BB July 26th Recap

The hamsters were awakened to Big Brother's voice announcing the VETO ceremony will be in 2 hours.

Adria gets called to the DR and Holly quickly pipes in, "Hey, didnít she get called yesterday?"
Scott talks to Diane and tells her that she wonít be put on the block today. (This started the boards to go wild because if it is not Diane going up then it will be Adria.)

At about 11:15AM Adria finally gets a chance to talk to Drew alone. Adria did mention a lot of really good points; like: how people will respect him for thinking like an individual, how certain people play the game one way and others do not like it, and how his actions will speak for the type of game he is playing. She reminded him that America is watching and how the other side would respect him more if he did what he knew was right. Drew confessed that he didnít like the guys but had to play their game. She was well spoken. Drew left the conversation saying he had to talk to someone else. (Run to the boys, big boy.)

Drew did go talk to the BIG BOYS. (the 4Horsemen) He told Jase that he wanted to talk and then rehashed what happened after noms. He talked about how Jase was all right with the nomination, and that he was going to talk to Holly.
Then Drew went into the diary room and came out. He got attacked; being told that he hurt the alliance. Jase pipes in saying, "Well, I talked to the alliance; you didnít consult us." Jase then said we are the "Santa Monica Van Boys," and of course, Adria is going to come in here and talk crap. We are your allies here and will tell you like it is. When that thing went down with Diane you and I looked at it at different angles. He continues talking; saying Adria brings the Bible into this because thatís her angle, and that's why she has to go. Drew tells him she only gave me some verses to read that made me feel like sh#$. Jase reiterates that is why she needs to go. Drew then said well I had to get this off my conscious today. CB chimes in with his intelligent two cents; "We are changing BB history and once there are 5 left we FU%*#d them all up."

Drew gets called to the DR. The boys continue and Marvin asks Jase if Holly will go easy when it is her turn. Jase just replied, "Yea, we will have the numbers and like Scott said this is not a dating show." Jase then said that the DR hates this and that this is the most dominate show ever. You can hear the TVís shutting off.

Jase goes off and finds Holly; then tells her that Adria is using the Bible to get to Drew. Of course, Holly makes a big thing of this and starts saying how evil it is.

Adria heads out back and joins Will, Nakomis and Diane. Adria tries to pump up the team ,but they know it all has to do with Marvin. Diane is hoping she goes up because she thinks that Marvin will vote out Holly instead of her. Adria knows she is the one going up and remains silent. Nak makes the comment that if she uses the VETO and he puts up one of us that she will vomit. Will said donít do that on my account, because if I get put up I wouldnít even hug anyone here. Those that know I love them will know, and I donít care about the rest.

Niak turns to Adria and says that she knows what she is going to do; that she thought about it all day yesterday. Adria said that if she didnít use it, it would make Drew's decision easier; to which Nak replied, "I donít care about making anything easier for him." Nak believes that Marvin would not align with the guys anyways and that they would be safe.

The VETO meeting took place at 1:20PM. Nak did VETO herself off the block and Drew put up Adria. Adria was deeply upset.

Diane and Drew finally meet at 2:40PM to clear the air.
Diane called-out Drew on how he betrayed her the other night in the kitchen. (the Holly and Diane fight) Drew didnít see how he betrayed her. He claimed he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Diane told him she never lied to him and never would. "I was attacked in the kitchen. Jase told lies to people." She said she wouldnít play dirty. Drew replied that those guys are ass&%&es and he is not like that. He hopes he is being portrayed as a nice guy. (maybe a spineless follower Drew) Diane then said that he could have kept his mouth shut and said nothing. She brought up that after the VETO competition and Nakomis won, "You gave me a real dirty look because I was happy. Those guys do that all the time." Drew tried to explain that it is one thing to be mean in the game, but not be personally mean. (He is not defending his boys here; just saying he has to side with them) He said that he hated putting Adria up today. He know he hurt her and he would never hurt her outside of this house. Diane then asked Drew if he would rather see Holly here than Adria. Drew replied, "Yes, because Holly wonít win any competitions." Diane said you wonít even talk to me because your boys are around. She brought up that they are always around and how unapproachable he is. Diane then tells him again that she knows why she is here (eye candy and being single) and thatís OK with her. Drew then said that it was good to win HOH. Diane told him that his head swelled because of it. They discuss how thin the walls were in the HOH and how Karen heard the guys making fun of Larry. She warned him that he shouldnít talk about others because they can hear it.

So Diane leaves and is immediately attacked by Holly. Holly and Jase were in the wood room lying down. Holly said she heard Diane talking about her in the HOH. Diane and Drew both said that she asked if Adria was a better person then Holly (which was the truth) Diane then said that she said nothing else. Holly said you donít like me. You said you had to change some of your DR sessions because you didnít like me. Diane said she didnít like her the first week. Holly said she lies and that she just canít trust her and does not want her to be her friend. Diane tries to explain that in her real life she has many more men friends than lady friends. However, then Holly said "Why do you hang with the girls here?" (because the guys have 1 brain between them!) This went on for a few minutes. Then they agreed to just not like each other here, but not to cause problems either. Once Diane left, Holly asked Drew if he could see what she was saying. He said I see it both ways.

Drew and CB are talking and Drew was stating disbelief that Jase was talking behind his back. CB asked who told him. He said Karen. She told me things that she wouldnít even tell her husband. CB thinks Karen is lying to shake up the game. Drew agrees with him.
The conversation then turns to laundry. CB said he is only doing a little laundry because he wants BB to do it for him next week. (He assumes he is getting HOH next week.)

At 3:30PM we see a new Adria (or Natalie). She starts spouting off how she is not going down without a fight and how he just brought out the Bi*&h in her. They encourage her to talk to Marvin (Why?). She said she was going to talk to CB. Will then tells Adria what Holly told him about her using her religion to influence Drew. Adria tells them that two days ago Scott and Jase were telling her she was safe and not to worry. (Yea, at the same time they were telling everyone else they were going to win the VETO comp) She said she is so tired of all the lies. She said she can play the game the same way. She can call-out people on alliances, etc, but it just is not her nature. Nak said she is willing to do this, but she does not want to be the only barking dog.

Meanwhile Karen left that group and went into the house. She talked to CB and asked him what was up. He said he had to vote with the house, and that he doesnít think he is a wimp by following the majority. (his 4 Hís) Karen said that she is just going to talk to whomever will talk to her.

Drew and Diane back in the HOH room.
Diane is listening to music. They talk about how it does not bother Diane that they are seen together in HOH. It obviously bothers Drew because those 3 Hís, or 4Vans, will think he is talking strategy. Diane said, "Be straight with me, do you want me to leave?" He said, "No," but you could tell he was uncomfortable. Diane told him to tell his boys that he was just using her to get information about their alliance.

Lockdown outside at4:40PM. CB and Scott are on the hammock with Drew standing here.
CB said to Drew did you get a kiss? Scott says, "Did you ***** her?" CB says, "You outta get something, because you saved her ass!" Scott chimes in, "Did she suck your d*ck? Suck your brains out?" Drew is saying, "No..."(Talking about him and Diane in HOH)

Diane has been working all day on a picture of all the Houseguests with the left over paints from the stone comp. Holly, the nice girl, is going around telling all the boys all day long that it (the picture) stinks, while everyone else is amazed at Diane's talents.

At 5:15PM we have our next heart-to-heart in the HOH.
This time it is Adria and CB. Adria starts by asking if she still has his support. He stumbles a bit and says that everyone lies in this game. She asked if she has lied to him. He said, "Yea, indirectly," by not telling him about her alliance. (like he told her) Then he starts trying to blame Diane; saying he heard from her that she was going to put up Scott and Jase. She starts to cry and says, "I just canít go instead of Holly, WHY?" CB said it is because youíre athletic and win competitions. She said "Thatís Bull," She has not even come close to winning any competitons and that she can do a hand-spring but the competitions are not in gymnastics. She is crying; saying she is not an alliance; that she just talks to people. She said that her Christianity was being used against her in here and that upset her. She only tried to give Drew some passages on courage. CB kept telling her that he has not made up his mind on who to vote out, and that it is his decision. (Yea, right) He likes her, and it was not his choice to put her up. She claims that she told anyone that would listen that the only one she trusts is CB. She says that they were the first people to talk in the house; they shared their secret of being married, etc. He again said he does not know who he is going to vote for yet. (liar) She starts crying hard and tells him that she only wants to make it to week 5, thatís it. She says, "I told Nak to use the VETO, and I knew I was going up." CB said that he appreciated her talking to him ,and that she should talk to Scott and Drew. CB said that the show was evil. Adria said, "Only if you let it be." They left HOH.

CB then meets Scott and Jase in the bathroom and tells them Adria is just upset. She wanted to make it to week 5. He told Scott that she wanted to talk to him tomorrow too. He said, "No way! She is going. No private meetings." (why because you know you lied to her and told her she was safe?)CB said she just thinks you lied to her.

Adria is still in HOH reading the Bible.
Karen comes in and they talk. Karen said she will do anything to help; that Adria needs to talk to Marvin tomorrow, when her nerves are calmer. Adria tells Karen that she talked to CB. Karenís response was that he is nothing; he is useless. Will joins them and says that he is up to fighting for her and to not give up. It gives them something to do. He succeeded in making her laugh again.

Adria and Karen leave and Will remains in the HOH waiting to talk to Drew. When Drew comes in, he says that he never promised Adria safety. Will leaves and Scott comes in. Drew asks CB what Adria said. Scott butts in (as he always does) and said, "No private meetings, she is playing you." CB said she was not playing me. CB explains how upset she was over the Bible thing, etc. Drew said, "I never told her she was safe, and even told her after the Bible thingy that she might be nominated."

Later Scott, Drew, and CB are in the backyard.
Drew is again saying how Holly is so manipulative and how she makes him feel bad for being with Diane. Scott said that he does not need to be distracted by women. Drew then asks Scotts permission to hang out with Diane. Scottís wonderful comment was that she was a 'distraction,' and Drew better fu%$ her or he will. Drew then pulled the 'I can get information from her' card. Scott just started acting like a jerk. Conversation ended.

Later in the HOH - Scott, Jase, and CB are in there. (when do they leave?)
CB was explaining that he was going to marinate his lobster in red wine vinegar and Jase started making fun of him. CB got mad and said that he was sick of Jase being mean to him. (about time, now vote for Adria to stay please) Scott and Jase then laugh in his face.
Drew, Scott, and Marvin are in the backyard. They were just discussing BB and trying to figure out a code so BB wouldnít know what they were saying and doing; like stock-piling beers. Marvin makes the comment that BB will have to put more rules in the rules book once they are done with them. (or cast some people with basic morals!)
Scott makes the comment that Marvin has something on his mind. Marvin responds, "I just got to re-think some stuff." Scott looks puzzled. (Go Marvin)

Meanwhile in the HOH 'confess-all-room' Will is waiting to talk to Drew and CB comes in. They just talk general chit-chat about how CB wants to be a star, and his fiancť said he could only kiss girls that he is getting paid to kiss. He said, "Well, if I get a chance to kiss Julia Roberts then I would go for it." (How Will could not bust up laughing at this is beyond me!) Will canít talk him in to any game. CB is sticking to his story, that there are worse people than Holly who are lying in the house, and that Adria is a good person but she is a competitor.

At about 9:00PM Adria admitted to Will, Karen, and Diane that she is not married. (Is this strategy or is she setting up for Natalie to come in?)

Cowboy and Drew talk about how Holly told Will that Adria was using the Bible as part of her game. This kinda sets-off Drew (who has had a few beers) and he replies, "Do you see what Holly has Jase doing now, her fín laundry!" He says he wants to talk to Adria. CB suggests talking to her tomorrow.
After a few more beers, Scott makes the comment that he wants to punch through the glass and punch-out some of the producers. (Please, go for it Scott.) Then Scott makes the comment that they donít call him into the DR because they are afraid of him.

Jase opens his trap and starts talking about how the DR told him that his game will start in a few weeks, and how they gave him props on how he played the game today. Jase immediately gets called to the DR, and Scott replies, "So what; I have a benefactor and do not need the money; and 'Playgirl' is waiting to give me a shoot." Then he finishes up in his most splendid way; if Scott and Jase disappeared today then watch their (CBS) ratings go down (UP, get it, straight UP, Scott!). Jase comes back from the DR and says I will never talk about the DR again. The boys then get into a JR high game of pulling down each otherís pants. Scott pulls down CBís (Donít think he would try Jaseís now do ya?) and exposes his booty. (If you didnít see it, you didnít miss anything either.)

At about 11:20PM the HOH room is once again open for confessions of the heart.
This time Drew and Adria are talking. (Go adria!) Adria has him looking and thinking. Drew said that BB is trying to set it up so bad people wonít win, and he feels this is the truest test of his charater. Adria again said that she walked in here in good character and that she can walk out with her head high. That's how America is viewing them. She is crying. She then tells him to be strong and to not be intimidated. Drew tries to end the conversation by saying that he has some people to talk to, but he will be honest with her either way. Adria tells him that she and the others will have his back, and that the 4Hís have theirs coming to them. They agree not to talk to anyone else about what was said, and before Adria leaves she says, "I can only believe in you Drew."

CB immediately comes in the room, and Drew again said he is mad at Holly for saying that Adria was using the Bible to better herself in the game. CB responds that she is a bit&6,bit&^. Drew thinks she is an actress. Drew asks CB if he trusts Holly over Adria. He replies, "No." Drew then tells CB if it comes down to a tie vote that it will be a test of his character. Does he go with someone that said she has his back, or with the liar Holly? (tough decision) They then talk briefly of Gerry and Robert being CBís favorite past characters from BB.

Drew heads to the shower and politely tells the boys to find another place to sleep tonight (Yay!). Afterward, he and Diane are cuddling in HOH. They both agree to 'no game talk.' Diane makes a comment that she has seen more penises tonight (three) then she has seen in her whole life. She made the comment that she thinks it will be harder for Scott to get a date after the show. (how true) They have general chit-chat about their twins, cars, and lives outside BB. They kiss under the covers, and Drew tells her there are no internet feeds in that room. (Why do these people think that?)

By 2:50AM the house is quiet and all are asleep - till tomorrow and the HOH confessional opens again!