Big Brother Recap September 18, 2004

The finals two boys got to sleep in today and were not woken up till 1:15 pm. BB played a country song to wake them.

Both boys ate. They played some basketball. Drew then decided toile out in the sun so CB went to take a nap.

Awhile later they play chess and munch on some nachos. They discuss the jury questions which will be later tonight. Drew thinks that the jury will be al over him for evicting Diane. CB explains about last year’s jury not even wanting to vote and not wanting to give either HG the money. They keep saying they have a court date at 8 which is the time they will meet the jury.

They go to work out and Drew tells CB about when Diane told him that she would win the jury votes 4 to 3. It was after he had won the first HOH and he said to Diane that he was going to win the whole thing. He was talking about the whole HOH competition, Diane thought he meant the whole show. She replied wouldn’t it be funny if you were sitting next to me and the votes were 4 to 3 for me. He said that got him thinking and that she didn’t’ say it as a joke. He tells CB that she tried back peddling saying oh I meant the whole HOH thing.

While CB is in the shower Drew practiced his speech to the jury (thanks finknottle!!)
This is speech: think that you really can't judge the nominees by their financial backgrounds. I think that any one of you would want, and I know that if I were on the jury, I would want the person that played the game the best, and you don't know if one nominee ... acting is if they have no money ... I think that I would like to stress to the jury that you would look at how I played the game ... I hope that you respected how I played the game ... I tried to keep my word throughout the entire game and be honest with everyone as much as I could. Unfortunately, it came down to the end yesterday where I had two promises with two people that I had to pick between and I was stuck in that position because I feel as though I was never scared (HEY, THAT'S WHAT HE SAID) in this game to really be HOH where I might have to put up 2 people ...then be gone the next week ... I think it was evident in the fact that I was HOH week 3, I was 3rd HOH, 9th HOH, and 11th and 12th hoh, so to me and hopefully to you it shows that I didn't ride anyone's coattails to the end, I was never scared to play as hard as I could in competitions ... I played hard for several of you in veto competitions, so with that I hope that you respect me with how I played and I tried to keep my word, I played hard...I hope you don't hold it against me that I wasn't on the block....I was on the block for a half a week and took it like a I just really hope you look at how I played the game honestly and how I really wasn't scared to actually play the game and I made myself get into the final 2 by winning hoh the last two times...

Before the jury begins, the boys primp themselves. Drew even irons CB’s shirt. They talk about the jury members and speculate what they might ask. Both boys read the bible for a bit and pray before the “court date”

At 9:15 we get fish and the questioning started. We had fish till 11 pm. Once they return we get to listen to the backlash of the jury questions. The first thing we hear is CB saying Marvin is not going to vote for him because he thinks he is a racist. Drew’s first comment was a question to CB and it was do you think Diane was being sincere when she said she still likes me or was she playing me? CB replied he didn’t know. Then Drew commented on how Marvin said Drew broke Diane’s heart and that he was going to help Diane get through that. This really upset Drew. Cb states that he does not think he will get Nik vote. Drew said he was still puzzled about her question that he thought they had answered that the night she broke down.

They both agree Will’s question was rough. They both had to tell the other why they shouldn’t get the money.

CB goes on a little rant. Apparently the jury looked at how many times Drew won competitions etc. He didn’t think that was fair (is this a game CB??) he wanted them to look at his need. He thinks that gloves will come off on the reunion show. Seems like the jury members kept saying to him stop playing the poor old boy card and CB did not like that.

Drew again goes back to Diane/ He said he does not realize how his good-bye did not sound sincere. He was also upset with Marvin, saying he made things up and put words in his mouth.

CB does admit that he is sorry that he voted out Nik and not Diane. ( I guess Diane told him he did nothing to be there, never played the game and did not deserve to win.)

The boys finally received a gift basket. It was filled with all peanut butter and jelly treats. Everything in it was peanut butter and jelly. The boys laugh over it!

Here is a summary of the questions asked to the boys from the jury (thanks Debra_Kadabra!!)
Will asked Cowboy and Drew to look at each other and tell why they shouldn't win
Adria asks Drew what was his strategy about the jury
Marvin called Cowboy racist and Drew a womanizer and that he called Di trailer trash
Karen asked Cowboy why he voted out Nakomis
Diane mentioned to Drew that his goodbye was not sincere (but she still liked him)and told Cowboy he did absolutely nothing in the game.
Drew felt Nakomis's question was more personal than he thought it would be and Cowboy was sure she would not vote for him. Apparently Nak told Cowboy that if he was angry that she put him on the block he should have told her not to.

The two boys keep rehashing the jury and their questions. CB is convinced that Drew won the big money and is happy to get second place. Drew is obsessing over Diane and her kissing other people on TV. At one point he even called her a slut. CB keeps rehashing how Marvin called him a racist (because every time Marvin was on the block he voted him out) Drew said that if he had it to do over he would stop Jase’s bullying. CB sticks up for Jase and his actions saying they were all game tactics and not to personally attack anyone (ya like when he called Diane trailer trash and lied about what she said)

CB comments that if he only gets his 50 grand and no sitcom that he will have to go back to work! They talk about how much debt school leaves. Drew said that he would be 33 grand in debt if he goes to law school this year. He comments that he might not want to go to law school. OF course now CB wants either himself or April to go to law school.

CB finally said that he got 2nd place by being himself. He is pleased with that. He said that he is proud of himself and knows his family is proud of him too.

CB starts to tell Drew his adult life story. How he got into security. He lived in AZ for awhile with his first wife, that when they got divorced he came back to Ok. How he worked for Wal-Mart with April’s mother and that is how he met April. How he loves being a father now.

Drew thinks that the family he was born into is being held against him in this game. Drew said that the game was a test. That if he wins he will give some of the money away to help others.

Drew tells CB about CH was a little upset that neither twin ever told him about that.

The boys settle down and play cards. They still talk about Marvin calling CB a raciest liar and how he was probably with Diane right then.

All quiet on the western front at 3:30 as the boys go to sleep for the night.

Thanks to all the UPDATERS tonight that stayed up all night posting the after jury reactions! You’re the best!