BB Recap September 16, 2004

The Final 3 got to sleep till 11:15 this morning. They do their morning routine, When CB leaves to use the bathroom, and Diane immediately turns to Drew and starts bashing CB. She said to him, that CB has not been through anything in this game, he never had a food restriction, Drew agreed and said he never had to make a decision.

A while later CB gets Drew’s ear and start telling him that once He (CB) wins HOH he wants Drew to sleep in there with him on the floor! He thinks that they should share the HOH room. Drew agrees to CB (probably to just shut him up) CB then goes on to tell Drew that he is best friend and wants him to stand to his left on his wedding day! CB then reinforces to Drew that he is serious by saying that he got rid of his sister and that proved to him how good his word is. CB then tells Drew that he seen that he have grown into a man so much during this game, that he has learned a lot and he can see it in him. He goes on and on saying that God was a big part of his game and that the decisions he has made here has affected his entire life. He said he knows how to make hard decisions because he went through a divorce. The best comment he said to Drew today was that he (CB) thinks he is smarter then he gives himself credit for! He believes he lost part one of the HOH because he was being nice and that God repaid him for it by giving him part 2. He starts to cry and said that the friendship he made with Drew was worth everything! That he can sleep good at night because he has such a good friend!

Drew catches a break and gets called to the diary room. Diane then approaches CB and starts trying to put some doubt in CB’s mind. She starts talking about jury votes and how popular Drew is and how unpopular she is with the jury.

The HG did get lots of good food from BB. They were excited about that. Also in the storage room were their suitcases waiting to be packed. All had to pack their suitcases!

Diane watches Drew pack and gives him all kinds of clothes folding tips. She memorized Drew’s phone number from his luggage tag.

Before nap times the three HG have a shout out to the internet to the people they love, April, Chasen, Lindsey, Mom and Dad, and Ben.

Drew is the first one up followed by CB. They head out back, Drew starts to lie out in the sun. CB bounces a very annoying ball while talking with Drew. CB asked Drew if he HAD to promise Diane that he would take her to F@. Drew replied he had to in order for the plan to work. CB then responds that Drew now has to throw the HOH his way so he won’t have to kick out Diane. CB then told Drew that he wanted to set up Drew with a girl from OK. CB tells Drew that Diane was talking earlier saying Drew didn’t need the money and that he should take her to F2 so he could win at the end. Drew said that he is playing the game!

BB announced an early night with lights out at midnight. In bed Diane and Drew discuss CB and how if he wins and brings Drew he will lose the money. Diane then tells Drew that he won the game. They discuss the votes. Count them and determine either way Drew will win. Drew and Diane discuss how they are going to call out CB on his attitude change after he won the VETO. Drew is also going to say that he promised Diane at the beginning of the game. He will tell him that he didn’t like the way he treated Diane last week.

Diane and Drew cuddle down and talk about the first night and how they noticed each other. They relive some memories n the house and laugh. They cuddle and kiss and everyone is sound asleep at 1 am.

So who will stay and who will go. Will CB break down, how will CB be once tossed out? Tomorrow will be the last Friday of BB!