HG’s were all up this morning around 9:45 at which time they were told to be ready for a luxury competition this morning. Di Nak and CB started talking about teeth. CB wonders if he got bad teeth from his mother or father, Nak thinks their father has normal teeth, so he must have gotten it from his mother's side. Di said she needs to get her wisdom teeth pulled. She says that Will’s dad is an oral surgeon and she hopes he hooks her up.

Luxury Competition - "Trashin the Fashion"
Apparently BB has taken clothes from the HG’s without them noticing. The HG’s are in the backyard now, there is a wheel to spin and racks with their names and clothes hanging from them. They were eyeing what BB has been taking from them without them noticing. The Wheel of Destruction has the following: Deep Fried Duds, Sling Shirts, Tarred and Tailored, Flaming Fashion, Save and House Guest Choice (HG chooses the manner of destruction on the wheel, but cannot choose “save”). They will get 10 sec. per item towards a shopping spree, which should total 2 minutes.

Each HG chooses one article of clothing from each of the other 3 HG’s, and then they spin once per item. Nak slung CB’s shorts over the wall in the backyard, then she spun again and slings Dr’s shirt over the wall, then she spun to batter and fry Di’s orange pants. Then Di battered Dr’s shirt and deep fried it, then spun and got ‘HG’s choice’ for one of Jase’s shirts. She wants to know the fire safety procedures before ‘flaming’ the shirt. The shirt is flammable and on fire! Now Di spun and has to sling Nak’s favorite Jeans over the wall.

Dr is up next, he took Di’s “good girls finish last” shirt, took CB’s Oklahoma shirt and Naks “crazy skeleton shirt”. Dr spins for Di’s shirt first and got the “HG Choice”, he chose the “tarred and tailored”; this will be a first, dunked into a big tub of tar. CB’s shirt will be battered and fried. Dr got “HG choice” for Nak’s skull shirt and chose to flame it!

CB is next and last! He is taking Di's "Sooners" shirt as they are competition for OU. Then he took Dr's shirt, Dr begged him not to so CB gave it to him, then chose a sweatshirt and Naks black pants. Di’s shirt was first up to be tarred, she was begging him not to do it. She was told she could take it back but they would lose 10 seconds, she let it go to the tar pit. Next is Dr's sweatshirt, "HG Choice"..CB says “a kid could be over the wall in need of a sweatshirt”. But he decides to burn it, for Dr deep frying CB's OU sweatshirt. Finally, Naks pants, HG choice again! He chooses to sling it out of the green monster!


Luxury Competition TWIST – Luxury Competition Continued
If the HG’s took the clothes off their backs, they could gain an extra 15 seconds for the group, which could add an extra minute to the shopping spree. Drew asking Nak and she says no, she doesn’t want to do it, some of her clothes are from the 70’s and cannot be replaced. CB says yes to his shirt but no to the pants because of Chason. We went to FISH for a while. Then Dr asking Di about taking her clothes off, she says yes, CB then says he's all about the team, and he thinks his family will forgive him so he does it for the team. Dr says it's worth it for new clothes so he takes off his clothes and sling shots them over the wall. Di chooses to burn her clothes, she drops her pants and has on shorts underneath and takes off her shirt and throws them on the flame.

So they increased their time to 2 min 45 sec. Nak did not choose to take her clothes off, so that’s 15 extra seconds for the team per person. They all go inside and there are several racks of clothes and the HG’s are really piling them on themselves. Nak ended up with a shirt that said “whatever happens in Kentucky stays in Kentucky” on it and Dr was saying that his leather jacket was $250.00. CB reading a price tag on something that was $350.00. One of Di’s blouses has $124.00 price tag on it and a slinky black dress that was $250.00. It seems as though the clothes were on specific racks according to their tastes. They really made out; Dr got tons of new shirts, they all got shirts, shorts, purses, belts hats and shoes, really nice stuff, name-brand stuff.

1:30 – Nominations Today!

HG’s all inside now with their clothes. Plasma screen reads “nominations today.” The HG’s all showered and cleaned up and have put on some of their new ‘wears’. They have been changing clothes trying on different stuff.

Dr asked Di “did you tell Nak?” Di says “it’s not my nomination, you tell her” Dr said “I am going to”. (He is referring to the fact that he is going to put Di and Nak up together so Di doesn’t have to vote out Nak because of their pinkies swear.)

Dr just came out of DR and into the CR where Nak is and he kindly told her that she will likely be going on the block. She says she totally understands. Nak says she will fight like heck to get the veto. Dr says "yeah I think everyone will." Nak says jokingly "you've put me up 3 times; I don't think you like me very much." They are both laughing. She said to Dr "it's cool, have fun, don't stress yourself out over it."

Di in HOH listening to music and Dr comes in and says "what’s up, got anything on your mind? Are you nervous?" She says "no." Di asked him if he talked to Nak. He is recounting his conversation with Nak to Di. Dr asks Di "what? your nervous." Di says "how could I not be?" He says "I know." Di says "I'm going on the block, if I walk out this week so be it." Dr says "you will be safe." Di says "how do you know? Will CB keep me in the game?" Dr says "yeah" She says “do you swear??” She is not completely satisfied with Dr's answer. Di says "and you or CB have to win veto, I don't want it" Dr says you may just win it anyway. Then Di says "and then what, not use it? What reason would I give?" Dr saying she has to fight for it so that Nak doesn't win it. Di says she wishes she were in Dr's position so she wouldn't have to worry. They are both saying that CB can't win HOH next either, Dr thinks he will not win it, that CB doesn't do well under pressure. Di tells Dr that if they are the last two standing, that they should coordinate their outfits.


HG’s are on lockdown outside while Dr does his nomination routine. Di had told him earlier to make it quick because it is so hot out. Di, Nak and Cb sitting outside around the table chit-chatting about general stuff. Di says “what is taking him so long? He only has one f’in key to put in the box!”

They are talking about the "Horseman" and Di says "so it was you, Dr, Jase, Marv, Scott and Holly tagged along"..CB says "no Marv wasn't included"...he's laughing...Di says "he had another alliance? with who?" CB didn't really say. CB said that the 4 H went down after Scott and J were evicted so then they became the SM Van Boys and included Marvin. Di is shocked that she didn't know much about either alliance. She is asking if Jase came up with these names. Di says "how did the Horseman name come about, chess?" CB says "Oh I guess since I am a cowboy, I'm not really sure." They are talking about the "6-finger plan"; CB says "what's that?" Di says "it's what we used to get Jase out." CB says Marv was the wild card. He was playing both sides. Di says "that's why I had to do what I did; he is the only one I made a promise with, that I broke." CB said he made the same promise to everyone and was potentially safe with everyone.

Nominations = Nak and Di

BB gave them either the rest or a lot of the remaining clothes that were on the racks for their shopping spree. Nak said the cool clothes make being on the block easier. They are all going through their new duds. There are a lot of them. Di got 3 of the same blazers all different colors. Di also has some pearls. They really got a lot of stuff here! Since the clothes were specific to the HG’s tastes, and CB and Dr are trading with each other, different items, Nak says to Di “Why aren't you more of a freak so we could trade?”


Now that CB knows about Jase (thanks to Di earlier today), he is asking Dr in the HOH about it and CB is saying “you lied to me there, and I really appreciate honesty.” CB says “you sat there and told me you weren’t going to use the veto and you did.” CB is saying “the thing I want to know is what kind of a deal you had to turn on one of our own and kick them out of the game?” Dr saying a bunch of bull…saying that someone told him something Jase said about him that ticked him off. Cb telling Dr, that even outside the house to please just tell him the truth, it’s what he is all about. Dr says "its one of those people out there that are trying to cause problems between me and you...CB says "well don't say anything to Di, it was prolly just a slip." CB left and Di went into HOH to see what was taking them so long, Dr said they were changing, Di left and Dr whispered b*ches. CB and Dr back in HOH and CB says to Dr that if he wants to be friends with Jase outside the house that Dr will need to apologize to Jase big time!

CB and Dr are going in and out of HOH changing clothes doing a fashion show for Nak and Di. Every time they go back in to change they talk about the game. CB is telling Dr not to get paranoid. Dr “says I’m not paranoid, do I look paranoid?” CB says “well sometimes you do.”

Later Di in HOH with CB and Di said “she's expecting one of us to win and one of us to use it on the other. I told you guys I cannot win that veto.” CB says “I know, I talked with her.” Di says “no, she's hardcore, she's going all f-in balls out tomorrow, like it's her job.”

Dr and Di in HOH talk about the veto competition. Di tells Dr she made 2 promises in this game, to Nak and to Dr. If Di wins veto, she'll save Nak because of her promise. Di tells Dr he or CB has to win the veto to ensure CB stays for final 3. Dr said he already plans to work really hard to get the veto. Di and Drew then have a conversation about her trash talking to Dr, like when she is telling him "shut the F up" etc. Dr says it's about respect and she has to learn how to talk to guys. Di laughs this off and says she doesn't mean it, and she'd never be mean to him. He likes her for her heart, what's inside, but not the mouthy part of her. He likes when she's happy, like she was today with the clothing comp. Dr reassures Di that they'll still be together after the game.


Di as asking CB about him using the veto to save her. CB reassures Di he will save her if he wins. CB says his family and Nak's family will hate him but he has to honor his deal with Dr and Di. He says that Nak has put him up twice so he feels okay putting her out of the game.

CB told Dr about Di asking him for assurance that he'll save her if he wins veto. CB tells Dr it is a hard decision, but that he was asking Di that very thing last week and she stuck to her word. CB feels that since he has an agreement with Dr and Di, he'll stick to that and for sure save Di because he's good for his word. CB leaves and Di returns from DR. Dr asks Di about this and Di says "yea I asked him, so?, he asked me about 20 times last week. I was looking out for myself, I can do that. Do I have to tell you every little thing?"

Dr and Di talk about who Dr wants with him in final 2. Dr telling Di he feels he doesn't have to talk to Di about his plans for that because she should know he wants her there with him at the end. He doesn't want Di to feel she's his choice by default. Dr telling Di he wants both of them at the end so they can sit there and show everybody they made it together, as a couple, and it's never been done before. Di tells Drew she knows she'll get 2nd against him.

Dr and Di are in bed and Dr is saying he is exhausted. He said that CB was telling the longest story he’s ever heard, he said he sat there and listened for at least 15-20 mins. without saying anything, he was reading the bible. They talk a little about relationships and how lucky Di felt for getting all those nice clothes today.

HG’s all sleeping just around 1:00.