This was an eventful day in the BB House. Cowboy won the veto competition—his first competition win. However, the day itself was very quiet. The veto comp didn’t take place until late in the evening. We had FISH for several hours during the comp, and feeds didn’t return with the results until 12:30 am BB time. After the competition, about 2:15 am, CB came into the HOH room and confronted Diane, bringing her to tears. Drew and Di continued to talk about CB after he left, and didn’t get to sleep until almost 5:00 am. (Note: I've also included a summary of the BB5 TV show that aired today.)


Drew wakes up on his own a little after 7:00 am, and goes outside for a little while. About 7:45, he goes back to the HOH room and gets back into bed with Diane...Nakomis gets up about 9:30 and goes out to play solitaire...There is no BB wake-up call today...Dr/Di wake up about 11:15 and snuggle and chat in bed about how long they’ve been in the House and what they want to do when they get out...Drew says that yesterday (the clothes luxury challenge) was his favorite day in the House...Dr: If CB isn’t rested today, he’s got some serious issues. On the other hand, when he (CB) is tired he doesn’t talk as much...Di giggles.


Drew is called to the DR a little after 12:30....Our first glimpse of CB is about 12:45, when he comes outside and says, “Boy, it’s a fryin’ out here today. We need America’s Choice – washin’ machine!...Di and Nak agree that they don’t like washing clothes by hand, but, this late in the game, they’d rather have something else for America’s Choice.

CB asks Di if she and Dr had a good talk last night....Di: Yeah, I think so....Di: Sometimes it's hard to understand what he (Drew) is saying...CB: Yeah, he doesn't open up very well sometimes...D: He's been burnt really bad by someone (in a relationship)...CB: I know, I guess we all have...CB goes into a long story about transferring schools in high school (maybe because of a girl?), and it was hard, but worked out okay because he got to play football....Di goes back to Drew’s “burned” story....Apparently Drew was in his college relationship, and his girlfriend's ex was in town. They all hung out together, and then Drew went back to his place, and the girlfriend and her ex went back to the girlfriend's place....Di: Dr is/was just too nice and naive at the time...CB brings the conversation back to himself and April, and how they discuss any situation like this to see how each other feels about it before anything happens.

Drew comes out of the DR about 1:00 pm and asks, “Who wants to go next?...He says that the veto comp will be later today or tonight. (Note: CB asks Dr to explain about the veto at least three times.)... Drew stays inside to make breakfast and CB joins him (Di is in another room)...CB: Has Di tried working you yet to take her to final 2?...Dr: She assumes I will because of the relationship thing, but you know where I stand. I had to tell her that I'm with her, but YOU KNOW where I stand...CB: This is what I would love to happen. Next week there are three segments to HOH. Someone wins the first segment, then the other two compete and whoever wins that segment competes with the first winner. So, if it's me and you in the end of that, I would love to win HOH, and I would take you to the end, and it would save you from having to send her (Di) out. It will make me look like the bad dude, not you, and you will still have her vote. You've already got 3 HOHs so...CB goes on: I have to win the veto tonight for all this to work out next week....About 2:00 pm, BB calls an outside lockdown, and all the HG’s head outside to play cards.

The lockdown is short, and the HG’s head back inside...Among the general chit chat, CB says to the Internet viewers, “If you’re watching us this afternoon, you prolly have no lives.”...Then CB laughs and says, “Just kidding, we respect you.”...About 3:15 we find the HG’s playing Euchre in the living room....After that, we get several periods of FISH....About 5:00 pm we come back from FISH to find CB sleeping in the Wood Room, Drew sleeping in HOH, Diane showering, and Nak playing cards in the kitchen.


BB has fun toying with the HG’s several times this evening....Just before 6:00 pm, Nak is cooking fish for dinner and mentions the song “Sweet Home Alabama.”...BB then plays it over the loudspeakers...A few minutes later, BB announces, “Adria and Natalie, please report to the HOH room.”...CB then announces that he’s horny and BB sounds a loud buzzer.

About 6:45, Di and Nak are in the kitchen cooking, CB is at the table playing solitaire, and Drew is on the treadmill talking to himself. Dr appears to be reminding himself about facts about the other HG’s, in case that is part of the upcoming veto competition...The HG continue to putter around the House, putting away their new clothes, listening to music in the HOH room, and, in CB’s case, taking another nap.

Following is a short excerpt/summary of Saturday’s TV show. Special thanks to CUTiger for the Closed Captions posted in Updates, that I used to put this together.

BB announcer: “Previously on Big Brother 5, Diane betrayed the girls' alliance by saving Drew with the veto....Forcing Nakomis to nominate her only ally....With Michael and Karen now nominated for eviction, Diane devised a plan to get rid of Karen....Karen questioned Diane's loyalty...So Diane chose her words carefully to avoid confrontation...When the vote was announced....Diane and Drew sent Karen packing...In the Head of Household competition, the houseguests were one step away from power....Julie: Congratulations, Drew, you're the new Head of Household....It's down to the final four. Who will Drew nominate for eviction? Find out tonight on Big Brother 5."

Scenes of Karen’s eviction, Nakomis’ DR comments after eviction, and Karen’s parting comment to the other HG’s as she walked out the door, “Thanks for back-dooring me. That was great. Thank you.”...In the kitchen after the eviction, Di says to Nakomis that she is worried that Nakomis will hate her, too, for voting to evict Karen...Nakomis says, “No dude, it’s a game....”....Diane comments in the DR, “The whole jury house hates me now...Anybody left in this game would want to be standing next to me in the final two because I'm not going to get the 500,000 dollars.”...Footage of the final moments of the HOH competition and Drew’s comments after winning it, “....I am on top of the world now. Winning HOH means I'm in the final three, which is just mind-boggling for me.”...CB says in the DR that he is frustrated that Drew didn’t let him win HOH, “....he (Drew) took his pride, you know, over letting me win. He's won it three times. I have won zero times.”....Nakomis hands the HOH key to Drew...Drew shows the HG’s his HOH room...None of the HG’s are too excited....CB in the DR: “We got the counting crows. My type of music? Not. I was hoping for some Toby Keith.”...Drew in the DR “Thanks, mom, for the plant. It's fake. I think I got a plant from home. Which is pretty cool, I guess.”...Nak suggests naming the plant Piedmont after a fern she rescued from a parking lot....Diane talks in the DR about how she is getting fatter and her gut is hanging out....Drew in the DR: “Diane has a little growth on the front of her tummy. I won't hold it against her.”...Nak and Diane compare their “beer bellies.”

Drew talks to Diane about putting Diane and Nakomis up for nomination, so that if Di wins the veto, she doesn’t have to break any promises...Dr in DR: “I want to have Diane and Cowboy with myself in the final three, so what I hope this week is that cowboy or myself wins the power of veto and keeps everything the same. Cowboy votes out Nakomis this week, and then smooth sailing in the final three.”....Footage of Drew talking strategy with CB....Then, footage of the HG’s coming into the House, and finding that the table is now smaller, with only four chairs...The HG’s say it’s like the kid’s table at Thanksgiving dinner....They comment that they feel good that they threw out all the older people in the House and the four youngest people are still there... The HG’s say “the couple” and “the brother and sister” made it to the final four...Footage of Drew and Diane on the bed, and Diane saying it’s their two-month anniversary... Drew in the DR: What I would like to happen after the Big Brother house with Diane is just see if the feelings I have are going to be accelerated by being outside of this house. Kind of see where it goes from there.”...Scenes of CB overcooking the steak... Nakomis in the DR: Cowboy ruined $50 worth of New York Strip Steaks. Ruined them. Shoe leather.”... Drew and Diane talk again about Drew putting Diane on the block.

Scenes of the HG’s making fun of each other’s clothes....In the DR, each HG talks about the other HGs’ clothing items that they hate the most....Drew’s goonies T-shirt, Nak’s black pipe jeans, Diane’s orange fuzzy towel pants, CB’s yellow shirt that Jase gave him...Drew comes out of the DR and announces to the HG’s that they have a luxury competition...The HG’s go outside and there is a big bucket of tar, a fire, a big slingshot, and a big vat of frying oil. They also see some of their clothes sitting there...Drew reads the instructions for the comp.

“For ten weeks we have to stare at each other in the same old clothes. Now it's time to get revenge on the wardrobe that breaks all fashion laws. It's time for trashin' the fashion. One at a time, you will grab one item of clothing from each houseguest’s rack and then hang the clothes next to the wheel of destruction. For each article you will spin the wheel to determine its fate. The wheel has four methods of obliteration –“Deep-fried duds,” “slinged shirt,” “tarred and tailored,” and “flaming fashion.” If the wheel lands on “Houseguests’ Choice,” you must choose the manner of annihilation. For each article of clothing trashed, the group will be awarded ten seconds towards a fabulous shopping spree. The clothes were chosen by our fellow houseguests, and these were items that the houseguests were sick of.”...Each of the HG’s take turns picking their least favorite clothes of the other HG’s and trashing them. Much (pretend) crying and (real) laughing...Then Drew makes a new announcement.

“Houseguests, as of now, we have a two-minute shopping spree. However, there's a twist. If we decide to take the clothes off our back and destroy them anyway we like, we will each gain an extra 15 seconds for group. That means it could be another minute added on to our two minutes and we'd have an entire time of three minutes to go in and shop, and put all the clothes we can on our backs.”

Nakomis feels she can’t give up her sister’s pants and her mom’s vintage 70’s shirt, but the other HG’s take off their clothes and fling them over the wall...Drew and CB are in boxers, Diane is in shorts and a red bra...Then Drew announces, “All right, guys. We have two minutes and 45 seconds to get in the house, get on as much clothes as we can and get on out here. Let's take our shoes off so we can get these clothes on better.”...The HG’s run into the House to find their individual racks of clothes...They madly grab at clothes, trying to put on as many as possible...They are very excited and love the clothes...CB in the DR: “I got a total of 21 items. I think Nakomis got 21 items, as well. Diane got 31 items and Drew got like 33 items. You know, western clothes are expensive, and I was just grateful to get what I got.”

Scene of Diane in the BR and CB climbing into the Cloud Room bed in the dark, pretending to be Drew...Di in DR: “It's a good thing I didn't try to kiss Drew or anything like that, because I would have planted a big one on cowboy. And that could be scary.”...Then Drew freaks out Diane by saying that Diane and Drew look kind of alike and wonders (kiddingly) if they are really brother and sister...Diane and Drew talk yet again about Drew putting Diane on the block. Diane makes Drew assure her that he is 100% positive that CB can be trusted not to vote out Diane... Footage of the nomination ceremony... Drew makes his usual speech that it’s not personal and just a game, and nominates Diane and Nakomis...BB “Who win the final power of veto, and will they use it to save either Nakomis or Diane? And another houseguest will be evicted. Find out who will make it to the final three, Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern on Big Brother 5.”

Back to the live feeds....The House has continued to be quiet, with very little talking...At about 8:30 pm we get FISH....The feeds return briefly at 9 pm, and Di and Dr are in the HOH room talking about how they need to win the upcoming veto competition...CB is on the LR sofa, with his feet on the table and his hat over his face...The feeds go back to FISH a few minutes later, and stay on FISH until about 12:30 am, when the feeds come back and we find that CB has won the veto comp....It appears that the veto questions concerned prior BB seasons


About 1:00 am, CB goes to the Storage Room and finds that BB has left them four arts and crafts kits—a mosaic butterfly, a glass kit, a soap making kit, and a bead kit....The HG’s spend the next hour or so doing crafts, puttering around the House, and making casual chit chat about growing up, cars, etc....There is a short conversation between Drew and CB at about 2:00 am...CB tells Drew about what a hard decision he has to make (with the veto) and that he would rather have been HOH...Dr tells CB that Drew felt he had to go “balls out” and try for HOH, because, if he threw HOH to Cowboy, and ended up leaving this week, Dr wouldn't be able to live with himself...CB goes off to take another shower.

About 2:15, Di gets into bed with Dr in the HOH room and is pretty quiet....Drew asks Di if she's scared....Di: Yea. You and CB were in the Cloud Room before and I wondered what you were doing...Dr: We were praying.....Di: Thanks for including me. I’m not offended, but I don’t feel good about something. But, I don’t know what. Who knows what the two of you (Dr and CB) have going on?...Dr: CB seems to already have his mind made up....CB walks into HOH and asks “Y'all goin' ta sleep already?”...Dr/Di say “no” and to come in....CB lies down on top of the bed (with Drew and Di under the covers).

CB: I think Nak knows what's up, what's going on. I want you, Di, to be close to her this week and not make her feel left out or isolated... CB: (Talking about veto.) Our sister is pregnant and I can just imagine what she wanted to do with that money. This is very tough for me. I care about Nak ...CB: You know where I stand and I don't expect things to change, but I just want us to hang out with Nak... Drew mentions the Adria week where nobody talked to her...Di: Nak is the type of woman that doesn't take it as seriously as Adria did... Nak will talk to others herself. Nak is much more of a woman than Adria was. I'm gonna stick around Nak all week...CB: I didn't hug her (Nak) after the comp because I know she doesn't like hugs from guys, so that's why I shook her hand, but will you check with her and see if that's okay?...Dr: She doesn't like hugs from guys?...Di: She doesn't like hugs in general....CB: Just make sure it's okay what I did...CB: I can piss y'all off, but with her that's my blood (so he wants to keep things ok with him and Nak)...CB: I know it was hard for her to put me up (when Nak nominated him), but that was the second time too, and that time she was wanting me out of the house. I'm not lying there am I?...Di: No...CB: She (Nak) saw me as a threat to her people and maybe to her, I can't really blame her but I wouldn't have campaigned against (her).

Then CB changes the subject and says to Di: I wanted to talk to you to get this straight as well. It's far the very first 2 weeks, I'm just curious...Why did you want me out in the very first four people?...Di: Who the hell told ya that, Jase?...CB: No...Di: I honestly don't remember that...CB: I'm not holding this against you, it's been on my mind. I heard you wanted the good looking guys in the jury house and I wasn't one...Di: Oh no....CB: Did you make a comment like that?...Di: Honestly it doesn't sound like something I would say...I honestly wish I could remember...CB: I'm just curious, I'm not holding that against you, just curious why you wanted me one of the first four gone...Di: That I definitely don't know about - only targets I had were Jase and Holly...CB: This is the very first week...Diane - there's no way anybody could have said that cuz that was the first week, I had no idea about anyone then...Diane now tries to figure out who said this to CB... Diane mentions the Don talking strategy but she doesn’t' ever remember CB being targeted in the first week....Di: How would I target people the first week. I didn’t know anybody...Diane brings up Jase...CB: How did Jase find out about that?...Diane: He told me he assumed it from watching us but the Don was the only one I spent time with during the day....Di: Who were the four (who I was supposed to have wanted out)?...CB: The Don, CB, Nak, and Marvin.

Then CB/Dr/Di rehash the veto comp.... CB hopes that BB will send all the veto winners home with a “splitting image” (sic) of the veto medallion...CB is doing almost all the talking...CB realizes Dr/Di are tired and leaves just before 3:00 am.

After CB leaves, Dr/Di have a mini-argument about CB confronting them...Drew is very upset about CB’s “power-tripping.”...Di is upset both about the “power-tripping” and about CB’s remarks to her... Diane turns away from Drew and is crying...Drew rubs her shoulder, puts his glasses on, and gets up to be sure that the door is shut.. (CB stood outside the door staring at the memory wall for quite a while after he left the HOH room)...Dr turns toward Diane's back with his hand on her shoulder...Dr: This week I’m going to talk to CB, but tonight I didn’t feel it was the right time to speak up....Di: I want you to promise me that nothing's going on. If I find out...if I walk out this door and find out something was going on....I will never speak to you again and you will not get my vote...Dr: Number one, don't even threaten me with that...Di: Hey, you threatened me with my dog's life and my sister's life, now it's my turn to threaten you....Dr: I already apologized for that, that was wrong...Dr: Nothing is going on with CB and if you really care about me, you wouldn’t say that ***** about threatening. You're a little paranoid right now because he (CB) is power tripping. If he keeps it up I will call him out on it and be supportive of you, and make sure this week goes right. You're the one that kept him in this game and he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. So, I'll make him understand that...Di: Didn’t you hear the way he was talking about breaking up couples in the kitchen?...Dr: Oh yeah, he’s like a different person right now....Di crying: I'm so ***** screwed, I tried to win that veto...Dr: No you're not...Di: Who the hell does he think he is, trying to bring up ***** from the first week of the game? And, why the ***** would I be targeting people from the first week of the game when I didn't know anybody?

Drew turns on the spycam to check that CB isn’t outside the door listening...Di: You need to convince CB to keep me in this game and that if you get HOH next week you're going to keep him in the game...Dr: I need to convince him?...Di: That way he'll be less threatened with keeping me around this week...Dr: That makes sense. All right. I just can't stand the way he's acting tonight....Di: Now I have to kiss his ass for 5 days. Oh my god, I can't do it. I don't know how to kiss ass. I need your help, Drew. It’s just gonna be more believable coming from you than from me. But you gotta do it the right way....Dr: I know. I just gotta think on how to do it...Drew holds Di and comforts her...Dr: I think tomorrow he (CB) is gonna wake up and feel like a jackass (for saying this to you right after you saved him)...Dr: Funny thing is, CB thinks he's the most perfect man in the world...Di: He could lie to Nak...Dr: CB and Nak don’t even talk...Di: Nak really thought we were putting CB out over Karen...Dr: What?...Di: Obviously Nak has been trying to get him (CB) out for 3 weeks...Dr: It (the plan) has gotta work...Di: Well it's out of my hands...Dr: It'll be all right...Diane tells Dr to tell CB that Dr needs to keep Di because Dr would win over Di...Dr: It makes me mad that you act like you're little miss black target girl...Di: (You’re going to say this) just to CB...hello? You're offended because I've gotta use that to keep myself in this game?...Dr: I said I wished you wouldn't. It makes me mad that you feel like everybody hates you....Di: Why does it make you mad? It should make me mad!....Di: No matter how much you try to dodge it, every person who has walked out of this house has been pissed at me and only me.

Dr/Di continue to argue in the same vein...Then, Dr and Di start laughing about ranting at CB....Lots of “motherf*ckers” from Drew...Dr: If you and I can get through this, everything after this will be easy....Kissing, cuddling, with a little moaning from Drew thrown in for good measure... Di: I hope we haven’t embarrassed ourselves too much on TV tonight...Dr laughs: Maybe the producers are nice people...Dr/Di laugh about how their friends are going to make fun of them later for taking the game so seriously...It’s now about 4:30 am, and Di decides to go to the BR now so that she can avoid CB.

When Diane gets back, Drew says, “They (BB) got a lot of stuff from our conversation tonight...Di laughs: Ya think?...Drew (to the camera) We’re happy that you had a lot to choose from....Drew says he hopes he doesn’t miss his college homecoming...Dr: I'd love to go back after all this *****....Dr: Would you come?....Di: Hopefully, if you want to take me...Di: That'd be fun but you'd have to pick out my outfit because i'd want to fit in...Dr: Anything you picked out in that clothing thing would be perfect...Di: My shawl, stilettos (laughs)...Dr: Yeah, flashy'd be set...Talk about Drew’s frat, what high schools the guys came from....More casual conversation, and then, about 5:00 am, Drew and Diane finally go to sleep.