HG’s woke up at around 10:30. Di is already workin’ it. Nak said to Di “Whats up chica? Did you sleep good?” Di says “not really, my sleep was rudely interrupted” Nak asks if it was the music that woke her. Di says “no, everybody's favorite, CB. Have you noticed the way he’s been acting?” Nak says “not really”. CB comes in, but not before Di says “just pay attention”.

Di and Nak go outside and start working with their craft stuff BB gave them yesterday. Nak says “so, everybody's favorite has a new attitude?” Di tells her the story about last night, when the CB barged in the HOH room to chat with her and Drew while they tried to sleep. She said CB wanted to call her out on the first week's events.

CB says to Dr “the only thing that scares me, and you'd feel the same if you were in my shoes, is how close you two are, and taking her (Di) to the final 3.” CB says she is good with the endurance stuff, Dr says they can still pull it off with the horseman left as final 2. Dr saying two guys in the final 3, he’s very happy, saying that previous years have been two girls in the final 3. CB saying Di will push hard to win the next competitions. Dr says he has to tell Di what she wants to hear. CB tells Dr not to be filling him up with stuff, "I know what she did week 5 when we got Jase out". Dr saying he understands why CB is afraid since they sleep in that room together every night.

Back to Nak and Di, Di says that CB heard that she only wanted good looking guys in the sequester house. Nak says she hasn’t heard that one yet. Di says he's been sitting on that for a while, and he's on a power trip from hell.” Di says “it’s plain and f’in simple, I don’t kiss a$$ and I feel like that's what CB wanted me to do last night, he wanted me to grovel, and I'm not going to do it. And Adria can kiss my a$$, too.” Di said she did the Veto comp in 4:16, and she thinks it’s physically impossible for CB to beat that. Nak said she had a watch in her room, and she feels that Di was much faster than CB. Di says “I'm sorry, but when I won HOH and the Veto all those times, I don't remember my attitude changing that much.” Nak: “So, you were up until 4 in the morning?” Di: “Yeah, I had to pee, but I didn't want to take the chance of running into him.” Nak: “No one wants to get jumped in their own house.” Nak says “It's times like these when I wish Dr would talk to people, I mean, really talk to people.”

Dr and CB were talking about Di and when she lies. Dr says when she lies, she brings up the “oh I forgot about that” move. Dr says with the Marv kiss, she said "that was a week ago, I forgot". Dr says you don’t forget things in this game. Dr saying it will be him and CB in the end, he wants a guy to win this year.

Drew & CB are talking about the final 3 part HOH competition. CB says his only hope is to win the endurance. Then he says to Dr for him to win the “brain” one. And then the last one, we let the chips fall. CB says “I'll be honest with you; it's going to be hard. One of those hold your key type situations (like Dani and Lisa in the pool) and with that girl (Di) it's going to be tough.”

CB apologized to Di for last night when he was asking her about things she did in the beginning of the game. He also told Di “you told me to sleep at night, now I am telling you to sleep at night.”


Dr and CB are working out and talking. CB says “I’m sorry; I didn’t make it this far to go home in third place.” More talk, then Dr said something to CB about his ‘cockiness'. CB apologizes and says “you know what else scares me? You know that you are gonna make it to the end, whether it's with me or Di, you're going to the end with one of us.”
Dr says “I see what you're saying.” Then more promises that he will take CB with him. Dr tells CB that CB said he wanted to be called out about his attitude if it changed. CB knows this, and brings up the fact that Dr lied to him about Jase. CB apologizes again and asks Dr to tell Di that he is sorry. CB told Dr not to drink a lot of water before the next HOH competition. Dr says “oh yea, so you won’t have to pee.” Dr says “I can’t believe this dude, final four.”

After a while CB and Dr in the bathroom and CB says “I’m sorry I questioned you.” Dr says "Dude, it's all good." CB: "I'm just wondering what America's thinking." Dr says Jase is probably wondering how the heck they pulled this off.

CB and Nak are alone in the kitchen. Nak says "And just to let you know, if you do decide to vote me out, just let me know, okay, so I can get all my sh*t together." CB: "Of course I will, I know you're in here for the same reason as me, family, Ally is my sister, too." Then he says "I don't like the idea that I'm gonna ruin someone's chances of winning. I have to look at this as a business perspective.” CB says “I really mean that, Ally is my sister too, and I know how 'spensive havin' a baby is and this'll be my first time at really being an uncle, a blood relative, not an in-law." CB leaves the kitchen and Nak says to herself “well BB it looks like this will be my last week in the house.”

Di & Dr in the kitchen, Di keeps going on about how she's kept CB in the game the last three weeks, says it’s not a defense but she wants him to remember that. Dr says "yea but he was a pawn two of those times.” Di says she wants to take him down next week. Dr tells her he's not good at lying, so they need to keep the talk between the two of them. Di said she was good at it (lying) by now.

Nak and CB outside, CB talking about his family and how it is extending. Kids are starting to have kids now. He says his family reunion was Labor Day he says he can imagine what was on their minds. He says "I know what my mom talked about the entire time." He says he will think about BB every summer. Nak just kind of half listening and doing her crafts. Nak says she is pretty well through with California when the show is over. She much prefers a smaller town.

Dr and Di in the kitchen, Di making lunch. Nak comes through, doesn’t say anything, then says “I wanna hang myself” (boredom?). She goes back through and says “I’m gonna go out and stare at the sky” and heads to the hammock. Back inside, CB in the kitchen now with Di and says “My thing is, I think she knows”....Di says that he has to do what's best for him in the game. CB says Nak knows he had to win the veto to save his life. Nak, when getting out of the hammock to come inside, said the fabric softener CB was using in the dryer is making her f’ing head hurt. She headed to the CR to nap. She is noticeably upset.


Just before 5:00 the HG’s sat down inside at the table and played Euchre and had drinks. They were having a good time. Nak and Di were getting a little giddy. Nak gave out a loud laugh when her and Di beat the guys in a game. Dr seemed to be getting irritated at the two drunken girls, who are being kind of obnoxious and are gloating over their card winnings. Di put her foot on the table for a moment and Dr grabbed her foot and said filthy it was. Nak says “Lick it Dr, I dare you, go on I dare you!” Di encourages him. Dr says “I'm not going to lick that!”

Around 5:30, a mellowed out CB asked BB “can we please have a song like California Dreaming?” Di: “Yeah, any song so we don't go to bed right now.” Nak: “BB, I'll put my contacts in if you play some music.” Then Di and Nak start showing them how to act when you are on the block. They are holding hands shaking. Now Nak is crying saying her speech to CB, (she was joking around). DI and Nak say how everyone acts on the block that all those tears are fake. Nak says my speech will be “we have the same dad, give me the veto" everyone laughs, then Nak says Di you should say "Dr won’t kiss me; give me the veto" everyone laughs again.

Dr is in the shower. I am not sure who Nak was talking to, but she said that Marv told her right before the live eviction that he knew he was going and he wanted her to know that he thought she was cool, but that once he was in the jury house, she would not get his vote. She then brought up the final HOH and acted like she didn't know anything about it. CB says the last HOH is always endurance; at least the first segment will be anyway. Nak says “Oh, I'm dead, I'll never win that, I would embarrass my family.” The girls go outside to start cooking something on the grill.

Now CB and Dr inside, CB gets a drink, peeks at the girls outside and sits back in front of Dr to start talking game. He says their are two wonderful girls on the block and they can only keep one. Dr says “I thought you already had your decision made.” CB saying they factored their ending, regardless of that, your going to get that vote anyway but which one would guarantee us. CB says who has more spunk, more energy. Drew says Di has, she runs off emotion. He says the reason she won the endurance challenge, was because of Jase taunting her and egging her on. Dr isn’t so worried about endurance; he is scared of her spunk, so is CB. Dr thinks Naks spunk is.... CB says “brains.” Dr says “it's athletic, she's almost like a man and she says that herself.” Dr says Nak beats Di in brains, “Di doesn't have much up there.” At this point they are somewhat unsure of exactly who they should take to the final 3.


Di and Nak are outside and guess what??? Another PINKY SWEAR! They promised each other that whoever gets voted out would sway the jury to vote for the other. They pinky swear and Di yells "another one!" They both say they wanted to be with each other on the block in the end so people can say "which bitch do you hate more?"

CB is inside telling Dr that the girls are strategizing outside, he says that they have become good friends with each other. CB says “Nak knows the plan”, Dr says “you mean to vote her out?” CB says “yea”.

They discuss whether they will have a veto ceremony; Dr says “yes, they will”. Di comes in and jumps on Dr and asks what they're talking about and CB says I'm thinking of using the veto and putting myself up. CB saying again that BB told him he was not immune. He wants to go look at the rule book and see what it says. Di says there is no rule book about that, it's about the fish tank and sh*t.

Nak and CB are talking and Nak is working CB. She told him that Di and Dr will go to the end together and that she would make sure to take him with her if she could. He seems a little unsure about this. CB confronts Nak about things he has heard about Nak trying to get him out. Nak tells him that Dr has lied to him and she assures CB she did everything to make sure he did not go. Nak tells CB to come outside and give Di and Dr a second alone together. He brings the rule book outside with him, says he's trying to find out about the veto. Nak says “who would you take to the end?” CB says “this is the thing, I'm going to be honest with you, it could change after what went down last week.” Nak telling CB she'll take him to F2 if he keeps her. He says he knows with Di/Dr he will be the one going. CB says if Di wins she's taking Dr. CB say he wants to be in the F2 with her or Dr. He says he could break his agreement and it’s on him. Nak, recalled a talk she had with Scott, talking about wanting CB to be at the end. CB says “if I piss Dr off he won't take me.” Nak pointing out that Dr will take Di if it’s the three of them and CB says he doesn't agree.

She's talking about the promise she made to Jase and Scott, that she would take CB to the final two. She just offered him the pinky swear, her sister and her mother’s life. She says he will surely win in the F2 because of the jury. Nak says “I have given up my entire game so that you could win and have the dude ranch. I am your sister.” Nak says “I know that at the age of 11 my mom divorced my dad and that devastated me. You didn't even know him. I don't want that to happen to other kids. So, I promised them that I would take you to the final two so you could get the ranch. I will work at the dude ranch with you if you want me to. That is why I gave you the picture, because you have never seen your dad. I made that promise at the beginning, and if I leave this week I at least got you to the final three but you won't last.” Nak tells him that Di already told her that CB isn’t going to the end. CB says Di doesn't have a brain. CB says “the only thing is, you will take me to the F2, but I don't know if I can promise you'll I'll take you if I win it.” She said “that's fine take whoever you want but if you keep me I will take you.”

Di and Dr inside and Dr is telling Di to keep away from CB tonight, he says "I know how you are, you have some alcohol, you go crazy” Dr says she can't make CB think she doesn't trust him. Di says CB is the first person on her hit list if they make final 3, she doesn't care if that offends or upsets Dr.

CB and Dr outside, CB asking Dr that if he boots Di and keeps Nak, would Dr still take CB to the F2? Dr is very irritated with Diane right now. CB reminded Dr how they wanted Di out midway through the game because of her attitude. CB saying he thought he'd be gone the first two weeks, Dr says “no one knew they were going to be here in the final four.” CB says “I just didn't want you to hate me if I boot Di, and Dr says “I'm not going to hate you man.” CB told Dr that he told Nak he couldn’t take her to the F2, and he swore on his family to take Dr to the F2, Dr was happy to hear that.

Nak and Di are pretty drunk by now. They are throwing stuff around outside. They were trying to BBQ some big piece of meat, the BBQ ran out of gas, so they took it to the stove, all the while being goofy. After dinner, Nak and Di are outside and they are crying. Nak cries "I'm tired of being here with these two f’ing a-holes, I don’t want either of them to win this game, I just want it to be over!” Nak is really losing it! She says “no matter how hard you try, you can end up in a sh*t-ass position, all that matters is how much you lie, cheat and steal to get to get where you are. The winner of this game is going to be a liar, a cheater, a stealer, and I don't condone that."

Nak really broke down, she was crying so hard and sometimes pounding on the table, saying she's so tired of this game, she says "nothing good can come from this piece of sh*t game unless you win 2nd or 3rd" . She says “you make who you think are friends, then find out people aren't what or who they say they are and the ones you're sure are your friends turn out not to be. She's had to put people on the block she didn't want to, she says Karen is gone because of her. She says it's gotten to the point where she doesn't f’ing care, the game has taken so much from her. CB says he hates it too cause it's up to him to end someone's life. Diane and Nak are both crying, talking about hitting the panic button. She says “I got more than you Dr and more than you Di, I got a brother.” Nak went on, and on and on and on…she said that BB was sadistic a-holes, that she has missed so much sh*t outside the house, they are in the house making a salary while they families go on with their lives.

The following is just a taste of what she said (I have been working on this for hours and I just can’t post everything. If you want to check feeds look for around the 9:15 p.m.). Nak continued “BB, thank you for letting me find out I have a half-brother on TV, you f'in d*cks! I hope you're watching this, Arnold. How could you look at me in the eye and tell me this is going to be the summer of fun? How could you tell me this is going to be the easiest money I've ever made? You f'd up my life, you f'd up my dad's life, and my sister's life. Because this is f'in reality television, and you can't air an f’ing millisecond of it because I swore, so thank you FCC. F*k this sh*t, vote me out Thursday; I don't give a dam. Di, I'm sure you have reasons to be here, Drew, I'm sure you have the same, Cowboy, I'm sure you have the same. So guys, let's have a good last week. I got to the point where CBS can kiss my a$$!”

Nak is emotionally destroyed by now and CB is lecturing her that is he that has a hard decision to make and that he has a serious responsibility, and how much he loves the two on the block. Dr interrupts him and tells him “that all that may be so, but it is Nak and Di on the block, they are the ones feeling the pressure.” CB sat back and sulked for a quite a while about this.

Di and Dr inside and Di says “I know what's going on. Am I going to have to put on a crying bit to win? I don't understand what she is doing out there.” Di says "I'm going home on Thursday." Di is angry at Nak, says here breakdown is a phony act to get to stay. Dr is not so sure it is phony and that it could end up biting Nak in the butt. Di says "she is taking the show." Dr says “this girl is trying to say what is on her mind and CB chimes in about how it is all about him.”

Nak and CB are still outside and Nak is telling him that if she won she would give him money for his dude ranch. Nak telling CB again she doesn’t want to come in 4th, she will take 3rd. She says she has come too far. Nak is winding down. Cb tells her “don't give up; I'm walking away because my knees are locking up. I know you have faith. But you know what? This game is almost over. We have 13 more days. You have pulled off over 80 days. That's amazing girl, that's strong.” Nak: “If I leave now, it equates to nothing. It equates to "I get nine thousand dollars", I get the same amount as 3rd place. And that's why I wanna get 2nd place.”

Later Dr was telling Di that he agreed with Nak and what she was saying. He made reference to the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and said that Nak just needed to release that stuff.


Nak went into the DR…(whew!) Dr and CB in HOH (long silences). They were talking about Naks breakdown and CB says to Dr “What I was saying is, I've got a tough decision to make, I'm having a hard time too.” Dr says “Yeah, but when someone cries like that, all they want was an open ear. Dr says “I was just telling Di, this house is so corrupt that you can't even genuinely comfort somebody. In the outside world I'd be out there with Nak. I don't like these thoughts in my head that maybe this isn't real.” CB says something about seeing a shrink. Dr says “we will all need to see one”. After CB leaves HOH, Dr says to himself “I am so sick of CB too!”

The aftermath of these events made the house somewhat quite for the rest of the evening. Di is mad as she is sure she is leaving on Thursday. Nak was in the DR for a long time. Di is in HOH with a blindfold on trying to sleep; Dr was in the bathroom mirror and says “Ben, be glad you are not here buddy”. Then Dr went to the LR to read his bible, CB there too, but no conversation.

Nak was outside in the hammock at about 10:40 and on her way inside she said “I want to go to sleep and I want cigarettes tomorrow.” Then CB went into the CR where Nak was sleeping, he asked her if she was asleep. She didn't answer and he went to his room and got something (didn't see what) and went back into Nak's room and left it on her bureau.
Dr then goes to HOH, Di is there, he gets into bed, strokes her hair and arm, she moves and he asks “do you wanna talk about anything?” Diane: “No.” Dr: “OK.” Dr starts kissing the back of her neck, she sits up, gets a drink & they kiss. Dr says just think tomorrow is a new day.” Di says “a new day for what?” Dr: “anything.” Di says “tomorrow is day one of the next 3 1/2 days you have to stay with me until we see each other out of this place.” Dr: “that's a bad attitude.” Di: “that's why I'm walking out the door, because of my attitude.” Dr tells her she can’t give up. CB is up in the air right now, 3 days, anything can happen.” Di says “3 days for me to think about what kind of performance I need to put on. I'm going to sleep on it, and when CB wants to talk to me, I will say to him; I'm going to hurt you when I tell you the things your sister said about you right before that show just happened. And I'll leave it like that.”


Dr asked Di what Nak was saying about them. Di told Dr that Nak said she couldn't stand to spend 3 more days in this house with you two assholes. I feel like I'm going to get pushed out that door because of her performance tonight. Dr says “you're not getting pushed out that door, there's still 3 more days, your are strong. Di says “there were things she said that just didn't make sense.” Dr says he will get to the bottom of a few of those things tomorrow. Di: “she takes credit for getting CB and us to the end of this game? And she has a car payment, and bills to pay? Well we all have bills to pay. I did start crying, because I felt bad for her. But she was calling you guys’ assholes right before you walked out the door. I want to call her out on some of these things.” Dr says “you should, there's still plenty of time for that.”

Finally everyone is asleep now.