Thursday, Day 6, started with the hamsters stirring at about 9:30 to 10:00 BB Time, going about their morning rituals. People soon discovered that BB had placed a large post and several hula hoops in the backyard, with some sort of instructions from BB that they will have to toss these hoops onto the pole for a competition. Marvin gets it into his head that it's for food, making him bound and determined to practice, practice, practice at this activity in preparation. He, Adria, and Nikomis toss the hoops onto the pole for a while, with Will jumping in a little later on when Nakomis takes a break. Marvin keeps tossing though.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Scott informs the gathered group of Lori, Karen, Holly, and Will (before he goes to the BY) that he woke up with his first case of morning wood since being in the house. This brings up, well, the guys "doing the deed" and they think Marvin already has because he is more mellow today. Karen thinks they should all just do it and get it over it. Holly chimes in "Together?" The guys say no. No circle jerking here I guess...

Assorted conversation tidbits...we find out Lori is a hand double for someone on a show called Summertime. Sounds like she does some hand modeling. Scott and Jase outside talk about food...Scott will alternate eating food and PB & J if he wins a food comp and the others don't. Jase has barely touched his HOH food - only two granola bars. And he chugged a beer before the nomination ceremony. Scott can't believe it "I would have crushed those beers man."

Hoops were still being tossed through this morning convo, with Marvin still at it and Cowboy and Karen joining him. Scott gives it a try, tosses three hoops on a row, says he's mastered it, and walks away. An entire BB audience rolls its eyes in unison.

Karen is inside vacuuming by about 11:00 AM, covering the kitchen and bathroom area as various people chew on PB & J ruefully. Both Jase and Cowboy hope their parents and fiance respectively aren't watching on the net, though Jase figures they likely are. This convo is in the Wood Room, and Scott comes in to tell the group Holly's latest "Huh???" story - that she got 1750 on her S.A.T.'s! (Fuggy's note: And I developed cold fusion...). But she thinks it was a different test...she can't remember which one.

Marvin in this convo says he thinks the veto will be rigged for Mike to win. That the hoops will be "magnetic" for him, or that the questions will be all about Mike's life. This was in jest, but with an edge of truth to it too. Nothing too much going on as people kind of either lie about or help with cleaning the kitchen and bathroom for the rest of the morning. Holly helps us all by asking if an M-16 is a gun (Fuggy's Note: Geez, I was dying to know!) during a conversation about Abu Ghraib prison.

An indoor lockdown takes place around 12:45, with BB asking if they can hear him before we get FISH. It only lasts a few minutes...Marvin jokes it was maybe a lockdown practice. The camera starts following Scott really closely, and he asks if he were to do something stupid, would it leave him alone? The camera actually nodded yes! The next thing you know, Scott is in the backyard, and playing human bowling ball on the treadmill, flying off the back and crashing into a stack of plastic containers. The first time it happens it's spontaneous and funny, so much so that he gets the house outside to witness his wackiness...they all agree it was anticlimactic. He talks of doing more "Jackass" style stunts in the house, even though he bruised his arm on the treadmill doing this one. Scott says that BB couldn't stop him from doing the treadmill thing, and there is a brief FISH (Fuggy's note: Damn - I'd love to hear BB say "Guess again, bucko!") and we come back with Karen wondering how many stunts before BB boots him.

The afternoon drags on. Basically all small talk, no strategizing, and people zonked from the PB & J diet. Scott tells Drew he wants Diane bouncing on his schlong. Cowboy tells Holly and Adria that he tells his fiance she's beautiful every day. Nikomis, Adria, and Scott play hackeysack in the afternoon sun. They are locked down in the backyard. Lori kiddingly asks if she is the Omarosa of the show. Will says "probably." Lori wonders what would happen if one half of the house had food and snuck it to the other half - Will tells her a penalty nomination. Lockdown ends around 4:00, and people go into the bedrooms, where Adria tells Will and Diane about her crazy older sister, who loves practical jokes like Ex Lax brownies and Visine in drinks (which makes you sick...lovely...)

Marvin and Jase joke and laugh through the afternoon that the show is fixed - Marvin says Jase is the only one who knows what's up with this crazy ass TV show. That the veto will be trivia about Michigan. That Mike was an All-Star Hula Hoop throwing champion. Much laughter.

The Don is talking to first Scott and then Jase. The Don is told by the former he is a threat because he's been here before (The Don made it to the final round of being picked last year) and by the latter that Scott is just his work out buddy...but the Don says he's just calling "A Spade a Spade."

There's some other tidbits from 4:00 to 7:00 - check updates if you want to know. I want to get to the evening, when things perk up enormously.

After a fairly long FISH, suddenly a little after 7:00 PM the HGs have FOOD!!!! Real food!!!! They dig into it like a pack of wild dogs. Conversation is animated and jovial. Scott wants to get every single thing out of the storage room just in case BB decides to take it away (Fuggy's note: Like they couldn't just take it from the fridge on a lockdown if they wanted to...) Cowboy is practically crying at having ground beef to make tacos. They have a wide array of food, drink, condiments - the whole gamut.

But in a way the person most excited in Marvin, who within minutes is already getting ready to unleash his culinary skills upon his houseguest minions! He is making the quickening-the-coronary dish of chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese. Someone asks if Marvin wants watermelon tomorrow for breakfast. Marvin says "C'mon now - I'm a black man. I can't be eating no watermelon on TV!" (Fuggy's note - Bwah!)

Meanwhile, Drew has made some Mac and Cheese. People dig into that. They aren't even at the table...all just huddled around the counter, in a free-form Big Brother Munch-o-Mania '04. They laugh and talk loudly, the food hitting their systems quickly. BB warns them this is their food for the week - so don't go completely crazy all at once. Only The Don is apart from them...sitting at the kitchen table, saying nothing. Sucks to be him.

Eventually some people tear themselves away from the chow to decamp to other parts of the house. With the food and the evening upon them, serious strategy talk starts for the first time today. Will and Lori in the hammock talk about how Holly and Jase, and that she will hook up with him to keep herself alive in the house. Jase has told her no one believes all her stories. Will says he is bothered that Holly says things just to say things. (Fuggy's note: either that, or to release the building air pressure in that cranium of hers) Lori doesn't like that Jase runs and tells Holly everything. But Will says no problem - if Holly wins HOH she'll go after Diane, and vice versa. So the two of them are safe. Plus Will thinks he has Jase trusting him. They also think Adria is a little overeager strategy-wise.

Meanwhile, inside a game of chess (or whatever that thing is) between Nik and Adria turns into a major strategy powwow. I watched this, and ideas were flying too fast to get it all, but once Karen joined them, it essentially boiled down to Karen and Adria hammering home that the women need to get together, and get some of the guys out, specifically Jase and Scott. Nik is pretty quiet, but is in agreement. Diane eventually joins this convo, and it continues with her there. Adria says "They are laying it out there...they are laying it out there that your ass is out of's time for us to get on the ball!...if we don't start battling now, they're going to take us down...I'm tired of laying back."

They do want Holly out though - she's on their nerves (Fuggy's note: No WAY!!!) They discuss other people to group up with - possibly Will, and ask Nik about drawing in Cowboy. Nik thinks perhaps, but not super sure. Diane says she's got the guys around her finger, but also wants them out - that Jase is even stronger than Scott. Adria says "If mike leaves there's 6 girls, 6 guys, and if we let Holly go to the guys and take Will in, and maybe Michael, we can control this. Diane is straight up on things. She got all up in Jase's face about putting her name in last in the nomination wheel." (thanks Rabbit for that transcription)

Again, there were lots more ideas bounced back and forth like balls in a lotto machine, but again essentially it was serious talk of a girls alliance (minus Holly) possibly pulling in Will or Cowboy.

Eventually though Scott comes in and the conversation is over. The girls stop playing chess. They talk about The Don being a plant, and that they will keep him in the house somehow. Jase is now there and is asked about being attracted to Holly. She says no - she's too "actorly."

Then, as the clock turns past midnight, Scott is in the bathroom in a paranoid state about the game - not the game in the house, but the game Big Brother is playing with them. I'll copy my own post in here...

He is freaking in the bathroom to Drew about Mike...that he wonders why they have introduced all this stuff so early in the game. He figures they will work it to keep Mike in the game.

Scott: "Two girls from Hollywood that got called two weeks before the show?"

Karen talks about how Holly said she was bleeding two days before she should..."I'm like...that's weird...but it's happening a lot!"

They talk about how they all (D, K, and Scott) worked hard to get on the show, but Holly and (I don't know who) got the call two weeks before.

Karen is talking about how things she say in confidence are coming back when they shouldn't...

Scott: "Tension is mounting."

Karen: "It's getting weird..."

They are just generally sensing that all is not right...and not in the normal BB sense we have seen in BB seasons past...they are sensing something is different...but not sure what....

Scott: "What do they do the first f**kin' week? They bring out brother and sister!"

Karen: "Last year was so boring..." She disses Jun's weight gain, not naming her (poor Jun!)

Karen: "I need to incubate, because things are changing by the second around here."

After this exchange, we suddenly are flashed outside, where totally out of nowhere Drew is in the backyard, sobbing, and Scott there with him. Drew is freaking out about the game, about being away from his twin for the first time in his life for this long. Drew want to be real...wants to "not keep sh!t in...."

Drew: "I didn't like the DR the other night, I got all emotional and sh!t..." He says he's in a transitional stage in his life - just out of school, doesn't know what he's going to do. Scott says that to help himself, he needs to take advice...that he should trust him and Jase. Drew says "I wouldn't be talking to you right now if I didn't trust you."

Scott says he can trust Drew like a younger brother. Scott says "I won't break - I promise you. The girls might bother you." Then talking about the game, Drew says "I know this is what I have to do, but....F**K!!!! I'm like a pussy man but that's the way this s**t is."

Back in the HOH room, Jase and four of the girls are talking about Marvin being ready to quit! That it's not the food, just something like he's "not making ends meet." Word has spread on this quickly - not sure when he said it on the feeds, but it was apparently in the Hot Tub tonight. Scott says he's glad Marvin's out, but Drew says he could still stay. Back in the HOH, and Jase says "They called me in the DR and said what was that s*** and I said just make sure you have a psychologist ready man cause that's how much I believe it." Holly loves the news.

Getting late now...after 1:30 AM, but with the burst of energy from eating, most of the house is still very much awake. Will is in the kitchen with all the women save for Nikomis and Holly, and talk about Jase and Holly...whether he is just playing her to try to get some, or if he actually is attracted to her. Will says "He thinks he will get some" but he doesn't think Jase is attracted to her. Lots of fast and furious convo...hushed tones. Ideas float about - Will suggests putting Nikomis up against Holly and telling Holly she is the decoy which Holly would believe. They don't think going after Jase or Scott just yet is the way to go. The focus, especially for Will, is to take out Holly. Adria does an imitation of Holly...applying makeup, being ditzy. Pretty funny. Jase comes out and convo turns to small talk.

Then Karen and Lori go out into the backyard and talk about how aggressive Adria is being...Karen says "she scares me!" (Fuggy's note: It's almost reminiscent of what the BB4 HGs said about Dana.) Will has now joined them for this chat. These three talk about how they need to back Jase, and bounce around more ideas. Will says Marvin after Holly...or even for the next vote Nikomas. Karen thinks that would be a waste though. Karen brings up Marvin and Holly as next noms...again, telling her she's a decoy.

Adria comes out, and as it's 2:00 AM, Karen and Lori go inside to bed. Adria and Will talk for a bit, with Will being evasive about whether he is in an alliance. "Are people doing that?" he says. Says also he hasn't said anything negative about Adria. (Fuggy's note: when he did just 20 minutes before)

The lights are on still in the Cloud Room. Cowboy is awake, as he slept earlier in the day. Talk in the Cloud Room and Kitchen...Lori says The Don is wandering the house like a serial killer or something. Cameras occasionally flash to Holly (looking like a raccoon in the nightscope with her mascara on) in bed with Jase, flirting and trying to get info about the house out of him. He's trying to fall asleep though.

But finally, by about 3 AM, the last of the hamsters are tucked away in their little beds (or lying in various states of discomfort on their little cement palates) and it's lights on. Day 6 is in the can.