It was very quiet during the day, until we came back from FISH about 5:00 pm to find out that Cowboy had won the second part of the Head of Household Competition.


BB lets the HG’s sleep in until 11:00 am, and wakes them up with the song, “Movin’ on Up” from the TV show, “The Jeffersons.”...The HG’s do their usual morning routines in the bathroom and make breakfast...The three HG’s talk about what it will be like to leave the House...CB talks about wanting to come back to LA in January for “premieres.” (We think he means the TV pilot season.)...Drew sits down to eat and CB sits at the table with him shuffling cards and telling rambling stories about Chason and being a father...He finishes one story and exclaims that it reminds him of another, and then thinks of yet another “awesome” story to tell...CB talks about all his parents’ attempts to make money—raising emus, rabbits, etc. When they didn’t make money on them (raising the animals), they would eat them...CB compares himself to his future father-in-law. First he uses the word “greedy” then retracts it, and says they both like to save money and make it also...Then CB tells about his father’s venture into honeybees and honeymaking.

A little later, CB says that he wanted to go to culinary school in Oregon....CB gives his philosophy of life. He says if you do a job you love, and love to get up and go to that, you will be healthier and live longer...CB admits that he always wanted to be in entertainment, but never told anyone because he was embarrassed, and knew they would say it was such a long shot...CB then says that he has changed his mind so many times and has so many goals in life... Before coming to the House, CB asked his father-in-law how he should play the (BB) game. His FIL told him "Go into the house and be yourself, and everybody will love you"...CB says that in six days they will find out if everyone in America loves them or hates them.


About noon, Diane goes to take a shower...Drew and CB bounce a ball back and forth in the hall... CB to Drew: What Di did tell you about my helping her with her hair (during the endurance comp last night) and falling off the platform...Dr: Today is the day...CB: Today is the day hopefully we ride....CB: If I win today, that’s me and you in the final two—first and second....CB says that he will be mad at himself if he loses today and lets them (CB and Drew) down...Dr thinks it will be an observation game today...CB tells Drew that his parents never went to any school functions. CB’s parents only went to one JV football game, and never attended any musical debuts (sic). CB doubts that his parents will watch all of the (BB) shows. Maybe some, but not all.

The HG’s settle down to play cards, with little conversation other than card talk...About 1:30, BB amuses the HG’s by playing music, and we get FISH....When the feeds return, the HG’s are still playing cards...Di takes a break to go the BR, and CB says to Drew, “I hope I get this today. It will be so much relief, dude.”

About 1:00, the HG’s make themselves lunch...Later, on the floor of the Cloud Room, Drew first spells out Di’s name in macaroni...then “Diane, I think you’re hot,” and signs it “Big Brother” along with a smiley face. (This was a follow-up to an earlier comment by Diane that she has low self-esteem in the House and feels ugly.)...Diane is at the kitchen table while he is doing this...Drew motions to CB to come and look...Dr and CB laugh and giggle...Drew whispers to CB that Di is feeling kinda crappy today so he made it for her...Then we get FISH...The FISH last from about 3:45 to almost 5:00 pm.


When the feeds come back, we find Drew and Diane on the Cloud Room bed, with Drew consoling Diane because she lost the second part of the HOH competition to CB....Di is crying and mad at herself for being stupid...The competition had to do with remembering details of previous competitions, and she messed up on the question of what person’s face was morphed with the twins...Dr and Di rehash the competition....Drew is very consoling, and tells Di several times that she shouldn’t feel dumb.... Drew’s not sure he would have gotten the questions either....He kisses her several times...Di tells Drew that, even though she lost the competition, she feels lucky in the game because she has Drew in her life, and she doesn’t care how “gay” that sounds...Drew tells Di that he had been thinking about saying something similar at the live show last night, if Julie had asked him about his relationship with Diane....While Diane and Drew talk, CB sits in the LR alone.

About, 5:15 CB comes hesitantly into the Cloud Room...CB to Diane: Do you hate me? Give me a hug, please...Di hugs CB....The three have a friendly conversation, and again rehash the competition...CB talks about how hard the competition was, and that there was one question he didn’t understand at first....After talking a little longer, CB leaves the Cloud Room, and Drew and Diane cuddle and kiss, and whisper about the third part of the HOH comp.

Di says to Drew: He (CB) really doesn't deserve to win this game...Drew agrees, and once again promises to take Di to the final two...Di: You will win tomorrow’s competition because you are smart and athletic...Drew smiles...Di says she made a mistake going to Northern Kentucky U when she should have gone to Miami of Ohio (where Drew went), because that’s where the hottest guys are...During this talk, CB is pacing the House, tossing a grapefruit-sized ball...A little before 6:00, Drew leaves Di in the Cloud Room and joins CB in the kitchen, where the two of them toss the ball around... CB discusses again some of the details of the HOH comp with Di (in whispers)...Drew and CB congratulate each other on their joint victory....They give each other high fives and Four Horsemen knuckle knocks, and hug each other

CB and Drew go into the weight room...CB: Because of you I can get my teeth fixed. It has been bothering me for several years. Will cost about four grand. First or second I can do it. And, if I win, I want you to come out to my dude ranch....Drew smiles and laughs and agrees, “Right.”... Drew talks to CB about exercising, and shows CB how to use the Bowflex....Drew does a particular exercise for the back and chest. He says he does a high number of reps because Adria told him that doing a lot of reps would help build his back...Drew: I'm pretty much going to take workout advice from Adria for what it's worth--she's a national fitness champion!...CB agrees...Drew watches CB do the same exercise and corrects him a few times...CB can’t wait to go to school, and Drew agrees...Apparently he (Drew?) had a dream last night that was very realistic, about going to a school and having all the kids look up to him as a role model...CB: Especially now...Drew discusses the message to the kids--believe in yourself and never give up. The CB agrees and says he has overcome a lot in life to get here....CB: And I got to make friends, too. My victory is your victory. And your victory's mine. We share it together and our families share it together...CB is all choked up...CB: I want to cry, but I'll wait till Thursday night. And I will cry then, and I know you will, too. We'll do it together.

Drew and CB go out to the BY and talk about life outside the House....An outside lockdown is called...Di joins them outside and they continue to talk about life outside the House...Di talks about driving to see Drew...The lockdown is over sometime around 7:30 and CB is called into the Diary Room...Drew and Di talk about CB, and then coach each other on the names of veto comps and winners....CB is out of the Diary Room about 7:45, and Drew is called in....CB tells Di that the Diary Room wasn’t too bad...CB picks up a bowl of something that Di put on the counter and heats it up in the microwave...CB/Di discuss the soap making kit... The bowl is heated and CB starts eating. After awhile he asks Diane "What is this (that I am eating)?"...Di has been going to through the refrigerator and throwing into the garbage spoiled food from bowls similar to the one CB is eating from...Di pours flat Coca-Cola down the drain, and then pours something else and says, “Good-bye soy milk. Yuck.”...Talk turns to the wrap party.

Drew comes out of the Diary Room and he and CB talk in the bathroom...CB (in a loud voice): Now it begins. Two Horsemen....CB: You and me, one and two. My family will be so proud. Outside of this we will be best friends. I've got so many things for you to do outside of this. My word is good. I voted out my own sister, so my word is good...Dr: Yeah, that's the way I am, too, man...CB: If it's an obstacle thing, you know what you have to do...Dr: Yeah, keep my shoelaces untied...They continue this conversation in loud voices back to the kitchen.....(Is Di in the Diary Room?)....CB: (After one of us wins) We go out together to talk to Julie as Horsemen. We tell her about our ride.

About 8:30, all three HG’s are in the BY....CB and Drew are trying to make a basketball hoop by taking a box and tying it around the punching bag....Di is sitting with her feet in the hot tub, drinking wine...Di: This wine is wretched, nasty. But I am getting a buzz...The guys play one-on-one basketball...Di tells them not to hurt themselves and that they are “too cute.”...About 9:15 or so, CB wins their basketball game...Drew: I haven’t run all summer.

By 10:00 pm, the HG's are sitting at the table playing cards...Di makes the three of them something to eat with mozzarella cheese and ham in the microwave...The HG’s make idle chit chat (not game talk) about families etc.. One story that Di tells is about friends of her parents who live in trailer parks, and that she feels feel comfortable hanging out with them...Di says she’d rather hang out with poor people than rich, conceited types....CB agrees...Di says she thought she had a bad life until she went to the trailer of one of her dad’s friends and saw how decrepit it was....CB says he lived in a trailer for 10 years....Di doesn't know if she ever lived in one....CB says that if she did, she'd know...Di says she doesn't remember, but when she was young, she lived in a lot of cr*ppy houses and apartments....Drew and his family lived in a duplex with other people.

About 11:30, the HG’s decide to get ready for bed...Drew goes to take a shower


Back in the Cloud Room, Di tells Drew that she had too much to drink – the room is spinning and she feels sick... Di to Drew: Why didn’t you stop me (drinking)?...Dr: I didn’t know you were gonna be like this...Di: Neither did I. F*ck, I thought I would get through the summer without being like this...Di holds her head in her hands—giggling, sniffling crying...Di: I am not okay, I am not...Drew: If you drink water you will be better. Want me to get some for you?...Di: I need charcoal. I think I am gonna puke...Drew: So puke...Drew convinces Di to puke, that she will feel better, and offers to help...They first go in the kitchen, and tell CB what they are going to do...Now, sitting by the tub, Di repeats over and over that she can’t throw up...Dr: Yes, you can. It’s easy. I used a pencil once in college...Di says that she can’t throw up and is going to go lie down again in the Cloud Room.

Drew and CB decide to try switching places again in the Cloud Room bed...Drew gives CB his glasses and his shirt, and lies on the floor by the bed...Drew talks to Di from the floor when she comes into the dark room...Drew asks Di how she feels and whether she puked. He asks her if she used the toothbrush...Di says that she couldn’t puke...Di gets into bed and hugs CB (thinking it’s Drew)...CB rubs her back while she talks about trying to throw up....Di leans over to kiss Drew and realizes it’s CB, and screams!...All three of the HG’s can’t stop laughing....Di (laughing): I hate you guys....Dr: That was the best one yet...Di (still laughing): I can’t breathe...OMG...Perfect plan to do it when I am drunk...Di: I almost laid one on you, CB!

Diane leaves to try to puke again...Drew whispers to CB that it would be great to try it again...BB: Drew, Diane, put on your microphones...Di: Oh they want my microphone on so they can hear me puke. Drew, go get our microphones!...Di tries to drink milk to help her throw up...Drew “helps” her by making puking noises...Drew and Di finally get back in bed...In the dark, CB is already in the bed...Drew gets in the bed, tells Di that his blanket is all messed up, and switches places so that CB is between Drew and Di.....Di yells, “Hey!” and screams...Then Drew and CB try to convince Di that she was kissing CB....It’s about 1:00 am.

Alone now in the Cloud Room bed, Drew and Di talk about puking, but there are also kissing noises, as well...Diane leaves Drew again about 1:15 to try to puke...Drew calls out to CB, “She’s worthless, man. You and me to the end.”...About 2:00 am, Drew and Di have fallen asleep...CB is in the kitchen playing solitaire, then wanders around the House...CB goes to the Storage Room to get popcorn for a snack and then goes back to playing cards...CB finally goes to bed a little after 2:00 am, but is up an hour later to go the BR, and then back to bed.