It’s a typical Wednesday in the House. Not much goes on during the day, but late at night, CB demonstrates his 'Dirty Dancing' technique and Drew and Diane get cozy in the HOH room. Voting goes on in the Diary Room all morning and early afternoon, but the Houseguests aren’t allowed to discuss their votes, and the camera goes to FISH whenever they mention voting.


BB wakes up the HG at 9:30AM. Will and Nakomis are up about 15 minutes before that, just puttering around the kitchen, not really talking. Drew and Diane get up slowly. They share some meaningless chit-chat, with Drew saying “mmm” a lot in a romantic, lazy voice, but no kissing.
Di: "Tonight will be our last night to sleep together. I don’t know where I’ll sleep after this. Right back here, I hope."
Drew: "If you get it (HOH) this week, you’re guaranteed to be in the jury."
Di: "Do I have something to worry about?"
Drew: "Maybe."

Drew and Diane get up soon after that.

While brushing his teeth, Jase whispers to Adria that she’s safe. A just nods because she's got a mouth full of toothpaste.

A little later, Adria is in HOH with the 4-Horsemen. It’s a done deal. Hugs all around. (Scott is worried, however, that if Adria turns on him later, he’ll look stupid.)

In the kitchen, Jase tells Holly that he has a cold sore. She’s surprised that he’s not more upset, because she is deathly afraid of cold sores.

Diane passes on to Nakomis that Drew told her that she (Diane) needs to be on her guard next week. Nakomis says that if she gets HOH next week, she will put up Jase and CB. If the 4-H use the veto to take off Jase, then she would put up Scott. She would say to CB “See, if they (the 4H) win veto, the 4-H would not save him. They have been using him.” Nakomis doesn't want to put up Scott because he has been cool with her. However, Diane says she would put up Jase & Scott if she got HOH.

Jase and CB talk in HOH.
Jase now says he is glad that Holly is leaving and blames Scott for all the Holly tension. Scott now joins them and says that Holly has been asking around if she is safe. They discuss how, or if, they should prepare her for eviction. Scott tells the Horsemen that he told Karen to vote by following her heart. He told her the house changes every day, but did not explicitly say vote against Holly. (He seems to be 'Sincere Scott' here.) They are convinced that Karen is on their side. The guys are upset about Drew kissing Diane. (Drew has joined them at some point.) Drew reinforces that it's personal, separate from business.

Meanwhile, Holly is in the Backyard with Karen, once again blaming Adria for using the Bible to manipulate Drew to nominate Holly. Karen says she feels tight with Jase and thinks that he's sincere.
They talk about the vote being a tie, and Drew breaking it. Holly says that Drew is wishy-washy. “Drew was drunk last night and Di went in there and used her female powers.” None of the 4-H have told Karen about their change in plans, so she keeps talking as if it will be a tie vote.


The afternoon starts off with Holly and Jase talking outside in the hammock. Holly is still depressed about leaving, and Jase keeps trying to laugh it off. Then Holly gets mad at Jase for not taking her seriously. Jase says something in baby-talk about how he takes her seriously, yada yada yada. The only interesting thing in this conversation was that Jase tells Holly he auditioned to be a Chippendale’s dancer.

More Jase and Holly conversation a little later.
Holly is still freaked-out by Jase’s cold sore and is afraid she’ll get it.
Jase: "You’re acting like I have AIDS or something."
Holly is still worried about how Drew will vote in case of a tie. She starts trashing Drew by wondering aloud how he can have a relationship with Diane. Holly and Jase think Drew is jealous of their relationship.
Holly: "All us good people have to stick together."

After this, Jase goes outside to join K/M/W/Nakomis, who are talking about masturbating.
Marvin says he has had 13 orgasms in the house. Karen says she must be falling behind because she has only eight. Jase brags that he goes for “volume” when he orgasms, and that being in the House has upset his usual schedule. Will said he hasn’t masturbated or had a wet dream. He is trying to stay in a zen-like “zone” but says he would find it difficult not to do it if he became HOH. Karen says she is orgasming to keep herself from going crazy in the House, and says that some of the other “chicks in the House” would benefit from her instructions. (Ed. note: Oh puleeze, and we thought it was only men who bragged.)

Now it’s about 2:30PM and we have yet another conversation between Holly and Jase, this time on the hammock. She’s saying again that she’s worried that Drew might vote her out in the case of a tie. (Note: Sometimes Holly seems to assume she’s going, but she also seems to think a tie is a possibility.) Then back to trashing Diane.

Meanwhile, the always debonair Scott is showing off his ability to fart on command. Jase yells, “FOC. FOC!” Scott pulls his legs up and farts into the air.

In case you’re afraid you’ll miss Holly after she goes, we now have another conversation between Holly and Jase, this time in the Cloud Room, where Jase comforts her while she packs. Holly blames her leaving on the fact that she's blonde. She says the blondes go first every year, and that the show will be boring after she goes, and the ratings will go down. Jase keeps trying to change the subject, and she accuses him of being mean to her and not taking her seriously.

Sample of what we will miss when Holly goes:
J: "I'm gonna miss my little cuddle buddy."
H: "Is that all I am to you, a cuddle bunny?"

Holly talks about having her fortune told before she came in. They told her that her life will be all "topsily turvy." Jase asks if the fortune included him. Holly said, "No, I hadn't met you yet." Jase says that Holly should get her fortune retold if it didn't include him.

CB comes into the room. Holly tells Cowboy that Johnny-Creepy isn’t really her BF. It was a story she told to protect herself from the guys in the House and that he is only the guy taking care of her cats. They broke up in December. He knows Holly’s cats because we were together for two years.
Holly: "If there are any doubts in that guy’s (Drew’s) head in there, I want you (CB) to help me explain to him. When I do it people misjudge me and don't take me as seriously as you do." CB then leaves and goes into the HOH to tell Scott what Holly just said. Both guys laugh.

It’s now about 3:15PM or so, and A/Nak/W/Diane are outside making fun of Karen and her antics on strategy.
Will says that Karen whispers to him while he is staring off into space, and just about every time they pass in the house. She says, "We have to be cool." He thinks to himself, "And you?" They get a kick out of the fact that Karen is playing spy. They joke about getting Russian names (like Natasha) or codenames. Nakomis says that she is going to start doing spy moves like rolling and hiding behind the kitchen counter. Will jokes that Karen's codename will be Karen. Meanwhile Karen joins them and the conversation turns to Wills obsession with the opening credits of films and with TV trivia.

At this point, for no apparent reason, Scott dips his hair into the pool.

Inside, Drew and CB are in HOH. Drew keeps yawning and trying to nap, but Cowboy keeps droning on about nothing. CB climbs onto the bed with Drew. Scott comes into the room.
Scott: "When people ask me who HOH was this week, I’ll say, Well, Cowboy was."
CB: "Why?"
Scott: "Because every time I see you, you're in HOH. Might as well give you the robe and slippers."
CB: "That's next week."
Drew: "They still haven't called me into the (the DR) room yet. I don't get to vote, but I will do a farewell to whomever."
Drew: "Did you talk to Karen today? She was trying to figure out what's going on."
Scott: "Yeah, Karen was confused."
Drew: "Karen was cool. She asked how it has been without my twin. I said it’s been tough because he and I have always made decisions together." (Ed. note: That explains a lot about Drew’s problems with making decisions this week. Only half of him is in the House.)

W/K/A/Di/Nakomis are still talking outside. Not much worth reporting except that Karen hates September because of her morbid fear of going back to school. Another interesting comment is that they think that BB has given them a lot of lockdowns today so that they will gravitate to one place to talk. They eventually go inside.

It’s about 4PM and Marvin has been cooking pork for a while now. He has cooked the pork in strips and has three sauces lined up in blue bowls, with a spoon in each -- barbecue sauce, some sort of mustard concoction, and some other sauce. The HG’s gather around the counter and load up their plates. Scott calls out Cowboy for dipping his food back in the sauce after biting on it. He repeats this several times in case someone didn’t hear the first time.

Apparently, the House is getting low on food and the HGs wonder how the food will last until Friday. Drew is in the DR, and the HGs save some food for him.

Eventually, everyone but Drew and Adria leaves the kitchen.
Adria: "I've tried to be calm today and relax."
Drew: "How ya doing?"
Adria: "Better. I just hope no one is playing with me, know what I mean?"
Drew says to Adria: "I just want you to know that I really pulled for you."

They discuss how much they have been through together. Drew thinks that this week has built character for both of them. They whisper.
Adria: "No matter what happens, you KNOW ME now."
Drew: "And you KNOW ME."

Then lots of idle chitchat.

While this is going on, Holly and Scott are having a semi-serious conversation in the BY – (Ed note: They are actually listening to each other – interesting and very different from J&H). (The following is about 4:30-5:00PM BB time).

Scott: "We have one of the best high schools in the nation in our area- 1000 kids."
H: "Were you in the yearbook?"
S: "On the first page, in a garbage can."
H: "Really? I thought you weren’t popular in high school."
Scott says he was tall in HS, but he was really skinny. He never had a girlfriend in high school - wasn't into girls until his sophomore year in college.
H: "Are you capable of giving yourself emotionally?"
S: "Yes, I had a 2-year relationship with a girl in college. My next relationship is going to be serious; so I’m having fun now."
Scott seems almost wistful about the relationship that ended. He says that he wishes he could do some things over again. It was the best time of his life.
H: "Would girls get jealous of your guy friends?"
S: "No, I tell them all the way it is." (Ed. note: In case we were starting to think he was a sensitive guy.)
H: "Have you lived with a girl?"
S: "No, I want my time with my boys and time with a girl; friends are everything."

When she gets out, Holly is going to write to Playgirl to get the back copy with Scott in it. (Ed. note to Holly: Just go on the Internet. <g>.)
Scott tells Holly: "Don’t look at my d*ck. Seriously, remember it’s not hard, it gets a lot bigger than that. They don’t want you to get hard in Playgirl. They want to make it classy, tasteful."

Miscellaneous chit chat happens in various rooms, with HG’s moving around. Nothing of substance to report. (It’s about 6:00PM BB time.)


Drew/Scott/CB are in HOH. Scott confesses that he doesn’t have a lot of money, but his parents are there if he needs a bill paid.
CB says that his parents can’t help him because they went bankrupt.
Now the guys start comparing ages of their parents.
CB would like to go to college, not to learn anything, but to play college football.

Elsewhere, in another conversation, Will says that he had a friend who was a contestant on "The Bachelor" when Andrew Firestone was on. Each contestant had a cabinet filled with her favorite food and they always had a keg on top.
Nakomis: "We are getting gyped on this show!!!"

The girls beg Will to tell them a story.
Will: "You know, the other night we were in the Hot Tub talking about the wildest places we ever had sex? Well, I wanted to tell this story, but I didn't think the guys could handle it."
Diane: "Hmmm?" (she is excited)
Will and his first boyfriend were in a Starbucks in the middle of Manhattan. It was really crowded and the line was very long. They ended up going in the bathroom so they could go. It was one of those 'big handicapped bathrooms' Well, one thing led to another, and 5 minutes later someone was banging on the door. We thought it was the cops, so Will opened the door a few inches and stuck his head out. It was the manager, and she was screaming 'You didn't even buy any coffee!'.

Miscellaneous conversation occurs after that. Not worth reporting details.

Finally, about 7:45PM, food arrives, including lots of different types of pizza, as well as hamburger.
While the HGs attack the food, Holly continues to talk about Jase’s cold sore. The HGs start teasing Jase about something on his back. “Ringworm!” one HG says. Jase tells Holly he tried to set up a romantic date with her, but he didn’t know for sure she was leaving.

Sometime after 8:00 PM, the HGs get beer and wine.
There is lots of back and forth talking about how to split the alcohol – who gets beer, who gets red wine, who gets white wine. Holly tells Jase to get each of them three glasses of white wine; then goes to the backyard. Typical Jase and Holly talk follows; with Jase singing Holly a stupid little song.

Some strategy talk goes on between W/Di/Nak.

A little later, Will and Karen talk strategy with their feet in the Hot Tub. Basically, Will keeps shooting down Karen's overconfidence that the boys won't put her up if one of them gets HOH. Will reminds Karen that Marvin already put her up once.
Karen's confidence now looks pretty much dashed. Karen seems to feel that the rallying for people thing (aka. Adria) really hurt them.

Inside the House, Adria and CB are talking.
CB reassures Adria in his usual articulate way. “I know what's happening tomorrow, but I can't tell you because, well, you know we're not supposed to talk about it. However, I can pretty much tell you that you are safe." Scott walks in and looks right at Adria saying, "You're staying." CB quickly tries to hush Scott up, but Scott again tries to make the point clear to Adria that she will not be going. (I think Holly may be nearby.)

So, Scott moves on to his favorite subject (himself) and tells A & H that he is the man to f*ck, and he is the best at foreplay. Scott shows A & H different (sexual) positions. Holly asks if those are the techniques that he uses on women or on blowup dolls. (Ed. note: That comment almost makes up for all the stupid things Holly has said...but, not quite.)

Scott also complains to Drew a little later that he heard Jase in the BY saying to Holly, “When you get evicted tomorrow.”

It’s now about 9:30 PM, and it’s massage time. First Adria has a neck massage by Cowboy, then Diane gets one from Marvin.

Late Evening

The HGs are getting loud and rowdy – a party atmosphere.

About 10:15PM all the HG’s are dancing in the kitchen except Holly and Jase. Adria started the dancing and everyone was surprised at how good she was. The HG want Drew to dance like he does to the techno music. Drew is shy, so Marvin gets up and stuffs a blue napkin in his (M’s) mouth, with one in each hand, pretending they are glow sticks, and starts to dance around with everyone cheering. Drew gets up his nerve and grabs two blue napkins and dances around. (He's pretty darn good too.) Cowboy comes in and starts demonstrating how they dance at the club he goes to. He lays out on the floor humping the air. CB shows more of his moves and the HG’s find this so funny that Adria starts dirty dancing with CB. CB bends over Adria and thrusts from behind and does other 'Dirty Dancing' moves. (This is very disturbing, and yet funny.)

While all the rest of the HGs are having fun dancing in the kitchen, Holly and Jase are in the hot tub—you guessed it—fighting. It is a repeat of their earlier conversations today, and well, every day since they’ve been in the House. Among other old themes, Holly accuses Jase of being jealous of Scott, and threatens to spend her last night in the House with Scott.

Actually, Jase and Holly aren’t alone. Nakomis has come out to the BY. Adria/Di join her.
N: "In my family we don't do that and it just freaked me out. I just came out here to chill out."
A: "I hear you. We kinda goof-off in my family so I hope you don’t think anything of me."
N: "Oh no, that's ok. I joke around with my friends like that but I’m not ready to do that here."
A: "The House gets a little werewolf at night. I’m kinda afraid to go to in there. Wed is a hard night with someone leaving on Thur." They go inside.

It’s about 11:00PM. Will & Nak are in the Cloud room getting ready for bed.
Di gets blankets from the HOH room.
Drew: "Go ahead; I am shot down on national TV."
Drew,A little buzzed, lays back on the bed and says, “Go ahead and take advantage of me.”
Di: "You told me you didn’t want me to sleep in here."
Drew: "I did?"
Di: "What's in the brown envelope?" (Note: Drew never says and never explains what the brown envelope is.)
D: "You're trying to get some information out of me because of the drinks."
Di: "I don’t want to know what's in that brown envelope."
Dr: "Only time will tell."
Di: "How much time? Tomorrow? Is it the twist, is it the unexpected? What is it? Give me a time."

Scott knocks on the door and comes into the room. Some game chit-chat happens and then FISH!

Diane leaves HOH and stops by the Cloud room. Diane tells Will and Nakomis that she thinks Drew is 'this close' (using her fingers) to being on our side. She really thinks he will keep A.
Will: "You really think its going to come down to tie?"
Diane: "Well, I really don't know. But he (Drew) keeps telling me he has something to tell me, but he won't tell me yet. It really sounds like it’s good."

More miscellaneous conversation in the Cloud Room between Will, Adria, and Nakomis. In the background, Holly screams.

*The camera pans to the Wood Room*

Holly kicks Jase in the chest to keep him away from her.

*Cam switches back. You can still hear Holly and Jase wrestling off somewhere, and the sound of Holly’s shrill voice*

Not sure how it began, but Drew and Will start wrestling in a semi-erotic way. Afterwards, Will sits on his bed and fans himself.
Will: "Man, I can go to bed now, baby! Anyone got a cigarette I can smoke?"

Jase also flashes his d*ck to the Cloud Room.

Karen farts and everyone complains about how bad it smells. She blames the vegetarian pizza.

After Midnight We gonna let it all hang out.

Drew reads the Bible in the HOH, while Diane gets ready in the bathroom. Diane gives Marvin a massage in the Cement Room, while sitting on top of his back.

Diane finally makes it back to HOH. Drew teases Diane about giving Marvin a massage. (very playful tone) Drew says that he looks forward to their nights together and thinks about it during the day sometimes.
Diane: "See, I knew you wouldn't be able to sleep without me."
A little game talk occurs, when Diane talks about how much she’d like to get HOH next week.
Di: "Everyone can see all the boys getting all these looks on their faces, and you with a smile."
Dr: "I'd have to put on an act like, sh!t! sh!t! sh!t! (in a lower voice) yes! yes! yes! yes! "

Drew and Diane kiss kiss under the covers. Smack, smack, smack. They have more light conversation. there are drunken moans and more smacks.

Drew: "How often do you shave your legs?"
Diane:"Every day; everytime I'm in the shower. They're soft."
Drew moans: "Very sexy," in between kisses. There are more whispers and pillow talk. They are kissing under the covers.
Diane: "I can kiss you all night long."
Drew: "So if I can just touch your body, is that cool with you?"
Diane: "Yeah. You can kiss, too."

No talking is happening now, just kissing, covers rustling, and heavy breathing.
They come out from under the covers to get a breath. Di says they're "too hot for TV!"
Then they have miscellaneous talk about music, etc.
Di: "Look how much fun we have to look forward to."
Dr: "What?"
Di: "Me and you."
Dr: "Outside the house?"
Di: "Yeah."
Dr: "But I kinda want to take the cameras with us."

Laughing. Now they're seeing if they can see through the windows. Drew says you never know how many people are back there (behind the wall). "What a crazy room" They continue kissing, snuggling, and talking until about 1:30AM (Ed. note: See the Updates section for more detail, but not a lot, and the BB Pics forum.)

Meanwhile, from the sublime to the absurd. Scott and CB are outside talking.
S tells CB that he (Scott) is the brains behind the 4-H and CB is kinda hurt by this remark. (Ed. is clamping down on her tongue to keep from expressing her feelings in response to the following.)

A sample of Scott (thanks to noigres who posted this).

S: "I'm gonna be blunt with you. You haven't necessarily been the brains of the group. I won't lie to you; but the morale, and the spirit, and the toughness, that's been you. You're not stupid, but you haven't exactly been the brains. I feel like I've been the brains, behind the curtain. I've done so much sh!t for this group because everyone else has had their head somewhere else. You're the spirit, blah blah blah, and without you in the group, that group would not be running right now. Without me in the group, I don't know if strategically, we'll be making the right choices down the road, with Marvin, with A. I brought them in blah blah blah. Drew is learning. He's more of an apprentice to us. Jase, well, he doesn't contribute jack sh1t. He argues with Marvin; he's up Holly's a$$. He causes conflict because of a girl.
CB: "I think I put in my input at a lot of meetings. When I lay down I'm strategizing."
Scott said he's not putting down CB and that he has to work on some things just like CB does.
CB: "Sometimes I keep quiet. I think before I speak. I've put my foot up in my mouth so many times that it's gotten me in trouble. I'll give that 110% and if I'm not giving that 110%, let me know and I'll up it. If I'm doing something wrong let me know."
Scott: "Tomorrow I want to see 120%."
CB: "I want it more than anything in the world."

Jase comes out. CB asks him if Holly knows she’s going tomorrow and we get FISH.
Scott to Jase: "I know tomorrow is a tough day for you, but concentrate on what you have to do. This is hardcore ***** when she walks out the door."
Jase agrees and says Diane is next to go.
Scott and Jase agree that Diane is working Drew.
Jase says goodnight and goes back inside.

Both Cowboy and Scott are restless. Scott pumps iron.

CB thinks HOH is going to be something physical. He says that if he wins he's going to cry because he wants it so bad. He wanted to be on this show so bad. "This is it. If we win tomorrow, actually today, we're part of the jury, baby". We have to win EVERY week.

Scott says he's wide awake and CB says that he is too. CB asks if he wants to play chess, and Scott says he can't think that way right now. They go into the kitchen and CB makes himself a burger.

Miscellaneous conversation, including a discussion of CB's unibrow and his Dr. Pepper consumption.
CB used to be a Mountain Dew freak. Scott goes to bed.

Some camera feeds of Drew and Diane cuddling, kissing, talking in HOH, then finally settling to sleep.

It’s about 1:45AM. Good-night HG’s. Big day tomorrow.