BB Recap July 31

BB awakened everyone at about 9AM. (we had the wonderful FISH cam at that time) Drew and Diane had general chit-chat in the HOH. Marvin complained about the schedule, as usual, because BB announced the VETO would be in 2 hours.

The VETO competition started at 10:50AM and went to 2:12PM. It was a long FISH Cam. From the talking around the house we figure out that JASE won the VETO. The competition itself had to do with their piggy-banks and putting chips into them; not going over or under a certain amount. Then the banks were smashed. Players were isolated during the competition. We know this because Will later told the girls that Jase urinated all over the towels in the stone room as he was waiting. (That boy has lots of class let me tell ya!)

Diane wants to meet with her fellow 'people' in the alliance to decide who she should put up as Jase’s replacement when he VETOs himself off the block. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to sell-out Drew by saying that Drew is the better gamer, etc.

First, Diane talks to Nakomis, who wants Scott to go because of the Scott and Jase alliance.
Then, Adria joins in the conversation, and she agrees that Scott should go. Diane is whishy-washy here because she believes the things Scott tells her. (wake up Diane)
Adria warns Diane not to let Drew be the 'leaker of information.' Diane assures her he won’t be.
Will enters the HOH and makes the plea to get Marvin out by saying that Marvin is the smartest of them, and that he will win next HOH which will be trivia related. He feels Marvin is 10 times more of a threat than Scott. He is really pushing it here. Adria did agree that Marvin was a gamer but she did not agree about voting him out. They re-hash the numbers and think that they have the votes to oust them next week. (if they get HOH and they are on the block again) Nakomis again said she is worried about Scott and Jase, and that CB is just stupid. As Diane is leaving to get some Ice-cream Nak casually asks about the Spy Cam. Diane is clueless and replies, "Yea, I know there is some twist in here, but I don’t know about it yet." Nak reads the directions about the Spy Cam then puts them back and does not say anything.

Scott is playing the game too. He is going around telling people what Marvin is saying about them, and then asking, "Do you want to be sequestered with him?"

An outside lockdown is announced and they all head out back. Karen and Will have a brief conversation. Karen asks if Diane is going to put up Marvin, and Will said, "Yes," to which Karen replied, "Good."

After the lockdown Jase starts doing some laundry. (those pissy towels from the stone room) Scott approaches him and tells him the plan is working, and that they rule not only Reality TV, but when they get out they will rule too. (OK, Scott, I want to hang with a guy who pisses on other people’s towels and wears a rag around his head.)

Finally Diane starts thinking about herself and the vote at the end of the game. She thinks Marvin would vote for her but Scott wouldn’t. Karen is pushing for Marvin to be put up also because he talks bad about people all the time. Nak is still pushing to vote out Scott, and then tosees out that maybe they should put up CB. Will comes in and tells the girls about Jase pissing on the towels in the Stone room. Karen and Nak freak. Will and Karen still push to vote out Marvin.

The biggest news of the day and what rocked the Joker’s board is that at, like 7PM, Will and Jase met in the HOH. Will was assuring him that he was planting the seed to get rid of Marvin, and that he had Karen doing it too. (It now seems that these 2 have a secret alliance!) Will tells Jase that Adria and Nak will put him up. Jase said that he told Drew to work Diane to get rid of Marvin too.

After Will met with Karen, they again say that Marvin has to go; then Adria, and that they want one of the boys to put up Adria. Karen said she is acting different lately (Oh no, they just switched!). Will tells Karen about the conversation he had with Jase. (So, is this a 3 people alliance???)
Karen and Will join Diane in the Hot Tub and again push to nominate Marvin.

Diane goes into HOH and discovers the reason her HOH fridge smells so bad is because of the baking soda in the fridge. She takes the baking soda and puts the box under Jase’s bed. She and Nak laugh, and Diane said she feels devious. Nak wanted her to put some under his pillow. Nak then assists Diane in finding the Spy Cam. (Finally!)

The fruit, Jase, takes another 'fruity bath' tonight. He has bananas and oranges. Of course he spends most of his bath time looking in the mirror at himself.
Meanwhile, in the HOH, the girls are trying to figure out the Spy Cam. Diane left the room for a minute. Jase asked her if she'd found the screen yet, and that told her that she had to look in the drawer. Diane replied that she was not stupid, but maybe drunk. After she left and went back to HOH Jase turns around to Drew and said your drunken trailer-trash girlfriend is stupid. Drew said she is not my girlfriend. (Nice support there Drew!)

The girls finally figure out the Spy Cam, and they have the remote. (how they got it we don’t know) They have some problems trying to get the rooms of the house. All they are getting are fish. Nak finally figures it out. (WTG Nak!)

Everyone heads to bed. Drew and Diane chat a bit. Drew tells Diane why Holly had to go. He urges her to put up Marvin. Diane responded with, "I have to evaluate who is stronger."

By 5:30AM all was quiet in the BB house and everyone was sleeping.

(Tomorrow more of Will and Jase pushing to get Marvin out, and their secret alliance.)