BB Recap September 13, 2004

Well after the drama from the night before Bb gave no mercy and woke the HG up at 9:30 am.

Diane wastes no time and immediately lays into Drew about the Nik meltdown the night before, she said she will not go out without a fight and that Nik said a lot of crap.

As everyone goes about their morning routine, we find out that Nik had accidentally flushed Donald’s (her boyfriend) ring down the toilet last night.

They talk about how burnt out they are going to be at the cast party after the show.

When Nik returns from the DR she tells everyone that the live eviction is tomorrow night and that whoever CB does not use the VETO on will be the one evicted. She said the DR said she could leave if she wanted but she told them no she made it to the final4 , she then said that they would not give her a cigarette.

Both Nik and Diane start to pack. Diane asked the fashion sense CB to help her pick out an outfit for the live show. She then told him that she wanted to talk to him later. He replied ya Nik does too.

Drew and Diane have a brief conversation, Diane is mad at the way Nik is parading around and the “show” she had put on the night before. Drew wants to talk to Nik to see if she really will take CB to the F2 with her. If she tells him no then he wants to tell CB that. Diane is really mad thinking she kept CB in the game last week and that he owes her. She claims she is in more debt then Nik and needs the money more. She thinks that Nik is listening in their conversation so she tells Drew she does not want to talk to him anymore in then HOH.

Diane talks with CB. She tells him that she will take him (CB) to F2 if she gets HOH next. Diane said that the reason he was here this week was because of her. That she saved him last week. CB said he has a tough choice because should he save his friend or his sister? She explains to him that everyone hates her in the jury so he would be sure to win the 500K. Diane then pinky swears with CB saying she will take him to the final 2. (like she honors those pinky swears!) CB tells her that he is taking it all into consideration and that for her not to get paranoid if he is talking to Nik or if he is alone today. He needs to think things out. Diane then tells CB that Nik was going to vote him out last week if it was a tie.

CB then goes and talks to Drew in the HOH. He tells him that Diane is out there trying to save herself. Drew tells CB that Nik was going to vote him out last week and that what she pulled last night was all BS. CB asks Drew what kind of agreement that he has with Diane. Drew said he has no agreement with her. That he has never promised her anything. Drew asked what kind of agreement that CB had with Nik. He said that they both agreed that they would never put each other up (like Nik honored that agreement)
CB then defends Nik and said that she only put him up because she had to protect her ally! Drew emphasizes that he wants CB to make a decision based on strategy, that he does not give 2 shi#$ about Diane. That Nik ahs won 3 HOH’s and could easily win the next one. CB points out that Diane has won an endurance one and that the next competition will be part endurance. Drew continues trying to save Diane, saying that they could win endurance that they would have to work their asses off. He then stressed that he and Diane have kept game and personal separate. CB said that if he puts his sister out of the game millions of people will hate him and if he put Diane out it will not matter. Cowboy then said they have to Cowboy Up!.

A bit later Diane asks Drew if he has made any promises to CB. He said no, that it is expected and unspoken. Diane tells Drew that they both have to be on the same page. Nik comes outside and their conversation ends.

Nik and CB talk briefly. Nik tells him what she hates about the game is that you never know what is going on day to day. That now she does not care anymore.

Drew and Nik talk. Nik tells Drew that she thinks she is going because CB asked her if she would be mad. Drew then starts talking about who he has gotten mad at the jury house, he thinks Karen and Marvin. They talk about the 3 part HOH competition that will be coming next. CB was listening to their conversation from the window inside. Nik tells Drew she is looking forward to tomorrow. She does not think they will fly her to the sequester house,

Awhile later during lockdown, everyone was making soap and CB announces that he has something to say. He tells everyone that BB will not let him reveal his vote to anyone not even Drew. That BB does not even know who he is voting for. It will all be a surprise tomorrow night and he hopes that everyone understands. He then tells Nik and Diane that he loves them both. Nobody said a word after. BB then pipes in that the lockdown was over so they all got up and went their separate ways.

A bit later CB talks with Drew n the HOH. He asked if his speech was corny. Drew didn’t want to say yes he just responded with did they (BB) make you say that. CB said no it was his idea, he just wanted everyone to know that it was a tough decision and that he wanted them to know that he loved them and hates breaking one of their hearts this week. He then asked Drew if he still thought Diane would be better to be up against in competitions, Drew replied yes. CB then Said he had made up his mind.

While cleaning up the soap mess Nik comments that is she hears CB say one more time that it is a really tough decision this week she will beat his head in with a spoon. Diane then asked her what she was going to say during her VETO speech. Nik responds with you better save me with that VETO or Dad will be mad.

CB said to Drew that they didn’t do anything for September 16th. Drew corrects him and tells him that it was September 11th. CB said well today is the 12th so we forgot (Drew smirks knowing today is the 13th)

After everyone gets ready for bed, CB meets Diane outside the HOH and gives her a quick hug and kiss on the head. He tells her that he does not want to get her hopes up but there are only 5 days left (The HG are convinced that the show ends this Saturday).CB said that he was not going to be cocky. That Rich (a producer) told him that he had all the power, and that was what made him act cocky before. CB then said that he knows her word is good and that she has a huge heart and was a wonderful person and that America knew that too.

Once CB leaves and Drew returns they start to settle down for the night. Diane tells Drew that she is pissed that she had to promise CB to take him to the end when he didn’t promise her anything. That she should have been safe this week because she saved him last week. Diane asks Drew if he thinks that CB will keep her. He replies that he didn’t know. Diane then said she will be OK with it, that she will cry but she will just get 3 more jobs and move on. Diane then said that Nik told her that CB and Drew did not deserve to be in the final 2 because others carried them there. Drew did not like hearing that. Diane said her gut feeling is that he is keeping her, and that Nik feels the same way. She then warns Drew not to trust CB. She said it will give her great pleasure to send him packing next week if she gets HOH. She said she will give it one more shot and call him out tomorrow. She asked Drew if he will throw her HOH so she can get a letter from home. He said ya that he would throw it to her just to piss CB off. Drew is still upset that Nik said that he was carried to finals when he has won 3 HOH’s and had a tough one the first one with the risk he had to take. Diane gets up to use the bathroom and check on CB. She reports back that he is in bed but awake. Once she returns they cuddle down and start their kissing fest. In between kisses they mumble about hanging on and HOH and how Drew will drop out once CB does .Drew then tells her that if after the endurance part and she wins, and CB comes up to her and asks if he is safe for her to tell him yes and lie. Diane said he deserves to be lied to. Diane then asks Drew if he was going to talk to her at the wrap party. He said of course. Diane said she wants to be all cocky and walk around bragging. They discuss how this could be their last night together. Diane then said to Drew that we will take each other to the end right even though we did not talk about it. Drew reassures her yes he would take her to end. Diane asks if when they get out they could live together Drew mumbled yes as long as someone (???) is not your cousin.(???) Drew then tells her not to get cocky she said she won’t. He then tells her to tell CB that they did not talk game tonight. She said she would just tell him that they enjoyed their last night together.

At 3:40 BB time, Diane is having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping and she is keeping Drew awake. Drew thinks it is crazy of Nik to bring CB to F2.He thinks that she will lose. Diane said that CB thinks that he will just get 2nd place and that’s why Diane had to promise him F2. Diane then said CB sucks!
Nik and CB sound asleep. Hope they get some rest before the endurance competition later on today! Should be an exciting Tuesday! Who will CB keep his sister or his friend (someone he thinks is his friend!). What endurance contest will they face and who will win? Big night in the compound tonight!