July 6

11:35 PM: Nojob threw out the first post: Feeds are up!

HGs are in the hammock and playing chess.

Marvin and Karen, starving from the PBJ diet, are talking in the bathroom. Marvin says he's going to slingshot a crow for dinner. Semi serious, he then says he'll go to the DR to ask!

Holly begins telling a story on the hammock. She got abducted, then tape put over her mouth.. and FISH. The story continued: she was tied up for a day and a half and had to pee her pants twice. The man didn't talk until he put something down her back, and her mascara ran all over her shirt with tears. (!)

Where she worked, a burger joint (Carney's Burgers), a man's face was "half burnt, half Downs Syndrome". Meanwhile, Michael teaches Adria to play chess.

A group of folks outside poked holes in Holly's story. (ED: this might be the first time, but it won't be the last!) Will sticks up for Holly, says that she's an innocent. Jase and Marvin think Holly's just playing dumb.

The HGs discuss the brother/sister thing, so they knew prior to the first show.

Scott flirts with Holly in the kitchen. He tells her Drew uses Propecia(??) and that he won't look so good when he's bald. HAH! I think he compared him to Smiegal, here. LOLOL

Lori gets offended at Marvin's constant cussing. Marvin retaliates and calls everyone actors. Holly doesn't want to go outside, cause Marvin is there: "He's making all the girls in this house feel really weird. The other night, he put his hand right in my buttcrack." She tells Scott she's scared of him.

Scott, Michael in bedroom: Scott says Marvin is gone. They'll leave the girls to get Marvin out. Scott wants to call a meeting of the guys. They decide they can't put Marvin up because he's with Scott, thinks he's his best friend. Keep him around as he'd be the bigger target.

Out in the hot tub, Diane says BB4 was lame. Jennifer is alone at a table. Marvin discloses that he's quite a chef. He tells Jase that Holly has no conversation. Says she's a liar. Will, Jase and Lori all agree that her stories are bulllshyt.

Michael and Scott wonder how America liked the first show. Their first week was hot, they think. Someone cut Michael's hair: Scott says if he doesn't like it they can fix it. Michael says if he wins he's going to get a dude ranch. Scott tells him he's had a hard week (referring to finding out about Jennifer.)

In the kitchen, a discussion is happening about what BB's really like:
Jace - when it comes down to the end, you'll say oh my gosh, I stabbed someone in the back who was my friend. I think friends are what it's about.
Mike - you can love people after 3 months of living with them.
Jace - in the grand scheme of things that amount of money is not worth it.
Mike - I think in these 5 days we've spent more time with each other than some of our friends!

Holly says it's about the money. They argue that. Adria goes off to barf, alone, after wishing someone would go with her. They didn't.

Meanwhile Will wants to end BB by not telling lies. Holly wants to know if it's a good strategy to lie.

Discussion turns to BB4. Holly admires Lisa. Then talk goes to the Bible: Holly likes that Adam and Eve story. Scott says he's a child of God (when asked what he is.) Holly says Catholics are not Christian: she herself is a Presbyterian.

And talk goes to who they want out. Scheming! Scott wants Marvin up. He says that Diane says Karen is plotting. They really want the Don (Mike) out; as if he stays another week, he'll turn the girls against them.

Jase wonders who to put against Mike: Diane or Holly? Diane is the biggest bitch in the house. Scott says it would scare the sh1t out of her if she's up. They decide not to put up Marvin as he could help them. He can go up the second week (cocky, a little!)

Scott, Jase and Cowboy scheming some more: Scott says Marvin isn't a threat, as he's with him. Jase wants to get a girl out. Scott says the Don should go. But Diane likes the Don, Jase says.. Scott had a fight with Diane. He thinks the Don should go, as Marvin is 'locked up'.

Jase says put Diane up opposite, as she trashed Scott. Cowboy enters. He agrees on the Don and Marvin being a help. During all this, Marvin and Adria are in bed reading the Bible. (HAH!)

Adria and Marvin talk. Marvin says his days are numbered. Adria tells him to be himself and not worry about things outside his control. Marvin tells Drew if he (Drew) wins, he will be happy. Drew exits.

Marvin talks about his ex and how sad he is. Then he says he doesn't plan on finding love in BB as they're all golddiggers. He and Adria again discuss killing a bird for food. He says, in the house, he isn't representing anyone: not the black race, no one but himself.