As usual for Wednesdays, daytime in the House was pretty uneventful, with the HG’s called one by one into the DR to make comments and tape good-byes. (The eviction vote is live on Thursday once again.) As is usual for Wednesdays, we only had two feeds for most of the day, with two feeds on FISH while HG’s were in the DR. However, in the morning, feed watchers had a freak sighting of televangelist Gene Scott on the quadcam. A RealOne mistake or a sign? You decide. Also, several (but not all) of the HG’s have started to notice items missing from the House, and wonder if it’s part of tomorrow’s HOH comp. (However, as of the end of the day, Diane and Marvin gave no signs that they’ve noticed items missing.)

Things got a little busier in the evening as Adria had several last-minute conversations with Karen, and also listened to CB talk about his show business plans.


BB wakes up the HG’s a little after 9:00 am, treating them to “Play that Funky Music, White Boy” and two other songs....Drew and Cowboy get a second, stern wake-up call from BB about 9:45....Outside, K tells Nak that her veto necklace is gone from her picture...K & Nak make critical comments about Adria, until A comes outside due to an outside lockdown....K and A then have a pleasant chat about softball (with Nak sitting quietly nearby)...The guys practice the new ball game the HG’s got yesterday...The lockdown ends a little after 10:00, and Nak is the first one called to the DR at about 10:10....Miscellaneous chit chat among the HG’s....Out of the DR, Nak speculates to K that the comp will involve throwing the balls at circles with items missing from the House.

At 10:45, I am dully staring at the quadcam when I find myself looking at a video of a guy with white hair and a beard lecturing in front of a blackboard (no audio)...I’m consoled that this isn’t my personal hallucination when other posters report seeing the same apparition...Several posters tell us the man in the video is late night televangelist Gene Scott and we wonder what it means...Is it divine retribution for complaining about FISH on the feeds once too often?...Is this BB5’s answer to the mime?...Or, since Gene Scott looks strangely like (the late) Colonel Sanders (except that he’s wearing sunglasses), is this the latest twin twist? Please, noooooo!...After about 10 minutes, the BB quadcam returns. (Note: During this interlude, F1 & F2 had FISH, and F3 & F4 were feeds of the HG’s chatting in the BR. So, the quadcam incident looks like it was probably an error in transmitting from RealOne.)...But, we’ll never know....DNA, and all that.

The momentary excitement over, we find M talking in the BR about his dating problems in the past, and the fact that his mother doesn’t approve when he dates blonde women (although a white woman with dark hair is okay)...In the kitchen, Diane asks Nakomis where Satan is (apparently referring to Adria)... K/Nak/Di wonder if something is going to happen today because it’s the first day of the month...Then talk returns to criticism of A...K says that A is going to try and push buttons before tomorrow....Nak hopes that A will try to call her out on something...During this conversation, A is outside in BY doing exercises, apparently alone.

A little later, the feeds take us to Di and Dr in the BR...Di tells Dr that A is talking about everyone behind their backs...Di asks Dr if he knew that A said that everyone in the house was going to hell but Adria. (Note: Adria didn’t say this--this was K’s recounting of a convo with A about A’s faith.)...Dr asks Di who told her about A’s comment, and Di tells Dr it was K...Di also says that K is not sharing the things A was saying about everyone personally, but would tell them if they wanted as soon as Adria left...Di asks Dr what he thinks...Dr replies, “Let me think about what I think.”...Somewhere in this conversation Drew shows Di how to “professionally” scratch his back....Then they join CB, M, and Nak in the LR to play cards...K is in the DR...Adria is still outside.


Yawn.....From noon until about 2:30, most of the HG’s play euchre, with no conversation worth reporting...First they play cards in the LR, and then go outside when an outside lockdown is called....During the card game, Adria is outside sunning, mostly by herself, but she is joined by CB for awhile. (Unfortunately, although Feed 1 focused on Adria sunning for a long time, the audio played FISH, so we never got to hear the conversation between Adria and CB)...Once the lockdown ends about 2:30 pm, the HG’s come back inside, with Karen complaining several times about how hot it is outside today.

As soon as the lockdown is over, K and Nak start immediately looking around to see if anything in the House is missing....Separately, Dr and CB do the same thing...At one point, Dr tells CB to “keep it down” about the missing items he’s noticed....K and N go into the storage room and whisper about the missing items they’ve seen...They mention that CB has also been looking for missing items and are surprised that he has figured it out...At one point they also say “He knows”(talking about Drew?), and then “That means Diane knows.”

CB wanders through the LR, quietly looking at everything, then goes into the Cloud Room, and back into the LR...Karen asks CB what he is looking for...CB replies, “Oh, just a pair of socks,” and goes back into the Wood Room and gets a pair of socks that are lying by his bed.

Note: Here is what eagle-eyed posters have noticed missing at this point (with special thanks to Rabbit)... purple flowers, green balls, veto necklace from Karen’s pic, green pears in the hallway, green cushions, green hammock, and the table in the LR is turned.

Several of the HG’s are in the kitchen making food....Di wonders if the turkey has gone bad because it smells funny and has no expiration date...A tells Di that she ate the turkey earlier and now feels sick to her stomach...Di thanks A for the “heads up.”

Nak & K go into the Cloud Room....K says she was going to work out but Marv’s in there (the cement room)...K smells something rotten, and thinks it’s the air duct, yells at BB to change the air filter...N and K whisper very quietly in bed about missing items in the House, and talk about hiding some additional items so that it will throw off the other HG’s, particularly CB.

Out in the hall, CB and Marv and tossing blown up condoms back and forth...Di joins them, and then Karen...M asks Di/K for their opinion on whether they prefer the condom with water, or the one with “gel”(?)...K has decided not to work out in case she gets called into the DR, and leaves...Di tells Marv that K/Nak are acting funny, always talking...Marv: "I thought they yo homies?”...BB tells K that they will not be calling her into the DR.

While most of the other HG’s nap, Marvin and Karen work out in the cement room....M/K talk about the other HG’s, but the conversation is hard to hear because of the sound of the treadmill and the feeds cutting to FISH...Apparently M is worried that Dr will get HOH and put M on the block, but he knows that Di will not vote to evict him...M/K also discuss the possibility that Dr is playing Di or vice versa, but can’t figure it out...M says that Dr has been distant and awkward with him lately and wonders if Di has been telling Dr bad things about M to get Drew mad at him...M also says something about how Dr “got the girl” and M had to watch and it broke his heart.

M goes to work out outside...K leaves the cement room to go to the BR...While she is out, K moves a vase that BB has moved...K goes back to the cement room to continue working out by herself...It’s now about 5:00 pm.


Nak has now woken up from her nap and joins Karen in the kitchen...K recounts some of her conversation with M....CB apparently told M that he is expecting a tie this week and is a little freaked...K thinks A has been messing with CB’s head...Nak says that it’s been Dr/Di doing that... If M is allowed to play for HOH next week, he will put up Dr and Di to break them up....K says that Di wants to backdoor Marv...Nak says she explained to Di that it won’t work because there aren’t enough people...K: It’s good that Di is burning the people that are going to jury...K is going to just listen to Marv for now, and give him no information...K tells Nak that in the gym, M was a whole different person. She thinks M just wants to stay in and get some sort of gig afterwards...K is going to talk to Adria to make sure Nak is cool with A for the jury vote...K tells Nak that other people have been going out of their way not to talk to A, but Nak has just been herself...Nak is going to try to throw HOH after CB leaves (Note: She might have said that she will throw HOH unless there is a chance CB will win it—not clear.)...K asks Nak who she would want to evict if Drew and Di are nominated...Nak says that because of promises with Di that it would have to be Drew...K: Di has said a lot of things that she doesn’t follow through with. Di will say anything. Dr hasn’t made promises he has broken....Nak: If there is another penis in the house, Drew will latch onto it...Nak also tells K that CB snitches to Dr...N/K think that M will be out next week if CB gets HOH....About 5:30 BB calls an outside lockdown.

Karen/CB/Adria sit and chat outside sharing small talk...Inside the House, we are treated to several close-ups of Drew's picture and a glimpse of two production people in the LR...The lockdown ends about 6:30 pm.

Once back in the House, Nak quietly looks around to see what’s missing...Less quietly, CB also looks for missing items...CB tells Dr about items that are missing: green pears; chessboard, a vase, toaster, orange fish, and the green hammock...Separately, BB has told the HG’s that they can each request two personal items (they are running out of things).

Karen has a lengthy conversation with Adria....A asks K to vote to keep her...K starts crying...K is afraid to vote for A because it will put a target on K for voting against the group...A asks K if she would just give A sympathy vote, and if there was a tie, the responsibility would be shifted to the HOH...Adria tells K that when she sees Will, she will tell him why he was voted out...K thinks W was just acting when he wouldn't hug A...A: I hope so because I didn’t expect that...A says she put W on the block because she cared about him...K complains that her veto necklace is gone and wonders why BB would need it....There is a break in the conversation at about 7:40 pm when the HG’s get beer and wine.

Karen and Adria continue their talk...K says she has had to regress to bond with anyone in the house...A: This week has been as hard as a root canal...K (crying again) says she has to put her tail between her legs right now...A gives K advice if she gets HOH... A tells K there are still 24 hours left and there is still so much she can do...A talks about how difficult it is in the House if you have a relationship with someone—Nak and CB have been exposed since Day One...K: I'm so sorry for letting you down. (Still crying.)...The conversation goes on until a little after 8:00 pm.

Soon after the conversation finishes, K goes to Nak and tells her she talked with Adria, and Nak is cool...Nak gives two thumbs up...A little later, the HG’s sit around drinking and making small talk about organ donation...In one funny moment, M is in the BR with CB/Dr and tells them how some of the girls take off their mics before they go to the WC, because they don’t want BB to hear them sh*tting...M jokes, “Hell if the want to hear sh*tting, let them.” M kids that he moves his mic from his shirt to his shorts so BB can get a closer listen.

Around 9:00 pm we find Karen and Adria together again...K sobs about the fact that A is leaving, and A hugs her... K to A: You’re too good for this game...A suggests again that K and Dr should vote for CB to go, and let the tie vote go to Marv...But, A goes on to say that she knows that Karen and Drew don’t see A as an asset and don’t think it’s worth the risk to keep her in the game...Karen doesn’t disagree.. A talks about herself as a jury member, and tells K that people don’t think about that (the jury) in the House...A: It doesn’t matter how they treat you the whole time, it's the way they make you feel when you leave the house... K: It’s like death week, it’s just wrong...A: You know CB don’t want to be around me and I told him last night how I felt about it.. A: It was CB’s insecurity. I told him (CB) that he is crazy...K: CB was intimidated by everyone. A: I know that Nak and Di won't even be an option. I won't even speak to them....A talks about her thoughts and criteria for a jury vote, and says she doesn't know at this point who she would vote to win or even be in the F2. Who makes it to the finals is out of her control so she's not going to worry about it...K:.(sobbing) But I have to stay here....A: I want to stay here but I can't make that happen...K: I'm so sorry A...K says again how scared she is and how she has to stay in the House...A says she understands...K apologizes again and heads to the WC....A goes to the Wood Room to start packing.

During most of this conversation Dr/CB/Nak/Marv/Di are in the hot tub....They kid around about things BB could do to drive them crazy—babies crying, not letting them nap, making the House too hot...CB suggests a mime but the other HG’s aren’t impressed by his suggestion... A little later CB says, “You know what really scares me is people wanting my sperm and DNA.”...Nak says that she has been trying to sell her ovaries for five years because people will pay $100,000 for them...CB contributes a new “cowbonics” entry—sturtle (sterile)...The HG’s try to think of other CB sayings.

At one point Marvin asks: Where’s Karen? Why isn’t her nasty *ass in here?...CB: She's with A....M: Oh f*ck A. Trying to get a sympathy vote. I'm sending you back to your sister, you big b*tch!. Nak: (Imitating BB) Tell us how you really feel. Paint us a picture...Nak: She (A) actually talked to me in the first time in a week....M: Did she try to get a sympathy vote from you?...Drew: No....Nak: She knows better than to try to get a sympathy vote from me...Di: Me, too... M: I won’t give A sympathy vote, but I’ll give her a sympathy f*ck...Nak and Marvin play “things Karen would say to an HOH” with Drew, because Dr has been playing the ball game well....M makes fun of K to Nak, saying that K talks about being poor, but then says she watches the Sopranos so she must have cable...The HG’s then try to pull each other’s pants down...Later, Drew tries putting his finger into the washing wringer to see if it hurts. (It does.) ...One example of a light-hearted moment...Diane tries to throw a piece of food into a spider web, but it goes right through...Nak: Diane, you s*ck... Di: I know I suck....Dr: (smiling) No, you don't!...Nak and Di laugh....Di: Hmmm, maybe I could handle Drew....Dr: I don't think your mouth is big enough.

By about 10:15, Drew and Marv are playing condom ball in the BY, while Di and Nak play cards....A little later, CB and Marv are (inside?) talking about going on the Amazing Race...CB sees Adria walk by and follows her into the Wood Room...CB asks A about the Amazing Race, then talk turns to Las Vegas and the Venetian casino...A says it was neat because they have gondolas...CB: They have casinos there?...A: Yes, it is a casino hotel...I'm trying to think what shows are there...CB thinks she is talking about TV shows....A is thinking about shows like Blue Man Group.

Cowboy loves Julia Stiles’ “work” ... A: Did you see Mona Lisa Smile?...CB: I did. I am a big Julia Roberts fan so to see them both....CB says he would love to do a film with Julia Stiles because she is more his age.....CB tells A that he thinks she and Natalie have some potential in entertainment because of the way they pulled this off (the twin twist)..A: Wow...CB: I'm being honest. Lots of people love to have twins in movies, especially identical...CB: I think a lot of people (in the House) have a chance (in show business) more than any other (BB) cast. I think I have a chance. I'm not trying to brag. I can do so much. I rather do romance, but I can be Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey kind of style....CB thinks he could find a spot for the twins in his sitcom...CB: The one idea I have, CBS won't pick that up but HBO might...A: Is this something you want to star in? Write, produce or both?...CB: My #1 is act, then write, then produce...CB plans to send Natalie’s Breck a couple of country songs he’s written...A suggests he might want to focus on just one thing....CB: I think I could throw a country song together and still do my acting. I say I can do a country song because my life is a country song....CB: April wants me to do soaps, but she wouldn't mind the rest. I would like to do motion pictures. I like about sitcoms is you get to work with the same cast.....You're working with a lot of talent. They're like your family.

CB talks again about how many people in the BB House can act...A asks CB who is the best...CB wants Lori in his sitcom because of her charisma... CB tells A that she and Natalie are more CB’s type because he likes a girl with meat and likes taller women...A: So you must be hot for me, then! Blonde, meat, tall. (A starts laughing)...CB: On the big screen, you and I are more friends. We could do a comedy together, but I don't feel a romance between you and I on the screen...A says she wouldn’t mind hooking up as a video babe for Tim McGraw....CB: I want to give Chason a life I didn't his books for college, he can play any sport he wants to. I am the type of guy to put my dreams on hold so she can do her thing. And this came up and now I am doing my dreams and she's at home. Her dream is on hold. I hope something happens. If I don't think I can do it, I won't do it.

CB continues to talk about what he could bring to a sitcom....He’d want to cast his friends in the House because he knows he could “play off them”...CB could see Dr playing his best friend in his sitcom...CB likes working with Drew because CB always knows what Dr is going to say next...In the sitcom, Diane would be the “spunky florist”...CB: Diane and Drew would be kind of locked in a dating battle and would not hook up until the last episode. Diane's role would be small...CB would also want Will in the cast...CB: You have to have the gay guy!...A: You know in Hollywood, a lot of gay actors don't play gay roles. And gay roles are done by straight actors.....CB: [Yeah...Well I want Lori, Drew, myself, and maybe one other female] Lori has a crush on me since day one...A: Who are you? Like job? In a city?...CB: We'll be in LA. But I would love to bring the Cowboy in this. I moved in from Texas. I meet all these friends, from all these different places. Maybe a college thing. Where we go same college. Like Saved by the Bell. Lori always had a crush on me. Drew & I would always date women... A: You'd be roommates...CB: Right. Lori would get on me about how we treat woman. She's jealous. She doesn't have the balls to tell me she likes me. I want the gay guy so she could be closer to the gay guy and he knows this. She cries to him. I want the gay guy to have a crush on Drew, but it would never happen...A: Side comedy, like...CB: Right. The gay guy and Drew would never date. You can do so much comedy with the gay guy. Like if he's drunk and accidentally kisses Drew. She (Lori) gets her heart broke all the time by me (because CB has one-night stands), but I don't realize it. That's as far as I got....A: You got a lot to go off...CB: Right....Adria sees herself as more of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer type of character...The conversation finishes and CB gets up to play cards, when BB gives the warning that it’s 30 minutes to lights out at midnight.

In another room, Adria tells Karen about her conversation with CB....A: He told me I could be a yoga instructor in his sitcom...He's casting everybody from Big Brother...K giggles...A: He has Lori who loves him...she is not his type so that wouldn't be a problem with April...A: I would have like to have seen Lori in the game if she’d stayed long enough to fight...K: [Oh she showed some guts] She went nuts on Jase. She came on like an Italian spitfire. She was the first person to put someone in their place...K: I remember her (Lori) looking at me with those puppy dog eyes saying. "Please, I want to go home. I want to eat pizza. I might get cold feet, but don't let me stay here.”...A: She turned around to me and said "Help Me!" Like, “please don't let me stay here.” She got a good deal...K: She did.....The subject changes...K tells Adria that she will try to talk to Drew about voting for Adria...A replies that it couldn't hurt and that Karen would probably have better luck with Dr than she would...A also tells K that she hopes K won’t let the House run over her if A is voted out this week.


A little after midnight, the HG’s are getting ready for bed...BB calls Diane to the DR...Di: Ralph, you in there? Are you trying to flirt with me?

Meanwhile, the BR, Karen tells Drew that it shouldn’t be unanimous to vote Adria out...K: She’s not Jase. I honestly feel sorry for her....Dr is concerned that a sympathy vote will cause problems next week because the others will consider that person untrustworthy...Dr is especially concerned that M will jump on something like that...K wonders if she should talk to Nak about it...K feels bad for A because the only problem with her is her approach. As a person, she's great. K respects A because she stands up and keeps talking with people to keep gaming....Drew says that he can see K's point...Earlier Drew said that even if A wasn't mature enough to take the nomination well, somebody had to be mature and talk to her so she wasn't excluded from everyone. He again says that (excluding A) was very immature...K says she is “probably going to be up all night long”...K doesn’t want to freak anybody out but she wants to give A one vote so it's not unanimous...K says that A playing hard is just her way, she doesn't know any better and we can't fault her for that....Drew tells K if “you and I” give A one vote, it will freak everyone out, but if just K gives her one vote, that will be okay...K wonders if they should run this by M and let it be his decision....K worries about Nak and Di’s reaction because they are so anti-A...Dr thinks Nak would take it better than Di or Marv...Dr and K crack up laughing about how that one vote would freak everyone out and watching all everyone’s faces when it's announced...Dr: If I was up I’d kinda want someone to vote for me...K: Yea, mommy, at least somebody voted for me.... K tells Dr how she helped A pack and that A is ready for sequester...They agree that K will talk to Nak tonight, and Dr will talk to Di...K: Di is really sensitive but she really acts hardcore which scares me a bit sometimes...Dr: Yeah....K: I don’t think Di means to shoot herself in the foot but it still happens...Dr laughs...K thanks Dr for listening and leaves the BR...Drew sighs heavily and gets into the shower.

While Drew is in the shower CB comes in and whispers to Drew that K and Nak are talking in the cement room...CB runs back and forth several times to report to Dr what is going on...CB goes into the kitchen to get water....Dr yells to CB to bring him a towel.

In the cement room, Nak is strongly against giving A a sympathy vote...Nak says that A would come back with a vengeance if Marvin happened to save her...Di comes into the room and the conversation changes to having to get away from Marvin...After the convo ends, Di comes into the kitchen and whisper yells to CB, “It’s about Marvin.”...CB: So I’m still safe?...Di: Yeah.

By about 12:45, Nak is in the shower, with K talking to her over the shower door...Dr and CB are looking for missing items...After the shower, Nak and K talk at the hallway mirror. It looks like Nak may have relented a little, because Nak is insisting that it can only be one vote...K says she will talk to Dr...Nak asks K if they should tell Di about the missing items...K says that if they tell Di, she may tell Drew...Nak: I’ll leave it up to you.

K goes to Dr in the Cloud Room and tells him that Nak only wants one sympathy vote, which s*cks...K: So you might as well go tuck your tail between your legs....But, both agree that it can only be one vote because otherwise they would have to pack their bags next week...They wonder how hard it will hit Di, who isn’t expecting any votes for A...Nak comes in and the convo stops.

Drew gets up and goes to the BR where Di is brushing her hair...Di: Would you still like me if I got fat?...Drew says, “Yes.”...Di: How fat can I get?...Dr: 300 lbs...Di promises she’ll be prettier when they get out of the House and the weight will just fall off....Di asks Dr if he wanted to talk to her about something...Di wonders if Dr feels like he can’t talk to her about stuff...Dr: Everything I say is wrong, and you never say anything to me, either...Then Dr starts joking with Di about her storming out of the weight room yesterday....During this conversation, BB sounds the doorbell...Neither Dr or Di comments on it, so it’s not clear if they heard it...Dr comes back to bed to find K and Nak shushing him...They can hear things through walls...Di finally makes it into CR to go to bed...It’s now about 1:30 am.

In bed, Dr and Di are whispering—half kidding, half serious... Di says that A is to blame for her own isolation. Says that whenever she (Di) tries to talk to A, even about everyday things, A walks away...Di: So don't blame me. Don't feel sorry for her....Dr tells Di she has a short fuse...Di: You think I have a short fuse because you have the longest fuse in the world... Di tells Dr that it’s just in the past week that they’ve been on different pages...Dr tells Di that ever since Marvin got HOH she's changed...Di: What are you trying to say? This is what I hate about you....Drew is laughing...Di tells Dr to f*ck off because her kissing up to M kept Dr and others off the block this week.

More Drew and Di banter...Di: Do you think that I flirt with Marvin? Even though we sit around there and get annoyed at everything he does and we're about to flip our fuses?...Dr: Admit you kiss his ass...Di: Kissing him wasn't this week. He kissed me before he won HOH. Keep in mind that kissing his ass kept you off the block. Kept other people off the block. If I have to kiss his ass to keep people off the block I will....I won!...Dr: You're so funny....Di - You're so funny...funny looking. You can kiss my ass when the show's over... [tone change] all you want. [Dr/Di kiss] ...Di: Oh quit. Quit being a big baby...Drew says he likes to collect skyline portraits. He has pictures of Chicago, NY, and Miami, FL...Di asks if those are all places he went with ex-girlfriends...Drew says, “no,” just places he likes...More pillow talk and kissing etc. until about 3:30 am.

Good night HG’s. The next few days are going to be a wild ride!