Dr was first up this morning around 10:30. He played solitaire, and then gave himself a nail trim. CB finally got out of bed just after 11:00. The boys were then asked to go outside at around 11:30. Dr asks CB “what did she (BB) say?” CB says "that we should only be out here for 10-15 minutes." CB said he asked her if they could have music, since they didn't get any this morning, she told him she didn't think so. CB says his mind is just whirling after the events of last night with the jury questions. CB and Dr outside playing basketball, CB is wearing his pajama bottoms, no shirt and his CB-hat. We had FISH for a few minutes, and when we came back Dr said “thanks for the music BB.” Lockdown over at 11:45. They both go back inside and use the bathroom, Dr goes first, then while CB is in there, Dr goes to the wood room and gets under the covers.


CB came into wood room, he says he is going to take a shower, Dr says "I may nap, I feel like sh*t." CB says "yea, me too, I felt like I had a fever last night, prolly stress, I got the sh*ts too." Dr laughs and says "so do I." The boys went down for naps.

Around 1:30, the guys got up and were in the kitchen fixing food. Dr is stewing over the events of last night with the jury questions. CB says “at least the jury members can focus on the ocean if they are upset about last night, but we don't have anything to focus on.” Dr says “All I can think about is Marv and Di. I'll bet he's all over her, that's all he used to say "I just want to fu*k her.” CB: “Yeah.....” Dr says “and what if she let him?” Dr is pretty mad right now. CB says he will go to the DR to ask for a board game of some sort, so they can get away from the game (in the house).

CB says “the only two pitchers I can stand to look at are Holly and the other two horsemen.” They both laugh. Dr says “I was just thinking that earlier today.” CB: “I'm even ready to see Holly's face!” Dr, joking: “Yeah, I'm thinking Holly looks pretty hot.” CB says that Marv was just trying to make them mad and get them stirred up. Dr says he couldn’t stand being around someone that constantly picks on the personality defects of other people. He starts to mimic Marv’s voice. Dr says that Marv made an ass out of himself on TV. CB says “I hope.”

Dr says he wants to hibernate for 2 days. CB says “that's what I might do, just hide under the covers.” CB keeps saying how he wants pictures from home and he asked BB to slip him one, he said to Dr “I don't think you will be offended if BB gives me one.” Dr said “no, no I won't.” CB then says “of course, if I had won an HOH, I would have one. And, of course that's what the jury is criticizing me about right now!”

Dr says he cannot let the Marv and Di in Mexico thing go. His stomach is upset constantly thinking about everything. Dr again talking about Marv, rehashing what was said. Dr: “what did he say exactly, something about how I always liked Lori and I said Di was trailer trash and it was okay to use and abuse a girl to win the game?” Dr said “the only person I heard say that was Scott! And after Di got over it, it was a little weird, but cool.” CB says “he (Marv) calls her ex-stripper and Dirty Diane!!” Dr says “yeah, he's got to be kidding.” Ewww, Dr just dished himself some more mac and cheese over potato chips….he is binging, seemingly so upset about everything.

Dr says "I hope they're getting joy out of watching us go mentally insane, I might pull a Nak." Dr tells CB that when the two of them are going crazy it must be bad because “you and I have been level headed the entire time.” We got FISH for a while, then came back and the guys were humming and playing chess, a little happier then they were a while ago, thanks to some tunes BB played for them.

They, or I should say, CB talked more about how they will get a sitcom, maybe they will be the next Affleck/Damon duo. CB says the cast on set would love them for their personalities. Dr says this would be an ice-breaker, and you made it to the final 2, so it would be obvious that you work well with people and don’t do stuff to get on people’s nerves. Dr says they got thrown into a house with 12 people we did not know and are up for any new opportunity. NAP time again around 4:00.

EVENING 7:00 – Lazy bums, just woke up!

Dr says to CB that he thinks that they will miss some parts of this experience. CB says that he will call Dr if that ever happens, Dr says that he thinks they will miss part of being sheltered from the real world. CB says that it depends on how the reunion show goes.

Dr is ready to fire up the grill. They plan to cook kabobs, corn and baked potato. Dr says he had a dream about Lori, but can’t recall it. Now he is shucking corn and CB is outside cleaning the grill. While they are prepping dinner, CB says "I wonder if they have the internet on the two of us?" Dr responds "I don't know, I bet they do." Dr says it will be weird being out in public where there are buildings and cars racing and people around, that’s what I’m thinking about” CB says “yeah and people coming up to us.” Dr says “o.k. we are having, kabobs, potatoes, corn, pork chops and kiwi’s – that’s a lot of stuff.”

Dr says a prayer before dinner "Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for this food and at this point in our lives we want to thank you for all the opportunities you have given us, umm CB and myself are so blessed with everything you have given us and we truly mean that, it's only through you that we are still here right now, we just want to say thank you for having us here and we pray that we get through these next couple of days sanely and enjoy each others company while we are still around each other every day. Thanks again for this food and in your name we pray, amen."


They went to FISH for quite a while. After 10:00 and the guys are playing cards, Dr says “the hardest thing was watching Di walk out that door with tears in her eyes.” CB says “honestly, I don't think you broke her heart on a relationship level, but on the game level you did.” CB acknowledges Di's the reason he's still there, he says Di is going to hate herself for keeping him in the game, and now he is in the final 2 with Dr. Dr says he's having a hard time sleeping thinking about everything and he wishes he would have said more. Dr says “I bet Scott and Jase were happy when Di left.” CB then says “oh yeah and Lori” Dr: “Lori didn't like Diane?” CB: “No, Lori is happy we are F2”. Dr talking about Marv flirting with Lori and Dr says “I wouldn't flirt with someone that has a fiancé, have a little respect.”

Around 11:00 the guys headed outside, CB in the hot tub and Dr near the hot tub in a chair reading his bible. We got FISH for a while, when we came back CB was playing cards outside and Dr was in the shower.


CB says he might eat PB & J tomorrow, then they can pack what’s left of the PB and take it with them. The boys head off for bed, Dr wanted to switch mattresses because he didn't want to sleep with Marvin's sheets, he and CB start to lift the mattress to move it then we got FISH, when we came back Dr had decided to sleep in the other bed in the WR, that Marvin didn't sleep in. They are both reading their Bibles.

Dr asked if they would be able to see the jury reactions to the Q & A and CB says “yes”. Then CB talking about Di says that April would never treat him that way, would never say the things that Di did. CB says “dude, I'll be honest with you; I don't think she's grown up enough. I don't think you're relationship will work. If you win that $500K she'll be clinging to you and if you win the 50K she'll cling to you.” Dr says “yeah it's about the money; she's with Marv all week in the jury house, I know what they're doing. Then when I get the money she'll be with me. She wants to move to LA and will be asking me to help her out.”

CB was talking about a woman that took him to court, not sure what for, but he owes her money. He wonders what she thought when she saw him on TV. He says he'll be glad to pay her what he owes her; he was trying to make the money to pay the court costs but couldn't tell her why he wouldn't be able to pay her till after BB. Dr says “only a day and a half away, that's nothing, it's so close now.

CB says “dude, I'm getting married in December.” Dr says “that's big time” CB says “you're telling me, I will tell April not to have an attitude about me looking at other women.” He says "ya know that whole 'I seen the way you looked at her' thing, that will get old fast!" Dr says he can't wait to meet CB's family, CB says they'll meet each other's family at the same time.

Boys asleep around 2:00.