BB5 July 24 Recap

The hamsters were awakened today at 9:50AM by the sounds of "Metallica."

It takes Diane all of 3 minutes to tell Karen that Drew is upset because the 3 other Horsemen called him out the night before. She encourages Karen to go to Drew and tell him what she heard.

Nakomis joins Karen and Diane, and they discuss the VETO. They behave like the 4-Horsemen have already won it (the VETO) and it goes on and on about how they canít stand the power that group has.

Cowboy and Drew have a conversation about Jase.
Drew was trying to tell CB that Jase is playing Holly and playing them. CB still is backing the alliance and telling Drew all he has to do is explain, using the Gummy Savers, how the votes will go.

CB leaves to get Jase (Of course, his pretty puppy, Scott, follows) and they have the first POWOW of the day.
Marvin joins the Horsemen. Will is seen on the feeds listening-in by putting his ear up to the door. Marvin explains that Adria is the ring-leader, and that Karen is going to emotionally lose it soon. Marvin just wants to make sure no Bi*%ch wins this game. The conversation turns to the VETO and Marvin had to explain to the smart Horsemen that you could not put the VETO holder up on the block. They encourage CB to once again talk to his sister and get her to pick him to be in the VETO with her.

CB leaves and finds Nak in the cloud room. He asks her who she is going to pick to do the VETO competition. She barely replies that she has not decided yet. CB got nowhere with this conversation.

On Dianeís advice, Karen gets Drew in the HOH alone and tells him she heard a lot of stuff last night between Holly and Jase. She did not want to give specifics, but said that it was real bad and that she didnít want to get him mad. She tells Drew that he must feel like he is being bullied by them. That she understands the predicament he is in and knows he is making decisions for himself and respects that. She just wanted him to know that they said some really nasty stuff about him.

Scott and Diane have a fight. (Sorry, no updates on exactly what they faught over but it was enough to upset them both.)
Diane tells Drew in the HOH that she has never been treated so bad and that she hates Scott. She said she does not want to stay in the house if Scott stays any longer. Drew goes to the Diary Room. CB enters; so Diane tells him the story also. Scott, Jase, and Will enter HOH and Diane and Scott go at it again. This time they are arguing and Scott is swearing a lot. Scott is calling her out on giving information to Drew. She said she didnít; that they talk about life. She then Starts telling everyone she likes Drew.

Drew comes back and Scott and Jase leave. Diane and Will tell Drew that his decision proves he has no balls, and that his nominations were a cop out. Drew replies that he went against the grain, and that was not an easy Fu%$*ing thing to do. Diane said that if she was in Final 3 with Scott and Jase she would just nominate herself. Will said that he is just thinking now who he wants to have the money. Will and Diane leave HOH and Drew puts on his headphones and sits contemplating all that has happened.

Later in the day, Drew tells CB that until he got to be HOH he never realized how many people really hate Jase and Scott. CB reminds him that he is part of the 4-Horsemen. He asks how the fight outside started, and if he should approach Holly and ask her. CB said that they are being portrayed puppets. Drew said that he doesnít think he wants to be portrayed like that. CB said he does not care because each week he is in the house brings him one week closer to the money. CB then tells Drew that they have to remove Holly with the VETO for the team. Donít think that youíre doing it for them, but youíre doing it for the team. Drew states that he is sick of Scottís lies. CB sticks up for Scott. Drew then tells CB that you can win this game with either honesty or lying, cheating or stealing. CB said that he has lied, but it didnít hurt anyone.

Announcement Announcement!!!! At 3:42PM Jase jumped in to the pool naked! He held a pillow over his 'schlong' and jumped in.

Drew still tries to figure out what happened.
He asks Holly if she told Diane that he was going to put her up. Holly outright denies it and said that she will swear on her cats. Jase comes over and asks what that was about and she said nothing; Drew is just trying to figure things out.

Drew then confronts Diane and asks her if Holly told her she was going up. She beat around the bush some; then admitted that Karen told her that Holly said it. Drew then goes to get Karen to get to the bottom of it. Karen does not tell Drew, directly, that Holly said it. She points out that it is Hollyís way of manipulating people again.

Scott is asking everyone that if he walks out would he get his money. No one really answers but Scott is upset because he needs the money for Vegas. He is threatening to walk out the back door. He wants to know if he is kicked out does he get the money. (Do these people read the contracts they sign???)

An inside lockdown begins at 5:25PM and the Houseguests speculate that they are setting up for either a VETO or luxury competition outside.

7:30PM the Houseguests get a delicious dinner prepared by Marvin - Pan Fried Chicken, Lobster Bisque and Swedish Meatballs.

At 8:32PM Drew is heard by the people on the feeds in the Diary Room reading the directions to the VETO competition. The feeds then go to the lovely FISH until 11PM. 2 Ĺ hour VETO competition! WOW!

Once the feeds are back Nakomis is seen wearing the VETO!
(Yea, Nak) But of course, the feeds focus right on Jase who is bragging that he scared Nak by telling her she just saved her life! (Nak is hard to scare) CB is walking around all mad and pouty. He is upset because Nak didnít pick him for the competition. Earlier she said she was going with her gut. He interprets this as she lied to him. (If CB had a brain he would understand that she did go with her gut when she chose Adria over him. He just wasnít in her gut - TY, Nak)

The 4-Horsemen meet in the HOH.
CB still pouting and makes a stupid comment about how happy they were that Nak won the VETO. He did not believe they should show it - their happiness. (Oh, people in glass houses, CB, should not throw stones)

They grab Marvin and bring him in. They TELL Drew to put up Adria in replacement for Nak and that he will have to break the tie. Drew remains quiet the whole time all this is being said. Of course, Scott has something intelligent to say, ďBroís before Hoís.Ē (What a guy!)

They are now calling themselves the Santa Monica Van Boys because that is where they all met. (Marvin came up with the name)

Diane is starting to lose it. She is talking with Will, Nak, and Karen.
They are discussing how mad the boys are, and how they met in front of them to discuss things. Diane is freaking and wants to know why Drew is upset. Karen comments that she was scared when Jase was staring her down. All Nak wants is to meet with Drew and find out who he is going to put up as a replacement.

Holly, the snitch, runs into the HOH to tell the boys that Diane is outside smoking cigarettes. Marvin, with his charm, comments that she is a whore with cigarette burns all over her arms and legs from her pimp. They all laugh, including Holly.

They are all pounding down beers and Drew wants to get trashed tonight. (I donít blame him for everything he has been through but hope his lips stay closed)

The 4-H, plus Marvin, all congratulate each other on keeping Holly!

Diane, Will, Karen, Adria, and Nak are talking outside.
Nak just wants to talk to Drew and to get an honest answer from him on whom he is going to put up. Diane is freaking; saying that Drew is not the same person. He is just acting nice, going on and on. Will thinks that they can still talk to Drew. Karen agrees; saying to tell him that it is a once in a lifetime chance he has here to get rid of the bad. Adria asks Nak if she can talk to CB. Karen said, "No way." She was sitting beside him during the competition and he was real mad. Diane thinks that Karen should tell him the things she heard last night. Karen thinks that it would hurt his ego too much. Karen urges Diane to sleep with Drew tonight and really sympathize with him and play him. Diane does not think that is a good idea.

The boys keep their banter up in the HOH saying things like, "Will is more of a girl then Adria," and that "Nak is a Dyke." (I do feel like it is like high school in here)

Marvin comes out and joins the girls group. Diane sits on his lap. Jase sees this and reports it back to Holly.

Diane gets up and goes inside and walks by CB, Jase, Scott, and Holly. Jase starts singing trailer trash girl. Holly follows her to start trouble. (The boys, in heat, follow the scent in to the BR.)
Holly asks Diane why she didnít hug her after the VETO competition. Diane said she wished it wasnít this side against that side. Jase jumps in and says, "You're saying there are sides." Diane said, "I am not talking to you." Jase said, "So this was a victory for your side?" Holly gets upset and starts telling her that she lied to her. Holly starts yelling, "Bi*&$,BI*^$, &$tch!" Holly then said the truth comes out, Diane lies constantly. Jase tries for more confrontation but Diane walks away and says, "No."
Jase runs outside and says to the girls that Diane just said Adria, Will, Nak, and Diane, and who is the fifth, have an alliance. Holly yells, "I gotta tell Drew." (Yes, Ms Drama Queen - and who already does not know this?) Scott said, "It is so on."

Drew comes out of the HOH and Jase tells him that his trailer-trash girlfriend just exposed the other alliance.

Meanwhile, the Drama Queen, Holly, is yelling, "That we got to tell Drew now! We got to tell Drew now! He needs to know NOW!" She is really loud. Jase tries to get Karen to admit to the alliance but she back peddles her way out of it, saying she didnít know there were alliances. Will comes in and Scott tells him that Diane lied to them, and that he =never= lies in that house. (What a crock that is.)
Scott and Jase are trying to tell Will that the alliance he belongs to are all liars. Holly is screaming that Diane is a liar, and all she does is lie, but Will just said that he hears everything that is going on.

Now everyone is in the house and everyone is yelling.
Jase is saying that Diane named her alliance by names. (Which she didnít) She is yelling that no she didnít. She just said there was 2 sides in this house. Scott is telling Diane that her ass is outta here next week. Jase agrees with him. Will butts-in and asks why canít we all get along? Jase said some of us in this house take honesty and integrity between us here seriously. (Since when ,Jase?)
Scott then pops up saying, "Jase and I have been an alliance since day 1." Adria then pipes in and saids so have me and Nak.
Diane and Nak go outside and Jase continues to try to talk Will (the one he just said that is more of a girl then Adria) to his side. Will is just saying he does not know who to believe. Holly is still screeching, as she does so well, that Diane lied to her and that is the reason she is on the block.
Scott is saying the boys are not in an alliance; that they are just friends. (but he never lies in this house, yea right) Holly is trying to get Will to not vote her out. She is working him and telling him that Diane is such a liar and that she has been nothing but honest. (Yea OK. Barbie)

Nak and Diane go onto HOH and tell CB and Scott that they need to talk to Drew. Scott does not want to leave. CB and him do. CB listens to the following conversation at the door muttering Bast%$d

Drew, Diane, and Nak meet in the HOH and Nak, being the moderator, tries to explain to Drew that he yelled at Diane in front of Scott and Jase. She then tells Drew that the 4-Horsemen lied to her; that Jase said to her after she won VETO that she just saved her ass; where right along they have been telling her she was safe. So now they were going to keep Holly. Drew is drunk and overwhelmed. They are telling him the 3-Horsemen are all trying to say that Diane is lying about what Jase and Holly were saying the other night. Diane then said she wants to walk out of the house. Drew suggests that they talk tomorrow when they are more sober. He seems genuine, and that he wants to hear both sides. Nak thinks that is a good idea too. When they leave, Diane is still moaning about leaving, and Nak tells her that she is not a quitter.

Scott comes back in and tells Drew that they have to take Diane out next week if Nak uses VETO. Drew is saying that Nak is a bigger threat then he thought and that she is smart.

Scott and Drew are sharing the HOH bed tonight.
Holly is in her room telling everyone that is trying to sleep that Diane might OD tonight, that she said she might. Jase calms her down by telling her America loves them as a couple, etc. (gag me) They talk about how they think the producers rigged the VETO competition. (because they didnít win of course) Jase tells Holly that he will save her every week because it gives him something to do, and that she really does hurt his game. Next we here kissing sounds and good nights. Diane returns from Diary Room and sleeps in Cement Room.

Finally at 3:16AM they are all quiet, sleeping, or passed out in a drunken stupor. (Tomorrow should be an interesting day)