First, some additional information from late last night/early this morning that was posted too late to make it into the September 13 recap....

When we last left the HG’s, it was a little after 3:30 am BB time....Nak and CB were sound asleep, but Dr and Di were having trouble sleeping, and were continuing to talk and cuddle – a mixture of game talk and light conversation about home....Earlier in the night, among other things, Dr/Di agreed that CB had only gone on his post-veto “power trip” to position himself to get agreements from both Di and Dr to take him to the final 2...Di reassured Dr that her “promise” to CB to take him to the end was a lie—at the point she said it, she and Dr had already decided that Di would say whatever she needed to stay in the game...Di told Dr not to be upset if he sees the conversations between Di and CB on tape later...Di also told Drew that CB said to her that Drew really didn’t need the money the way CB and Di did...Dr agreed that it was good that Di made her “promise” to CB, but was mad that CB would say that Drew shouldn’t win because he doesn’t need the money as much as CB does...Drew also reminded Di that, if CB asks, Di is to tell CB that she and Dr didn’t talk game in bed last night, that they were just saying “good-byes.”...Di agreed.


A little before 4:00 am, Di goes into the BR to wash her face and take off her make-up....Although Dr and Di continue to toss and turn a lot, they both finally get to sleep soon after.

BB lets the HG’s sleep until 10:30 am...When the wakeup call comes, Nak is already up...Drew and Di stay in bed for a little bit, while Dr tells Di about a dream he had. In the dream, Drew and Di were in NYC and went down a subway...CB gets up right after the wakeup call... A little later, Drew is in the BR with CB and Nak and tells them about his dream...The HG’s then congregate in the kitchen... CB talks about Chason’s first grade teacher. April works at the school that Chason attends...CB says there are a lot of nice-looking teachers at the school...Dr says he can’t talk about good-looking teachers in case his mom is listening on the Internet (Dr’s mom is a teacher.)...Dr/CB tell stories about staring at good-looking women in public.

After eating, Di and CB are alone in the BR for a few minutes. (Dr is in HOH listening to music, Nak is at the hallway mirror)...Di goes up to CB who is shaving at the BR mirror, and tells him to do what he wants to do (with regard to the veto tonight)...Di: You can think what you want about seeing Drew and I together all the time. But, I just want to let you know that you can trust me...CB: Thank-you...Afterwards, Di goes into the HOH room, where Drew is reading the Bible, and says that she hopes that CB is biting on everything they say...Di tells Drew that she just promised CB again that he could trust her...Di: We’re going to hell.

Soon after Di leaves, CB comes into the HOH room to talk about the upcoming HOH comp...CB tells Drew that Drew needs to let CB win HOH because CB needs letters from home...As CB leaves, Drew mutters to himself, “Give me a break, dude. I am not throwing anything for your a$$!”...Di comes back into HOH and asks Dr about his conversation with CB... Dr: He (CB) wants to win endurance. He thinks you're going to fall quick. He says that if it comes to me and him, for me to give it to him...Di: So that sounds like he might be keeping me?...Dr: Just don't get your hopes up...Then Di gets mad at Dr because Dr should have come to her right away and told her about his conversation with CB. Di says that she came to Dr right after she talked to CB in the BR....Di leaves and goes back to packing.


Di and Nak do some “pre-live show” house cleaning, with Dr/CB helping a little...CB tells Dr that when it’s just he and Dr left in the House they are going to clean all the towels...At one point, CB picks up a key from the memory wall (Drew’s? Nak’s?) and says to Dr, “It won’t be that bad.” (That was all CB said, and it’s not clear what he meant. One theory is that CB was testing hand positions holding the key, and saying to Drew that an endurance comp holding the key wouldn’t be that bad.)...About 12:30 the feeds go to FISH...When the feeds come back at about 12:50, the HG’s are playing Euchre at the kitchen table...CB says that Di can see Nak’s cards...Nak says that where she is sitting, there is no way that Di can see her cards, and says to CB, “Just chill.”

We also catch a very brief glimpse of something large being set up in the BY...It appears to be a two-level round platform, with something in the middle that staff people are holding on to (probably blocking shots for the camera)...As the inside lockdown continues, the HG’s play cards, with no chat other than “card talk.”...Diane complains at one point that her body hurts and she can’t move, that she is useless (today)...Drew wonders how people on the Internet can type out everything they say...Diane says they (the Internet people) probably just get the “important parts” (Ed note: Hi Diane! <g>)....Drew grabs Di’s foot and she screams. She says she is weak and frail today and hasn’t eaten anything yet...At about 1:45 the game stops while Nak goes to the BR...Di is called to the Diary Room...CB has his head down on the table as if he is falling asleep...Di comes back and Nak is called to the Diary Room...Di tells CB she got an interesting Internet question in the DR...CB says he wishes they could talk about the Internet questions...CB says, “I want today to be over with. It’s just a scary situation”....Di: “I think anything you (CB) do will be okay. Absolutely”...Nak comes back from the Diary Room and says she got a “good one” (Internet question). Nak said she was feeling sick, but now she is feeling better after the DR....Dr is called to the DR, but goes to get a hat first... Drew came back from the Diary Room say he also got a “good one.”....Nak: I got a cooler one than you. Mine was the coolest one yet. I got referred to something I love.” (Note: They can’t talk about the questions so their comments are cryptic.)..Di: I made two past HG’s look dumb...Drew tries to guess who Diane is talking about...(Sounds like it was probably Natalie and Adria)...Di: I didn’t mean to (make them look bad)....It’s now about 2:00 pm.

Di/Nak talk about how their jobs give them ulcers....Di yells: “They’re trash!”...Di goes on to clarify that she loves her job and she loves the people she works with – she’s talking about the people who come to the casino....Dr remarks (talking about noises in the BY), “Sounds like they are having a hell of a party out there.”...CB talks about BB rehearsing him for the show tonight. He says they have told him to answer Julie’s questions without giving away his decision. He wishes BB would just give him the questions in advance so he could practice...About 2:15 the HG’s go into the Storage Room to find food for lunch, and we go to a long FISH soon after.

At about 3:00, the feeds come back...Nak is at the kitchen table playing solitaire...Di is in the shower...CB is napping in the Wood Room and Dr is sitting on the HOH bed listening to music and collecting his things to move out...Nak lies down on the bed in the Cloud Room to nap... Drew leaves HOH and goes into the BR...Di is out of the shower... There is little conversation between the HG’s, except for the following scintillating exchange between Dr and Di...Di goes into the WC...Dr bangs on the WC door (knowing Di is in there)...Di (kiddingly): Why do you always have to use the bathroom when I'm changing? It's like you got f*cking radar on me!....Dr (jokingly): Always in the way Diane, always in the way...Di: There's like no f*cking privacy in this place....Diane comes out of the WC wearing jeans and a tank top....Di bends over to dry her hair and Dr comes over and nuzzles the back of her neck...Di: You wearing a bowling shirt tonight?...Dr: It’s not a bowling shirt...Di: I don’t want to take a nap before the show since I might look like a retard. But, I may lie down for awhile...Dr: I’m going to try to take a nap before the show. Will you wake me up (some time—couldn’t hear) before the show?...Di says she can...Dr goes into the Cloud Room to take a nap.

Just before 4:00 pm, BB tells the HG’s to go to the LR in 10 minutes...Nak and Di go to the LR...CB gets up and comes into the LR...CB asks Nak a question about where the veto box is (Couldn’t really hear him)...Di: Has it been 10 minutes?...Nak: I think so...Di: Is Drew still sleeping?...Diane goes into the Cloud Room and snuggles Dr on the neck...Di: Did you hear they want all of us in there? They’re probably waiting on you....Nak and Di sit in the nomination seats...Di: I’ve never sat here (in the nom seat) for a live show before. Kinda weird...Nak: Welcome to the club...Di: We’re ready....(It looks like there is something on the plasma screen)...CB is barely awake...Drew is still in bed asleep...then FISH....About 10 minutes later, the feeds come back....CB is back in bed, and Drew is asleep in the Cloud Room. (We don’t know if Drew ever got up or not)...We only have two feeds, so Nak and Di are MIA for the moment...At about 4:30 BB plays an Alicia Keys song over the loudspeakers, “...Some people need a little fortune. Some people need a little fame...”...Then FISH...The feeds come back briefly and we see Nak playing solitaire and Di putting on makeup, while Dr and CB are still asleep...BB then plays Beck’s song “Loser” over the loudspeakers and we get FISH again...The feeds come back just before 5:00, and surprise! The guys are up!...CB is in the shower, Nak is playing solitaire, Di is in the bathroom puttering, and Drew is putting on his shoes in the Cloud Room.

While CB is in the shower, Drew and Di talk about CB and about what they are going to say on the live show... Di talks about how cocky CB is being, and says she is going to say in her speech that she is the reason he (CB) is sitting where he is sitting, because she saved him...Dr counsels Di not to be cocky in her speech...Dr suggests saying something about “honoring your promises and commitments”...Di goes over what she is going to say and Dr says it is fine...Drew works out for a bit on the treadmill, practicing HG trivia under his breath...He also says hello to his family...The HG’s get dressed....Di/Nak play “War” (card game) while CB watches...As he walks by the front door, Drew puts something in each of the girl’s suitcases (we can’t see what it is)...Nak to Di: If I walk out this door, you’d better win this game...Di: Same sh*t to you. I’ll still walk out happy, though....then FISH until the TV show...

Here is a summary of tonight’s live TV show, based on closed captions posted in the BB Update Forum by CUTiger. (Thanks CUTiger!).

BB Announcer: “On CBS Big Brother 5, Diane betrayed the girls’ alliance by joining forces with Drew and Michael...She devised a plan to get rid of Karen....When the vote was announced, Karen was sent packing...Drew became HOH for the third time, guaranteeing him a spot in the final three... Diane, Michael, and Drew strategized on how to ensure Nakomis's eviction...But Diane worried about breaking her pinky swear promise....At the nomination ceremony, everything went according to plan...Who will win final power of veto? And, will Nakomis or Diane be saved from the chopping block? Which houseguest will be evicted next? Find out tonight on a special live edition of Big Brother 5.”

Julie: “Good evening. I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother 5. It's day 75 inside the Big Brother house, and, one week from tonight, the winner of the half million dollar prize will be crowned. As the end of the game quickly approaches, the final four houseguests are in a fight for survival. Tonight is the last and most important veto competition of the season. Who will win the golden power of veto? And will they use this power to either save themselves, or a fellow housemate from eviction? We'll find out when the veto meeting is held live. Also, another houseguest will be evicted this evening. And, later, the final three will compete in the last head of household competition of the season. But first, Drew won HOH, ensuring his spot in the final three. He chose to put Diane and Nakomis on the chopping block. But with only four people left, everyone is thinking about how the golden power of veto will change the game.”

Scene of Drew at the nomination ceremony, “Michael, you are safe. You’ll observe that I've nominated you, Nakomis, and you, Diane. From my knowledge, you guys have been close together since early on in the game. With that said, I guess, the meeting is adjourned.”

Julie: “Let's head to the living room and talk with the final four houseguests. Hello everyone!. Diane, you and your fellow house mates won a shopping spree in the luxury competition. What was it like to get all those new clothes?”...Di: Probably the most exciting thing in the entire world. You know, you can win my heart with clothes. What do you think? This is actually one of the pieces of clothing...Julie: Very sharp. I like it a lot....Julie: Nakomis, you and your brother made it to the final four...Nak: Yep...Julie: Congratulations. How do you think your dad will react to the two of you getting to this far in the game?...Nak: It’s just peachy. Not to sound... he would be cool with it. He would be like, yeah, that's my offspring. It's all good...Julie: Sounds like a cool dad...Nak: Yeah...Julie: Drew, you talk a lot about your twin brother Ben....Drew: Yes, I do....Julie: What advice would Ben give you with regards to making it to the end of this game?...Drew: My brother and I have had the motto, “step by step.” So right now, I've been taking this game each step, each week, so I know that's what he's saying, to keep my chin up...Julie: Doing well for you so far, right?...Drew: Apparently it is. I'm going to stick with my plan....Julie: Michael...CB: Yes, ma'am....Julie: You are getting closer to winning the half million dollar prize. What would you do with all that money if you won?...CB: Obviously I think everyone knows that, you know, a better future for my family. I've always wanted to have a dude ranch to help children and stuff. That's always there on the top of my list and just, you know, I didn’t have a lot of things growing up and I just want to give opportunity to Chason to have...Julie: That sounds great. Speaking of the half million dollar prize, I have some news for all of you. One week from tonight, the winner of Big Brother 5 will be crowned. In seven days, one of you will be a half million dollars richer.....Julie: Thank you, everyone. I'll be back to talk with you all later.

Julie: Welcome back. Old grudges continue at the Big Brother jury house with the twins on one side, and Marvin and Will on the other. But will the arrival of the fifth jury member help ease the tension?...Marvin: Here in the sequester house, I have been living with Will and the twins, and it's been hell in paradise, basically. The twins and I don't get along at all. Natalie I just want to spit on as see her....Will: Anywhere with the twins to me is the antithesis of paradise. Marvin and I have kept completely secluded. I hope it's Diane (as the fifth Houseguest). If it is, I can stab her in the eye with a chicken bone and I would be happy....Adria: I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs today, waiting. We were missing Natalie. Natalie has been down with a bug....Karen walks down the stairs...Karen: Is there a back door can I go out? I think they were expecting somebody else. And they were like, aaaggh.... Marvin: This is a total shock to me. I looked at her (Karen) with a nod and a wink. I'll do this to be civil but don't be fake. You don't like my damn ass. To backstabbers, liars, cheaters and deceivers. Don't forget snitches.”...Adria/Will/Marvin/Karen look at the video Karen brought.

Julie: “Tonight's golden power of veto competition is the final and most important of the season. The only person who is truly safe from eviction is Drew, the current Head of Household. But winning the veto is critical for Diane, Michael, and Nakomis because it could change the nominations and put the power to evict in the winner's hands.”

Scenes of veto competition...Drew: “All right, guys. Need everybody to gather around the living room. This is the final veto competition, as you know. So obviously it is a very, very important one. Right now we need to each go to the assigned rooms and then big brother will call to us the backyard one by one to compete. You guys ready?.. One of the HG’s: “I walked outside and I saw huge rows of our faces and pictures and I saw this huge electronic generator....Instructions: In our last veto game of Big Brother 5, you will have to use a combination of intelligence and speed in order to win the final golden power of veto. In front of me are ten numbered light boxes, each representing one week in the Big Brother house. In those boxes are pictures of various houseguests. Under each houseguest picture is an electrical outlet. The goal is to connect the houseguests in ray specific order by plugging the electrical chords into the outlet below their picture. When you think that you have the pictures in the right order and properly connected, it will pull up on the main switch. If you’re correct, the pictures will light up and the clock will stop. The houseguest who connects the pictures in the correct order in the fastest time will win the final and most powerful veto yet. Once you tear open your envelope, your time will begin, you will find out what order you need to connect the houseguests’ pictures. Connect all of the veto winners in order from first to last.”...At the end of the game, Drew had a time of ?, CB had 2 minutes, 13 seconds, Nakomis had 6 minutes, 13 seconds, Diane had 4 minutes, 14 seconds....CB wins POV

Julie: Tonight Michael holds all the power. Whichever nominee Michael saves with the golden power of veto stays in the house, while the other nominee is automatically evicted. Michael's position has both Diane and Nakomis scrambling to save themselves...Nakomis and CB talk about who CB would take to the end....CB tells Nak that Dr/Di/CB have an agreement to take each other to the end...Nak to Diary Room(?): It was the first time that somebody had straight out told me that. I had to act like I wasn't surprised, and definitely think of a new plan really, really quick....CB to Nak: Here's the other thing. I would take you to the end. Diane would take him (Drew). He (Drew) would possibly take Diane if she were here.....Nakomis: When you weren’t there, I made a promise to Scott and Jase that, if I was final two, I would take you (CB) to the end. There's been times that Jase and Scott both came up to me and were like hey, we want to see you and cowboy at the end. And I'm like whatever. I sort of extended the truth, elaborated, lied, blood is thicker than water. That's something that I felt from the very beginning from the first week, you know. We're relatives in the house together. I would take you. You're America’s favorite cowboy. You would win. I just want second place...CB: Last week you was campaigning for me to leave this house. It's like how can you tell me that you want me to win when we're not on the same side?....Nak: I'm your sister....CB to Diary Room(?): You know, I think Nakomis, I think that she's trying to tell me anything that will take her to the final three. I'm going to have to choose a) my sister, or b) a friend. And it's a very hard decision on my part.

Scene of Nakomis talking outside to CB: “I don't like to lie. I don't like to cheat. I don't like to fib. And that's what you got to do in this game, and I thought that I would be able to do it with a clear conscience, but I felt horrible...CB: What's wrong? Are you mad at us?...Nak: No, I'm not mad at anyone, CB, I'm just... I'm really stressed out right now, and it's me and her and we're on the block together and I don't know if I'm leaving and I don't know exactly what's happening and usually on my own I know what's happening and I'm always in control. And I don't know what's going on now, and I'm going nuts not knowing what's going on! That is what is going on! I don't know what's happening! And I'm going nuts!...CB: I'm asking you because I care....Nak: I know, and... that's what's pissing me off...CB: Because I care?...Nak: No, I want people to care but I don't know what's happening, and that's what pisses me off. And I have worked so hard to get everyone, you and you and me and me to where I am right now, as everybody else has...Di(?)to Diary Room(?): I feel like Nak knew what was getting ready to happen about her probably leaving the house this week and now she's doing everything she possibly can to keep herself in this game....Nak: It doesn't matter what type of a player you are, and it doesn't matter how hard you try. All that matters is how much you lie and how much you cheat and how much you steal to get the end. And I hate that part....Di(?) to Diary Room(?): I've never seen anybody cry so much but not shed a tear, you know what I mean?...Nak: I'm going home, okay? I'm going home because of this performance. You don't understand....It's out of my hands....It’s in CB’s hands...Di(?) to Diary Room(?): Uh-huh. Cowboy is so worried about looking like a bad person, I feel like there is no way CB would vote out Nakomis now.....Di to CB: I know you're smart. I want you to know she (Nak) wanted you out, CB. I completely went against your sister on keeping you in this game...CB: That's why I'm in a situation where I have my sister on the block, and I have a good friend. I take you I know if you win, you're taking Drew to the final two....Di to CB: I knew would you think that. Why would I want “pretty boy” (Drew) standing next to me? Do you think anybody is going to give me (the money) over him? I hate to break his (Drew’s) heart, but I don't know if I would put him next to me. That's like handing him half a million dollars....CB to Di: Honestly, if you won HOH next week, would you take me?....Di to CB: Over drew, yeah? You know what? It might be in your best interests to be standing next to somebody like me in a final three.

Julie: “Tonight's live veto meeting is unique. Michael, the veto holder is safe from eviction and so is Drew, the current head of household. That means whomever Michael chooses to save with the veto stays in the house, automatically evicting the other nominee. Michael holds all the power tonight....CB and Julie talk in the DR...Julie: While living in the house, you discovered Nakomis is your half sister. Do you feel any obligation to keep her in the game because of that?...CB: You know, I played this game to start with not to hold that she is my half sister. We are a lot closer. We do share a little brother and sister relationship. But l won’t factor that in tonight. I will do it how each one of them treated me in this game....CB goes back to LR.

Julie: Hello, houseguests. Since you hold all the power, Michael, I'm going to ask to you save either Diane or Nakomis with the golden power of veto. That means the other nominee will be evicted from the big brother house and must leave immediately. Diane, Nakomis, I'm now going to ask each of you to state your case as to why Michael should use the golden power of veto to save you. Think carefully about what you would like to say because you still might be able to change Michael's mind. Diane. You're up first....Di: I want to start by saying I respect and admire everything about you more than you know. I know, however, that you know that you're sitting on that block today because of something I did last week. You put your trust in me three weeks in a row and I've proved it to you and I put my fate in your hands this week for a promise that we made and you said you're a man of your word, and if you can hold your word, I would honor that back to you. So, that's all I have to say....Julie: Nakomis?...Nak: You know who I am, how I am. Plus, dad would get really mad and ground me if you do not save me today.....Julie: Talk about pressure! Thank-you both. Michael, please reveal your decision.

CB: I first off want to say, y'all are wonderful young ladies. I love both of y'all, and this is not a decision on if, you know, I hate one of y'all because that's not it. Nakomis, like you said, we both are brother and sister. We do got that from this game. You did make a promise to me that if you won HOH you would not put me up, and I'm factoring in that in as well. Diane, you've been awesome. We did not agree on a lot of things at the beginning of this game, and we have grown closer over the several weeks, and, you know, you have been honest with me these past few weeks and we did make an agreement and I am a man of my word, and I do choose to use the veto to save you, Diane.

Nak: Come on, let's move this way, doorwards. And you're grounded. No hard feelings, Michael. I'm literally the only person to walk out these doors and not hold a grudge, so come here. Take care.... I love you, girl....Take care, man, no hard feelings.....Y'all have fun. See y'all on the outside. You guys have a good one. Bye. (Nakomis goes out the front door.)

Julie interviews Nakomis.... Julie: Nakomis, you were evicted by your very own brother. How shocked are you by Michael’s decision? ....Nak: I'm not shocked at all really. I knew I was the only person in the house with the three-person alliance as the final four, so me being the one sitting here today doesn't shock me at all, plus Michael doesn't talk to me on a daily basis...Julie: How do you see your relationship with Michael evolving once he’s out, as well...Nak: It all depends. The way that Michael handled himself in the game isn't the type of person that I usually like to hang out with because he was sneaky and tried to do stuff that people could obviously see, but he tried to.....yeah, I don't know. It all depends. If he is a nice person outside of the house, I'll hang with him. I want to meet Chason and April....Julie: You came up with the six finger plan to get rid of Jase, evicted the twins. How is it you're sitting here tonight?...Nak: Usually people in society who get all credit ride on the backs of people who helped get them there, so no surprise...Julie: How do you feel about Diane at this point in the game?...Nak: I'm sure that outside of the game Diane is an awesome person, but as a player, she backstabs, she plays the game like it is supposed to be played, and if we're ever choosing teams... I wouldn't have her on my team because she could stab you in the back again....Julie: Who is the most vulnerable right now in the house?...Nak: Diane or CB is most vulnerable. Drew has it set. Drew is probably going to be the winner....Julie shows Nak the tapes of HG’s good-bye messages...Julie to Nak: Are you going to hard a hard time voting for any of the three?...Nak: If CB ends up in the final two with someone, I don’t think he’ll be getting my vote.

Julie: “Tonight we begin the final head of household competition. Unlike past HOH. competitions, the outgoing head of household will be allowed to compete. Drew, Michael and Diane are battling it out to secure a spot in the final two. Tonight's final HOH. competition will be a three-part challenge. Whoever wins round one will automatically advance to round three. The remaining two houseguests will battle it out in the second round and that winner will advance to round three as well. At the end of the final round, the last head of household has a guaranteed spot in the time two”....The HG’s head out to the BY....Outside there is a circular raised platform, with another smaller circular platform on top, containing three keys...The platforms are surrounded by rocks...The HG’s must stand with each foot on a raised cylinder about three (?) inches in diameter, raised about 2 feet ...Julie: “You may switch hands if you like, but at least one hand must be touching your key at all times. Also, your feet may not touch the platform. If that happens, you will be eliminated. The last person standing without letting go of their key will be the winner of round one. Now, a few more rules. There will be no sleeping, eating or bathroom breaks. Does everyone understand the rules?”....Julie to audience: The final three have a long night ahead of them, but Drew, Michael and Diane have no idea that we are about to shake up this competition....Let’s head out to the backyard and add a jolt to the competition.... Julie: How is everyone doing so far? This season we've given you plenty of twists. What does that mean? Hold on because once again, you said it. We are going to shake things up. Houseguests, welcome to earthquake country and keep holding on to your keys. Good luck everyone.” ...The key platform and the cylinders the guests are standing on begin to shake, and there is a loud pounding noise that sounds like jackhammers....TV show ends.


Back to the live feeds.....It’s about 7:00 pm BB time.

When the feeds come back, Di is laughing....She asks Dr to help her put her hair up in a ponytail...She did half of the job, and then bent over so he could pull the tail through...The platform stops shaking....BB starts to make an announcement, then FISH... CB sees someone up on the roof...CB: CB: He's wearing all black. I think he's in disguise....Di: Oh yeah. He gets stuck with all the endurance stuff....CB asks BB: “If it shakes, you fall off and balance yourself ,and put your feet back on (without touching the ground) is that okay?...BB: Yeah, if you can manage it....CB asks if the Internet is watching...BB says it is...The HG’s laugh...CB: This one is for all our families...Di: I can’t believe I stayed on (during the last endurance comp)...I don’t think this is going to be 9-1/2 hours...Drew is shocked at the twist...Talk about hearing a girl screaming in the yard this afternoon. They guess she was playing on the platform...They are all glad they peed earlier...CB talks about how things went down tonight (with evicting Nak) and how hard the decision was for him...CB: I'm glad she (Nak) smiled on her way out the door...Di: She told me right before the show that she knew I was staying...CB: Why'd she say that?...Di: I dunno. She just knew....CB: I didn't even let Drew know!....then FISH

When we come back from FISH about 7:17 pm, CB is already off the platform and walking around...It sounds like CB used one hand to help Di with her hair, and when he was doing that, he took his other hand off his key...Di: Why didn't you help me with my hair, Drew?...Dr: I'm not gonna touch your hair....Di: Why didn't you say the same thing to him? (CB)...Dr: I didn't think they (BB) were gonna do that....Di apologizes over and over, and promises to buy CB something from Amazon...CB is taking it well, and tells Di a couple of times that it isn’t her fault...Di says she feels so bad that she doesn’t want to even be up on the platform anymore...More platform shaking... Dr and Di talk about feeling numbness in their legs. Both of them say their shoes are too tight... With the next round of shaking the key platform starts to lower...Dr: Oh no.. it's lowering. Wow.. this isn't gonna last that long....CB: It's a cool setup though....Dr: This is good! Good job Big Brother...Di says she is having a hard time keeping her hands on the keys because she put lotion on her hands. Drew and CB put lotion on, too.

CB goes inside to get something to drink and Dr/Di talk about a deal....Di says that if Dr lets go she will promise to take him to the final two...CB comes back outside....It’s now about 7:30 pm...The shaking starts again...Di asks if the camera if it’s willing to hold out for 9 ½ hours – the camera shakes back and forth (no)... Drew kiddingly shouts like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump during the storm at sea, “Is that all you got? Bring it on!”...Di shouts: Don’t listen to Drew!...Di says her jeans are going to be too tight if the platform keeps getting lower “If this keeps on, you’re going to see my *ass crack, Big Brother!”...Diane asks BB: Can I kiss Drew?....Dr: No!...Di: It’s part of my strategy....The platform starts shaking again and Di yells, “It’s like a big vibrator!”...Dr: You’re nuts to say that...Di: There is no way I’m going to make it up here unless I keep things funny...Di: You’re going to wish you’d never met me by the end of tonight....Drew: Bring it on!....CB goes back inside for a minute, and Dr/Di starting whispering again about making a deal for Drew to throw it...Dr: Do you think I should just throw it?...Di: "I'll break his (CB’s) heart but it's okay, you just want to make me look like the bad guy."... Drew denies that...Di: When are we going to do it?...Dr: Not right now...Di declares herself the queen of endurance...Di squats down to stretch her jeans, the platform shakes some more and we get FISH.....When we come back from FISH at about 7:45 pm, Diane has fallen and is off the platform...Drew wins Part I of the HOH comp.

Back inside the House, CB says, “That competition was made for me, and I f*cked up. I know my family said when I stepped off the block, ‘That was your game.’”...CB just wants to have a good time tonight and suggests the HG’s play cards...Chit chat about the show being over in a week, and bringing family members out for the wrap party...CB gets called to the DR and the game talk begins between Drew and Di.

Di: The only time we can talk about the game now is when he (CB) is in the Diary Room, or in the shower...Di says she definitely did not throw the competition tonight...Dr seems hesitant to believe her at first, but then he does...Dr says he doesn’t care anyway because he won the first part...Di is still mad at herself because she wanted to win the endurance part of HOH...Di says the next part is "smart" and she isn’t smart... Drew says: "You are smart!"... .Di thinks Drew is acting like the master plan is all f*cked up...Dr says “No, it’s just changed”...Drew thought that Di would do better in endurance comp than he would....Di asks Drew if he is worried that she’ll blow tomorrow’s comp.. Di tells Dr that he could have thrown it (the endurance comp) if he wanted....Dr. It’s all good. Let’s not talk about it any more. CB could come out any second....Di says it's not fair, she has to win tomorrow’s comp because of all the things CB did the whole week...Drew said I’m gonna win it anyway....Di said it sounded like he was sure he was going to win BB.....Drew says no, he just meant the HOH comp....Drew comes up kisses her....Dr: Don’t be mad.....Di wants Dr to give the final HOH to her if they go head to head so she can vote CB out. She can’t wait...Di thinks Drew still doesn’t believe that she didn’t throw the comp...Di talks about how she can’t wait to throw CB out. She says she will tell CB that he backed her into a wall and made her do things she didn't want to do....Drew comes over and kisses Diane a few times...Di says she can’t wait until they are alone in the House so they don’t have to worry about who's coming around the corner...She asks Dr again if he definitely wants to take her to the final two.

CB comes out of the Diary Room and Di goes in....Drew and CB go into kitchen and confirm that all is going according to their plan. Knock knuckles in horsemen style....CB: "The Two Horsemen" in the final two. Open up the beers...Drew gives CB advice about how to prep for the HG trivia questions....CB: You all don't talk to much tonight, get a good night's sleep...Dr: I don't care (he doesn't compete), I can keep her (Di) up...CB laughs...CB: I know that whichever of us wins she (Di) is going to be bullsh*tting us to take her....Dr:. Just say "yeah, okay."...CB. She might feel obligated to ...Dr. She (Di) is going to feel like sh*t if she did this (caused CB to lose) and then beat you tomorrow.

When Di exits the Diary Room, she gets a small kiss from Drew before he is called in...Di and CB make small talk...CB says he is tired, not sleepy, just tired in general from the game...Ready to get it over with.....Drew comes out of the Diary Room and the inside lockdown is over...Outside, BB has set up a ping pong game, and Dr/CB play for awhile... CB: It looks like possibly you and me could win first and second. I'm going to take some time off and chill. Do some volunteer work at the school to keep me busy....CB: I don't know I don't want to get too cocky. I think it is going to be us, but you know, we can only pray....Dr: Yeah....It’s a little after 10:00 pm....CB walks up to the memory wall and notices that Drew’s key is hanging on Di’s picture and vice versa...CB says he didn’t do, “Maybe it was Marvin!”

A little later, CB is eating nachos in the bathroom while watching Drew brush his teeth...Drew says that he wants to go to bed....CB says that he and Di will stay up and play strip poker....Diane is in the Cloud Room unpacking...About 10:30, the three of them sit at the kitchen table and play poker.

At about 11:30, Drew and Diane are bed in the Cloud Room while CB is in the shower...Dr gives Di a kiss and says he’s glad she’s still there... They rehash the HOH comp again...Diane: They (BB) did it on purpose, they heard us talking about that and threw me off....Drew: That's cause you jumped off."....Diane: "I didn't, I promise, I haven't lied to you yet and I'm gonna keep that going too."...Drew: "Oh good, I'm glad you’re telling me that."...Diane: "I'm serious though, I haven't lied to you yet, and I've never not lied to anyone in my life.".. Diane: "Especially guys."...Drew laughs, "Oh ya? Cool!"...Diane: "You’re first, you’re first."...Drew gives Diane a big kiss on the lips and she is smiling.

Just before midnight, CB comes back and goes to bed in the Wood Room....Drew and Di are in bed in the Cloud Room cuddling and kissing...Di: I hope karma doesn’t affect me tomorrow....Diane: "Show ends next Tuesday. Do you think you will like me just the same outside of this house as you do inside?"...Drew (kiddingly): "No."...Diane: "Seriously? I'm being serious."...Lots of kissing. Drew: "I will hate you for ever and ever, you burned all my clothes."...More kissing, whispering...Diane: "I'm so excited. I hope next week, tomorrow will be decided. You’re so warm."...More whispering, cuddling.....When we next check in at 2:00 am, all the HG’s are asleep.