July 7th, Day 5

7:24 am
Adria is the first one up followed shortly by Mike and Will. Will can't seem to find his microphone and is searching everywhere for it. The kitchen is a mess with jars and glasses everywhere and that garbage is overflowing. Mike sets off to cleaning the mess up. Will still can't find his mic and concedes to just talking loudly.

Will asks Mike about his kids, Mike has 2, one is 12 and the other one isn't in school yet. Will asks Mike about his decision to come on BB. Mike says his son wanted it more than he did. They talk about their decisions to come on the show, Will mentions the $750 a week they get and then we get the FISH cam.

Jennifer has joined the kitchen crowd and Will heads off to the BR where he has a conversation with Karen.
She saying that she is getting major anxiety about things that are going on in the house and that she starts to bleed (down there ) when she gets anxious. Will asks what the patches are on her chest. Karen says that she wore her bathing suit for like four days and the straps rubbed the skin off so she put on band-aids. Saying that they are dreaming about food because they want it so bad. They miss cooking and say that if they lost the food comp next time, they would still want to cook for the winners because it's an activity to do...something to keep them occupied.

Nicomus joins Karen & Will in the BR. They start talking about other reality shows that they would want to be on.
Nicomus says she would want to be on a reality show advertised on Animal Planet where if you win, you get to be the host of your own show. They talk about how they love animals and then talk turns into Karens local SPCA. She hates it because they euthanize animals there.. Further conversation reveals that both Will & Nic wanted to be on Survivor.

Most HGs are up and milling about now. The conversation in the kitchen has moved on to Broadway shows. Will has seen Hairspray which Mike's never heard of. He has gone to Phantom of The Opera which blew him away. Adria saw Les Miserables and loved it. Will offers an open invitation to anyone who wants to come to NY as he's just blocks from Broadway.

10 am

HGs are on lockdown and must remain inside. Conversation turns to Holly and her outrageous stories. Karen notices how she'll have an art story, so Holly will in turn have an art story. Will will have a rape & murder story, so surprise surprise, Holly has a rape & murder story. Marvin is overheard talking loudly to Cowboy in the LR. The general concensus amongst the HGs is that they don't like Marvin that much.

10:20 am

Lockdown is over. Adria's feeling rundown due to the lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, and the change in weather. Nik feels the strain of lack of food as well. Drew and Scott discuss the possibility of jace and holly having sex. then scott says "can you imagine having sex with her... what it'd be like in the days after?"and then they laugh briefly. They talk about sleeping with women and how scott never wants them around much longer after "the deed" Drew doesn't mind spooning with a woman and demonstrates how he prefers to do it (he is standing and doing a mime of this solo). scott says he can't sleep with a woman next to him - its too uncomfortable and he drools all over her. The convo turns to Scott and his boys going to the mall to get drunk and hit on mothers and daughters. (classy guy!)

11:23 am

Mike and Diane are talking about forming an alliance. Mike said Drew approached him about doing something together. They both think that Drew and Adria are good friends so that would bring Adria along, too. Diane wants to see the stronger players go first: Scott, and Cowboy, and Lori's stuff will catch up with her and she'll go, too. And Will should go, too. Diane doesn't trust Karen cause she caught her in a bunch of lies already.

11:55 pm

HG are on outside lockdown. General discussions about movies and tv shows. Will said he's met Wilmer (from That 70's show) , Seth Green, MacCauley Culkin and others at a party. The men are exercising and the women are lounging around the pool. Lockdown is over and the HGs come back inside to find that their nomination keys have been added to the memory wall.

1:15 pm

Jase asks the HGs to congregate in the LR where he proceeds to go over the nomination process with them. He has the nomination wheel with him and instructs them on what to do when their key is drawn out of the box.

With that out of the way, the HGs now start contemplating who will get nominated. The 4 horsemen feel they should go after the Don this week and Lori next week. Several other HGs are feeling the heat and think they might be targets this week. Scott says it's going to be 'the Don' up against someone popular. Diane says it should be Marvin that goes. And she also says, don't put up someone popular, somehow they always end up being the one that goes.
Scott says he guarantees it will not be Marvin.

The day drags on with Scott eagerly droning on about all his accomplishments, his boys and how he showers them with stuff and pays for them all the time, and how he knows all these famous people. (He's a name dropper just like Ratbert was last season)

3:00 pm

Mike and Drew are playing chess. Mike wants to form an alliance with Drew. He implies he has one with Diane already and wants Drew and Adria to join in as well. Drew looked uncomfortable and said he'd think about it. Diane joins them and they talk a little more about it. Mike gets up and says "Well Drew, just think about it. Everybody has to have people behind you so when you're sitting in that chair you know you are safe", before leaving.

Jase tells Diane that she is being considered for nomination because she hangs out with the Don and they want the Don gone. (He's basically warning her to stay away from the Don and don't form an alliance with him or she'll find herself on the block)

General chatter and lounging around. They're all waiting anxiously for the nominations to take place.

5:20 pm

FISH cam. Nomination Ceremony in progress.

6:30 pm

Feeds are back up and it's revealed that Nokomis (Jennifer) and The Don (Mike) are nominated. Diane's key was the last one drawn so as to scare her because she kept talking to the Don. They all console Nokomis saying she's safe and they're voting the Don out. She seems pretty ok with it.

Shortly after, Scott has a bubble bath with Holly. (what's with them sharing the bathtub?) Marvin is chatting with them. Both Holly & Scott say they will never vote out Marvin cause he's black. Marvin told Scott that if Scott gets the boot 11-1, he'll know who the one is cuz Marvin would never vote Scott out.

Almost everyone is outside chatting about marriage and relationships. Will's sister looks like Cameron Diaz and he's going to set Drew up with her at the wrap party. Adria tells them how cool her husband is, and how he puts her first. She's never been put first before. Jase wants to get married someday, but not if it cheapens it. He won't do it unless he can get everything with one person---love, the kids, everything. Talk turns to childbirth and Holly says she wants her girlfriends to deliver her babies for her, then changes it to her husband. She wants her children at home with candles lit everywhere. Scott says there's no way he's gonna watch his kids come out of there, then goes on to say that babies can't drown in the first 2 weeks after childbirth

7:40 pm

Will is worried that the people on the internet will know who is nominated and starts taking the nomination keys off the wall. Marvin went to ask BB and came back and said BB said, "If their ass is gonna pay $25.00 they deserve to know." Will returns the keys to the wall.

Mike is not enjoying his time being nominated. Discussing it with fellow nominee Nico in the back yard. She's smoking. Mike says its worse being nominated because no one will talk to him. Nico says a lot can happen in a week. Mike is again (like in the kitchen with Will) saying he won't mind being booted, will get to see his kids and spend the summer with them. Nico says someone could veto him, she could go. Mike says (again) they aren't scared of her. Mike says everyone's afraid if they talk behind the boy's alliance, they'll be found out. Says Scott and Jason will pick them off one at a time. Says Jase and Scott will alternate HOH. Big yawn. Nico thinks Scott will put her up too. Mike says Marv will be next, then Nico or her brother, the cowboy. Brings up them telling him Marv was up, not him, unanimous (told Will the same in the kitchen). Mike is already a broken record.

Mike now saying he should leave tomorrow so he doesn't have to sit the whole week!

8 pm

Karen notices there is something odd about the painting in the HOH room. She looks closer and figures out there's an LCD screen behind it. Well she's guessing there is, but they quickly jump to the idea that the viewer will see snippets of conversations that happened in the house. They're concerned it'll be editted and stuff will be taken out of context.

9:30 pm

Looks like Drew's cuteness has not gone unnoticed. In the HT, Nokomis and Diane are talking about how cute he is and how they'd like to keep him around for some eye candy. Meanwhile, over in the hammock, Will is telling Karen "I can't even look at him he's so cute. I'm like a diabetic in an ice cream parlour".

General discussion about boring inane things occur for the next couple hours.

11:23 pm - Mike, Scott, Lori & Marvin in Kitchen

Things start heating up between Mike & Scott. Mike is talking about the friendships between Jase, Scott, Drew and Cowboy in the kitchen area. He sounds kinda upset about the fact that with that frienship it creates an alliance. Scott denies it and says that they are just friends. Mike asking Scott not to insult his intelligence. Mike further stating that Scott makes fun of Cowboy all the time. Scott stating that Mike is here to play a game and he is there to F-around.
Mike is looking extremely upset sitting at the round table telling them that they are intimated by Jase. Scott and Marvin are trying to calm the situation down a bit with jokes and laughter while stating that they are not intimated.
Scott asking why Mike is feeling that he is out of here, why is he giving up?. Mike talks about how Scott has an alliance with his boys. Scott trying to convince Mike that he is not out of there. Mike told Scott that there is a feeling among the other HGs that if anyone else tries to make an alliance in the house, that they will be kicked out even though Scott himself is in one. Scotts responds with that he is trying to "keep it real". They change the subject and start talking about the Dave Chapelle show while Mike just sits there staring at them with his arms folded.

A few minutes later, Scott corrals Cowboy in the BR and asks him if he's ever humilated him. Cowboy states that he does not. Scott talks about how he helped Cowboy with a haircut, making him look better. Adria comes back to the bathroom area and trys to calm Scott by stating that Mike is just upset about the whole situation and that everyone should just relax.

Scott is now explaining to the group how Mike told him not to insult his intelligence about not admiting he is in an alliance with Jase. Then explains how Mike tried to get Cowboy upset with Scott by stating that Scott makes fun of him all the time. He says Mike stating he (Scott) is just power hungry. Scott said that if that was the case why would he pass on the HoH question to Jase. Cowboy defends Scott stating that he does not make him feel lowly.

Scott continues to fume about this rehashing the event to everyone that would listen.

12:30 am

The HGs decide to start doing gynmastics in the BY. They're doing backflips and Scott's leapfrogging over Cowboy. They are taught by one of the girls (adria/lori/diane) how to toss the girls in the air. They practice this for a bit before getting it right. Lori ended up being the one that was tossed. By the time they were done, Lori had been launched into the air at least 10 feet above their heads. (very cool to watch). They decide that in the morning, they're going to put together a BB cheer and make pompoms out of shredded paper.

1-2 am

Jase and Holly are spooning in the HoH room settling down to sleep. Mike has been asleep for a couple hours in the Cell Block. Everyone else is in the WR and CR getting ready for bed and gabbing

Feeds switch to Wood Room with Karen, Scott & Lori

L: Mike thinks you (Scott) is like the king of manipulation
S: I don't care.
L: I mean doesn't he realize that we're gonna come in here and make friends? I just think you handled it well (the arguement between Mike and Scott).
S: Thank G** you were there to back me up
K: Why did he single you out?
L: He's just jealous!
S: He just doesn't fit in. I've never had a conversation with him.
K: He thinks he's smarter than everyone.

They continue trashing The Don basically assuming that Mike is just jealous of Scott cause of his friendships in the house and his athleticism and that's why Mike is saying what he is..(which is bullpuckies. Mike is speaking the truth by exposing Scott and his alliance of the 4 men..just no one is believing him)

Scott heads to bed with Diane & Drew. Talk turns to Donny and Allison (from BB4). Scott knows them and went to parties with Donny. Diane said "Wasn't she the one who cheated on him on the show?" Scott replied by saying, "Yeah, she cheats on everyone man".

3:22 am

Diane and Drew are still whispering about twins and what their purpose is in being here in the house. Diane says it's for the money while Drew says he's here to find himself. Diane feels bad about whispering and keeping Scott awake, so they decide to sleep. Finally all HGs are sleeping.