BB Recap July 30

At 9AM the Houseguests start to slowly rise from their comas. The HOH lasting so long will have these guys in a fog for a bit. Nakomis and Marvin are the first to wake up and they do their morning routine. The Plasma screens said "NOMINATIONS TODAY!"
The storage room is full of food. Diane awakens with Charlie-horses throughout her body.

It does not take Diane long to start talking strategy and thinking about nominations. She is thinking it will be Scott and Jase. Jase will be the target. She tells Karen that she needs to put them both up so that they can’t save each other.

The 4-Horsemen are feeling it today. They discuss who will be put up. Jase and Scott are sure it is them, but want to convince Diane to put up Marvin. Meanwhile CB hates Marvin because he wouldn’t GIVE him the HOH competition. Scott uses this to his advantage and tells Marvin that CB wants him out. He is starting something here to make Diane want Marvin out too.

At about 1PM Diane shows-off her room. She has pictures of her sister and her dog. She gets lots of goodies in her basket, like cookies and candy.

The Girl-Power alliance is amazed at how polite and nice the boys are bring to them. Nakomis was stunned that Jase said 'Good Morning' to her. Diane tells them that she wants to cut a deal with Marvin, saying she won’t put him up if he gets Veto and does not use it.

Jase is calling the situation “The legend of the Fall.” He is kissing Diane’s butt. (what goes around comes around buddy! Hehehehe this is your day)
Drew tells Diane that he will respect her decision, no matter what it is (does that mean he won’t use Veto???) and that she is hard core.

Jase tries for votes already. In HOH he corners Will and says that he wanted HOH last night to put up Scott. (yea right, and not Diane) He really tries to get information from him. Will keeps telling him that he does not know who he will bring in. Jase says wait until you watch the feeds, etc. He is really working hard here.

Diane and Adria are in the WC, and Karen is laughing at how the boys are saying I am going next.

Meanwhile, CB is moping along, crying about his broken up alliance and how Marvin didn’t GIVE him the HOH competition. (Why he can’t earn the HOH is beyond me.)

Karen keeps feeding Diane information on how Jase and Scott made her feel, how they depressed her, etc. Karen is really rubbing it in. She tells her that Jase was targeting Drew. (for getting rid of Holly)

Jase asks everyone if he is going on the block. No one gives him an answer. Jase, all nervous, drops a plate on kitchen floor. Adria, a bit later, gets a sliver of glass in her foot.

Diane warns Scott that she wants to talk to Scott after the nominations, and not to freak out. Nakomis even tries to throw the guys, saying she is going up as the pawn because that is her seat and she is used to it. The guys are questioning and hoping this is true.

It sure looks like the 4-H have been the 3 babies all day. Scott is working people about who is going up. Jase whimpers over Holly leaving and him going up, and CB is crying over not being GIVEN HOH!! (Wow what a few hours sure can do with a Few Men!)

Scott does promise not to take it well if he is nominated. (like we expect anything else)
Jase tries to use his charm (gag me) with Diane in the hammock to see if he is going up. Diane just talks lightly to him and gives him no information.

One news item of the day is that Karen straightened her hair and lost that 80’s look. Everyone keeps complimenting her on it. Oh and the treadmill is gone (maybe to get oiled) and they are hoping they get something better in its place.

While on outside lockdown as Diane prepares for nominations, Jase and Marvin are complaining how they are carrying CB through this whole game.

So let’s see, the 4-Hs so far today have had these conversations:
CB hates Marvin for not giving him HOH.
Marvin hates CB because he is a pussy and cries and they are carrying him.
Scott is trying to rally votes against Jase.
Jase hates Scott and Drew for getting Holly tossed.
(This alliance seems a bit shaky to me.)

At about 6:35PM the nomination ceremony begins. All go inside. Some really clever sleuths on the boards notice that you can see through the FISH cam and watch the ceremony too.

Once the ceremony is over, Diane does talk to Scott and tells him that Jase is her target.

Scott listened well because he came outside and told everyone if he gets Veto he is using it on Jase. (Oh no, I smell a Marcellas move here!)

Diane tells her alliance that she just wants people to respect her and if they get Veto not to use it. She says that Marvin is the Wildcard here and not to worry about him. They talk abnout sticking together to get the 4-Hs out and not falling apart like the 4-H did.

Meanwhile Scott is trying to put Drew in the middle and have him tell Diane to put up Marvin if Veto is used. (Poor Drew.)

Scott is convinced that if Jase wins POV he will take himself off, and if he wins it he will take of Jase. So either CB or Marvin (which he wants and believes) will go up. He sees it that everyone will vote out Marvin or CB and leave him in since he is so well-loved and adored by everyone in the house.

Scott then convinces CB that he has to talk trash about Marvin to everyone and get him out this week.

Diane and Will in HOH are talking about CB, and Diane said she will put him up if POV is used.

Diane still has not read the directions on the secret screen in the HOH. Scott has swiped the remote and has it in his pocket so she can’t use it if she wants to.

At about 9PM last night the houseguests got Piggy banks to paint. (probably for POV comp) Scott tries to find a headband for his pig. Some sit and really start to paint them nicely.

Here is a nice recap of how the Houseguests painted their piggies.
Nakomis has painted her pigs in a very traditional light pink color.
Will's pig also has a traditional light pink color with a purple bowtie.
Marvin's pig is decorated in Dallas Cowboys colors with the number 22 on the back.
Drew painted his pig's head a light pink color.
Diane's pig is a bright, hot pink color.
Jase has painted half of his pig a fire engine red color.
Karen's pig is painted in both light and dark pink.
Scott's pig is pink on the top half and blue on the bottom half, with a tattoo that says "Cowboy" on the side and other various writing all around.
Adria is painting her pig's bottom half forest green.
CB is still crying in the DR and has not begun painting his pig. When he does start, he paints it yellow. CB made a cowboy hat out of pipe cleaners for his pig too.

All pigs have to be done by midnight so they dry for tomorrow.

Jase decides to take a bath, naked and with fruit. He thinks it is a riot. CB laughs with him. CB gets in the shower, Jase throws fruit at him. CB throws it back. Just stupid horseplay and stress relief going on here. The boys annoy the girls, and Jase tries to flash his stuff at Diane and Karen who are not interested at all.

Jase tells CB again that Marvin wants him out. Scott explains the POV plan. Scott is choosing Drew and Jase is choosing CB, and save Jase. (because Diane told him he will not be voted out; wake up Scott) Scott then tells CB that HIS (CB’s) life depends upon tomorrows competition; that Marvin or Drew can not be trusted to save him; so win to keep Jase in the game.
The 33 Hs still believe they will be famous when they get out, and won’t be able to walk down streets, etc.

As the night closes, Drew and Diane are in HOH flirting and cuddling.
CB is talking to the other 2 Horses and saying how much he wants a sitcom.
Scott is just a bit quiet, and thinking!
(Oh tomorrows Veto competition will be great!)