July 9, Day 7

Day 7 (July 9th) starts off slow just like every BB day, at 7:40 in the morning. Marvin wakes up and heats up a wrap to put on his left ankle, which he presumably injured recently.

Jase and Holly are up next, talking in the HOH room about their dreams. Holly then goes on to talk about how she rides an emotional roller coaster, and the other girls, mainly Lori, are always up. They go back to sleep.

Nothing major happens for three and a half hours, when people start waking up. Karen, Nicomus, and Will are up in the kitchen (about 10:30) talking about how they hate plastic surgery, and how only the pretty people get it. Karen says that to get on the show, she wanted to be different, so she let another part of her show, by using crude humor, and burping and stuff. They talk about Karen’s job (painter).

BB wakes up the HGs at 10:45, saying that there will be the veto comp in 60 minutes. (ED. note: there were 8 posts that all said this. They were posted within one minute of each other here at Joker’s... I would think 1 is enough...) Will says that he doesn’t want to be in the veto comp.

As people gather in the kitchen, “Holly is babbling about how she and Jase had a fight and slept with their backs to each other. Like a child, she can't shut up about her dreams and me, me, me, me, me.” (valentine) Holly later says “America must just think I’m like, pink, every day!” There is more milling about, general talking, about who will be in the veto comp, and about how Marvin hurt his ankle. (ED note: there were no posts on how he did, just that he was talking about it. Check Day 8.)

Scott is grumpy this morning, blowing people off. More talking, about the bathroom, being regular, and snoring. Various activities are going on, from making breakfast, to cleaning up in the BR (someone noted that Holly was using an electronic toothbrush, but didn’t have it turned on and was using it manually). Marvin told BB that he wanted to go, no food, no drinking, was tired of being cooped up, but Jase and Scott talked him into sticking it out. Scott is primping in the mirror, even using his left hand to shield his face when he puts on hairspray. Will is also primping, with moisturizers and deodorant. Jase outfits himself with the black doo-rag over his eyes. Someone calls him Batman, but he corrects them that he’s Zorro.

More getting ready for the comp and the day, lots of primping, girls and boys, some speculation on what the contest will be, endurance, etc.

They are in the veto comp for over an hour and a half, and the feeds come back on at 1:45, as the HGs are eating lunch. There is general talking, about sun tanning and Marvin’s problem. Some are eating lunch outside with the POV still set up outside. Holly says “Isn't it funny that both of those boys have all the power now? [Scott] with the Golden Veto and [Jase] with HOH?” Silence after that one. No one commented. “I just want to watch “A” dance around all day. That's my entertainment.” (valentine)(ED note: I don’t always choose valentine, it is just that she has good posts!)

Diane bursts out of the WC with her hands up declaring “Success!” Apparently, normally she can’t pee because of stage fright, but now she could because the water was running. Holly and Jase are in the bathtub together. Jase shaves one of Holly’s legs, and they talk Cowboy to shave the other. There is a girl party in the Cloud Room (no Holly), and they are talking about imitations, who would imitate who, and what they would do. The conversation turns to the comp, about how they didn’t know how set up it was, having to redo everything, the do it again because a plane flew over.

Holly and Jase (still in the bathtub) want to play spin the bottle so that Karen has to kiss a girl. Jase says that girls kissing is so overrated, that he is “deeper than that.” Lori and Diane are in the Wood room talking strategy. Cowboy made some chicken and keeps trying to make everyone try it.

Jase and Marvin are in the HOH room, talking about what it was like before they came in the house (in the hotel) and about how during the DNA comp Holly’s battery in her mic went out so the producers had everyone not look at her. Jase tells Marvin that he is an extra on a lot of TV shows, and that he thinks that BB could propel him. Some girls are in the LR and they said that Holly left her used pad sitting out in the open in the BR. She goes to clean it up. Drew and Diane, lying in bed, are talking about Diane’s bed hopping. She says that they will do a whole show just on her bed hopping.

General conversations in the LR. Holly says that she “hates the word vagina. I usually just call it “kitty” or “menna,” a name our family uses.” (nojobny)(ED note: why not just call it what it is? lol) More conversations, from weddings to the wrap party after the show, how everyone will get wasted. Karen tells Adria that she spent some time with Cowboy after he spent time with Holly. Cowboy said that “I just can’t take Holly anymore. I want to rip my face off.” Cowboy comes in and talks about his chicken again.

There is some talk about people’s dress sizes and how much they weigh. Cowboy tells The Don about his brother who is in Iraq. In the HOH room, Karen tells Holly and Jase about her husband, how they met, when they married, etc. Some talk about the casting process. They then talk about Marvin and dinner. During this time, Holly and Jace are rather touchy on each other while they are talking to Karen.

They all make dinner (tacos) while talking strategy. Then they all sit down, and with a prayer from Scott, they eat. Marvin is in the DR, and they don’t wait for him. This seams to be the first dinner they are all eating together. They are all talking, and Marvin comes in. Will: "So how was everyone's day? What did you do?" Nikomis: "Went to school...I got an F on that test today." Will: "You're grounded." Nikomis: "Awww...but I had that concert to go to on Friday!" (FuggyBootnling)

After dinner, Will and Nikomis are outside in the HT talking about everything from coffee shops to writing. The others are at the memory wall talking about their photos, how they had lots of makeup on.

After this, everyone breaks into groups and everyone talks about strategy. Too many short conversations to copy them here. Then at 10 o’clock, Karen goes into the storage room and finds beer and wine. Marvin downs a beer in less than a minute. We see a clip of Holly in the DR, talking about her mannequin. Meanwhile, a bunch of people are hanging out outside talking about various things.

As we hit the midnight hour, the guys are inside talking about sex (what else do we talk about?) and the girls are outside. Jace, Drew, and will have a long talk in the HOH room. Holly says that she doesn’t want to sleep with Jace in the HOH room tonight because the guys were inside “being, well, chest beating guys.” Holly has a long talk with Jase. (ED note: sorry I am being short about the end, but after 18 pages of posts and two hours of this...) At 4:30 in the morning, all of the hamsters go to bed.