HG’s were made to go to bed last evening at midnight and were woke up this a.m. at around 8:30. They all got up and brushed their teeth, no one really talking. Then Di and Dr head outside and snuggle in a lawn chair together while CB watches them from inside the kitchen. Once they are back inside, they all sit down for breakfast. CB is sitting at the table, not saying a word. Di and Dr are talking about modeling pictures, and photographers, Di wants to give Dr a website address so he can check out some pictures of her.

Just prior to 10:00, HG’s were on lockdown outside. CB told Dr that he'd rather Dr just tell him if he planned to send him packing, rather than leading him on and Dr just kind of nodded his head. Di and Dr took the two hammocks and CB in the lawn chair, no one talking, soon they were all asleep. After a while, CB and Drew are lying in the shade, side by side and Di is on the other side of the patio on a love seat. CB says to Dr "I just thought of something, when we get out of here, we can go on David Letterman together and teach him how to ride, Paul Schaeffer too if he wants.”


HG’s still on lockdown. We had FISH for a while, and then came back to the HG’s playing cards at the table. CB says "I don't much practice the Indian culture no more, but my mom and dad does." Di says "I'm half Choctaw, my great-great grandmother was an Indian princess, and my great-great grandfather was a chief." The CB says "Some people say that Sittin' Bull is my great-great-great-great grandfather, but I don't wanna believe that."

Lockdown was over just before 1:00. Once back inside, Di headed to the bathroom, Dr and CB are wandering around the house, seeing if anything looks different. Dr said something about a computer and 2 big scoreboard-type things being set up in the HOH room, and then we got FISH. When feeds came back, BB announced the live show will start in “30 seconds” lol, they were joking of course.

They were all trying to nap, CB in wood room and Dr and Di in the CR. Then Di said she couldn’t sleep and she said that BB has not told them what time the live show is or when they should be ready, so she decided to take a shower now. CB can hardly keep his eyes open, but he is so afraid to miss something, he keeps checking in on the CR to make sure Dr is still there. As SOON as the water went on in the shower, CB went into the CR to talk to Dr. CB said “I wonder how long the live show will be tonight.” Then he was again suggesting to Dr to throw the competition, he said something to the effect of “stay 2 questions behind me..” feeds switched.

At 2:30 BB announced “HG’s you have 3 hours until the live show begins.” We almost immediately went to FISH for some time after. We have FISH for a couple of hours now, practicing and getting ready for the show. The feeds came back briefly at around 4:30 and all we could really hear was Drew, he said he was going to take his time and make sure he had everything packed. He then planned to relax for the next1-1/2 hours, so he would be focused for the show. Then we got FISH again.

Just before 5:00 the feeds came back. Di says to Dr "I believe in you, I would give you the world right now if I could. Good luck." Dr says "I'm ready, hopefully I can get this thing." They kiss and as Diane walks away. Then Dr was reading the bible alone outside. Just before 5:00 the HG’s were called to the concrete room, this is just before the live show was going to start.

EVENING 6:00 – DI has left the building! She was evicted by Drew.

Drew and CB playing ball outside, talking about what they will do with the money. CB says he would spend it on things like his teeth and pay off debt. They agree that Di would just blow the money. Dr says “I know what type of girl she is and, we'll see how she acts towards me now.” Dr says “we always said we wouldn’t mix game and personal”. CB says "I honestly think you got it won" Dr says "Don't say that." Then they decide not to talk about it.

Dr says “the only time I ever played anybody was when I knew they were playing me.” He says "I'm not worried about my decision; I know it was the right decision, I feel bad about Di.” CB states the (obvious), “I can honestly say, its guys winning it this year”. Dr said that he has to give his agent 10% of his winnings minus the taxes. He said his twins modeling agency referred him to the casting agent for the show, and he and his brother got auditions. He hasn't talked to the agent since he got on the show, but had called to let her know he got on, and she never called him back. The contract said that she didn't get a commission on the stipend, only if he won. He said “she also said so many good things about my brother and I, I feel like I have to (pay her).”

Before dinner comes, Dr and CB had some champagne. Then they went to the memory wall where CB moved the pictures around so that he and Drews pictures were next to each other, then they talked a little about the past HG’s. They were talking about lori and Dr said “she was slamming.” CB: “Well, I know that April wouldn't want me to say anything...Dr: “that's okay, I know what you're thinking.” They talk about how Savage and Jase helped get them there. In a very low tone, Dr says “and Diane, Diane” CB changed the subject.

Dr says "Life is grand!" CB says "50 grand at least!" The food arrives, and it looks like they both ordered Chinese. Before they eat CB said a prayer that lasted about 15 minutes, then he says “sorry if that was too long” Dr says “Oh no, dude, that was good.” While eating Dr says “well, I've now made a girl cry on national TV, I must be an a-hole. CB says “we both did, and I felt bad about doing that to my sister. If Chason asks why I did it, I can tell him and he'll understand why I did it and I can tell him why you did yours.”

Talk about Di. Dr telling CB about the Bible verses he used to read to Di. Dr said “I tried to read her the ones about speaking with a wicked tongue. But I don't know if she was really listening.” CB said his first wife wasn't Christian, and that ended up being a problem for them even though he tried not to push her. CB said “I learned not to date non-Christian women.” Dr said “yeah, I kind of see that.” CB mentions that the two of them tried to talk to Scott about God. Dr said “I told her (Di) that I would buy her that book The Purpose Driven Life when we get out of here, and that she only has to promise me to read the first page and only the first page. And I had a tear in my eye when I told her that. It meant so much to me.” CB says “I couldn't stand the way she treated you. Calling you a-hole all the time, and "bitch clean my dish".” Dr: “She was kidding sometimes, but I know” CB: And I've never met a girl who thought she was so beautiful, you and me both probably dated girls a lot prettier than that.” Dr isn’t really responding to this, he says “I know, but….” Then CB says “well I'll say that looks are not the most important thing, I love April and want to be with her the rest of my life.”

CB says that when the two of them appear together on Letterman, he is going to ask Letterman to use his influence to get them a sitcom. He said that on Monday he would shave up to look good for his "PR".


By 8:15 Dr was asleep (at least for a while) and CB was outside with his feet in the hot tub. When Dr woke from his nap CB is there to talk. CB says “you know what I thought of? Your mother works in education, and my fiancé does too, in't that cool?” Dr “yeah, that's cool.” Dr is dazed as CB goes on and on and on about Nak, and what they will say to each other during the live show. CB says that he and Dr were right to evict Di and Nak, and that he thinks he will have Naks vote.

Dr expresses concern over making Di cry. CB said “well, she said that, and then she slammed the door. Now I don't think she meant to do that, maybe it was the wind, I don't know, but the door slammed.” Dr said he didn’t’ think she slammed the door. Dr says “she just stood there and looked at me, and her eyes were tearing up.”

Dr and CB discussing what they'll do with the money, Dr says he wants to take his family on a vacation to Hawaii. CB won't take April anywhere like that because April prefers cold and she doesn't do well around skinny girls in bikinis. CB is studying the rule book for rules regarding family and friends coming. They go through the book for nostalgia purposes. One rule promotes laughter: "BB reserves the right to wake any houseguest at any time." Dr says “It's so weird reading this now, we have made it. The biggest shocker to me was the washer thing, that we have no washers for clothes.” CB says "I never thought I'd be worth 50 G’s, well I did, when I'm 50 years old and I've worked my a$$ off saving that much." CB and Dr are both happy as can be tonight, Dr is a little sad at times, but they both say they will be satisfied with 2nd place (yeah, right!).

CB and Dr hyped up, Dr says “Do you know who I am? I'm in second place in the Big Brother show….at least." CB: "At least, yea." CB says “you know what’s so cool? This is first time they've ever had a cowboy on the show and the first time a cowboy has made it to final two."


They were playing Chess. Dr says "I was just thinking, about how crazy my decision was today, I was deciding whether a person at least got $50K this year or not." CB: "I can honestly say I worked for 3 months straight to bring home some money, at least 50G's." CB says “hopefully we get to see our families in four days." Dr says “yea it will be like being reborn." CB: "Our families are gonna love us."

Dr in the bathroom getting ready for bed and he was coating his teeth with some kind of whitening paint. He is painting on layer after layer, and he can't close his mouth, now he has both the top and bottom covered with this stuff. Now he has some kind of mouth guards in, I guess he will sleep with this stuff on; he’s off to bed in the wood room.

Now in bed and Dr says “Mom and Dad and Ben, I'm bringing home some cash, a lot more than I thought I would." CB comes in to go to bed and says "goodnight everyone" then goes on to tell Dr he thinks that OU is playing OSU tomorrow, and he will have to miss it. Dr questions if Di was serious about him and CB says “well if not, just tell Vanessa it (Di) was all a strategy.” Dr saying that Vanessa is moving to San Diego, since that's where her family is from and he says "and I will be in LA", eluding that it is too far away. I couldn't keep up with this conversation, but I will say that it is now absolutely 100% about CB, April and Chason again...he is now going on about acting and what April will think of him kissing other females. April says it would be okay because it's Hollywood, but that he can't kiss Julia Roberts. CB says "Erin Brokovich...oooh sh*t!"

CB saying he got a lot of kisses on his cheek from the girls in the house. CB says Lori kissed his cheek all the time. Dr says "she didn't kiss me!" CB says he got kisses from most of them. CB saying he hopes that the girls (twins) don't have anything against him. He wants to be friends with them. CB says he cared so much about them that he couldn't tell them Nat was going. CB telling Dr not to take offense to some of the questions from the jury, that no matter how much they grill you, or ask tough questions, that he has seen situations, where that person will still vote for you in the end.

CB telling Dr..again, he wants to thank him so much for taking him to the end. Then he says something about A telling him that she asked him "CB, how you going to do this, I want you to make it to the end", to which Dr says "hmmmmm, hmmm." CB says “the jury has a tough decision to make.”


Dr says "I'm starting to think our families are already here. CB: "I swore I heard Chason the other day.” Dr says "If there are some fans who are right now writing down what we are talking about or listening to us, send us some internet questions. We love you guys."
CB: "Yes we do, the fans are awesome."
CB says April already spent the money, he says it’s not that hard to spend 50G’s. CB says “I can see why Marcellas did not use the veto.” Dr says “yea, got him out of this place!” They talked about alliances between Jase and Scott; the twins with them and Drew and Diane, Dr says "We played this game pretty good” CB says "I think so." Dr says the girl alliance was huge, that they lost Holly, Scott and Jase and the girls gained Natalie. Dr says “you start out with an alliance of 4 and get to two, that’s a strong alliance.”

They were asleep before 12:30.