BB Recap June 27

Adria wakes before the wake up call at 9:15AM. She does her normal morning routine then sits in the backyard until BB places the first wake up call at 10:00AM. Nakomis heads out to the backyard and starts talking to Adria. She tells her she looks awful; like she has been crying. Adria said she is upset that she is on the block.

At about 10:55AM Adria tries to talk to Marvin about his vote. She goes through the same routine; how she plays with honesty, and not going for the money, but trying to play the game with dignity for herself. She starts to cry. Marvin does not cave-in. He just says he canít talk about things because the DR told him not to. Her spiel is not working on him at all. He tells her to talk to some of the others.

Big news! After the 1:00 PM lockdown was over the Houseguests discover that Nemo the fish is gone from the tank. He was replaced by some other new fish.

While outside, of course, Marvin tells Jase that he talked to Adria. The phrase that he used was that he ďgot worked just like Tyson worked Briggs, waterworks and all!Ē He writes something on a piece of paper and puts it on the ground for Jase to see.

Marvin tells Jase all about the meeting he had with Adria. They laugh at her efforts and still agree that she is gone. Of cours,e Jase runs to Holly and tells her all of it. Holly, whoís seems to have a very hard time of letting things go, again said that Adria is evil because she uses the Bible as her strategy. He tells her that Adria worked CB last night and Drew too, but that she is still safe.

Adria is obsessed, and does nothing but campaign all day.

A bit later Jase, CB, and Scott in the HOH are talking about Adria, and how she is working everyone this week. Scott and Jase tell CB that she wonít talk to them because she is afraid of them. They love that fact that they can intimidate people and scare them. (Put that on your resume' boys.) They are convinced that they will get HOH next week and put all them out of the game. Drew joins them and they start playing around with the HOH camera and jumping on furniture etc, playing 6th grade reindeer games. BB had to remind Scott not to jump on the furniture.

At 2:30PM Adria confronts Scott in the bathroom about lying to her.
She said earlier in the week she was safe. Scott denies it. She then tells him that she has not won any competitions or done anything to him or anyone else. She just wants to make it through the next week, and she doesn't care what happens after that. Scott tells her that he is the brains behind the wall. (HOH room) She went as far as telling Scott that she would not put him up next week, and would not let others put him up either. Scott was interested and she almost had him sold. Then Jase entered the bathroom and Scott started singing Dixie, and saying that he canít make decisions without his boys. He told Jase we have to talk to her.
They move into the HOH and she goes through the whole thing again, saying that she will not put any of them up. CB tries to get in but the door was locked, so he listens at the door. Adria tells them that she has no alliance and is playing the game alone, but she has power over other people. They tell her that they are seriously considering it, then they throw her out of the HOH so they can talk to CB.
Scott has a brainstorm that he thinks is so ingenius that he is jumping around in his happy 'about me' self. He wants to dump Holly and have Adria put-up Marvin against one of theirs, and vote out another one of them. He thought this was a great plan, but Jase soon shot holes through it.
They break out the Gummy-Savers again and start working the numbers. Drew joins them and they rehash the numbers. Scott played with those Gummy-Savers and worked it and worked it, but at the end they agreed to dump Adria and keep Holly because she could do so much more for them. Drew does try to defend Adria and says she is sincere, but the boys remind him that his a$$ is not on the line; it is theirs; so he has to listen to them. They think Adria is lying, and then agree not to tell Adria of their plan but to let her think that they will keep her. They will oust her on Thursday.

Jase runs out of the HOH right to Holly and tells her everything. Holly wants to talk to the boys but Jase tells her not to because then the boys will know he told her everything.

Of course, the 'Barbie Doll' canít keep her mouth shut. She goes and finds Will in HOH. Holly tarts ragging about Adria and how she is talking to everyone and telling the boys how she will go over to their side if they vote out her. Jase interrupts so that conversation stops. (Please, Will, call-out Barbie and her boyfriend Ken!)

At about 4:40PM Adria approaches CB and asks if he thinks she has a chance. He said he thinks so; that they are going tot talk more tonight. (lying through his teeth) He tells her we are giving you some of our time just like we gave Lori. (Oh that was sure a confidence builder CB, next you will want to be a therapist.)

Adria leaves the conversation feeling pretty down and sees Nakomis. She tells her she is gone, and accepts the fact. (for this moment) She decides to go to the Diary Room to vent.

CB and Karen have a heart-to-heart. They talk game, some. CB's smart comments are:
"The group feels she needs to go (Adria);"
"Last week we voted Lori out to protect her feelings;"
"Donít worry; the first time you was just the pawn" (about Karen going up)

Will, Karen, Adria, and Jase are talking.
Adria still does not want to give up. She said she is degrading herself by lying but she just wants to stay in the house. They are going to try to put a wedge between Holly and Jase, and keep working Drew for the tie vote. They want to swing him to their side and make him see the good of that.

CB, Scott, and Drew watch the Secret Screen in the HOH room.
They see Holly and Jase. Scott makes the comment that Jase follows Holly everywhere, from the minute she wakes up. Drew makes the comment that Will has been hitting on men all night. The boys see Jase and Holly kiss on the screen. Scottís comments that now it will be 24/7. Drew says, "That was an 'I love you' kiss."

Meanwhile, in the Hot Tub, Karen is showing her true colors to Will. She told Will that she is going to go to Drew and tell him that she will vote for Holly to stay so that she can keep Drew on her good side. She didnít like the way Adria was playing the game today and that could be a liability in the future.

Jase enters the HOH and the guys start hassling him about the kiss. He realizes he was busted by the screen. He said he totally knew (yea, Jase, you know everything) that they were watching him in mid-kiss. Scott and Drew said they think Jase is in love.

At about 11:30PM Marvin and Drew talk strategy. Marvin believes that the same reason that Drew is keeping Holly there is the same reason that she needs to go. He said she is a major player in this house. Drew is amazed because Holly has so much influence over Jase. Drew then makes the statement that he is not going to get pushed around by a guy that is pus*&% whipped.

Scott, being his typical diplomatic self, approaches Jase and tells him that Holly is coming between them. (Holly is sitting right there!) Scott then calls him an assho&**&! Jase calls him out and asks why he slept in the bed with him and Holly. Scott said he didnít want to sleep in Karenís cum-infested bed. Holly and Jase leave the room. Drew, CB, and Scott talk. Drew asks Scott why he jumped on Jase about the kiss. Scott said it was because he asked him last week about kissing; and then comments on how Jase freaked-out because Holly was on the block last week and this week.

Drew then talks to Marvin and tells him he wants Holly out this week. Marvin agrees. (there is hope here) Drew sees Holly and Jase as the main alliance and says that they need to go. Marvin agrees and believes that they should not give Holly another 2 weeks. They agree to talk to Scott. (no mention of talking to CB) Drew was also upset that everyone stopped talking about Holly when he entered the room, and that Holly was listening at the door.

Scott grills Jase again about Holly. Scott says that he spends no time with the 4-Horsemen. Jase screams, "Then vote me out next week!" Jase said that he would cuddle with her if Scott didnít. Scott said, "No way; I didnít come here to cuddle!" CB enters the scene. (because he canít keep out of anything) CB agrees with Scott that he never spends time with the 4-H.
They talk about gossip, and how Jase is never around when they need to talk. Jase is very upset and says to just vote me out. He keeps telling them that his behavior is not weird; that it is normal. Still, Scott grills the point that he is with the 4-Hs about 5 minutes per day, and with Holly 24 hours. Jase furthers it by trying to drag Drew in it saying he cuddles with Diane. He explains that he doesnít spend all day with her. Jase gets aggravated and says, "Well, if you donít like it, she is on the block right now." Jase agrees to hang out with the guys more. He turns to Drew and says, "Drew, you need to get some balls." Drew replied that he had the balls to put these people up. So shut the F&$k up. Jase then said that no matter what, Drew would not be up on the block. It would be Scott and him.
Scott then suggests that they get Adria to their side and have her put-up one from their side and one from hers. He convinces them that they still have the numbers. Marvin agrees not to take Adria out because she has influence on others and how they vote. They all agree not to tell Holly. Scott, being Scott, pulls Drew aside and congratulates him on standing up with passion for what he believed in; then said, "I agreed with your plan right along (yea, right Scott) and just thought it would cause a riot."

Jase joins Holly in bed and Hollyís comment is ďAll I know is tomorrow is voting day and I donít want any problems between you and the boys.Ē Jase is telling her that people are jealous over what they have. (their relationship) Holly is telling Jase that she has real feelings for him. She told Jase that she and Johnny-Creepy broke up in - like - Nov/Dec. They broke up over something that he is doing that she didnít approve of, but she canít tell him because it would embarrass her family. She tells him that Johnny-Creepy is still in love with her. Holly comments that if Drew sees Scott and Jase fighting over her she will want her out. Then she said it has to do with Diane; and they start trashing Diane.

By 1:10AM Drew heads to bed with Diane.
Scott, CB, and Marvin are talking in the Rock Room about how good things will be from now on. Once Scott enters the room ,Jase says to him, "Goodnight mother-fuc&#$."

Drew and Diane, in the HOH, are talking about Holly and how she is poison in the house.
Diane tells Drew that if he has to break the tie that only one person will be upset with him (Jase) and everyone else would back him. He reassures her that they are going to pull through for her. They start their nightly kissing show. Diane eventually gets up to go to the bathroom. While she is gone, Drew takes a moment to pray out loud, and to thank God for giving him the strength to speak what was on his mind, and to come true as a real man. He thanked Him for giving him the support of his fellow brothers and for giving him the courage to do what is right to do, and what he knows was right in his heart. He asked the Lord to look over everyone in the house; to protect them in this crazy game that they are putting themselves through 24/7. He prayed that they come out of the game better people, and that everyone would realize the purpose for why they were put in there.

All hamsters sleeping by 4:10AM.
Voting day tomorrow should be another interesting day as the Hamster-Wheel turns again.