BB Recap July 29

Today Adria was the first up at 9:00AM. She did her morning duties. She starts cleaning up the house and Nakomis wakes up. While they eat breakfast they chit chat about friends and Adria’s wedding night. Marvin is next up. Nak starts telling Adria how she dyes her dogs different colors.
Nak then goes into the bathroom and again dyes her hair. It is now green in the center and orange around the edges. Everyone else follows suit.

Holly has a brief conversation with Scott in the Cloud Room. She is making him look at her. (which he is having a hard time doing) She wants Scott to look at her to remember her by. She said she had a dream that Drew called her out and called her a liar.

Holly then again asks Jase to talk to Drew incase there was tie to make sure she is still safe. A bit later Holly does approach Drew in the HOH and tries to feel him out on who he will vote for in a tie. Drew was good and dodged the direct question.

Today the Houseguests stay busy by cleaning the house and primping. It's prime mirror time for the Jase and Scott duo.

CB practices his HOH speech. Everyone cheers. He really wants this HOH. He feels it will be an endurance competition and he will win.
There is no real strategy going on, just Houseguests making themselves beautiful for the show. The only thing they were told was to wear bare feet or tennis shoes for the competition.

On the live show Holly is evicted with a vote of 7-1. She was shocked!

All the excitement starts after the live show. The HOH competition is called "Telling No Secrets." The Houseguests go to the backyard where each has to stand on a clear box with a light on it, that is attached to a blow-up replica of themselves. There is a button in the mouth of each cut-out replica. They have to stand behind a piece of wood, and with their arm outstretched, they have to keep pressing the button that lights up their box under their feet. Once their box light goes out, they are eliminated. BB promises to throw some twists their way. On top of this, the first 5 people eliminated will choose from 12 envelopes that are on a board. In each envelope is a list of food they win. Some are good and some are bad. So this is a dual HOH and Food Competition.

There are lots of put-downs and chatter as they all still remain at the 1 hour mark. Drew is sitting watching these guys stand there. He does go into the Diary Room for his post HOH interview. Part of it can be heard by the internet viewers.
The first Houseguest that needs to relieve himself is CB who just wets himself in his pants. Everyone makes fun of him but he is determined to win this HOH.

After 2 hours and 43 minutes Nakomis is the first one out. She chooses envelope #6 and it is Italian food. She won a whole list of Italian foods.

Drew tries distracting them. He comes out of the house with a towel wrapped around himself and Holly’s pink hat on, trying to imitate Holly. No one goes. Everyone still stays.

At 9:00PM, the first bribe. Drew comes out with real pizza and 6 beers.

At 9:02PM Karen is out. She was too cold in her dress. The envelope Karen chooses has Japanese cuisine.

At 9:42PM Diane offers for everyone to quit and throw the competition to CB. Everyone agrees except Marvin. Scott wants CB and Marvin to finish and everyone else to leave. Diane said, "No way."

At 10:00PM BB tells them that they can no longer switch hands on their buttons.

At 11:10PM Cowboy is out. He slipped and blamed his hurt shoulder. He gets very upset. Drew has to console him in the bathroom. Even Nak is nice and tells him that he did a great job and that everyone is proud of him. His food envelope is for breakfast items.

Diane and Adria caught Scott switching hands at 10:23PM and called him on it. BB watches the tape and tells Scott he is eliminated. Scott picks the envelope with English Food. (yeah, blood pudding and marmalade)

At the 5 hour mark Marvin is too cramped up to continue. He is gone. He picks an envelope that says Mom’s Kitchen, which gets many cheers because it includes ice cream and sweets.

This leaves the Final 4 as Jase, Diane, Will, and Adria. Adria’s hand locks up at the 6 hour 14 minute mark so she is out.
Will then ensures his safety from Diane and Jase and removes himself at 6 hours 36 minutes.

This leaves the Final 2, Jase and Diane.
Jase keeps saying he has to make a statement and will not give up. Diane wants her pictures from home and will not give up! (knowing Jase will oust her first chance he gets)

Scotts comments, "Hey guys, it is the Holly-Lover vs the Holly-Hater!"

Jase keeps digging Diane, and sticking-up for Holly. He really wants revenge for Holly leaving. Jase keeps saying he had survivor training and fire-fighter training and will not give up to some girl.

At 1:30AM BB adds the rule that both feet must stay planted on the block at all times.

By the 8 hour mark, Jase is real fidgety and Diane is still standing strong with that smirk on her face.

They reach the 9 hour mark! The feeds show Jase’s heels and toes hanging over the box. He has been warned about that.

At the 9 hour and 30 minute mark BB tells Jase that he is eliminated. His foot is clearly hanging off the block, so Diane is the new HOH.

Jase gets mad and says he did not know he couldn’t do that; and that it had been that way all night.

Diane heads to the WC while Jase heads to the food. Diane joins him and eats.

Jase and Marvin start kissing-butt and complimenting Diane all over the place.

Will, Diane, and Adria are happy in the backyard. They say that finally they are safe for the week. Meanwhile, in the house, Jase tells the 4-Horsemen that he tried, but they better pack their bags.

Diane has to wait until tomorrow to get her HOH room, so all start shuffling, looking for someplace to sleep.

Diane and Drew pull up a floor and talk for a bit. (chit chat)

All Houseguests finally asleep at 4:23AM.

(Now what will Diane do with the nominations? This could be a real interesting week!)