria up. They want to talk to Marvin. Marvin comes in and Jase tells him that Drew made a big mistake and they need Holly for the numbers. Marvin asks them what they did when she tried to get him booted from the show. Of course, they can’t answer that. Jase tells him (like it is his decision to make) that they are going to put Adria up. Marvin said he can swing a vote that way.

The group breaks up and heads to the Hot Tub.

Jase, Scott, Holly, CB, and Drew at the Hot Tub.
CB lets it slip that they are the 4-Horsemen and Holly makes a joke thinking it is funny. CB back peddles to try to get out of it by saying that is what he and his friends are called at home. Jase keeps telling Drew that he made a big mistake. The beer is flowing and these boys are just saying whatever they want.

At about 10:50PM Drew and Adria are in the HOH reading the Bible together.

Jase and Holly steal some private time in the hammock to laugh at how Drew was crying.

Scott and CB talk to Nak and try to convince her to pick CB to be her partner in the VETO. They tell her that they want to take Holly off the block. She listens but does not comment. Scott tells her that they will put up Marvin. (out-right lie)

Diane and Drew in HOH have a heart to heart. Diane tells him that he will go farther with her side than with the 4-Hs. She tells him that CB is Scott’s puppet and she hates it when they make fun of his fiancé. Drew said that he had his eyes opened today. She tells him to sleep on it. They discuss her sleeping and cuddling in there with him. Drew thinks about it and tells her to stay tonight and cuddle. Drew talks about how the boys were talking behind his back about his decision. Diane said that he is admired because he made a decision for himself and not for them. Diane then tells him that she saw the CBS website before she came in and it said that the nice people will make out better this year. They talk about twin swapping into the house and how it could never be done. (Hahahahahaa!)
Diane goes to the bathroom and comes back to tell Drew that Karen was in there. Karen can’t sleep because Holly and Jase keep talking about how to f&%k people over in the house. Drew then tells Diane the only one he can trust in the house is the rubber chicken. (smart guy)

By 4:15AM all hamsters were finally buckled down and sleeping for the night. Poor Drew he a had real hard and eye-opening day.